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Thursday Breakfast 13 September 2018

with Em and Apeec

7am Acknowledgement of Country

7:05am  Alison Gibbins, Amnesty Australia Deputy National Director re state-sanctioned abuse of children in Banksia Hill Detention Centre and the urgent call to end solitary confinement of kids everywhere (an intense start to the morning, sorry!)

7:20am Lady Lash, Busy Bee

7:25am Vox pops with Nelson Deng at the Ujamaa Community festival on 4th August (and best cameo ever from 3 year old Markus! Apeec: Q - Where are you from? Markus: From my house )

7:40am Apeec and Em reflect on how toxic media narratives have (not) changed since the Ujamaa festival, and shamelessly plug our special panel discussion Enough is Enough: Beyond #AfricanGangs broadcast on 9 Aug

7:45am Mojo Juju, I Just Wanna Know

7:50am Charandev Singh re occupation of Serco's Narrm HQ on Monday 10 Sept in protest against its expanding colonisation and commodification of imprisoned people, solidarity with US prison strikes and the lethal logic of ongoing prison expansion and police militarisation

8:10am Melissa Lucashenko re her new book Too Much Lip (read it! It’s incredible), fiction as a form of fighting back and her work with Sisters Inside.


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