Summer Special 2021-2022

Wednesday, 22 December 2021 - 9:00am
Summer radio listening

Summer Specials 2021-22

Bohemian Circle
Friday 9-10pm, January 7 - March 25
A community orientated collective centred around experience based artistic expression and events.  Presented by Luqman Latif (Salaam Radio Show).

Live-To-Airs from 2021 
LTAs from 2021 is a reflection and celebration of a return to live bands at the station, showcasing the musicians that were set up, mixed and crossed live from Studio 3 as a part of a specialised audio and tech training project 3CR provided for four female/gender non-conforming volunteer broadcasters under the guidance of Lara Soulio, live sound engineer, outside broadcaster and trainer at the station. Over this hour you will hear the diversity of musical acts we had the privilege of learning from over the course of several weeks in 2021.
Presented by Karina Aedo-Aguilera.

Episode 1: 27 December 2021.  One Woman, One Man Band, Thee Cha Cha Chas! Recorded and mixed in the 3CR studio on March 25th, 2021.  Emerging soloist Georgia Knight with Nick Finch (Cash Savage and the Last Drinks), recorded April 1st 2021.  Look out for an upcoming mixed and mastered release of this recording at Georgia's Bandcamp.

Episode 2: 3 January 2022.  Improvisational percussionists Rama Parwata and Maria Moles, aired live and interviewed on Let Your Freak Flag Fly, 10th April 2021, with guest host Matt Gleeson (Burning Vinyl).

Episode 3: 10 January 2022.  Husband-and-wife duo, Victoriana Gaye (Vicki Gaye Philipp and Jeff Raglus), and The Embers of Gospel (Tony Millman and Jane Cameron) aired live and interviewed on Music Matters, 14th May 2021, hosted by Jane Brownrigg.

Episode 4: 17 January 2022.  Jess Locke & Band, playing songs from her new album Don't Ask Yourself Why, aired live and interviewed on Burning Vinyl, 14th May 2021, with guest host Marroushti from Salaam Radio Show.  Take two from emerging soloist Georgia Knight with Nick Finch (Cash Savage and the Last Drinks), recorded April 1st 2021.
Look out for an upcoming mixed and mastered release of this recording at Georgia's Bandcamp.

What is Racial Capitalism?  Presented by Reem Rattan (Communication Mixdown)
This is a five-part serializtion of the lecture, Introduction to Racial Capitalism, by Professor of Cultural and Social Analysis at Western Sydney University, Alana Lentin.

Part 1: Professor Lentin makes some introductory remarks about what racial capitalism is and is not, based on Gargi Bhattacharyya’s work in Rethinking Racial Capitalism. She then grounds the origins of racial capitalism in the work of South African anti-Apartheid Marxists.

Part 2: Professor Lentin introduces Cedric Robinson’s analysis of racial capitalism in his 1983 book Black Marxism.

Part 3: Professor Lentin looks at the gaps in Marxist thought on the centrality of race to capitalism and discusses Stuart Hall’s formulation of the relationship between race and class. She notes that this discussion is particularly useful because the idea that either class comes first or race does, is a debate that continues to animate activists today, leading to considerable and unproductive disagreements.

Part 4: Professor Lentin builds on Charisse Burden-Stelly’s writings on the particularity of racial capitalism in the United States as theorised by Black radical scholars such as Oliver Cromwell Cox, W.E.B. Du Bois, Claudia Jones, George Jackson and Ruth Wilson Gilmore whose focus on the super-exploitation of Black woman was a precursor to intersectionality theory.

Part 5: Professor Lentin emphasises the centrality of settler colonialism as the context for the elaboration of racial capitalism using Aileen Moreton-Robinson’s work on ‘the white possessive’ alongside other theorists’ work on property and dispossession. She concludes by considering one of the pressing arenas which racial capitalist analysis is clarifying -- the role played by so-called essential workers who ‘clean the world’ -- and asks what the coronavirus pandemic has taught us about what Burden-Stelly calls the gap between value and worth when it comes to the lives of mainly poor and negatively racialised people.


