Studio Hire

Do you need to hire a radio studio?


3CR studios are available for hire to the public, for individuals and organisations.

The cost is: (as of 1 Jan 2023)
Studio without a technician - $100 (+GST) per hour 
Studio without a technician - Community Rate $75 (+GST) per hour 
Studio technician - $50 (+GST) per hour 

Quotes are available for extended and/or multiple hiring.
Please note that there are no mastering facilities at 3CR.

Email Projects Coordinator or call (03) 9419 8377 to discuss your hiring needs.

Studios for 3CR programmers

Studio 1

Studio 1 is the main live studio where the majority of our programs are broadcast.

Studio 2 is 3CR's talkback studio and it also serves as a production studio for pre-recorded programs.

Studio 3 (top) is our largest studio and is used to produce many of our national programs and live-to-air music broadcasts.

Studio 4 (above) has been upgraded in terms of both audio equipment and fittings.

Studio 4

The studio has been re-named the Bartlett/ Hartley Studio in honour of two tremendous volunteers at the station, Jan Bartlett (pictured) and Bill Hartley.