On air announcements

3CR broadcasts in 13 different languages to a diverse average weekly listening audience of over 120,000. We broadcast via 855AM, 3CR Digital, live streaming as well as audio on demand and podcasting. Our audio is also now available via the Community Radio Plus App. Listening figures are based on McNair Ingenuity surveying (2019) for the Australian community radio sector, as well as 3CR-specific survey research that McNair Ingenuity conducted in the mid 2000s. We do not have access to 'ratings' surveys like some commercial or government-funded media. Our programs and announcements reach listeners across metropolitan Melbourne on Digital radio, via AM transmission all the way to Geelong and as far south as Tasmania, along with a global audience via webstreaming.

3CR only broadcasts community-based, non-commercial announcements, and therefore charges a fee for the administration of all announcements.

Community Service Announcement (CSA)

  • 50 seconds or less (approximately 70 words)
  • Non-commercial in both content and tone
  • Usually produced at 3CR
  • Go to air for 3-4 weeks or up until the advertised event
  • Played around 25 times per week



  • Small organisation (funded by members) - $100 (+GST)
  • Medium organisation (funded by members & government) - $220 (+GST)
  • Gig, venue or tour promotion - $220 (+GST)
  • Large organisation (funded wholly by government) - $350 (+GST)

Community languages

  • No Translation required - $350 (+GST)
  • Translation required - $400 (+GST)

In lieu of fees 3CR may be open to some cross promotional arrangements.

Community languages

Community announcements are available in both English and one of the community languages currently spoken at the station.

Amharic Greek Spanish  
Classical Arabic Nepalese Tamil  
Chilean Spanish Sudanese Arabic Tigrinya  
Cantonese Somali West Papuan (English)  


Spot Announcements

Spots are available on breakfast programming between 7.15 and 8.15am.
The fee is $20 per 30 second announcement.
Production fee per announcement is $70.

Sample announcements
1 week    Mon-Fri     10 spots   $320
4 weeks     Mon-Fri      40 spots  $920
(production fee waived)
Over 4 weeks – fees negotiable.

These announcements can also be placed into the general announcement catalogue for playout at programmer discretion.

Please note a 10 spot minimum is required for this rate. 

Frequently asked questions

What is required for 3CR to produce a Community announcement?
You will need to supply a script (approximately 70 words) or information for the announcement, as well as invoice details and an ABN.

How long will my announcement take?
Turn around time from request to your announcement being on air is usually a week for English announcements and two weeks for other languages.

How often will my announcement be played?
Your announcement will be played up until the date of your event (4 weeks average) approximately 20-30 times per week.

What does the announcement fee cover?
The fee covers BOTH the cost of production and the airplay, except for spot annoncements.

Will I receive a copy of my announcement?
Yes, an mp3 will be emailed to you free of charge. 

How can I organise a cross-promotional arrangement for my announcement?
If an organisation wishes to offer a cross-promotional proposal in exchange for free announcements they can contact 3CR's Projects Coordinator either by phone on 9419 8377 or by email.

Does your organisation or business want to become a Program Sponsor?


Live reads

  • 3CR accepts announcements for live reading on our programs from the community by email. They are passed on to programmers to read out (as they determine) during their program. Airplay is not guaranteed.
  • You can promote your events by addressing each press release to an appropriate program (search via A-Z) the announcements then go into the individual program pigeonholes.

    You can also enter your events (not for profit events such as rallies, forums, concerts etc. for socially and environmentally progressive campaigns) into our community calendar. 3CR will approve them before they go live.