Commemorating the 85th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War
An event, organised by The Perth Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, was held in Perth on August 1 2021 to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. In this show speakers provide an overview of the conflict and discuss Australia and its role in it, Guernica: the event and the painting, and Western Australia and its connections to the war.  Presented by Iain McIntyre


A Lazy Wednesday Afternoon of Jazz
2 - 4pm: December 15 - February 9
Geoff Tobin (Jazz on a Saturday) takes over from Kate and Suzy (Lazy Wednesday Afternoon) to bring his annual summer of jazz afternoons.

Arm Yourself to Change the Future - Learn about the past to understand the present 
A four part 3CR Summer radio mini series by controversial historical commentator Dr. Joseph Toscano. Produced by Kelly Whitworth. (Anarchist World This Week & Radical Australia)
Eureka's Significance to the 21st Century

Victorian Land Convention

Lest We Forget

Not So Marvellous Melbourne

I Can't Do Another Lockdown
The Beurologist (Raphael Kaleb - The Boldness) dedicates his 2021/21 Summer Series 'I Can’t Do Another Lockdown' to a theme of Covid and creativity during lockdowns.  Double vaxxed, isolated and with a disability, 'I Can’t Do Another Lockdown' reaches a gripping climax when The Beurologist finds out he is one of millions worldwide who is Covid positive.

Episode 1: 23 December 2021.  The Beurologist reflects back on the effect of Lockdowns on His Arts Practice as he recovering from shattering his right arm in November 2020.  The Beurologist started writing and recording again taking listeners on a creative journey of through lockdown loneliness.

Episode 2: 30 December 2022.  The Beurologist interviews Harris Frankou aka The Master.  An inside look at the cut throat music industry and challenges of collaborating during Covid with no topic off limits.  Features music collaborations between The Beurologist and The Master during lockdowns.

Episode 3: 6 January 2022.  The Beurologist interviews David Black, Founder of Australian Short Film Network.  Now with over 20,000 members on Facebook, a story on resilience and perseverance.   David Black discusses the challenges of lockdown and making films remotely.

Episode 4: 13 January 2022.  The Beurologist finds out he is Covid positive on New Year’s Eve.  Living alone, isolated and disability, The Beurologist still has a Summer Series to finish.  Digging deep, he gives listeners a firsthand experience of what Covid is really like.


Creatures of the Industry
December 26 - January 23
A project by the Concrete Gang to record the history of the building and construction industy in Melbourne since 1960's.  Remembered by those who built this city and helped establish the industrial landscape that we work in today.  Presented by Ralph Edwards with production support by Karina Aedo-Aguilera.
Episode 1: Maurie Hill  Listen to the podcast here.
Episode 2: Tommie Watson, Danny Gardiner & Noel Washington Pt.1  Listen to the podcast here.
Episode 3: Tommie Watson, Danny Gardiner & Noel Washington Pt.2  Listen to the podcast here.
Episode 4: Brendan Murphy  Listen to the podcast here.
Episode 5: Malcolm McDonald  Listen to the podcast here.

Don't Look Up and Refocusing our Energy on the Climate Crisis
Nick from Freedom of Species and his partner Katie discuss the movie 'Don't Look Up', putting our energy back into climate action after the movement has lost momentum during the pandemic and avoiding burnout when coping with the reality of the climate crisis.


Eureka Australia Medal Ceremony 2021
In Ballarat on 3 December 2021, after a Dawn Service at the site of the 1854 Eureka rebellion and massacre, a crowd assembled at Bakery Hill (where the goldminers had sworn an oath of solidarity and raised the Southern Cross flag) for the Eureka Australia Medal ceremony.  The Eureka Australia Medal is awarded by the Anarchist Media Institute to “activists who have demonstrated, through their activities, the universal qualities outlined in the Eureka oath taken by gold-miners in the colony of Victoria on 11 November and 3 December 1854: 'We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.'    Recorded by Joe Malignaggi (Music Matters).

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Summer Specials
Thursday 9:30am to 10:00am
A feast of shorts, docos, features and specialist music from 3CR broadcasters and our community radio family.



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