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Your half hour of local film news, conversations with film makers and explorations into how they bring their ideas to life on screen. Showreel promises an exciting package of film information that will set your ears buzzing.

Annie McLoughlin


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About Showreel

Join Annie McLoughlin as she delves into the local film industry to give you a first hand insight into what the film-makers do and how they do it; listen to reviews of local films that usually get swamped by overseas competitors and make up your own mind. Be rewarded by an insight into local film diversity. Showreel is your space to imagine and to dream just like they do in the movies.

LISTEN to Annie speak with Kelli Jean Drinkwater and Jackie Wykes about fat activism, empowerment and synchronised swimming for the Aquaporko documentary which was awarded Best Documentary by the audience at the Queer Screen Mardi Gras Film Festival 2013