Planet X

Thursday 11:30pm to 12:30am
Visit Planet X where Simon Strong scours the corners of the universe for cool and unusual sounds for you, Michael ‘Maddog’ Helms plays new tunes and psychedelic rarities and the return of Dr Gonzo supervised by Mr P Elliott with a 60 minute segment ‘And This One’s Introduced By...’ where an artist will introduce each track from their album.

Simon Strong, Michael Helms & Maisie Strong.



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About Planet X

First broadcast 6 October 2011 under the supervision of Dr Gonzo, Planet X continues to scour the corners of the universe for cool and unusual sounds for you. It is currently presented every Thursday evening (thirty minutes each side of midnight) by Simon Strong of The LedaTape Organisation, often in conjunction with special or regular guests.


Planet X salutes Adam Lee (originally broadcast 19-12-19)

Publisher, writer, historian, bibliophile, VHS enthusiast and all-round top bloke, Adam Lee, visited Planet X early in December 2019 to talk about his spiral-bound 300 page+ book The Australian Video Guide and to transfer some of the personal energy he seemingly was able radiate at will onto the 3CR airwaves. Fascinated by black & white video and trash film from an early age, Adam’s painstaking research first appeared in the late 1990s in the seminal and superlative zine Spasmo which he wrote and edited and dedicated to Euro-trash cinema. In October of 2020 he began publishing Videomania — The Australian Home Video Journal. Each issue devoted to uncovering the products and activities of notorious Australian Video labels. The first issue told the Video Classics story while number two, released in 2021, presented the Palace Explosive label. Ever so sadly, there will not be another issue as Adam unexpectedly passed away at the age of 45 in July of 2021. Adam Lee’s important and entertaining work which reached many people around Australia and internationally will live on in print and as this rare recording on a late-night Planet X episode on radio 3CR will hopefully attest. Rest in peace Adam Lee.