Staff and Volunteers

3CR is a busy community organisation and not-for-profit broadcaster run by over 400 volunteers, a small paid staff team, and a committee of management.

Community Radio Federation

3CR is owned by the Community Radio Federation Ltd., which is made up of Affiliate, Station Worker and Subscriber representatives. 
Elections are held annually in March for Station and Subscriber representatives and for the Committee of Management. Each year in the lead up to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) ten station workers and ten subscribers are elected as representatives to the Community Radio Federation (CRF). 


Meet the Committee of Management 2023


Currently 2 full-time staff and 5 part-time staff work at 3CR. They are contactable on (03) 9419 8377 or via the email addresses below.

(L-R Rachel Kirby, Loretta O'Brien, Juliet Fox, Leanne McLean, Michaela Stubbs, Gabrielle Reade)

Station Manager: Rachel Kirby
The Station Manager (part-time) is responsible to the Committee of Management as their Executive Officer and for implementation of policy as well as the day to day running of the Station including: Finance, Fundraising, Staffing, Policy and General Administration. The contact for bequests to the station and clients of 3CR's Werribee transmission tower. The Station Manager also sits on a number of subcommittees including Finance, Programming and Complaints. Email:

Office and Finance Coordinator: Loretta O'Brien
The Office and Finance Coordinator (part-time) is responsible for financial and office management, radiothon donations, merchandise sales and subscription enquiries. The Office Coordinator works with the Finance Subcommittee (FSC) to ensure that the station operates within its annual budget. Email:

Programming Coordinator: Michaela Stubbs
The Programming Coordinator (full-time) is responsible for the sound of 3CR. This includes managing a range of programming issues at the station, including facilitating new programs, maintaining the day to day broadcasting and special events programming. It also involves feedback for and review of programs. The Programming Coordinator facilitates the Programming Subcommittee (PSC) and implements the decisions made by the PSC and passed by the CoM. Email:

Current Affairs Coordinator: Karina Aedo-Aguilera
The Current Affairs Coordinator (part-time) works with 3CR's current affairs programs, including the Breakfast and Hometime shows and national programs. Also coordinates coverage of campaigns, protests and community events, with the Program Coordinator, as well as distributing information to programmers and maintaining the newsroom as a resource area.

Projects Coordinator: Juliet Fox
The Projects Coordinator (part-time) coordinates and seeks funding for 3CR's radio projects, as well as coordinates 3CR facilities and services. These include community announcements, radio station tours and studio hire as well as media skills workshops. The position also oversees station publications - including merchandise and 3CR's newsletter the CRAM guide, together with the monthly 3CR eNews to which anyone can subscribe. Juliet also works on the 3CR website and facilitates the 3CR webteam, and convenes the Projects Subcommittee. Email:

Training Coordinator: Leanne McLean
The Training Coordinator (part-time) organises 3CR's general radio training courses for volunteers and potential broadcasters, as well as training updates and reviews for current programmers. They convene the Training Subcommittee whose purpose is to maintain high quality training at the station. Email:

Volunteer & Engagement Coordinator: Innez Tulloch

The Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator (part-time) supports internal and external communication between the station, our diverse community, and volunteers. The position is responsible for providing clear pathways for individuals and communities to engage in the broadcast and volunteer opportunities at 3CR. Email:

Music Coordinator: Joe Malignaggi

The Music Coordinator (volunteer part-time) deals with any incoming requests from musicians, promoters, record labels etc and helps to place them with relevant music programs. The Music Coordinator also maintains the 3CR music database. Email: