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Australia's only national radio show focusing on industrial, social and workplace issues. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.


Annie McLoughlin, Denis Rogatyuk and Elena McMaster


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Fightback at Grilld, Fleurieu Cooprative and EarthWorker developments

Discussing the fight for dignity and fair treatment of hospitality workers with Kahlani Pyrah (United Voice, Socialist Alternative) and her case against the corporate management of Grilld. Also, talking about the latest developments in the cooperative sector with Rick Duke from the Fleurieu Poultry Assoication cooperative in South Australia, and discussing the progress of EarthWorker with Mark Tyler!
29 Jul 2015

MUA struggle in Queensland and anti-racism rallies

A talk with a long-time revolutionary socialist and trade unionist, Bob Carnegie, recently elected as state secretary of the Queensland branch of the Maritime Union of Australia. We will discuss the current issues facing maritime workers, the ongoing Caltex dispute and the need for a collective struggle against the insecure work and casualisation. We will also have a chat with Liz Turner, the community organiser of the National Union of Workers, about the need for a united community and union response to the rise of fascism and far-right extremism in light of Reclaim Australia Rallies!
22 Jul 2015

Aust Seafarers Ship Builders Axed; NTEU win @ SCU

Alexander Spirit crew refuse to budge after Caltex say they will be replaced in Singapore; Anthony Albanese talks about the latest Government attacks on cabotage; Kate Mitchell from Southern Cross University tells how NTEU influenced the no vote by general staff to insulting EBA offer.
15 Jul 2015

A Luta Nafatin (The Struggle Continues) repeat

Unionism in Timor Leste
8 Jul 2015

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  • Royal Commission into so-called Union Corruption

  • Laws limiting the right to protest in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland

  • Unions’ response to the Abbott government’s first budget

  • Union campaigns for shorter working hours

  • Funding cuts and job losses in the public sector

  • Unions’ responses to new anti-terror legislation

  • Community impact of the Morewell coal mine fire

  • International labour politics

  • And more...

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