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Diverse new sounds from the crate and around the planet, special live-in-the-studio performances from a range of interesting artists, interviews and gig guides. Featuring diverse new sounds from independent local & global artists, special live-in-the-studio performances, interviews and local gig guide. Every fortnight, Jane brings you a subjective guide to local gigs, playing the music of the performers she recommends you get out and see live that week. On alternate Fridays, Joe will do more of the same with a little bit of reflection and delving into some recent releases.


Jane Brownrigg and Joe Malignaggi


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Playlist: 30-6-2017 hosted by Karen & Paul

You're still breathing / Les Thomas
Wisdom information / Curse Ov Dialect / Twisted Strangers (2017)
Honesty in monasteries / Curse Ov Dialect / Live @ 3CR (2017)
Calamity / Curse Ov Dialect / Live @ 3CR (2017)
What I know / The Harlots / Coarse Tunes I & II (2013)
The colour of the light coming down / The Pigs / The Great Bluegrass Swindle (2012)
Your affections / Stompy & the Heat /Stompy & the Heat (2012)
How long / Papa Pilko & the Binrats / Till the end of the road (2015)
Old nasty Jim / Frank Sultana & the Sinister Kids / Greeting from devilstown (2013)
Cross your eyes / Shane Daniels / single (2017)
Cut like the wind / Tay Oskee / Single (2017)
Clean trouble / The Settlement / Stand in the middle (2017)
Koiki / Mau Power / single (2017)
Wasted time / Cable Ties / Cable Ties (2017)
My friend / Cash Savage & the Last Drinks / One of us (2017)
Green cherries / Lady Lash / Crystal Mercy (2013)
Iron Bark / The Waifs / Iron Bark (2017)
Feel the way / Jungle Giants / Quiet Ferocity (2017)

Playlist: 23-6-2017 hosted by Paul & Karen

Photographic memory / Daniel Morphett / Live @ 3CR
Man / El Duende / Making storms (2017)
One / Bart Willoughby / Resonance (2017)
Freedom Fighters single / Bandcamp / Les Thomas (2017)
Blank USB / Devil Monkey / Devil Monkey (2107)
Galaxy Class / Devil Monkey / Devil Monkey (2017)
Just (after song of songs) / Agnès Vesterman / Trio Mediaeval & the Garth Knox Trio / Youth La Giovinezza Soundtrack (2014)
I asked my mother / Blackeyed Susans / close your eyes and see (2017)
Rob Snarski reads The Birthday party and Jonathan Richman Chapter 19 from Rob’s auto biography ‘You’re not Rob Snarski - Crumbs from the cake’
Crush the Lily / Chad’s tree / Crossing off the miles
Disolve / Winter Sun / Black lips, dead trees (2017)
We told yah / Ekraroplans / Proof of concept (2017)
We Can’t Stop What’s Coming / The The / single (2017)
Love tastes like strawberries / Margret RoadKnight / Decade ’75-‘84 (2013)
Girls in our town / Margret RoadKnight / Decade ’75-‘84(2013)

Radiothon Edition 16-6-17 hosted by Joe, Paul & Karen

Playlist: 9-6-2017 hosted by Joe

Cloud 9 – Baker Boy; Single [2017]
Satellite Boy (Pumpy) - My Friend The Chocolate Cake; The Revival Meeting [2017]
Nibe Nibe – Kristal West; Single [2017]
Long Road - On Diamond; Bandcamp-Single [2016]
Crashing - Catherine Traicos; Single [2017]
Friendly Fire – Larissa Tandy; The Grip [2017]

Debut Radio performance by GARDEN live from Studio 3 previewing material for their SOLD OUT debut show at Aeso Studio, Fitzroy on June 23rd.
Tracks played Anxiety Wars / Before you go / If you’re not yourself you’re no one.

White Doves - The HaBiBis; Selections 1995-2006 (from Intoxication) [1998][2008]
So Many Times - Masco Sound System; triple j Unearthed [2017]
Trans Europe Express - Kraftwerk; 3-D 12345678 DVD [2017]
Collarbones – Jessica Says; Do With Me What U Will [2017]
joe - Mirko Guerrini & Niran Dasika; Sound Portrait MIJF 2016
Lunamble – Topology; Tortured Remixes [2017]
I Must Be Somewhere - Raised By Eagles; I Must Be Somewhere [2017]
Kinda Biblical - Jen Cloher; Our First 100 Days (Various Artists) [2017]

Interview and acoustic performance with Tempus Sun of their single “Owl” ahead of its launch at the TOFF in Town on Friday, June 30th.

