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Thursday 27th August 2020

Acknowledgement of country


News headlines with Cait Kelly


We hear an interview with Messiah Rhodes filmmaker and host of the documentary series Against All Odds(link is external). Messiah was interviewed by Amy Goodman on US current affairs program Democracy Now(link is external) on 14 August. His new documentary series, available online at, explores the challenges faced by people released from prison, especially women, through telling his mother's story. Rhodes describes his work as a response to calls to defund police and calls for investment in housing, education, family reunification and mental health support.


Soundscapes of the lockdown, produced by Thursday Breakfast’s Scheherazade. A few weeks back we heard sounds from Morocco, and we’ll try to recreate it here. Now, what is a soundscape? Well it's like a landscape but sonic, creating a sense of place through audio. The sounds that we’ll gather each week will represent stage 4 lockdown on unceded lands. This week we’ll hear a few soundscapes that our team made. To contribute sounds please contact us via Instagram @3crthursdaybreakfast


We hear part of a conversation between Marisa Sposaro from the Doin Time show and Vickie Roach, Aboriginal writer and activist. Vickie speaks about her lived experience of prison, violations of human rights of the healthcare of women in prison, the overincarceration of Aboriginal women, and prisons within the context of the Pandemic. This episode aired on the 10th August. Doin Time airs 4-5pm every Monday and podcasts of the show can be found at the 3CR website


Tina Grandinetti joins us to discuss the movement to cancel RIMPAC, or rim of the Pacific exercises, the world's largest maritime war games. Tina is a PhD candidate at RMIT, a lecturer at the University of Hawai'i, and a coorganiser of the cancel RIMPAC coalition.


Tkay Maizda - 24k

Tasmin Keith - 64 Bars

Duckwrth ft. Kian - Quick

JK-47 - I Am Here (Trust Me)



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