Summer Specials 2022-2023

Monday, 19 December 2022 - 12:00am to Sunday, 15 January 2023 - 11:59pm
Summer specials 2022-2023

10.30-11am Miss, It Appears We Have Hit Some Turbulence
Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company presents a new podcast created by women in prison and post release. The 4-part series is a telling insight into the lives and stories of women in custody at Melbourne’s maximum security prison, Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.

Episode 1: After years of searching for her identity, young Matilda crash lands into prison.On the muster line she learns she is just a number, a ‘Miss’ whose made miss-takes like everyone else. ‘Hey Newbie, what’s your story? In here everyone’s got a story…’
Episode 2: Matilda is being shown around the compound, introduced to the colourful characters and the waiting game of being in jail: ‘Everything you do takes time, when you’re doin’ time…’
Episode 3: The characters find an outlet for their boredom and solidarity in planning the Harmony Day event. Phoenix reveals her story, echoed by others, underlining that many women who experience violence end up in prison…
Episode 4: Our characters get to sing, dance and celebrate – forgetting for a while that they are locked up. Matilda gets relief and release from the letter she has been waiting for: ‘Look at me, I am a daughter, look me in the eye I’m just like you…’

11pm-midnight  Disability Day 2022: Rest is Survival
Whilst Satellite Skies takes a break we bring you a selection of 3CR's Disability Day special programs.

December 19:  Exhale  Presented by Mini aka Racerage & Diaspora Ease  with Ayan Shirwa and Pauline Vetuna.
December 26:  SICK / SOVEREIGN Interviews and readings with the creator of and contributors to Sick/Sovereign, a powerful collection of written and visual artwork by disabled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about their experiences of COVID-19 & "LUCKY COUNTRY" Sharing some words from a few of the late great Vivian Podesser Malo’s staunch speeches. With some reflections on Viv’s time at 3CR from broadcaster Nicky Stott. 
January 2:  Hard Out Karina Aedo-Aguilera chats with Shy (aka swanbird(link is external), aka swanny b) about the diversity in neurodiversity, creativity, and the ebbs and flows of life in the system. It's hard out here when you're turbo.
January 9:  First Nations people with a disability and the criminal justice system
Presented by Marisa Sposaro from the Doin' Time show speaks to June Riemer - First Nations woman and Deputy CEO of First Peoples Disability Network,  Kelly Cox - Amabassdor of First Peoples Disability Network, and Peta MacGillivray, a Kalkutungu and South Sea Islander lawyer and researcher, who has specialised in the legal needs of children and young people, particularly those experiencing social and economic disadvantage.


7am - 8:30am Breakfast - Favourite Conversations from 2022


7am - 8:30am Breakfast The Brekky Book Show - the team share their favourite author conversations from 2022 (December 28)

7am - 8:30am Breakfast  The First Friday in February audio documentary showcasing the memories of women present at the first ever AFLW match. Through their voices, you will be transported to the summer night when 24, 500 fans filled Princes Park, Melbourne, to witness history in the making (Winner of the 2018 Victorian Oral History Award)  Also featuring a conversation with Kirby Fenwick about the making of the documentary and why it is important to capture historic stories, the marginalisation of women in sport and Kirby's research into sports media diversity. (January 4)

9am - 10am  Dwelling Justice (December 21 - January 11)
The Forum for Dwelling Justice, organised by RMIT's Centre for Urban Research and supported by the International Journal of Housing Policy, Renters and Housing Union and 3CR Community Radio, brought together grassroots individuals, groups and activist-scholars to identify the radical potential for resistance to dispossession, displacement and precarity in our campaign work.  The purpose of the event was to foreground the relationship between ongoing colonial dispossession, housing injustice, incarceration, racial violence and poverty, and to build solidarity among movements.

7am - 8:30am Breakfast - Favourite Conversations from 2022

3-4pm Around the Arts (December 22 - January 12)
Presented by Raphael 'The Beurologist' Kaleb (The Boldness)

7am - 8:30am Green Left Radio - Favourite Conversations from 2022

9 - 10am: Commons Conversations  (December 23 to January 27)
The Commons Library presents conversations between campaigners including:
El Gibbs and Elly Desmarchelier on disability justice
Millie Telford and Grace Vegesana on First Nations leadership, youth organising and climate justice
Laurence Cox and Iain McIntyre on learning in movements
Sarah Schulman and Holly Hammond on the lessons from AIDS activism


7:30am - 9:00am  - Solidarity Breakfast Favourite Conversations from 2022

11-11.30am Prima Donna Podcast : Sonic Portraits of Australian Artists (December 24 - January 28)
Composer Nat Grant (Let Your Freak Flag Fly) captures interviews with practitioners from all disciplines. The portraits comprise  interview recordings collaged with Nat’s original compositions: telling these artists’ stories, in their own words. They are both oral history and sonic artwork. Season 5 features Cath Murphy, Lella Cariddi OAM, Jean Taylor. Season 6 features ​Peta Murray, Elizabeth Russell-Arnot, Jane Murphy.

9.30 -10.30am Creatures of the Industry (January 1 - January 29)
Previous Concrete Gang programmer Ralph 'Warren' Edwards presents an ongoing series of oral history interviews with the people that made the building and construction industry in Melbourne and Regional Victoria since the 1960s. Produced by Karina Aedo-Aguilera.

1-2pm What Do You Mean By Identity Politics?  Evaluating Leftist Debates on IDpols (January 8)
Nick from Freedom of Species and Lottie evaluate different arguments about identity politics going on within Left/progressive/environmental movements. They do this drawing on Nick’s articles ‘What Do You Mean By “Identity Politics”?’ and ‘Do You Identify Or Are You Identified?’

Questioning Trickle Down Identity Politics (January 15)
Nick from Freedom of Species and Lottie build on their last Special to discuss what journalist Naomi Klein refers to as trickle down identity politics. This form of identity politics, typified by people such as Hillary Clinton, prioritises achieving a more diverse range of people in positions of power, with the argument that if more people from marginalised groups get into positions of power, these benefits will eventually “trickle down” to that group as a whole. They discuss this drawing on Nick’s article ‘Questioning Trickle Down Identity Politics'. 

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