IWD 2023: Solidarity is our Strength

Wednesday, 8 March 2023 - 12:00pm

On Wednesday 8 March join women and non-binary broadcasters for 24 hours of programming to mark International Women's Day. 

3CR celebrates the resistance, talents, strengths, and power of women and gender queer living here in the Kulin Nation and also those living, fighting and creating change all over the so-called Australia and the world.  This year's IWD is a celebration of a feminism that knows that liberation from gendered oppression can never be achieved without dismantling all systems of domination and subjugation.

Midnight Bleeding Dreckschwester Stinky navel gazes 50 years of stench, with the wherefores of her music and the therapy of song. She's opening 3CR's 24 hours of special IWD programming with some original songs, examining their inspirations and intentions and the politics of internalised othering. 

1.00am  The Peoples Tour - Radical Craft Casey Jenkins takes us on a tour of women engaging in public displays of effect through radical craft. 

1:15am  Trans Rights Justice for Kimberley McRae with Charlie Murphy, one of the organisers of the Sydney International Working Girls Day rally 

& Natalie Feliks writer, feminist and activist, on empowerment of queer and disabled people through advocacy and representation, trans-fiction, coping with rejection and staying motivated. 

2:00am  Women in Sport  Writer/audio producer Kirby Fenwick on the marginalisation of women in sport and sports media. We hear Kirbys award winning feature-length audio documentary showcasing the memories of women present at the first ever AFLW match - relive the summer night when 24,500 fans filled Princes Park, Melbourne to witness history in the making.  The First Friday in February won the 2018 Victorian Oral History Award. 

3:30am  Tribute to Shirley Shackleton with Tuesday Hometime's Jan Bartlett - Following the death of her husband Greg and five other Australian journalists at the hands of the Indonesian military in 1975, Shirley devoted her life to bringing both those who carried out the murders and those who ordered them to justice. 

4:30am  Showreel  Brazen Hussies - Annie McLoughlin speaks with Director/Filmaker Catherine Dwyer on her experiences of working in archival film and making the file about the womens liberation movement (1965-1975).  Listen here.

5:00am  Three Generation of Trans Immigrants Join three trans womxn of colour, Sasja Sÿdek (Queering the Air), Latoya Hoeg and Robin Chandla share their stories of their lived experience living as an immigrant in Australia. 

6.00am  Women on the Line  LGBTIQ+ Organising with the UEEH Phuong Tran speaks with Kroft about L'université d'été euroméditerranéenne des homosexualités (UEEH), a gathering organised in France by and for LGBTIQ+ people. For decades, the UEEH gathering has been run by and for LGBTIQ+ people and collectives to promote the development and sharing of tools to fight discrimination and for mutual empowerment. With a non-hierarchical and feminist approach to self-organising, the UEEH aims to be a welcoming and secure space where people can share experiences and create meaningful connections that are necessary on a personal and activist level. Looking beyond France ensures that the event prioritises global activism strategies and solidarity.  Listen here.

6.30am  Earth Matters Carbon Cost of Logging with Dr Jennifer Sanger from The Tree Projects and Sue McKinnon from Kinglake Friends of the Forests on Logging in Victoria in 2023. Presented by Eiddwen Jefferey.  Listen here.

7.00am  Wednesday Breakfast  Presented by Grace Tan, Claudia Craig & Sunehra Ahmed.  Wednesday Breakfast presents a special programme by and about women and gender non-conforming people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Listen here.

  • Malaysian journalist Wong Kai Hui whose work in media includes covering transgender rights in Malaysia, environmental-related news on mining companies and their relationship with Malaysian royalty. 
  • Dara Conduit is a lecturer in Political Science at the University of Melbourne and a Non-Resident Scholar at the Middle East Institute in Washington D.C. She’s attended UN meetings on the National Agenda for the Future of Syria (2020, 2021) and provides advice to the UN OHCHR’s Working Group on Mercenaries. Dara is a member of the Women Middle East Researchers in Australia Group.  Dara speaks with Judith about how the UN aid system, held hostage by the Assad regime, failed the people of northwest Syria and the impact on the people and the region. 
  • Dr Emma Dalton, a specialist in gender inequity in Japan and the representation of women in Japanese politics. Dr Dalton has authored a number of books including, most recently, with Dr Caroline Norma (RMIT), "Voices from the Contemporary Japanese Feminist Movement" which provides an up-to-date picture of the Japanese feminist movement in the #MeToo era. Dr Dalton is currently working as a Japanese lecturer at LaTrobe University.

8.30am  Stick Together  Union and workplace justice issues with Annie McLoughlin.  Featuring Courteney Munn, Project Officer Careers for Women in Trades at the AMWU in Victoria, talking about how about opening the door to women into trades can be a life changing experience.  We then go to the Women's Rights at Work Conference and hear the experience of a grassroots campaign by teaching assistants from AEU Organiser Hanae Honda.  Listen here.

