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Diverse new sounds from the crate and around the planet, special live-in-the-studio performances from a range of interesting artists, interviews and gig guides. Featuring diverse new sounds from independent local & global artists, special live-in-the-studio performances, interviews and local gig guide. Every fortnight, Jane brings you a subjective guide to local gigs, playing the music of the performers she recommends you get out and see live that week. On alternate Fridays, Joe will do more of the same with a little bit of reflection and delving into some recent releases.

Jane Brownrigg and Joe Malignaggi


Co hosted by Jane Brownrigg and Joe Malignaggi alternating Fridays

About Music Matters

Playlist: 23-9-2022 hosted by Joe

Sunrise / Into the Bloodstream - Archie Roach; The Concert Collection 2012 - 2018 [Disc1] [2019]
We Won't Cry (Featuring Jack Charles) – Archie Roach; The Concert Collection 2012 - 2018 [Disc 1][2019]
Equinoxe IV - Jean-Michel Jarre, Andrea Bosio; El Dorado: The Best Of [1978][2022]*
Aqueous Air - HOPE STREET HOUSE; Single [2022]
They Don't Care (Yoruba Soul Extended Mix) - Izy & Osunlade; Irene - Remixes (Vol I)[2022]
Girl DJ - DÉ SAINT; Single [2022]
D.J. (Moonage Daydream Mix) - David Bowie; MOONAGE DAYDREAM (Special Film Mix)[2022]
Which Side are You On ? - Pete Seeger; If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope and Struggle (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)[1998]

Interview / comments with Bob Jensen about the global project he co-ordinated for another version of the song “Which Side Are You On ?” (Officially released on Sept 29) that also includes a video that has been released online. (Live from Canada but an impending hurricane played havoc with the connection)

Which Side Are You On? – Artists for Action; Which Side Are You On? Song Project [2022]
Let The Franklin Flow (Live) - GOANNA; Spirit of Place (40th Anniversary Remastered) [2022]
Spiritual Vandals - Sooty Owls; Single [2022]
Lungs - Noah; Single [2022]*

Interview and session with Paul Michel talking about his project Walls and Waves, maintaining his bi-lingualism and release / launch of Dust (also available as a cassette) at the Cactus Room on October 8th.  Tune played “Revolution”

My Guitar is so Warm - Walls and Waves; Dust [2022]*
Mind of Glass - Cian Bennet; It Comes in Waves EP [2022]
THIRTYFOUR - Ella Therese; Single [2022]
Honey - Honey 2 Honey; To Water A Road [2022]*

Interview with Declan and Spike from Aplegate a band formed in Castlemaine, based in so called Melbourne and one of the acts on the extensive line-up that is Almost Summer Music Festival in Bendigo from Nov 25-27.

Day One - Aplegate; Unreleased [2022]
Dying to Go - Spice World; Dying To Go / What A Pity What A Shame (double-sided single) [2022]*
Dream Rider - Mona Mur; Snake Island [2022]

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Playlist: 26-8-2022 hosted by Joe

The Bat Song - Thelma Plum; MEANJIN EP [2022]
Manic Moondays (excerpt) – Rettward von Doernberg; Manic Moondays (Soundtrack)[2022]
Full Moon - Eden Ahbez; Eden's Island [1960][2018]*
Bark At The Moon - Riley Catherall; Single [2022]*
Mining The Moon - Hugo Race Fatalists; Once Upon A Time In Italy [2022]*
Hell On Bent St - Georgia Knight; Hell On Bent St EP [2022]*
Never Forget (ft. Chef 187, Tio Nason and Mwanjé) - Sampa The Great; As Above So Below [2022]

Interview and session with Thndo about new music, first live shows and festival appearances since the pandemic lockdowns, all part of “The Reintroduction Tour”. It all kicks off at Chapel off Chapel onThursday October 6th. Track featured was “4EVA”.

The Bitterness Flip (choicevaughan Remix) – Tiana Khasi; Meghalaya (The Remixes)[2020]*
Sleeping Like A Maniac - Justin Bernasconi; Sleeping Like A Maniac [2021]*
By This River - The Same Same; Before And After Eno [2022]*
No Answer - Sid O'Neil; Single - video [2022]

Interview and session with Brian El Dorado and the Tuesday People (solo) about new music and single launch celebration at Shotkickers on Thursday September 15th. Tunes played live: Tinnitus / Van Diemen's Land

Tectonic - Brian El Dorado and the Tuesday People; Single [2022]*
Smith St Shuffle - The Lost Dogs of Ultimo; It's On That Beat Single [2022]*

Interview with Sally Moore about her intensive research project, History of music in St.Kilda “Unplugged in St.Kilda” podcasts accessed at

Anchor and Adjust - Syzygy; Single [2022]*
Apolitical - Worker & Parasite; Politics EP [2022]*
Ich Bin Ein Auslander [7" Mix] - Pop Will Eat Itself; (CD Single)[1994]

Overlap into Burning Vinyl time:
corporate slave (reflex condition rmx) - SNOG; Corporate Slave 2525 Part II [2017]*
Torn Apart (Robots In Love remix) - Ikon & Robots In Love; SINGLE [2022]*
Solid Rock (Ft. Katja Dubrow) - Dubrow; Opinions [2022]*

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Playlist: 26-8-2022 hosted by Joe

No Where To Go - David Arden (Ft. Deniece Hudson); A Fight For Survival [2021]
Heart Is A Wasteland – Lydia Fairhall; Ilbijerri - Heart Is A Wasteland [2022]
Gunbower Island - Ryan Sterling; Specks of Golden Dust [2022]*
Swim - Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow; Orbit [2022]*
Spirits Of the Land - Black Jesus Experience; Good Evening Black Buddha [2022]
ii / i - ZÖJ; Unicorn Pieces [2022]*

Interview with ZÖJ focusing on their nomination as a Finalist in the 2022 Art Music Awards (APRA/AMCOS)  in the Performance of the Year - Jazz/Improvised Music category.

Castro – Jesse Tabish; Cowboy Ballads Part 1[2022]*
Not Picking Up - Maja; Single [2022]*
DEADLY REQUIEM - VELATINE; Single/Video [2022]
CODE - The Comet Is Coming; Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam [2022]

Interview and session with Synthotronica focusing on the new record Hexentrunk and the launch at Open Studio on Saturday September 10th.
Tunes played live: Double Layout / Enter The Dragonfly

Clear Visions - 100%; Clear Visions [2022]*
Try Being Human - Roles; There's A Space [2022]
Seconds - Wybie; We are the Kids [2022]*
Ciggie Whinge - Zac Denton; Love, Lust, Lost [2022]*
Killing Time / Growing So Fast - Stella Anning Trio; STAT [2022]*

Interview and session with Stella Anning focusing on the record STAT and its launch by the Stella Anning Trio at Jazzlab on Sunday August 28th.
Tracks played live “solo for electric guitar / Empty.

Overlap into Burning Vinyl time including the select gig guide:
Sam Booker - Portmanteaux; Nothing Too Deep EP [2021]*

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Meanwhile support musicians whenever you can, buying their music, merchandise or tickets to online and upcoming live performances and your local music store as they open up from the harsh lockdowns and navigating through COVID 19.


Playlist: 12-8-2022 hosted by Joe

12 O'clock Again - MIK's Reaction; Single [2022]
Lupa – King Stingray; King Stingray [2022]*
Daryung - Charlie Needs Braces; Single+video [2022]*
We Are The Children - Deniece Hudson; A Fight For Survival [2021]
Down City Streets - Archie Roach; The Songs of Charcoal Lane (Recorded at Archies's kitchen table)[2022]
Bullyman – Jacob Ridgeway; Single (Reimagined)[2022]*
The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated – Mat Ward; Why I Protest (Bonus Version)[2022]*
Crisis Continues - Worker & Parasite; Single [2022]*
Down By The Riverside (Study War No More) - Judith Durham; The Hottest Band In Town Volume 2 [1974]
Shaky Ground - Helen Counts; Single [2022]
War - Sinéad O'Connor; Throw Down Your Arms [Disc 1][2005]
3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.) – The KLF; The White Room [1991]
Beyond Closed Doors - Silonics; Channeling Apollo/Art Dance Classics (1989 - 2001)[2022]*

Interview and session with singer/songwriter Bec Sykes who is releasing their latest single “At Least” at the Fringe Common Rooms on Thursday 18th August and at the Brunswick Artists Bar supporting Greg Steps on Sat 3rd September Live acoustic versions of “Ghost Town” and “At Least”.

Edithvale - Bec Sykes; Single [2020]*
Outside - Anicia May; Single [2022]*
I Cut My Own Hair - Lo Carmen; Everyone You Ever Knew (Is Coming Back To Haunt You)[2015]*

Interview and session with Colombian born, multi lingual, multi genre, actor, singer/songwriter Alethia. New work released later in 2022 but has gigs in coming weeks including at the Brunswick Artist’s Bar. Keep up to date at

FREE YOURSELF (with Cloud Daddy and the Kingston Big Smokes) – ALETHIA; Single [2021]*

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Playlist: 29-7-2022 hosted by Joe

It's A Long Road (feat. Emma Donovan) - The Meltdown; It's A Long Road [2022]*
Stuck In The City – Lois Onley; “featured artist in Future.Joy.Club” [2022]
Shrine of Shirl - Mike Bern; Single [2022]
Seeds - Julian Taylor; Beyond the Reservoir [2022]*
Fossil Fools (with Janece Alexander) - Robert Bob Brown; Single [2022]
Over This Land – Dodda Rivka; One for the Funeral [2022]*

Interview and session with singer/songwriter/producer MOZË about her latest single “Saving” and launch at Colour on Thursday August 11. Live acoustic version of ‘Saving” performed.

Ruse – MOZË; Single [2021]
These Animals - Marcus Arch; Marcus Arch EP [2022]
I Forgot To Be Profound Today - Ruby Gill; I'm gonna die with this frown on my face [2022]*
Pebble In A Slingshot - Lisa Richards; Single [2022]*
Immigrants - TAHDIG; Truth Be Told EP [2022]
Postcolonial World – The Protesters; Postcolonial World [2017]*
Read About It (Ft. Pattou Powell) - Declan Kelly Presents Diesel n'Dub; Declan Kelly Presents Diesel n'Dub [2014]
Magic (Anarchy Version) - Dubinator ft. Dieter Meier (Yello); King Size Dub 25 [2022]
Beginning Part 1 (Demo) - All India Radio; The Generator of All Infinity [2022]*
Death in a Retirement Home - Mount Monda; A Dream in Slow Motion [2022]*

Interview and session with Hannah Acfield previewing the final show of her tour at the TOFF in Town, showcasing the record “No Light Without Shade” that was released in 2021. Tracks played live in studio were: Searching (for more) / Into the Storm.

Midnight Moon – Hannah Acfield; No Light Without Shade [2021]*
Dublin Rain - Gallie; Single [2022]*

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Playlist: 15-7-2022 hosted by Joe
(program propper begins at 14:14 due to technical issue)

Birthing the Resistance - Allara; diyalana EP [2021]*
Down By The River – Maddi O’Brien; Deprivation Blues [2022]*
When It Rains It Pours - Thelma Plum; MEANJIN EP [2022]
Mirror Mirror - SILONICS; Channeling Apollo/Art Dance Classics (1989 - 2001)[2022]*

Interview with Peter Knight, Composer and sound artist for the Chamber Made production “My Self in That Moment” having its world premiere season at The Substation from 27 - 30 July

Radiate – Emma Volard; Diety [2022]*
Ecovocative (Paddy Kingsland Remix) - Hannah Peel; Unheard Delia [2021]*
Lunar Lander - Savvas; Authority Is Slavery [2022]
In My Space feat. Cedric Myton - New Blade Runners Of Dub; New Blade Runners Of Dub [2022]

Interview with Mama Alto who is one of the long time performers for the latest production Future.Joy.Club. from Finucane & Smith being staged at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins until 7 August.

I Want to Dance - Sophie Koh; Book of Songs [2017]*
Burlesque Desert Window - Trampled By Turtles; Alpenglow [2022]
Death ! Just Another Day – Lost Dogs of Ultimo; Single [2022]*
Death Don't Have No Mercy - Paloma Dineli Chesky; Soul on Soul [2022]
Possums On The Roof 15 – The Tropics888; The Tropics888 [2019]
TECHNOLOGY  - Jane Clifton; “
Payphone Text - Lackadaisies; Single [2022]
Get Up ! - Polly and the Pockets; DEMOS 2 - Critter Records [2022]*
Something I Once Heard - Nick Griffith; Something I Once Heard [2022]*
Familiar State - St. Emerald; Single [2022]
Chandelier Lights - Nicole McKinney; Single [2022]*
Feast - BB Sabina; BB Sabina [2019]*
Second Teenagehood - Library Siesta; What You're Worth [2022]*
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Meanwhile support musicians whenever you can, buying their music, merchandise or tickets to online and upcoming live performances and your local music store as they open up from the harsh lockdowns and navigating through COVID 19.


