Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Music, gig guides and reviews with Kate and Suzy.

Kate Reid and Suzy Steininger



About Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

From Get to Know Your 3CR, June 2011:

Who are you and what's your program?
We're Kate Reid and Suzy Steininger. Lazy Wednesday Afternoon is a theme-based show where we play songs related to a topic chosen from the weeks media.

How long have you been on the air? 
Coming into our 8th glorious year... (Thought we'd never make it past the first week!)
What is it about 3CR that rocks your socks off? 
3CR is the only station that proudly shows empathy/support for the forgotten folk in our community.
What’s your most memorable moment from 3CR?
Aaargh!! So many... One that is dear to us was 'Cabaret of Dissent', where we MC'd live to air from the stage. Huuuuuge fun!