Playlist for 2/6/17 presented by Jane

AB Original / January 26 / Reclaim Australia
Liam Gerner / Your property / Liam Gerner and the sunset pushers
Les Thomas / You're still breathing / Survivors Tale
Dag / Staying up at night / Benefits of solitude
Two steps on the water / A very hot shower / Sword songs
Sugar Fed Leopards / Shut up (show me with your shoes) / Take you out
Pirra / A beautiful waste / Animal Kingdom
Brenton Foster and Tom Jovanovic live in Studio Three / Steven Street, Juniper

Interview with Brenton Foster about his show tonight at Darebin Arts Centre
Brenton Foster and Tom Jovanovic live in Studio Three / MX
Brenton Foster / Hundreds and Thousands / The nature of light
Tiddas / Sing about life / Sing about life
Interview with Liz Stringer about 'The big tuesday string a long series' at the Gasometer this June
Liz Stringer live in Studio 1 / Song for Emlyn
Liz Stringer / Casey / All the bridges
Root Rat / Faulty Glamour
Plaster of Paris / Oh Wow
Cookie Baker / Little Engine
Cam Butler / Find your love
Tobias Hengeveld / Out of Bounds

Playlist: 26-5-2017 hosted by Joe

Saturday Night – No Fixed Address; PBS Recorded Live At The Prince Of Wales 1981 [2016]
12lb Toothbrush - Madder Lake; Boogie! Australian Blues, R&B And Heavy Rock From The '70s [Disc 1][1973] [2012]
Federation Bells – Bart Willoughby; Resonance [2017]
Build You Up (To Cut You Down) - Mike Elrington; Two Lucky Stars [2015]
One Skin - Rory Ellis; One Skin [2017]

Interview with Archer previewing the final show of his long Australian Tour at the Gasometer Hotel on Saturday May 27th.

Sweet Aussie Sweetheart – Archer; 7" Single [2017]
Under Water - Domini Forster; Raven [2017]
Shopping Bag Women - Ironing Music; Ironing Music: The Album [2017]

Interview with Ursula from Ironing Music about the amazing rerelease of a 4 track EP (plus extra tracks) from 1985 now available via the American label Medical Records.

New friends - Ironing Music; Ironing Music: The Album [1985][2017]
Flesh and Bone – LACUNA; Recovery EP [2016]

Interview with local electronic artist LACUNA about her music and the special event “Ladies to the Front” - Celebrating women in electronic music at the Gasometer Hotel on Thursday June 1st.

Atomically - LACUNA; Recovery [2016]
Raw Language – Forest Swords; Compassion [2017]

Interview with Sean Foran from BFK – Berardi Foran Karlen, about their music and the collaboration with vibraphone player Pascal Schumacher from Luxembourg for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival performance at the TOFF on Tuesday June 6th.

Lilia (by Milton Nascimento) - Pascal Schumacher; LEFT TOKYO RIGHT [2016]
Hope in my pocket - Berardi Foran Karlen; Hope in my pocket [2015]
This Is No Mistake - Melody Moon; Wings Out Open Wide [2017]
Phoenix - Echo Drama; Bury The Weapons EP [2013]

Playlist: 19/5/17 hosted by Jane

2 Inch Tape / Our love (part 2)
POPPONGENE / Do it girl
jade imagine / Walkin' around Jade Imagine Melbourne EP Launch with Pearls, Lalic & Poppongene
Sally Seltmann / You're always Sally Seltmann Live Show
Paul Grabowsky Music and Monash Art Ensemble / First Dawn / Nyilipidgi
Mick Thomas and Ayleen O'Hanlon playing live in Studio 3 / Geisha Girl/lost you to a geisha girl, Most of the time, Aqua Profunda. Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission
Raised By Eagles / Waiting for ghosts
John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special / Making America hate again / JFK and the midnight crisis
the Killjoys / Marching out of time / PB:100
Phone interview with John Kennedy John Kennedy Album Launch w/ Mikelangelo and the Killjoys (trio)
John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special / Strawberry Hills forever / JFK and the midnight crisis
Sarah Carroll, Ukulele Queen of the Bellarine / Lived your life twice / Star Parade Sarah Carroll plays at DRUKE 2017!
Harry Jakamarra playing live in Studio 3 / The Mountain, Holding yard, Sgt. Moore.
Harry Jakamarra / Salt Creek Harry Jakamarra May Residency - Upstairs at the Gasometer
Rowena Wise / Hollow hearts
Baby Blue 'In My Mind' EP Launch w/ Closet Straights + Swim Team New Girlfriend
Cash Savage and The Last Drinks / Run with the dogs / Night Mission Sounds of Studio Five Live from PBS FM Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - The Curtin - VIC
Melody moon / Wings out open wide
Mikelangelo and the Spectres of Love / Mancave