Playlist: 1-7-2022 hosted by Joe

Muurrbay Tree (feat. Deline Briscoe) - Emma Donovan & The Putbacks; Single [2022]*
Ngai Yulku Nhiina – Tilly Tjala Thomas; Single [2022]
Keep Me By The Rock - Kaurna Cronin; Harsh Beauty [2022]
SUMMER ON THE SOMME - Bill Jackson; The Wayside Ballads Vol 3 [2021]*
Nauru - Dave Johnson; Inequality Blvd [2022]
Let Them In – Mat Ward; Why I Protest [2022]*
Desmond - Comatone & Foley; Trigger Happy [2018]*

Interview with multidisciplinary artist Dr. Alon Llsar about the award winning show Trigger Happy “Visualised” and his work within SensiLab at Monash University, Caulfield. The show is taking place at The TOFF in Town on Sunday July 3rd at 5pm.

UmbeAnts – Comatone & Foley; Trigger Happy 2 [2018]*
Otherworld - Miles Brown; The Gateway [2020]*
Rejection (Martin Waslewski Remix) - MARIA Die RUHE ; Single [2022]*

Interview in studio with XANI Kolac about her new single “Dreaming of You” but specifically her research and excitement delving into the history of electronic music via the next album, “An Inaccurate History of Electronic Music”. XANI is touring regional Victoria in July and also concluding the tour at a special performance at The Merri Creek Tavern on Saturday July 30th.

Dreaming of You - XANI; Single [2022]*
River of Stars - Dodda Rivka; One For The Funeral [2022]
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Elton John; Caribou [1974]
Today Is Nearly Yesterday - Ben Konarov; Single [2022]

Interview and session with XIRITA about her music and upcoming showcase with other RSOM (Real Songwriters of Melbourne) affiliated artists at Paris Cat Jazz Club on Thursday July 7th. Song performed live “Camomile Tea”.

Dewdrop – Përolas; Single [2022]

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Playlist: 17-6-2022 hosted by Joe (with comments from Jane)

Let's Go - King Stingray; King Stingray (Single) [2022]
Be Free – OKA; The Sunset Sessions O Ka Tina [2020]
Punky Reggae Party (Rob Smith aka RSD – Aotearoa Dub) - Seanie T meets Aldubb; King Size Dub 25 [EchoBeach][2022]
Big Smoke - Tash Sultana; (live in Studio 3, 3CR)[2015]
Wominjeka - David Craven & Jon S Williams; Urban Duet [2022]*
Gland of the Free – Tulip Tiger; Thrilling and Robust Vegan Theremin Solos From Beyond the Grave [2022]
if not now then when (official-video) - king gizzard and the lizard wizard; L.W. [2021]*
Somatic Mind – HOPE STREET HOUSE; Single [2022]
Running Up That Hill feat. Claire Parsons - Dubxanne; Single [EchoBeach][2022]
Sassy (feat. TYSON) - Neneh Cherry; The Versions [2022]
Glory Box - The Black Feathers; Angel Dust & Cyanide [2022]
It's a Man's World – Paloma Dineli Chesky; Soul on Soul [2022]

Interview and session with Bill Jackson live in Studio 1 previewing his latest/new record “The Wayside Ballads Vol 3”  leading up to the launch at The Brunswick Ballroom on Tuesday June 21st. Tracks played live The Shed / Cut & Run.

THAT'S WHY I'M HERE - Bill Jackson; The Wayside Ballads Vol 3 [2021]*
Hey, Friend - Jeronimo Sanchez; Songs to Fill the Air [2022]
It's Cold Tonight – Ryan Sterling; Specks of Golden Dust [2022]*
Broken - Major Zulu; The DIY Project Called Life EP [2022]*
Smile – Izy; Irene [2021]*
Run With The Dogs – Cash Savage & The Last Drinks; One of Us [2016]*

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Playlist: 3-6-2022 hosted by Joe

Mabo - Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project; Single [2019]
Treaty (Redfern Mix) – Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell; Single [2018]
Walk Away (Ft. The Merindas) - Dobby; Single [2022]
Dont Say (Goodbye) - Eskatology And Mjay; Single [2022]
Backseat of My Mind - [Radio Edit] - Thelma Plum; Single [2022]
Loka Keni – Ailan Songs Project; Four Winds - Historical songs from the Torres strait [2022]
Terra Nullius - The Royal Swazi Spa; African Puzzle [2015]

Interview with Phia about her music making, the new single, album and the launch/performance at The Recital Centre on Friday June 17th with support from Mark Lang.

Someone Out There (ft. XAVIA) – Phia; Single [2022]*
Pictou Landing - Mark Lang; Single from “Self-Titled” EP [2022]
Dance of the Ancient Forest (CZUCHWICKI Remix) - Dom Brinkley; Single [2022]*
Fuchsia - Ngaiire; Single [2022]
Humble – Erin Buku; Lessons In Love EP [2022]*
Silver Lining - Rya Park; Generational EP [2022]

Interview with Rya Park about her music making, 2nd Single from the debut solo EP Generational and launch at the Leadbeater Hotel on Friday 10th June.

Everything We Want - Rya Park; Generational EP [2022]
In The Doorway - Lucy Roleff & Lehmann B Smith; Dark Green [2022]*
L'Angé́lus – Justin Bernasconi; Sleeping Like A Maniac [2021]*
Tundra (Ft. Emilie Nicolas) - Daniel Herskedal; Out of the Fog [2022]
ELWOOD CANAL – Jack Howard; Lightheavyweight 2 [2022]*

Interview with Jack Howard about his new record, follow up, Lightheavyweight 2.

JUST THE WIND BLOWIN' – Jack Howard; Lightheavyweight 2 [2022]*
Natural High - Zoolook; STONEFRENGE: Black in Space [2022]*
Magic (Anarchy Version) - Dubinator ft. Dieter Meier (Yello); King Size Dub 25 [2022]

can be found at
Bandcamp Friday is June 3 !
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Playlist: 20-5-2022 hosted by Joe

Return Home - Bumpy; 7" Single [2022]*
Four Winds – Ailan Songs Project (Jessie Lloyd); Four Winds [2022]
Love & Hate feat. Santa Davis & Ama B. - New Blade Runners Of Dub; New Blade Runners Of Dub [Echo Beach][2022]
Bad_Robot - Black Cab; Rotsler's Rules [2022]*
Channeling Apollo – SILONICS; Single [2022]*

Interview with Alex from The Omega Point about Commune: A Gothic Eco Opera an immersive multi-art form opera but not as you know an opera to be. Dates: 27th and 28th May. Bookings:

High Rise – The Omega Point; COMMUNE: A gothic, electronic eco-opera [2022]
Dampen The Waves - Claire Deak; Healing Together - A Compilation For Mental Health Recovery [2022]*
Wave - Forest Collective; Tides [2022]
Night Off - Annie Hamilton; the future is here but it feels kinda like the past [2022]*
SPIRIT BOOST – TEETHER; MACHONA: Afar, You Are an Animal [2022]*

Interview with Mo•Louie about their recent work, learning journey and being shortlisted by Music Victoria’s Awards for Best Producer. New Single “Awake” to be launched at Longplay, May 20.

