International Women's Day

Women and gender diverse broadcasters take to the airwaves bringing you 24 hours of programming dedicated to International Women's Day.


International Women's Day Artwork by Ms Saffa and Molly Crabapple on 3CR wall.



IWD 2023: Solidarity is our Strength

24 hours of women and non-binary programmers broadcasting for International Women's Day 2023.
8 Mar 2023

IWD 2022

Listen up as women and gender non-conforming voices and music take over the airwaves for 24 hours. And get along to our Street Party from 4-8pm on Tuesday 8 March.
22 Feb 2022

IWD 2021

24 hours of women and gender non-conforming voices and music take over the airwaves
24 Feb 2021

International Women's Day 2020

Get active on Sunday 8 March as we dish up another feast of radical ideas to end gender inequality. Centring the voices of First Nations, refugee, migrant women and gender diverse people. Challenging liberal and corporate feminisms in discussions on sovereignty, workers rights, nuclear disarmament, environmental justice, animals rights, music and performance. 11pm Saturday 7 March to midnight Sunday 8 March.
20 Feb 2020

About International Women's Day

Celebrate International Women's Day with 3CR as we bring you 24 hours of women and gender diverse broadcasting. Tune in for women's music, current affairs, talkback, arts, community language and much more.

3CR's is proud of the feminist focus of many of our 3CR programs! Every 8 March join 3CR in a 24 hour broadcast celebrating and promoting gender equality

3CR has a unique women and gender non-conforming only policy for training radio technicians.