Station Tours

St Gabriel's School visit August 2018

Photos above: St Gabriel's Primary School, Reservoir, school tour August 2018

Do you want to see how a busy radio station works? Curious about how nearly 400 broadcasters come together to produce radio 24/7? Interested in being in a studio? Want to find out more about 3CR's unique radio philosophy?

Who can visit?

Radio station tours at 3CR are available for groups and organisations such as tertiary, secondary and primary institutions, special interest community groups, conference visitors and just about anybody else!

What does a radio station tour offer?

  • Introduction to how a community radio station technically and logistically operates.
  • Demonstration of how a studio operates and how programs are produced and recorded.
  • Introduction to the staff and facilities of 3CR.
  • Insight into the philosophy and history of 3CR as a progressive, community radio station and 3CR's place in the Australian media.

Tour Information

Tours are conducted by a 3CR volunteer with considerable experience as a broadcaster at 3CR. Tours are tailored to the needs of the group visiting.

Tours take about one hour and are offered at a fee of $150 excluding GST.

The time of day and the day is flexible. Contact 3CR at least a fortnight before your visit.

3CR is located at 21 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

Praise for 3CR Station Tours

Students in grade 3 and 4 from St. Gabriel’s Primary School in Reservoir experienced first hand how a radio station works, during their recent excursion to 3CR. Their engaging tour from radio presenter Kelly (Roominations radio program) gave them insight into the preparation, delivery and production of a radio program.  As they met with radio presenters they asked ‘Do you get nervous before you go on air?’ and ‘What happens if someone accidentally says something inappropriate?’ to gain inside information. Students delved into the world of radio scheduling, transmission and the variety of ways people now listen to radio, including streaming and podcasts. Students saw a live broadcast through a window in a luckily soundproof room as they could hardly contain their excitement.  They also had the opportunity to record their very own segment with Lara to be used when they take over the school intercom at lunch time to broadcast live to their fellow students and teachers, in the coming weeks. Best of luck St. Gabriel’s students and remember what 3CR taught you, keep a distance from the mic, slow it down, be yourself and have fun! Teachers Mel and Marnie from St. Gabriel's Primary School, Reservoir. 

Who to contact

Contact the Projects Coordinator or call 03 9419 8377.