Awake - Mo•Louie; Awake [2022]*
Satie Gnossienne n° 1 (Kid Francescoli Rework)ework) - Kid Francescoli; FRAGMENTS Tributes to the Timeless Satie [Deutsche Grammophon][2022]
Grief for the masses – Little Endian; Single [2022]
Hey Yeah - Lost Dogs of Ultimo; Hey Yeah EP [2022]*
Sprinkle on the Cake (Ft. Jennifer Salisbury) – 32 Bars in 32 Bars; 32 Bars - Volume One, with the ten-song DVD [2022]
Summoning ft. Jess Hitchcock - Lisa Mitchell; A Place To Fall Apart [2022]*
Prelude – The Weeping Willows; You Reap What You Sow [2022]*
Land of Equal Share - Above The Bit; Single - Above The Bit [2022]*

Interview with Nigel Wearne from the duo Above The Bit about their version of story telling and of the release of the 2nd single “Walyer” Will be performing this at Wesley Anne on  Sunday May 29 at 3pm. Gigs listed at

Walyer (Radio Edit) – Above The Bit; Single [2022]*
Ancestors (Radio Edit) - Mike Bern; Single [2022]*
Dear PM - Winnie Lane; Single [2022]

* can be found at
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Playlist: 6-5-2022 hosted by Joe

Walyer (Radio Edit) - Above The Bit; Single [2022]*
Econ Sopro - Press Release Abridged / Econ Sopro – Worker & Parasite; Single [2022]*
Petition - DOVETALE; Single [2022]*
Voices - Sage Roadknight; Single [2021]*
Desert Shimmer - Slimivich; Single [2022]*
Where's Scomo ? – Operation Ibis; Avian Overlords [2022]*
There's Nothing Wrong with Coal – Stretch and The Truth; Single [2022]

Interview with Sydney based artist/activist Mat Ward about his most recent record “Why I Protest” and the single “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, ScoMo Has Got To Go”

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, ScoMo Has Got To Go - Mat Ward; Why I Protest (Bonus Version) [2022]*
Tall Poppies - Misha Bear; Superflower [2022]*
Ain't Killed Me Yet - Adia Victoria; Single [2022]
Surfing the Gutters – Lost Dogs Of Ultimo; Digging for Bones [2022]*
Sempre Contigo - Dili Allstars; Form 1 Planet (3PBS FM Recordings)[?]

Interview with Paulie Stewart (Painters & Dockers, Dili Allstars) about the celebration of East Timor Independence 20th Anniversary show at MEMO Acland St St.Kilda on Sunday May 22.

Liberdade - The Dili Allstars; Liberdade - Viva East Timor [1999]
Magic Mystic feat. Lee Scratch Perry & Elf TranzporterInkswel & The Snaglepuss; The Snaglepuss: Chasing Infinity [2022]*
Soul Rebel - ZOOLOOK; Stonefrenge: Black in Space [2022]*
Parking Lots (Revisited) – Mia Dyson; Parking Lots (Revisited) [2020]*
Mellow Down Easy - Caiti Baker; Everybody Knows I'm Here [Chester Records -][2022]
CALLING YOU w/t Ego Ella May – Allysha Joy; Torn : Tonic [2022]*
Collide - Sappho; Single [2022]*
My Desire – Emma Volard; Single [2022]*
Night-Time Driver - Soundtrack Music; Soundtrack Music [2022]
Always Begun Again - Ancient Air; Let's Look at Things Far Away EP [2022]*
Zusammen - Claire Cross; Into The Light [2022]*
Slipping By One - EbE404; Inrush [2022]*
Dune (Universe Version) - The Expanding Universe; One [2022]*

* can be found at
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Playlist: 8-4-2022 hosted by Joe

Fight For Me Ft. Electric Fields - BARKAA; Single [2022]
Take Back The Land – Abe Dunovits; Saved by The Taco Belle [2022][Preview]
Hey Hey, Ho Ho, ScoMo Has Got To Go - Mat Ward; Why I Protest (Bonus Version) [2022]*
Who Are the People - Christine Manetta; One Woman One Day [2022]
Dissenter - Anya Anastasia; Dissenter [2022]*
Don't Make a Fuss – Rachel Lewindon and Robert Downie; NGBA - No Ball Games Allowed [Theatre Works][2022]
Love Again – Fenn Wilson; Honey Dates Death (ghazal)[2021]*

Interview with Fenn Wilson about his new single in reference to the passing of his father and previewing the first band show in Melbourne in 2022 and the upcoming new record “Honey Dates Death (ghazal)” planned for release either late 2022 or early 2023.

Laying With The Bones - Fenn Wilson; Honey Dates Death (ghazal)[2022]*
WHO GONNA CHANGE? - Abbie Cardwel; Single [2022]*
Glimmer - Velvet Bloom; Glimmer [2022]*
Reunited – Estelle Conley; Reunited EP [2022]*
Same Spell - Tanya-Lee Davies; Dreamland [2022][Preview]
Grace Tame Is President - Plutonic Lab & Dave Graney; Single [2022]*
New Day ft. Kylie Auldist & N'fa JonesInkswel & The Snaglepuss; Chasing Infinity [2022]*
Oh Ruby - Dodda Rivka; Single[2022]
Bitterness (Street Rat Remix) – Tiana Khasi; Meghalaya (The Remixes) [2020]*
Let It! - Allysha Joy; Torn : Tonic [2022]*
This City – Delsinki; City/Country [2022]*

Interview with Cate Taylor about the special “Musicians for Freedom Concert” being held at The Brunswick Ballroom on Wednesday April 27th, to raise funds for “Lawyers for All” who are working pro bono to facilitate the release of refugees from onshore detention.

