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Anya Saravanan, Ayaan Shirwa, George Maxwell and Lauren Bull


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Anya Saravanan, Ayan Shirwa, George Maxwell, Lauren Bull

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Tuesday Breakfast 5 Feb 2019 

Summer Skool ep 5: Disability and Accessibility   

7.00 am  Acknowledgement of Country

7.05 am  We play the audio of a TED talk by Stella Young called 'I'm not your inspiration thank you very much' 

7.15 am  (parts 1 and 2 with a break in between) Anya chats to Dr Shakira Hussein about disability through an intersectional lens, unconscious bias in the medical community with regards to Aboriginal, black and POC bodies, voluntary euthanasia and the links between feminist theory/activism and disability theory/activism.

8.00 am Ayan speaks to Marijo Pozega, community worker, teacher and producer/ presenter of Chronically Chilled, about chronic and invisible illnesses, how they affect a person's quality of life, and about the gaps that exist in the Australian healthcare system.

8.30 am End


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