3CR is a community-run station committed to providing media access to communities denied a voice in the mainstream media. To reflect this, 3CR is open to a wide diversity of volunteers.

Volunteers are programmers, receptionists, and members of the Committee of Management and participate at every level in the running of the station.

To become a 3CR volunteer fill out the form below and email volunteers@3cr.org.au or call 03 9419 8377 and ask for the 3CR Volunteers Coordinator.

Why volunteer at 3CR?

  • Become an independent programmer, providing alternative news, analysis, debate, and music
  • Be involved in an activist community
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Be part of the diversification of media
  • Play a decision-making role in an alternative media outlet

Do you want to volunteer?

If yes, here are some points to consider:

  • 3CR is a politically progressive station that facilitates community activism through independent media. Volunteers need to agree with the general 3CR philosophy and should have some understanding of the history of the station.
  • You need to listen to 3CR, especially if you want to become involved in current affairs programming or have an idea for a new 3CR program. 
  • New programs are required to adhere to the 3CR philosophy AND offer something different from existing 3CR programs.

What can a volunteer do?

    • Audio archiving
    • Broadcasting building and maintenance
    • Fundraising - events, ideas, and financial consulting
    • Gardening - we have a small courtyard with native plants
    • Events - fundraising events, 3CR functions
    • I.T. - advice, and support
    • Management committee - governance, meets monthly
    • Podcasting - uploading 3CR programs as podcasts to the 3cr website
    • Promotions - publicity, marketing, stalls, merchandise, design
    • Reception - front of house, three-hour shifts during business hours – taking phone calls, meet-and-greet, administration
    • Station Duty (for experienced 3CR volunteers only) three-hour shifts after hours consist of being responsible for the functioning of the station during that time.
    • Website design and maintenance.

If you're interested in programming, general volunteering, radio training, or have an idea for a new program you will need to:

  1. Listen to 3CR
  2. Fill out the volunteer registration form or call the volunteer coordinator on 03 9419 8377 for a form to be posted or faxed. You'll be contacted within three weeks regarding your application.
  3. If accepted, you'll be invited to an orientation that takes about an hour. This includes an opportunity to discuss your involvement with 3CR and a tour of the station.
  4. All volunteers and programmers need to be current 3CR subscribers which you can do here.

Contact details for 3CR can be found on our contact page.