A Poem or Two - Cate Taylor; Red Dirt [2019]*
The Excavator – Anna Smyrk; The Hour Between Us [2021]*
Be Bad - Catherine Traicos; Choose Your Own Light EP [2022]*
Wish - Robots In Love; Single [2022]*
Hidden - Mindy Meng Wang & Tim Shiel; Nervous Energy EP [2021]*

* can be found at
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I hour version this week due to the live broadcast of the “Four Days For Future” event, part of the  global Strike for Climate.
Music played from the studio:
Another Planet - Imperial Broads; Counterpart [2021]*
Nasturtium Bloom – Oceanique; Flowers from Home EP [2021]*
The Screaming Planet - Camp Cope; Running with the Hurricane [2022]*
Aqua And Blue - Kelea; Of Sound Mind [2021]
Space Before Time - Lunar Syrup; Distant Echoes [2022]
Cash Money – Alinka Lucille; haz jazz Inc. CD 4 [2021]
Radio Kharkiv – Zhadan & Sobaki; Borsh Division - Future Sound Of Ukraine [2016]

Music Matters Playlist: 25-3-2022 hosted by Joe

Cry My Darling - Neil Murray; Blood & Longing [2019]
Your Country - William Crighton; Water and Dust [2022]
Po'Boy (ft. Flewnt & Harts) - Downsyde; Everybody Knows I'm Here [2022]
Gentrification Blues – St. Morris Sinners; Zbilanc [2022]
I'm Pulling Weeds - FERLA; Personal Hotspot [2022]
Peculiar Radio - SCRAPS; New Weird Australia, Collapse Theories [2022]*
At The Crater's Edge – Mookoid; New Weird Australia, Collapse Theories [2022]*
COMIC - VELATINE; 7" Red Vinyl 'Comic / No God' [2022]*
Not Afraid – Mpress Kandace; Single [2022]
Let It! (Radio Edit) - Allysha Joy; Torn : Tonic [2022]*
Running Around (IZY remix) – Sampology; Regrowth Rearranged [2022]*
Dizzy - Teether, Don Glori; Single [2022]
Little Sieve – T. G. Shand; Single [2022]*
Pluviophile Song - Michelle Limanjae; Single [2022]

* can be found at
This episode can be listened to via streaming on demand until Friday 1st April at:   This will also be Bandcamp Friday

Meanwhile support musicians whenever you can, buying their music, merchandise or tickets to online and upcoming live performances and your local music store as they open up from the harsh lockdowns.


Playlist: 6-11-2020 hosted by Joe

Good Morning (feat. Muki) – Briggs; Always Was EP [2020]
60K+ feat. Goji - J-MILLA; Single [2020]
Tjitji - Ziggy Ramo; DEADLY HEARTS - Walking Together [2020]
Cyclone - Tanya Ransom; Single [2020]*
Absolutely Everybody - Mitch Tambo; DEADLY HEARTS - Walking Together [2020]
Mob March - Emma Donovan & The Putbacks; Crossover [2020]*
This Land – Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings; Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Redition is In (Digital Album) [2020]*
Contagious - Ani DiFranco; Single [2020]*
Don't Have to Be - Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar; The Reckless One [2020]
Set me Free – Debra La Velle; Single [2020]
Separation (ft. Lewis Coleman) - Yelderbert; Single [2020]*
Tetra Tarantula - Yugen Blakrok; Return of the Astro-Goth [2013]*
No Leaders Anymore - Lee Brickley; Single [2020]*
The Day Rupert Murdoch Died - Dubrow; Polite Unthreatening Pop Songs [2020]*
Song For Maddie - Terra; Into Deep Blue [2020]*
The River (piano - Bruce Springsteen cover) - Angie McMahon; Piano Salt EP [2020]*
Both Sides Now - Laila Biali; Single [2020]
The Dream Behind The Mirror - Kawaguchi Masami; 'I Miss You' [2020]*
She Plays Music - Clio; Nothing Breaks Nothing Mends [2020]*
The Ocean Floor (Jules Pascoe Remix) - On Diamond; Remixes [2020]*
All Them Racists Ghosts Extended Lockdown Remix - Underground Lovers; Shadows [2020]*
Beauty - Blisstake; Beauty / Girl 7" Single [2020]*
All Mine - Kylie Auldist; This Is What Happiness Looks Like [2020]*
Yokai - Joelistics; Single [2020]*
Devo Corporate Anthem - Devo; Live@Bristol UK TH.Dec.07.78 - [Disc 2] [1978]
Leather Whip - Cong Josie; Leather Whip | Maxine - Single [2020]*

* can be found at

This episode can be listened to via streaming on demand until Friday 13th November at: support musicians whenever you can, buying their music, merchandise or tickets to online performances and your local music store while they trade online.


COVID 19 since March 2020 mostly remote but some live episodes ... thanks for listening

Playlist: 10-5-2019 hosted by Joe

Played by Jane 3/5/19

Playlist: 26-4-2019 hosted by Joe

Played by Jane 19/4/19

Playlist: 12-4-2019 hosted by Joe

The Killing Season - Lucille; Single [2019]
Take Yourself Away - Gwyn Ashton; Sonic Blues Preachers [2019]
Dear John - Opelousas; Opelousas Baby [2019]
Everybody Here Hates You - Courtney Barnett; Single [2019]
Never Settle for Less - The Montgomery Brothers; The Montgomery Brothers [2017]
Beast Beneath The Bed - Nathan Seeckts; The Heart Of The City [2019]
Gravity Waves - Charlie Marshall, The Body Electric; Shiny & New [2019]
Muhammad and Jesus/Jesus and Muhammad - ARCHER; The Divine Church of the Open Sky Volume 2 [2017]
Limelight - Team Love; Single [2019]
Benjamin - Anna Smyrk; Single [2019]

Interview with Charlie Marshall about his new record and its launch at the Gaso on Saturday 27th April, 2-5.30pm.

Sublime - Charlie Marshall, The Body Electric; Shiny & New [2019]

Interview with Xani Kolac and Cheryl Durongpisitkul about their involvement with the inaugural Melbourne Jazz Roots Festival inspired by International Jazz Day celebrations, taking place at The Coopers Malthouse Courtyard on Sunday April 28th.

Kandy Krumble – Koi Kingdom; Menagerie [2018]
Grey – XANI; Single [2019]
Eagle – Allysha Joy; Acadie:Raw [2018]

Interview with Geraldine Quinn about her Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show NEON with Circus Oz season 12 to 20th April .

Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band; Abracadabra [1982]

Violin improvisation “Blue Glaze”, live to air from XANI a piece that was part of the record 3 digital version released in 2018.

Chasing Gold Introduction / Real Love - Chelsea Wilson; Chasing Gold [2019]
Burning Vinyl partial fill-in:
Something's Happening - The Blue Hotel; Bandcamp single [2018]
The Ocean Floor - On Diamond; On Diamond [2019]

Music selections referencing the special event presented by Clan Analogue: Trautoniks (Trautonium/Vibraphone/Synthesizers) at Bar 303 Thursday 18th April.
Sonata for Mixture Trautonium and Piano (1949) Burleske by Harald Genzmer - Peter Pichler; Genzmer: Works for Mixture Trautonium [2017]
Penguins – Rabbitsss (Rae Howell & Jon Cohrs); Penguins [2014]
Space N Roll - Peter Pichler; Space N Roll [2019]
Space Dust - Michael Mildren; Process 3: Free Electronic [2018]
Croissants For Now - The Great Emu War Casualties; Single [2019]