Playlist: 12-5-2017 hosted by Joe

Dreams – B-Town Warriors; Single [2017]
2 Black 2 Strong - A.B. Original; Reclaim Australia [2016]
Always Was - Combat Wombat; Just Across The Border [2017]
La Gallina - Ozomatli; Live at the Belly Up 2017 [2017]
Never More - Original Sicilian Style; Official Video - Single [2017]
Play God – Ani DiFranco; Play God EP [2017]

Jade Imagine live in Studio 3 ahead of her EP launch at the Gasometer Hotel on Friday May 19th.
Songs played: Get Out of your Head/I’ll take you there/Walking Around.

Can I Sleep On Your Floor? - Mick Thomas; These Are The Songs [2017]
Moon Face - Hachiku; Split Singles Club, Vol. 1 [2017]
How Will I Get That High - Lucy Roleff; This Paradise [2016]
The Awakening – Kristin Rule; 'Remember, I am' - Live Studio Album [2016]

Rough River (in solo mode) live in Studio 3 previewing the album “The Leaving” launch at the Grace Darling Hotel on Saturday 13th May. Song played True Wild.

Shanghai - All Day Breakfast Stringband; Shanghai [2014]

Phone interview with Hamish from the Davidson Brothers talking about their latest record and show at the Caravan Club in Oakleigh on Friday May 12th.

All You Need is Music – Davidson Brothers; All You Need Is Music [2017]
Jeffrey Smart (Silver City) - My Friend The Chocolate Cake; The Revival Meeting [2017]

Parvyn Singh & Hue Blanes live in Studio 3 previewing their debut record “I choose You” and performance at the David Williamson Theatre, Prahran as part of the 2017 Stonnington Jazz Festival.
Songs performed: I Choose You/Love Song/Garleaan Goriyan.

[Thanks go to Matt from Burning Vinyl in allowing this performance to run into his program.]

Playlist for 5/5/17 presented by Jane

N'fa Jones / The revolution will not be televised / Day Tripper The sounds of studio 5 live PBS 106.7FM Melbourne
Charm of Finches / Paper and Ink / Staring at the starry ceiling
Mojo Juju / They come and they go
Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife / The valley / Thieves
Mike Noga / Nobody leads me to flames Mike Noga Band / Baby Blue / Hollie Joyce Band - Old Bar
The Rebelles / Go! Rebelle! The Strays with The Rebelles at Yah Yah's
Cash Savage and The Last Drinks / Run with the dogs / Night Mission The sounds of studio 5 live PBS Radio Festival 2017 - One Small Step Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - Corner Hotel - VIC Sold out
The Ruby Rogers Experience / One Road / Gotta gimme some
Flyying Colours / Long holiday / Mindfulness
Red Spencer / Ride it out
The Weeping Willows / River of gold / Before darkness comes a-calling
Travelling Companions - Lachlan Bryan Wildes/The Weeping Willows
The Weeping Willows @ Caravan Music Club in Oakleigh, Australia
Rowena Wise / Hollow Hearts The Scrims Album Launch Party w/ Golden Sound and Rowena Wise
Rosie Burgess Trio / Run through the fire / Handful Part Two
Rosie Burgess Trio EP Launch!
Interview with Rosie Burgess about the launch of Handful Part Two at the Toff ending with Raise You Up
Cold Irons Bound / Up the pavement Cold Irons Bound at The Union Brunswick Sat 6 May 5pm
The Band Who Knew Too Much / Crazy people The Band Who Knew Too Much
Dan Lethbridge / I want you with me / Inner western Dan Lethbridge & Shane O'Mara
Plaster of Paris / Alison Plaster of Paris, Tight Knit, Magpie, Maureen + Make More at The Tote
Harry Jakamarra / Salt Creek Harry Jakamarra May Residency - Upstairs at the Gasometer
BABY BLUE / Save yourself Mike Noga Band / Baby Blue / Hollie Joyce Band - Old Bar
Interview with July Days Laurence Henry playing live in Studio 3 Melbourne, London Still, Heart in my chest. July Days Wilderness Blowfish Records presents July Days with The Peeks and Paul Ryan
(and sneaking more of Burning Vinyl time...)
Justin Bernasconi / Barefoot Wonderland Justin Bernasconi Melbourne Album Launch at Spotted Mallard