9.00am  City Limits This week on City Limits, Karina and Zeb invite previous co-host Meg Kimber back on the show for a rockstar interview with Juvi (aka Yellow Beanie) to talk about the opportunities and challenges for women working in the music industry.  Later, Karina speaks with regular housing week commentator Cathryn Murdoch, and Homes not Prisons campaigner Sara about homelessness, prisons, and other systemic injustices which continue to disproportionately affect women in this country.  Listen here.

10.00am  Anarchist World This Week  An anarchist analysis on local, national and international news and events with Beth Matthews and Margaret Creagh. 

11.00am First Nations Music  Ivka and Jasmine from Tuesday Breakfast will be taking listeners through a curated selection of First Nations Music that celebrates women and gender diverse people. 

1.00pm Therese Virtue of Music Sans Frontieres has drawn together a selection of very diverse music produced and played, and in many cases written  by Australian women.  Names like Kavisha, Zulya and Judy Jacques are well known to many listeners, but also included will be rising stars, Erica Bramham, Pal Mar, Pomaa and Yi-Lynn. Sit back and feast your ears on fabulous women’s music inspired by the world! 

2.00pm  Lazy Wednesday Afternoon  Music, gig guides and reviews with Kate and Suzy. “we’re playing all chicks all arvo”.  Listen here. 

4.00pm  Radical Australia  Radical Australia will be taken over for International Women's Day 2023. Join host Kelly Whitworth in conversation with 3CR broadcaster and media law trainer, Su Robertson (Done By Law). Just what inspired Su to become a lawyer? We'll find out all about it.  Listen here.

5.00pm  Brainwaves  Flic Manning is joined by popular women's and girls rights champion, radio and tv presenter and co-host of The House of Wellness TV, Jo Stanley, for this special International Women's Day Brainwaves broadcast. Jo will talk about having a mental health condition in a public-facing career, how we can improve society for the next generation of women, and why she was inspired to build a female-focused media business.  Listen here.

5.30pm  Raise the Roof  Older women are the fastest growing group experiencing homelessness. Why is this happening, and how does the housing crisis affect womens lives? Hear directly from older women about their experience of housing insecurity and what we can do about it.  Presented by Fiona York from Housing for the Aged Action Group Listen here.

6.00pm  Raising Our Voices  International Women's Day Special: In this show, Sarah, Mel and Lisa share their stories as women with cognitive disabilities.  Lisa chats about her experience with intersecting ableism and sexism since she acquired her brain injury.  Mel shares her story as a mother with an intellectual disability.  Sarah shares her experience as a Trans, Aboriginal, Lesbian women with an Acquired Brain Injury.  Listen here.
6.30pm  IWD International Concert  Live music, poetry and spoken words curated by Marisol Salinas. 

8.30pm  Ubuntu Voices   Ajak Kwai gives voice to the local African community to tell their stories through music and spoken word.  For IWD 2023 Ajak is joined by South Sudanese MC and poet Lizzy Kuoth.  Lizzy is part of The Resonant Heart (TRH), a collective that creates autonomous, authentic spaces for CALD and BIPOC women and female identifying artists to share their voices, craft and dreams with wider Australian audiences.  Listen here.

9.30pm  Latin American Indigenous struggles for food sovereignty, feminism and socialism  Presented by Marisol Salinas (Mujeres Latinoamericanas).

10.30pm  Accent of Women  Disability, Madness, Liberation: Deinstitutionalisation and Prison Abolition The history of the deinstitutionalization movement from psychiatric hospitals and residential institutions shows the limits of rights and legal discourses as well as hope for abolition of carcerality in our time. At the Socialism 2022 conference, held in September 2022, in Chicago, Dr Liat Ben-Moshe gave a talk, titled Disability, Madness, Liberation: Deinstitutionalisation and Prison Abolition. Presented by Jiselle Hanna.  Listen here.

11.00pm  And This One's Introduced By...  Presented by Tanya-Lee Davies.  Tanya says 'Putting this show together for International Women's Day gave me the opportunity to revisit the very first women writers and singers that stopped me in my tracks and shaped how I related to music.  I'm covering a lot of ground, we'll time travel from 1937 - 2008 and make stops at my teenage love affairs with certain artists through to my more recent heroines.  These are songs that showed me great writing or performance, or both, often delivered by ground breakers and path pavers, innovators and stylists that gave me a green light to attempt flying my own flag as a female artist. Looking forward to sharing the sounds that excited me, with you, on 3CR.Listen here.

International Women's Day Artwork by Ms Saffa and Molly Crabapple on 3CR wall.
Women and gender diverse broadcasters take to the airwaves bringing you 24 hours of programming dedicated to International Women's Day.



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