Played by Jane 5/4/19
Smallgoods / Driving Song / Down on the Farm The Spotted Mallard
Skyscraper Stan / Tarcutta Shade Skyscraper Stan Solo at the Bridge w/ James Kenyon
Rob Snarski / Have You Ever Been To Helsinki? / Sparrow and Swan Rob Snarski (with new band) Sparrow & Swan Album Tour
Mick Harvey / Contact / Intoxicated Woman Nocturnal x Mick Harvey
Adrian Eagle / 17 Again Adrian Eagle A.O.K Tour - Melbourne
Palm Springs / Ain't Gonna Shrimpwitch + Palm Springs // Noisy Ritual Vintage 2019
Baker Boy / Black Magic Baker Boy at The Espy Melbourne - Cool As Hell Tour [SOLD OUT]
The Beat Taboo / Ride the Wave / Dirty Stash The Tote
LAZERTITS / Lil Sister Tote Takeover: Slim Jeffries 'Loose Change' 7" Launch
Fraudband / Special Time / Some Things Fraudband free Japan tour send-off w/Lost Talk & Paul Kidney
Boatkeeper / Refugee Boatkeeper Australian Autumn Tour - Melbourne
Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos / 7 Creeks (The Crossdresser Steve Hart) / Too Much Water in the Boat Charles Jenkins Union Hotel Brunswick
Laura Jean / Touchstone OK Motels presents Charlton Motel 2
Albertine live in Studio 3. Tracks played: Business Partner, Round and Around and Control. An evening with Albertine (Ange Butera) and Dave O'Connor
Hearts and Rockets / Hearts and Rockets Hearts and Rockets + Girl Germs - free arvo show at The Tramway!
Harmony / Indifference OK Motels
June Jones / Here, Something The Post Office Hotel
Porpoise Spit / Too Sexy for the Supermarket Post Office Hotel 9th Birthday
Xani Kolac / Sun White Bar 303: William Elm / Xani / Justin Ashworth /
Amaya Laucirica / More Than This
Girlatones / Pop Stars MNM: Girlatones / Ill Globo / Vertigo / Eggy
Hachiku / Moonface Do the wrong thing: ten years of gig posters by Celeste Potter.
(extra time in Burning Vinyl)
Cash Savage / I'm in Love The Golden Age of Piracy 10th Birthday Party
Magpie / Privilege Magpie TOTE FB Residency
Jess Ribeiro / Stranger Remote Control Records

Playlist: 29-3-2019 hosted by Joe

Byjantic Man - Neil Murray; Single [2019]
Old Black Woman - Nancy Bates; For Your Love [2019]
Disturbing The Comfortable - and Comforting The Disturbed - Rory McLeod; GUSTO [2019]
Take Back The Night - Chelsea Wilson; Chasing Gold [2019]
Told how to walk - Fulton Street; 7" Single [2019]
Take A Look Around (Papertoy Mix) - Serina Pech; Single [2019]
Casual - Laura Imbruglia; Scared Of You [2019]

Interview and session with Chelsea Wilson focusing on her new record Chasing Gold and it’s launch at Howler on Friday 12th April. Track performed: Breaking Down.

Dot To Dot - Signal Chain; Signal Chain EP [2019]

Interview with Hanna Chetwin and Rohan Drape about their collaboration Salt part of the program Spectral: between light and sound happening at Arts House on Wednesday 17th April.

SODA - Hannah Chetwin / Rohan Drape; Soundtrack of SODA 16mm film [2017]
Registaan - Lijuka; Single Bandcamp [2018]
Endless Endless – Kraftwerk; Trans Europe Express (2009 Remastered Version) [1977]

Interview and session with Jen Mize & Mark Sholtez about their recent collaboration record “Twilight on the Trail”. Tracks performed: Ridin’ Down the Canyon / My Rifle, My Pony, and Me / The Black Hills of Dakota.

Hurricane - Jess Parker; Delta Veins [2016]
Dust - Nikki Jones with The Beautiful Losers; Music For Emily [2019]


Played by Jane 22/3/19
Caroline No / Unbeatable Odds
FERLA / I'm Fine Lowkey FERLA (duo) at Edinburgh Castle Brunswick
Ed Kuepper/The Aints / The Way I Make You Feel Ed Kuepper (Solo) + Caroline No
Dan Sultan Ft. A.B. Original/ My Kingdom Sooki Lounge
Buddy Knox Blues / Live the Life You Want St Kilda Blues festival Buddy Knox
Go-go Sapien / Sick Love Swamplands Bar
July Days / Should've Told Me July Days // The Peeks // Keanu at The B.EAST
The Peeks / Super Nintendo
Soda Eaves / Aphrodesia / Murray, Darling Yarra Hotel Abbotsford Elizaband
Ajak Kwai / Yin Nhiar (I Love You) Free Entry - One Show Only - Ajak Kwai at Penny Black
Jess Ribeiro / Chair Stare Day by the Bay Point Cook (Free event)
Yirrmal / Mayangan
Interview with Joseph O'Farrell (JOF) about Those Who Rock - Free Concert at Hamer Hall this Sunday featuring Yirrmal and Adalita amongst a multitude of performers.
Adalita Official / Fool Around
Benny Walker / I Don't Blame You  Womin Djeka Balnarring Ngargee
Gena Rose Bruce / Coming Down Jade Imagine with Gena Rose Bruce at Tramway Hotel (March 23, 2019)
Pikelet / Combo / Calluses Goodbye Pikelet - Evelyn Ida Morris + Jaala (Solo)
Baker Boy / Black Magic Victoria's Multicultural Festival 2019  Federation Square
Astral Skulls / What We Lost Mess, Boyparts, Uva Ursi, Astral Skulls (solo) 25/03 Old Bar MM
Yolanda Ingley II Band / Come Back Into My Arms Peter Vadiveloo and Yolanda Ingley II
Zoë Fox and the Rocket Clocks / Warrior Princess MNM: TVS, Zoe Fox & Rocket Clocks, Easy Browns & Chess
Rob Snarski / All God's Creatures / Sparrow and Swan
Interview with Rob Snarski ablout his newly released album and forthcoming launch tour. Rob Snarski (with new band) Sparrow & Swan Album Tour
Rob Snarski / That Whole Summer Long / Sparrow and Swan

Sneaky extra track as part of Burning Vinyl: (Thanks Matt)
Mote / Adventure Call / Samalas Mote Album Launch w Mote, Brown Spirits, Soft Rubbish

Playlist: 15-3-2019 hosted by Joe

The first hour of the program was given up for the Student Strike 4 Climate action, live direct cross to proceedings.

Jack and Jill - Nancy Bates; For Your Love [2019]

Interview and session with Holly Alexander from Signal Chain previewing some new material. Tunes played: Sticky Tape & Jump the gun.