Playlist: 28-4-2017 hosted by Joe

De Manhã (feat. Heidi Vogel) / Mid Morning – Tamil Rogeon; 24 Hours in Lapa [2017]

Interview Tamil Rogeon about his composition based on a tragic event that happened in the bohemian neighbourhood of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro and public performance at the Night Cat in Fitzroy on Friday April 28th with the 35 piece Australian Youth Orchestra.

Afternoon / Jealousy (feat. Raashan Ahmad) - Tamil Rogeon; 24 Hours in Lapas [2017]
Babylon Time Bomb - Combat Wombat; Just Across The Border [2017]
Beware Verwoerd (Naants' Indod'Emnyama) - Miriam Makeba; Amandla! a Revolution in Four-Part Harmony [2002]

Phone interview with artistic director Chelsea Wilson previewing the 2017 Stonnington Jazz Festival happening from May 11 – 21.

Moving - Fem Belling; Now Then [2017]
I fell in love with you on May 1st – Apodimi Compania; "When the band plays...please sing and dance"[2017].
There Is Power In A Union - Billy Bragg; Must I Paint You a Picture? The Essential Billy Bragg [Disc 1] [1986][2003]
How Can I Live - Casii Williams; Desert Divas Volume II [2016]
'This World' - Kristin Rule; 'Remember, I am' - Live Studio Album [2016]

Phone interview with Kristin Rule “The unconventional cellist” about her travels and upcoming performance at CERES on Friday May 5th.

From the Dreams of Others – Kristin Rule; 'Remember, I am' - Live Studio Album [2016]
Murder To The Mind - Tash Sultana; Video-Single [2017]
Conjure (Part Two) – The Royal Parks; Suburb Home [2017]

Debra LaVelle Band live in studio 3. Songs performed:
Pamela / Ashes / Young Skin

Flee - Scott Candlish; Home Away From Home [2016]

Playlist: 21-4-2017 hosted by Joe (fill-in for Jane)

Babelogue / Rock 'n' Roll Nigger – Patti Smith; “Easter” - Land (1975-2002) [Disc 1] [1978][2002]
Same Different (feat. Buxaburn) - DJ Drez & Zaire Black; Aficionados [2017]
One People - Natalie Rize; Rebel Frequency [2017]
Truant - Duncan Graham And His Co-Accused; Austral Weeks [2009]

Melinda & Anthony from the Ruby Rogers Experience live from Studio 3, previewing their EP and upcoming shows. Songs performed: One Road / Watch Your Step.

Gotta Gimme Some - The Ruby Rogers Experience; Gotta Gimme Some [EP] [2016]
Deadly Nightshade – Winter Sun; Black Lips, Dead Trees [2017]

Phone interview with Rod and Angela from Winter Sun about their new record and upcoming show at the 3CR Benefit on Sunday 30th April at the Northcote Social Club.

Heart For Sale - Winter Sun; Black Lips, Dead Trees [2017]

Interview with Michael Tortoni Artistic Director of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival previewing the 2017 program, June 2 -11.

As a Judgement – Bill Frisell; When You Wish Upon a Star [2016]
Angelique - Mélisande; Les millésimes [2017]
Wasted On You – Ferla; Single-Soundcloud [2017]

Selki live in Studio 3 previewing her new single “Skins” and other tunes ahead of her show at the Workers Club on Sunday April 30. Songs performed:
Skins / Animal / Gotcha Back

Head Weight - Marley Wynn; 25 Bruised Boysenberry ave [2017]

