Part 2: Disability, Madness, Liberation: Deinstitutionalisation and Prison Abolition

Tuesday, 14 March 2023 - 8:30am to 9:00am

At the Socialism 2022 conference, held in September 2022, in Chicago, Dr Liat Ben-Moshe gave a talk, titled Disability, Madness, Liberation: Deinstitutionalisation and Prison Abolition.

Prison abolition and massive decarceration are often portrayed as utopian ideals, but few have grappled with the fact that it has happened already. The history of the deinstitutionalization movement from psychiatric hospitals and residential institutions shows the limits of rights and legal discourses as well as hope for abolition of carcerality in our time. Today’s episode of Accent of Women is the second and final part of Dr Liat Ben-Moshe’s keynote address on the intersections of disability justice and prison abolition. 

Tuesday 8:30am to 9:00am
A program by and about women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Distributed nationally on the Community Radio Network.


Jiselle Hanna