Pasta - Angie McMahon; Salt [2019]
I Don't - mr.Silla and Mongoose; Foxbite [2007]
Can't Figure You Out - The Brass Traps; Tan Lines [2016]
Oh My Friend - Marni Sheehan & Mark Smith; A Crazy Dream [2018]
New Meaning - The Great Unknown; Cemetery Road [2018]
2001 - Carla Geneve; Single [2019]
Trickle  Down - Fat Freddy's Drop; Single [2018]
Intra La Danza - Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino; Canzoniere [2018]

Played by Jane on International Women's Day 8/3/20

Hearts and Rockets / Dance Off
Shrimpwitch / Digestion International Women's Day at The Grace Darling
Emilee South / Heartbreaker WILSNEvelyn HotelIWD at The Evelyn - WILSN Little Quirks Emilee South Chitra
Neko Case / Deep Red Bells / Blacklisted GoldenPlains 2019 Unofficial Neko Case at Melbourne Recital Centre Neko Case Live at Triple R

Interview with Caroline Neeling founder of Women in Music Festival

Laura Jean / Girls on the TV Marlon Williams at Zoo Twilights - SOLD OUT
Loose Tooth
/ Keep On Shannon and the ClamsThe Gasometer Hotel
The Pink Tiles
/ Music Industry Event Labour Day Weekend at The Tramway- Pink Tiles, Dumb Punts + more
Stella Donnelly
/ Talking BMF: The Push presents Stella Donnelly (All Ages show) + HachikuBMF: Stella Donnelly (album launch), pting + Hachiku
Liz Phair
/ Favourites Liz Phair w/ Ali Barter in Melbourne
Moody Beaches
/ Guns Moody Beaches Sunday Residency
Lucie Thorne
/ Till the Season / Bonfires in Silver City An Arvo of Rockin' Chicks at the Union
Suzannah Espie
/ Bluebird Boots / Sea of Lights
The Burnt Sausages / Get Out of My Grill!!! / The White Bread Album The Burnt Sausages at The B.EAST !
Melbourne Amplified Strings / excerpt from Travels to Berlin live in Studio 3. Interview with Anita Quayle, Biddy Connor and Xani Kolac about Melbourne Amplified Strings: Autumn IdentitiesMOTH International Women's Day Show. Fri 8 March
Xani / Don't Wanna Go Moomba FestivalThe Twoks
Chat with Bridget Allan about her music including original live song Attrition of a Daydreamer and her cover of CAMP COPE song Face of God
Mia Dyson / When The Moment Comes Mia Dyson at Publican Mornington (March 10, 2019)
Rose de La Montaña
/ Feeling and Reason Open Studio
Julia Jacklin
/ Pressure To Party Julia Jacklin at The Forum, Melbourne (18+)
Tash Sultana / Harvest Love Tash Sultana Live in Melbourne

Playlist: 1-3-2019 hosted by Joe

Wurra's Story - The Bongo Brothers; Quest for the ultimate Rhythm [2019]
A.O.K. - Adrian Eagle; Single [2019]
Seven - Tash Sultana; Flow [2018]
Green Wine - Janus Rasmussen; Vine [2019]
Breaking Down - Chelsea Wilson; Chasing Gold [2019]

Interview with Howard Freeman who with some dedicated people set up Roady4Roadies a national fundraising event working with Support Act to assist the road crews within the entertainment industry. The Melbourne event is on Sunday 10th March.

Master Of Spin - Mark Seymour; Westgate [2007]
Thylacines - Tess McKenna; More or Less [2019]
Searchin' - THE LA*DE*DAS; Rock and Roll Sandwich [1973]

Interview, reflection and session with Nick Barker on the eve of his 25th anniversary of his first solo record Happy Man at The Spotted Mallard Friday 15th March.

I Defy You - Mia Dyson; If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back [2018]
Cry My Darling - Neil Murray; Single [2019]

Interview and session with Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow previewing their most recent record and the launch it at the TOFF in Town Friday 1st March.

Silos on the Hill - The Orbweavers; Silos on the Hill EP [2019]
The Far Interior - Mallee Songs; Suburban Horse [2018]

Music Matters extended version for Burning Vinyl:

Smoke Up The River - Kerryn Fields; Rascal [2015]
What If? - Brooke Taylor; Two [2018]
by the sun - Stony Rises; Bicycles in the Moonlight [2017]
The Curse - Dave Wells; Dave Wells [2018]
I'm Fine – FERLA; Single [2019]


Played by Jane 22/2/19
Cookie Baker / Don't Start a Fight Karen Lee Andrews + Cookie Baker & Telos Teacup
Laura Jean / Touchstone Laura Jean Press Play Tour - Melbourne Corner Feb 22
The Beasts / On My back The Beasts - Prince Bandroom, St Kilda The Beasts with Dallas Crane at The Croxton Bandroom
Hat Fitz & Cara / Hold On Memo Music Hall Hat Fitz and Cara with Owen Campbell at Northcote Social Club (February 23, 2019)
The Burnt Sausages / Song About Sauce / The White Bread Album The Old Bar
Porpoise Spit / Too Sexy For The Supermarket The Cable Ties Ball
Moody Beaches / Guns Moody Beaches Sunday Residency
Cable Ties / Choking to Choose friendships remix
Santa Taranta / Niebla Santa Taranta back at the Open Studio!
FERLA / Human Heart Free Festival -Day by the Bay #1 - Mornington 23 Feb 2019
Cyanide Thornton / Hot Air Amaya Laucirica with Cyanide Thornton and Thomas (Milk Teddy)
Neil Murray / This Good Earth / Greenline Grooves The Old Church on the Hill
Charm of Finches / The Bridge Charm of Finches / Anna Cordell at The Gasometer Upstairs
Tanya Lee Davies / Break My Mind Ft. Jon von Goes / The Duetting Damsel Triple R BBQ Day 2019
Julia Jacklin / Head Alone / Crushing JULIA JACKLIN live at Record Paradise
Melbourne African Traditional Ensemble - MATE / Trad. Ethiopian / Daytime Treats Sounds of Studio Five Live 2018 PBS 106.7FM Melbourne Fairfield in Feb Series #4
Anna Scionti Music / Long-Legged Woman Union Hotel Brunswick
Rocket Science / Lipstick Red Rocket Science, Lost Talk, Eat-Man // Monday Night Mass
Emma Russack (Official) / You Shouldn't / Tropical Punch Spunk Records 2014 Spike Vincent - Tuesday's at The Tote in Feb BMF: Jade Imagine, Emma Russack + 808 & Greatest Hits
Leo Mullins / Close To love / Being Here is Everything Leo Mullins at Spotted Mallard (February 28, 2019)
Caroline No / Unbeatable Odds / Swimmers Leo Mullins Album Launch
Charlie Marshall / Not A Cruel Machine Sore Eyes at the Lyrebird - with Charlie Marshall - this friday End of Summer Garden Party Gig
The Beat Taboo / Splinter Beach / Born Out of Time 2018 Beat Taboo - The Vibrajets at the Vineyard!