Playlist 7/4/17 presented by Jane

Cam Butler Find Your Love (radio edit)
Andy White Dignity
Charles Jenkins Autumn Fall / Blue Atlas
Dan Kelly Never Stop the Rot / Leisure Panic
Augie March A Dog Starved / Havens Dumb
Krista Polvere Father
Closet Straights Highway Bound
Pony Face Holly Said / Hypnotised
Wet Lips Shame
The Pink Tiles #1 Fan LP Launch Independence Days / No. 1 Fan
Shrimpwitch Boyz Will Be Boyz
Clouds / Mabel's Bookshop
Dag Staying Up at Night / Benefits of Solitude
Anna Cordell I'll Wait Here
Blackeyed Susans: Melbourne - Close Your Eyes Album Launch Not Quite the Same / Close Your Eyes and See

D Henry Fenton & The Elizabethans Album Launch Melbourne interview and live songs Baby Doll, Dusty Wings, Portland Rain

D Henry Fenton and the Elizabethans / Love is a Tough Commodity / Twice I Fell Down Once
Amaya Laucerica / Ocean Wide / Sway
Amaya Laucirica with Sand Pebbles and Parading
Ill Starred Captain The Devil Jumped Up / Yeh Nah!
Ill Starred Captain live at The Workers Club Fitzroy Victoria
Astral Skulls The Other Side / Contact:Light
Soursob Bob / Raskolnikov / Someplace Good Already
Soursob BOB & Outland Brothers at WHO CLUB Warburton SUN 9 APROutland Brothers If I Ever... / God Is Drunk In Charge
19th Century Strongmen New Love

Playlist: 31-3-2017 hosted by Joe

The Fool's Black Gold – The Same Boat; Let No-one Be Left Behind [2015]
Colourblind – Kutcha Edwards; Beneath The Surface [2015]
Better / The Ride - Glenn Skuthorpe; See My World [2016]

Phone interview with Glen Skuthorpe previewing the Melbourne launch of his new CD as a double bill with Kutcha Edwards at the Spotted Mallard, Thursday April 6.

Walk Lightly (Ecology) – Charlie Marshall and The Curious Minds; Sublime [2016]
Failure May be Your Style – (The John Hurt Locker); You Do it I Can't Be Bothered - The Songs of Tom Smith [2014]

Giuls Ferla from Ferla in solo mode live from Studio 3, previewing a month of Wednesdays at the Tote in April with special guests each week.
Songs played: Wasted on You / I Can’t let you down.

River With Champagne - Aryeh; The Book of Judith [2015]
A Little Human Kindness – Michelle Chandler; Unravelling [2016]

Broads (Kelly Day & Jane Hendry) live in Studio 3 preview their new record and its launch at the Toff in Town, Saturday April 1st.
Songs played: Dear John / Grace / Nod Off, Dream.

One Road - The Ruby Rogers Experience; Gotta Gimme Some [2016]
What Becomes Of People - Tina Harrod; Temporary People [2009]

Fem Belling & Zvi Belling (double Bass) live in Studio 3 preview 2 different shades for shows at Paris Cat, Friday March 31st and Kew Court House Saturday April 8th.
Songs played: Weeping (cover of Bright Blue – South Africa) / Our Love Is Here To Stay.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Joe Chindamo; Paradiso (The Joy Of Film Music) [2004]

Playlist: 24/3/17 presented by Jane

The Band Who Knew Too Much / Blue light of day / The Band Who Knew Too Much
Freya Josephine Hollick / A man is the water / The unceremonius junking of me
Al Parkinson / Like this / Like this
Mikelangelo and the Spectres of Love / Love comes a knockin / Mancave
Kim Salmon / Gorgeous and messed up / My script

Interview with Jeff Lang about his new album and shows tonight in Bendigo and Sat. in Ballarat

Jeff Lang / Fugitive ghosts / Alone in bad company
Jeff Lang / Smarts Hill Rd / Live in Studio 1
Jeff Lang / Palmera Lad / Alone in bad company
Tim Ries and Bernard Fowler's The Rolling Stones Project / Fool to cry / Stones World

Interview with Tim Ries about the Rollong Stones Project shows tonight and tomorrow at Birds Basement

Tim Ries and Bernard Fowler's The Rolling Stones Project / Miss you / Stones World

Interview with Sophie Koh about her new album 'Book of Songs' and performance tomorrow at the MRC

Sophie Koh / (Gan Lan Shu) Olive tree / Live in Studio 3
Sophie Koh / Tiger not the Hare / Book of Songs
Sophie Koh / (Ta De Mai) Her beauty / Live in Studio 3
Sophie Koh / Paper kites / Book of Songs
Antelodic / Ave Eva / Quite sufficient
Tinpan Orange / See you in the water / See you in the water
Lover or the Loved / The Blackeyed Susans / Close your eyes and see

