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Mabo Day

Mabo Day, it's importance and why we should celebrate it!
27 May 2015

The Anarchist Media Institute's budget response

The Common wealth for the common good
13 May 2015

21st century Australian fairytale

historically low rates- go out there and borrow! start a small business!
6 May 2015

Today's is an eclectic program, jumping from topic to topic

Topics include the execution of 9 people, a gentleman from Ghana executed for having 50 grams of heroin, concern for Mr Chan and Sukamara, war on drugs a total disaster
29 Apr 2015

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An anarchist analysis on local, national and international news and events

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June 3 is MABO DAY JOIN US at Federation Square Melbourne  (corner of Flinders & Swanston St) at 12:00pm. To celebrate the 21 Anniversary of the historic  High Court judgement delivered on the 3 June 1992 that recognised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders had rights to land in law because of their prior occupation of this land.

Read "Lest We Forget" Dispelling the myths surrounding Anzac Day. Almost a hundred years after the Gallipoli landing almost no account exists of a mass movement that prevented another 60,000 young Australians been sacrificed in the European killing fields during WWI.

Listen to the 2014 live broadcast from the commemmoration ceremony for the 172nd anniversary of the execution of the aboriginal freedom fighters Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheener, held at the corner of Bowen and Franklin sts in Melbourne on January 20, 2014.

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