Summer Special 2021-2022

Wednesday, 22 December 2021 - 9:00am
Summer radio listening

Summer Specials 2021

3 - 4pm: Live-To-Airs from 2021 
December 27 - January
LTAs from 2021 is a reflection and celebration of a return to live bands at the station, showcasing the musicians that were set up, mixed and crossed live from Studio 3 as a part of a specialised audio and tech training project 3CR provided for four female/gender non-conforming volunteer broadcasters under the guidance of Lara Soulio, live sound engineer, outside broadcaster and trainer at the station. Over this hour you will hear the diversity of musical acts we had the privilege of learning from over the course of several weeks in 2021.
Presented by Karina Aedo-Aguilera.

6 - 6.30pm  What is Racial Capitalism?  Presented by Reem Rattan (Communication Mixdown)

4 - 6pm: Commemorating the 85th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War
December 28
An event, organised by The Perth Branch of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History, was held in Perth on August 1 2021 to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. In this show speakers provide an overview of the conflict and discuss Australia and its role in it, Guernica: the event and the painting, and Western Australia and its connections to the war.  Presented by Iain McIntyre

9 - 10am: “20 Years on the Inside”
December 22 - January 19
The series gives voice to the experience of First Nations incarceration in the Victorian prison system. “20 Years on the Inside” is a carefully curated series of conversations with Aboriginal people recorded across two decades of Beyond the Bars, 3CR’s live prison radio broadcasts. The podcast series is hosted by prominent Aboriginal activists Vickie Roach and Kutcha Edwards. “We believe the voices in this series have never been heard in podcasting before, and the themes of storytelling, politics, community and humanity make this series a must-listen for anyone living in so-called Australia.”

2 - 4pm: A Lazy Wednesday Afternoon of Jazz
December 15 - February 9
Geoff Tobin (Jazz on a Saturday) takes over from Kate and Suzy (Lazy Wednesday Afternoon) to bring his annual summer of jazz afternoons.

1 - 2pm: Arm Yourself to Change the Future - Learn about the past to understand the present 
A four part 3CR Summer radio mini series by controversial historical commentator Dr. Joseph Toscano. Produced by Kelly Whitworth. (Anarchist World This Week & Radical Australia)
December 30: Eureka's Significance to the 21st Century,  January 6:  Victorian Land Convention, January 13: Lest We Forget,  January 27: Not So Marvellous Melbourne.

3 - 4pm: I Can't Do Another Lockdown
December 23 - January 13
The Beurologist (Raphael Kaleb - The Boldness) shows people how to use their Creative Talents to create grass roots Social Change around the issues that make them burn and need changing in the community.  The spoken pieces are around themes people can relate to in every day life. They use strong vivid imagery painting a powerful picture in people’s minds about what really is important to them.

9 - 10pm:  Bohemian Circle
January 7 - January 28
A community orientated collective centred around experience based artistic expression and events.  Presented by Luqman Latif (Salaam Radio Show).

4pm: Swingin' Steamin' Jazz On A Saturday
December 25 

10 -11am: Creatures of the Industry
December 26 - January 23
A project by the Concrete Gang to record the history of the building and construction industy in Melbourne since 1960's.  Remembered by those who built this city and helped establish the industrial landscae that we work in today.  Presented by Ralph Edwards with production support by Karin Aedo.

1 - 2pm Freedom of Species Summer Specials
December 26: ‘What Do You Mean By “Identity Politics”?’ Exploring Leftist Critiques of IDpols (Summer Special, Nick and Katie)
January 2: Trev's Favourite B-Sides (Summer Special, Trev)
January 9: Positive Animal News with Mexie! (Replayed Freedom of Species show, Nick)16 January: Davita and Trev's Australian Music Mix (Summer Special, Davita and Trev)

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