Interview with Phil Kakulas about The Blackeyed Susans launch of 'Close your eyes and see' at the Corner Hotel on Sat 6 April

Dream On / The Blackeyed Susans / Close your eyes and see

Playlist: 17-3-2017 hosted by Joe

Those Bold Bushrangers – Ronnie Minder; The Legend of Ben Hall - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [2016]
Yororo Kanto (Featuring Oki Dub Ainu Band & Rekpo) – Baba Zula; XX [Disc 1] [2017]
Magical - Mercan Dede; Dunya / SUNSET [2013]

Phone interview Frankie Curac from New Zealand Balkan outfit Niko Ne Zna previewing their show at Open Studio on Friday 17th March.

Babushka's Borsch – Niko Ne Zna; Bandcamp-Single [2017]
Nomad Blood - Martha Tilston; Nomad [2017]
Somethings in the forest - Ali inka; Demonic Religious Music EP; [2017]
I'm A Woman – Kelly Auty; Kelly Auty Live [2016]
Another Day In The Park - Suzannah Espie; Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today [2015]
Ella - Tim Hulsman; Get Loved! [2016]
Shape & Line - Raised by Eagles; Single [2017]
Kaikoura - Olly Friend; Single [2017]
Other Little Lies - David Hosking; Butterfly Net [2017]

CHMBRS, Benjamin Trillado & Tanya George Music live in the studio to talk up and perform some tunes from their The Real Songwriters of Melbourne showcase performances at the The Workers Club on Sunday 19th march from 7pm

The Lie / The Will - Tanya George; Sonder EP [2017]
Actors / The Settler - Benjamin Trillado; Live in Studio 3
Crazy in Love (Beyonce cover) / Reverie – CHAMBRS; Live in Studio 3

Tongan Steel - The Bamboos; Rawville [2009]

Playlist: 10/3/17 presented by Jane

The Blackeyed Susans / Colours Move / Close your eyes and see
Jess Locke / Paper Planes
Mental as Anything / Goat Tracks
Leah Senior / Summer's on the Ground / The city is a stream
Hue Blanes / Slippery Jack / Sad songs make me happy
Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds / Cotton / Poor Virginia
JP Klipspringer / Can't Be
Interview with Nathanael Riley about 19th Century Strongmen show at Longplay Sat 11th March including live songs Five or Six Years, There's a Moon Out, Home
19th Century Strongmen / Let's Go
La Bastard / Trouble
Kim Salmon / Destination Heartbreak / My Script
The New Savages / Down the River Blues / Goin' over the river
The Black Sorrows / Raise Your Hands / Faithful Satellite
Formidable Vegetable Sound System / Dad's Dunny
Interview with Hue Blanes about his shows tonight and tomorrow afternoon as part of Brunswick Music Festival including live songs Fernando, Vladimir Putin, To those who are finding it hard to sleep tonight.
Aziza Brahim / Julud / Soutak
Baby Blue / Soccer Ball
Madeline Leman and the Desert Swells / Snowman / Tennessee Diamond
Interview with Tom Dockray about his show at The Spotted Mallard on Thurs supporting Madeline Leman and the Desert Swells and Leah Senior as part of Brunswick Music Festival including live songs Behind Your Tears, Strap Me To a Rocket If I Plan to Multiply, Coal Train Blues
Tom Dockray / Monopoly Money / One Finger Salute

Playlist: 3-3-2017 hosted by Joe

Madha Yidi – Kutcha Edwards; … [….]

James Henry live in studio for a chat about the Ulumbarra – Gather Together theatre special performance dedicated to the stories of the Dja Dja Wurrung. To be performed as part of the Castlemaine State Festival on Saturday March 18.

Song performed: Black Gold – James Henry.

Djarra baby – Emma Donovan; “Ulumbarra” [2015]
Woodfordia - The East Pointers; Secret Victory [2015]

Interview with Jake Charron guitarist from The East Pointers, previewing their Australian tour performing also at WOMADelaide and Melbourne at the TOFF Wednesday March 8.

