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Camel -feral or thoroughly Australian?

A recent paper written by Leah Gibbs, Jennifer Atchison & Ingereth Macfarlane & published in Geoforum raises many questions about the place of camels in Australia. When do we accept that a species belongs here? What does the story of the camel have to tell us about our cultural development when it comes to ethnicity? While some view camels as ferals to eradicate others are building up their camel herds to eat unwanted weeds.Tune in Sunday as we chat with Leah Gibbs. Photo courteousy of Jennifer Aitchison -Thankyou Jennifer!
17 May 2015

Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics - Clair Linzey

The Ethics of Using Animals in Research-Normalising the Unthinkable
10 May 2015

Brighter Green - Equity. Sustainability. Rights

19 Apr 2015

1080 Poisons our ecologies

1080 Poisons our ecologies
12 Apr 2015

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"Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored"

- Alice Walker

Freedom of Species is about animals.

Humans are just one of the nearly nine million species sharing this planet. For one hour a week we put the 'other' animals up front and centre.

It's not just a David Attenborough animal love-fest. The show explores all disciplines that have a fascination and an appreciation of animals and a passion to fight for a better world for all animals: conservation, philosophy, sociology, art, literature, science, film, history, politics and the vegan and animal rights movements.

The show is hosted by a team of Melbourne-based animal advocates, presenting local & international news, interviews and music from this vibrant social justice movement.

Tune in to hear debates and updates on a broad range of animal issues - from front line activism to academic theory, good tunes and tips on compassionate living. Yes, you can have your vegan cake and everyone wants to eat it too!

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