Sending in your music for airplay on 3CR

Kutcha Edwards, Shiralee Hood and Robbie Thorpe

3CR loves music and we love to get as much great and varied music on the airwaves as possible. Our music programming favours a minimum of 55% Australian content, with preference given to genres that receive minimal airplay elsewhere such as Indigenous, women's, non-English language, political or just damn good music that's really got to be heard!

We are happy to air recorded music, live sessions, gig recordings or interviews in physical or electronic formats so whatever your preferred medium, feel free to get in touch.

These are the ways to make contact:

  1. If you have a specific genre with a specific show in mind, contact the show directly - check out the range of 3CR music shows here.
  2. Post a CD to: 3CR Music Coordinator, PO Box 1277, Collingwood, 3066 VIC Australia.
  3. EMAIL: Joe Malignaggi 3CR's Music Coordinator: music (at)

Photo above: broadcaster and singer-songwriter Kutcha Edwards with 3CR programmers Shiralee Hood and Robbie Thorpe.

Photo below: Liz Stringer live at International Women's Day Street Festival 2012.

Liz Stringer live at IWD 2012