Last Blank Page – The East Pointers; Secret Victory [2015]
Hazy - Rough River; The Leaving [2017]
Little Kings - Bill Tolson; Single; [2017]
Romantic – Barcelos; Blairgowrie-Romantic 7”Single [2017]
Green Screen - Broads; Vacancy [2017]
Let's Fall In Love - Jackie Mendez; Introducing Jackie Mendez EP [2013]
Ghost Town - Hot 8 Brass Band; double A-side digital single “Ghost Town” / “Let Me Do My Thing” [2012]
Friday Night, Saturday Morning - The Specials; The Specials: Singles [1991]
East of Kunashiri - Oki Dub Ainu Band; Oki Dub Ainu Band [2006]
Pada Siang Hari – Senyawa; Acaraki [2014]
Wondrous - Mercan Dede; Dunya / SUNSET [2013]
Swept – Kiasmos; Swept EP [2015]

Interview with Periklis Tsoukalas from Turkish Istanbul based band BaBa ZuLa about their music and upcoming performance at WOMADelaide and Melbourne.

Music played: “Do Not Obey” from 34 OTO SANAYI [2014]; “Efkarli Yaprak – Worried Leaf” from Gecekondu (Live at Babylon Studio) [2010]; “Istanbul Cocuklari (dub) from Duble Oryantal (Mad Professor) [2005]; “Azmak Koprusu” from the soundtrack to Dondurman Gaymak [2006].

Foreign Bombs - This Way North; This Way North EP [2016]

Playlist for 24/2/17 presented by Jane
Sodastream / Blinky / A minor revival
Didirri / Born Again / Live on Swanston St
Gawurra / Ratja Yaliyali / Ratja Yaliyali
Shockwaves / Got you now / Enough to kill 10 men
Nigel Wearne / Autumn Tempest / Drawing circles
Anna Cordell / I'll wait here
Yirrmal / Mayangan / Youngblood
Shane Howard / Solid Rock Puli Kunpungka
The Little Stevies / Diamonds for your tea
Victoriana Gaye / Lone Ranger / The Freest of the free
Melbourne Ska Orchestra / Sly Boots / Sierra-kilo-alpha
Powerline Sneakers / 2 step wreck / ...Disasterpiece
Wet Lips / Shame
Kim Salmon and the Surrealists / Turn turn / Grand unifying theory
Jess Locke interview about her show at the Reverence, sat 25th and Live songs: Better Bitter, Change the sheets, Border Security
Jess Locke / Paper Planes
Shiny Coin / So Great
Camp Cope / Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
Lowtide / Julia
Pixies / Greens and Blues / EP2
Amaya Laucirica / Found some secret / Sway
Amaya Laucirica interview about her show upstairs at the Gasometer, sat 25th and Live song: Little Clouds
Amaya Laucirica / Running out of time / Sway

Playlist: 17-2-2017 hosted by Joe

Another Man Is Gone – Willard Grant Conspiracy; Regard the End [2003]

Interview with Birdstriking (& Julian Wu) from Beijing China, previewing their upcoming tour to Australia and shows in Melbourne from February 21 to 25.
Music used: Intro/Monkey Snake/No More Rock n Roll (from self titled record Birdstriking)/Yun tian ming (from forthcoming release).

Interview with Shou Wang of Carsick Cars from Beijing China previewing their upcoming tour to Australia and shows in Melbourne from February 21 to 25.
Music used: He Sheng (from self titled record "Carsick Cars")/15 minutes older/512 (from "3")/Yoko (from "the other 3 EP"/ silveR (from "White+" self titled record)

Interview with Julian Wu providing a gig guide for where you can catch Birdstriking, Carsick Cars & White+ during February 21 to 25 brought to you by Maybe Mars & Far Out Distant Sounds.

Julitha Ryan live in Studio 3 previewing her album launch at the Old Bar on Sunday 19 th February
Songs performed: Zeehan / Bonfire / Woman Walks The Cat.

Don't You Know - The Ruby Rogers Experience; Gotta Gimme Some [2016]
Lemon's (Alternative Remix) - Lisa Wood; Bandcamp - single [2017]

The Little Stevies live in Studio 3 previewing their upcoming show at the Kew Court House on Saturday 25th February.
Songs performed: Loving Man / Family (Teeny Tiny Stevies) / Diamonds For Your Tea.

