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17 January
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Friday 17 January 2020

Hosted by Jacob and Zane

7am Intro and acknowledgement of country

703am News: Bushfire crisis rolls on

- Many fire victims getting measly one off $1000 payment after losing everything
-Donations roll in but it would be better if mining billionaires just paid their taxes
739am News:

- Residents stand form to protect Gandolfo gardens
 but sadly picket broken by cops and 113 trees set to get the chop to make way for level crossing removal works.

- US aggression in Iran risks triggering a war and prompts protests in the USA
755am News:
8am activist calendar
810am Jacob and Zane speak with Indian Australian community activist Vikrant Kishore about the massive strikes sweeping India in response to Islamophobic citizenship bills introduced by the Hindu Nationalist government of Narendra Modi.

Kishore says that the proposed "Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)" unfairly excludes Muslim refugees and migrants from applying for Indian citizenship and could render large number of people stateless and without rights. Student protests against the bill have been brutally repressed by police, leading to a polarisation between right wing nationalists supporting the Modi government on one side, and progressives who support a secular India on the other side mobilising around the strikes.

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