IWD 2024

Friday, 8 March 2024 - 12:00am to 11:59pm

11.30-12.30pm  Planet X presented by Maisie Strong.  Listen here.

12.30-1.00am Live to Air Highlights: 3CR offers training for women and GNC people to learn the techniques for broadcasting live music performances.  We bring you a selection of some of our outstanding Live to Air's from the archive.  First up Thea Riley on In Ya Face 16 June 2023 on our studio piano with vocals & backing track from last year, themes include wicca, smashing transphobia and community love/empowerment.


Then Scarlett Cook who played our studio piano with vocals on Music Matters on tracks include themes around reclaiming power, ecological feminine & surviving sexual violence.

1.00-1.30am  Emma Donovan introduces songs from her album Crossover.

1.30-2.30am Celtic Folk Show with Anne McAllister.  

2.30-4.30pm  3CR Radio Music Feast Live performance from Lady Lash, Ajak (Ubuntu Voices) and the Cherry Reds recorded by Lara Soulio at the Brunswick Ballroom on Sunday 27 November, 2022. 

4.30-6.00am Current Affairs from across the grid.  Jan Bartlett (Tuesday Hometime) interviews Viviana Herrera Vargas about the controversial Cobre Panamá mine. 

 Phuong (Tuesday Breakfast) interviews Elise West, Director at Teachers for Peace and Executive Officer at the Medical Association for the Prevention of War, and Elspeth Blunt from Teachers and School Staff for Palestine, on the launch of a national boycott of STEM education programs associated with weapons companies. Follow @teachers4palestine_vic on Instagram for updates.

Anne Maxwell (RadioMMT) interviews Maren Poitras, director of the film Finding the Money


& careers coach and mother of two, Melinda about how women juggle mothering and paid work.

6-6.30am Women on the Line:  A tribute to Mother Cecilia Gentili Cecilia Gentili was a mother and sister to many transwomen, migrant women, sex workers and the wider LGBTIQA+ community in New York City and globally. On 6 February 2024, she passed away leaving a burning legacy of love and sisterhood amongst the trans and queer community. We hear snippets from her funeral service held at St Patrick's Cathedral on the 15 February in NYC.  Presented by Xen Nhà.  Listen here.

6.30-7am From the river to the sea! 3CR has provided airtime to the struggle for a Free Palestine since it began broadcasting in 1976.  In 2023 the coverage increased and included recording the weekly rallies and other events for rebroadcast. We bring you the voices of Celeste Liddle, Arrernte writer, activist, and unionist and creative Ola Addassi, a Palestinian medical scientist from the most recent of the weekly Sunday rally recordings on Sunday 3 March. 


7-8.30am Green Left Weekly Radio with Chloe Silva and Sue Bolton.  A weekly source of alternative information which aims to inspire action and organisation to put people and the environment first.  Listen here.

8.30am Left After Breakfast with Susanna Duffy: "Let's talk to a Lady" In the mid 20th century, girls were pressured to become perfect ladies. Meet some women who broke free from that mould, and made their own way in a most unladylike manner.  Listen here.

9.00am Latinoamericana Women program with Marisol Salinas (Mujeres Latinoamericanas). Interviews with women activists residing in Australia who belong to different communities, struggles, and who fight for a better world everyday. (English and Spanish)

10-10.30am Think Again with Jennifer Borrel from the Borderlands Collective.  Jennifer will speak with Lida Hazara from Women for Change about the situation of Afghani women in Afghanistan and in Melbourne, and how the organisation supports women through education, training, and transitioning to employment.  Listen here.

10.30am Protect the Truth: On 20 December 2023, the ABC sacked radio presenter Antoinett Lattouf for posting on social media about Palestine. Lattouf has filed an application to the Fair Work Commission alleging unfair dismissal and discrimination on the basis of race and political opinion. Her next hearing is 8 March, International Women's Day.   We'll cross live to the event organised by MEAA Members for Palestine, a rank-and-file group that has come together to advocate for Palestine in every section of the MEAA and stand with workers in all industries who stand up against genocide.  Presented by Innez Tulloch, Annie McLoughlin (Stick Together) and Karina Aedo (City Limits).

11am Mums For Palestine & Radio for Palestine:  First up we embark on a powerful journey into the heart of the West Bank with Mums For Palestine podcast.  In this episode, we have the privilege of hearing the poignant and personal story of a Palestinian mother. Produced by Izzy Brown (Satellite Skies).

  We then bring you a performance and discussion with YARA & Kee'ahn from Radio for Palestine on Sunday 14 January, a special broadcast that featured live music and discussions about how to keep Palestinian voices heard and how, as a community of artists here in Naarm, we can build resistance and show our solidarity.  Presented by Inez (Thursday Breakfast) and Marroushti (Salaam Radio Show).

12pm Music Matters presented by Maisie Strong and Grace Shaw.  Listen here.

2pm Burning Vinyl presented by Jane Brownrigg.  Listen here.

4pm Legacy of women who fight (some are no longer with us). A compilation of interviews and powerful messages from women’s fighters who have been interviewed in previous years. (Spanish)

5pm  A Friday Rave presented by Mercedes Zanker (Uprise Radio).  Listen here.

5.30pm Recordings from the IWD 2024 rally from the State Library on March 7.  Produced by Annie McLoughlin (Solidarity Breakfast).

6.30pm Mafalda: News and views of Spanish speaking women with a Feminist perspective with Vicky Ferrada, Cristina Porta, Lorena Guzman & Veronica Mejia. Listen here.

7.30pm NEMBC Women’s Forum Adelaide “Empowering women in multicultural radio” voices of multicultural women. Presented by Marisol Salinas (Mujeres Latinoamericanas).  

8pm Live music and poetry from Latin American women living in Australia, Australian women, and women from other parts of the world.  

10pm Women and Song: An hour of traditional and contemporary songs for, of, by and about women, with Kavisha Mazzella and Therese Virtue (Music Sans Frontieres).  

11pm Speaking to Stinky:  with musician, wildlife activist, mum and now author of her new novel Georgie, Kate Orgovany; cabaret siren, creator of Lady Cordelia Winterbottom; soprano Issie Hart and more! 


International Women's Day Artwork by Ms Saffa and Molly Crabapple on 3CR wall.
Women and gender diverse broadcasters take to the airwaves bringing you 24 hours of programming dedicated to International Women's Day.



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