Burning Vinyl caretaker mix:

Turn The Lights On – Domini Forster; Raven [2016]
Can't Figure You Out - The Brass Traps; Tan Lines [2016]
I See Memory - Dee Farrow; Low Tidings; [2016]
City Waves – Amber Isles; Running [2016]
Thing Goes Up (Live) - Shaun Kirk; Giving EP; [2013]

Playlist for 10/2/17 presented by Jane

The Yearlings / Fallen Star / Wind already blown
Helen Ryder and Spencer P Jones / Lady Bird
Mark Steiner and his Problems / Unbearable (Bowery Version) / Saudade
Summer Flake / Wine won't wash away / Hello friends
The Pink Tiles / Cut it Out / Snax, Spirits, Classic Hits
Interview and live performance with Victoriana Gaye in advance of their show tonight at the Caravan Music Club
Pretty things and Far Out / Victoriana Gaye live at 3cr
River Baby Love / Victoriana Gaye / The Freest of the Free
The Dacios / Liberty Lovers / Monkey's Blood
Cable Ties / The Producer
The Braves / Black Mass / All through paradise
Baptism of Uzi / Stray Current / Stray Currents
Luluc / Senja / Passerby
The Spectres of Love (Ft. Mikelangelo) / Mancave
Cathouse Canary / Tombstone Necklaces / The dirt and the sky ep
Shane Howard / Solid Rock (Puli Kunpungka)
Cash Savage and the Last Drinks / Rat-a-tat-tat
Interview and live performance with Scott Candlish in advance of his show at the Workers Club on Thursday 23 Feb
Monsters, Contact List and Two Feet / Scott Candlish live at 3cr
Ludivico Einaudi / abc / [Elements]
Cookie Baker / Little Engine

Playlist: 3-2-2017 hosted by Joe

Under The Southern Cross – Henry Hugo; Arcadian Songs [2016]
Memento - Julitha Ryan; The Winter Journey [2016]
Stranger in Asia - ALPHAMAMA; Single from EP ‘Honey Fire’ [2016]
Blairegowrie - Barcelos; Single - Bandcamp [2017]
You Are The Mountains – Alice Skye; ALUKURA [2016]
Walkin' Around - Jade Imagine; 7” Single [2016]
This Love - Rough River; The Leaving; [2017]
Oh, the Wind - Anna Smyrk; Song of the Silver Tongue Magpie [2016]

Interview with Dustin Arbuckle from Moreland & Arbuckle, blues/roots trio from Kansas about their new record “Promised Land Or Bust” and Australian tour playing in Melbourne shows in Melbourne.

Down The River Blues - The New Savages; Goin' Over The River; [2016]

Interview with Chelsea Wilson music programmer of the 2017 Brunswick Music Festival, previewing the launch of the program that is on from 5-19 March.

Fikera (Intro) - Dereb The Ambassador; Single [2016]
Calles de Dajla - Aziza Brahim; Abbar el Hamada (Across the Hamada) [2016]

Local Rock guitarist Joe Matera live in acoustic mode from Studio 3
Shining Star / Take a Look / Fallen Angel

Get Up - Debra La Velle; Journey Of the Heart [2016]

Playlist for 27/1/17 presented by Jane

A.B.Original / January 26 / Reclaim Australia
No Fixed Address / We have survived / Recorded live at the Prince of Wales in 1981 by PBS FM
Yothu Yindi / Treaty  / Duncan Gray remix
Michael Noga / Nobody leads me to flames / King
Baby Blue / Soccer Ball
Interview with Damon Smith about his gig tonight at Some Velvet Morning and his other projects, including live songs: So From Now, Threadbare Rope, Crazy Arms
Les Thomas / Freedom Fighters
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever / Clean Slate
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / There she goes my beautiful world / Abattoir Blues
The Cutting / So Damn Lucky / The First Cut
The Bats / Afternoon in Bed
Digger and the Pussycats / Coming to get you / Watch Yr Back
Interview and studio performances from Michael Plater, Rossco Harvey, Henry Hugo and Mark Steiner  to promote their afternoon show at the Tote on Sunday 29/1/17
Michael Plater and Rossco Harvey / Reflections of a Dream / Live at 3cr
Henry Hugo / Siren Song / Live at 3cr
Mark Steiner and his Problems / Saudade / Live at 3cr
Michael Plater and Rossco Harvey /The Officer's Mess / Live at 3cr
Henry Hugo / Waiting on Eternity / Live at 3cr
Mark Steiner and h