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Wednesday 6:00pm to 6:30pm
Disability issues with the Boldness radio team.


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Taking back your human rights

Taking back your human rights instead of waiting for some well-meaning person to give them to you.
29 Jul 2015

Fiona Toomey and "Write-Ability"

Writers Victoria Mentor in Residence
15 Jul 2015

Disability and education

Julie Phillips, Disability Discrimination Legal Service
15 Apr 2015

About The Boldness

Third Wednesday of each month, 
6 - 6.30 pm

In English. 

The Boldness is a half-hour magazine style programme with hosts, crew and producers who have disabilities.

The Boldness is an initiative of Grit Media. The idea was simple, world domination via the airwaves. Bold topics, bold people, bold radio! Tune in to hear the fabulous hosts Phin, Daniel and Tully discuss all manner of human rights with a disability bent. In the vein of the BBC's Ouch, it's funny, controversial and probably blasphemous too, what else can you expect from a bunch of cripples?

The Boldness alternates in the Wednesday 6 - 6.30 pm Raise the Roof (tenancy and disability issues) time slot with Raise The Roof Tenants Union (first Wednesday of the month), Raising Our Voices (second) and HAAG (fourth). If there is a fifth Wednesday in a month then The Boldness is presented.