Playlist:  15-2-2019 hosted by Joe

Memento - Julitha Ryan; The Winter Journey [2016]

The Great Unknown in session in Studio 3 previewing tunes from their new record “Cemetery Road” and its launch at the Lomond Hotel on Friday 15th March.
Tracks played: Judgement Day/Life Goes On/3 Little Kings.

Just So You Know (Curly Harmonica Mix) (Instrumental) - Chris Wilson; Chris Wilson [2018]
Smoking Ceremony ft. B2M, Birdz & Tasman Keith - Skinnyfish Sound System; Single [2019]

Interview with Adrian Eagle from South Australia about his appearance at WOMADelaide 2019 and his story so far. Music used “17 again” & “Hilltop Hoods - Clark Griswold feat. Adrian Eagle”

Breaking Down - Chelsea Wilson; Single [2019]

Interview with Dan West from Cookin on 3 Burners about their latest record “Lab Experiments Vol. 2” and it's launch at Howler on Saturday 23rd February.
Tracks played: Warning (feat. Kaiit) & The Deep End.

Trust Me - I'm Talking; Bear Witness - Reissue [2017]

Interview with Nicole Skeltys about her journey from electronic music to folk/rock always with attitude! Talking about the most recent record “Deal with Your Disenchantment” and the retrospective performance of her journey at the Northcote Social Club in a special matinee show on Saturday 16th February.
Tracks played:

Deal With Your Disenchantment - Nicole Skeltys and The Disenchanted; Deal with Your Disenchantment [2018]
Machines Work - B(if)tek; 2020 [2000]

The Stoic - The Omnific; Single [2019]

Played by Jane on 8/2/19
Dan Sultan / Kimberly Calling Transitions Film Festival
Do Re Mi / Man Overboard Do Re Mi + Cookin' On 3 Burners & Grace Cummings
jane siberry / The Great Train / Angels Bend Closer Jane Siberry - Caravan Music Club
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever / Talking Straight The Espy
thando / Numb Thando - Chapel Summer Sessions - SOLD OUT
Magpie Diaries / Honey / Sanctuary Dashville on the Road w/ Steve Smyth, Magpie Diaries
Pony Face / Justine / Dashville Skyline presents Make It Rain
SARAY Iluminado / Hija Mi Querida (My Beloved Daughter) Garden Quartet & Saray Iluminado Concert
Los Dominados / Imaginary / Starlight Los Dominados - Mark E at the Vineyard!
Magpie Diaries live in Studio 3 playing Beat Myself Up and When Love Comes  Steve Smyth + Magpie Diaries at The Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong
Interview with Peter Farnan including Boom Crash Opera tracks Dancing In The Storm and City Flat Boom Crash Opera & Taxi Ride - This Crazy Ride Tour 2019
Teeny Tiny Stevies / How To Apologise / Helpful Songs For Little People
EWAH / Walk The Night
Phone chat with EWAH about forthcoming eastcoast tour.
EWAH and The Vision of Paradise / Cannibals EWAH & The Vision of Paradise single launch The Old Bar
Tanya-Lee Davies with Rob Snarski / Only Love Can Break a Heart / The Duetting Damsel
Tanya-Lee Davies with Stephen Cummings / Just Someone I Used To Know / The Duetting Damsel
Tanya-Lee Davies presents The Duetting Damsel
Penny Ikinger Music / Poison Berries Mick Medew and Penny Ikinger


Playlist: 1-2-2019 hosted by Joe

Cool As Hell - Baker Boy; Single [2019]
Walking On Your Land - Steel City Sue; Boom Town [2018]
Song Of Sophia- Dead Can Dance; A Passage In Time [1988]
Beyond Plus One - Jane Siberry; Angels Bend Closer [2016]

Interview with Canadian Jane Siberry about being an independent artist and previewing her shows in Melbourne and surrounds during the next 7 days including Friday 8th February at the Caravan Club. See for details.

The Great Train - Jane Siberry; Angels Bend Closer [2016]

Interview with Wendy Rule about her definitive 12 year project about Persephone that has taken her to Greece to learn its language and ritual, culminating in an independently produced theatrical launch of the double record at The Thornbury Theatre on Friday 23rd February. Selections from the record played:
The Harvest / Pomegranate  / Underworld Queen / Six For The Darkness, Six For The Light – Persephone [2018]

Dream of Soaring 空を飛ぶ夢 - Zahatorte; Monthly recording 月録!音行脚 [2018]
Emergency - Erin Will Be Mad; Melt [2018]

Interview with Leisha Jungalwalla from This Way North who are one of the acts and producers of Sass the Patriarchy on Wednesday 6th February at the Northcote Social Club.

Diamonds and Sapphires - Racerage; Soundcloud Single [2018]
Nights Don't Breathe – Simona Castricum; #TriggerWarning40 [2018]

Local 4 piece folk/punk string ensemble Mayhem in duo mode in session in Studio 3. Songs performed: Fierce/Bright/Nashville  Listen to more at:

Head Above Water - This Way North; Vol.2 [2018]
The World Today - Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo; John Lee Hooker's World Today [2017]


Playlist:  4-1-2019 hosted by Joe (fill-in for Jane)

Living on Stolen Land - Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience; To Know Without Knowing [2019]
Deep Vein Thrombosis - Neneh Cherry; Broken Politics [2018]
Headwax - Bansheeland; Such Fuzz Many Wow [2018]
Hoży I Świeży - Hańba!; Będą Bić! [2017]
Hello Afro – The Seven Ups; The Seven Ups [2015]

Interview with Trent from The Seven Ups about their new record and upcoming appearance at WOMADelaide in March.

Commandments - The Seven Ups; Commandments [2018]
Another Space – Calexico; The Thread That Keeps Us [2017]
Stranger - Jess Ribeiro; Single/Video [2019]
Red (2000 Miles Away from the Fair) – David Bridie; The Wisdom Line [2018]

Interview with ENNE visiting from the UK via other international locations and updating us on her travels/music/art/social justice work and being independent !

Palm Reader - ENNÉ; Demo [2018]
Gentle Whisper - ENNÉ; “work in progress” [2019]
Know Your Power - Allysha Joy; cadie : Raw [2018]
Hide Not Your Light - Jane Siberry; Angels Bend Closer [2016]

Interview and session with Laura Imbruglia previewing the single launch for “The Creeps” at the Toff in Town, Thursday Feb 7th. Track played live, acoustic version of “Tricks”.

The Creeps - Laura Imbruglia; Single [2019]
Better Than Before – Chitra; Single – Bandcamp [2018]
For All We Know (Ft. Kalu Oji) - Squid Nebula; EP [2018]

18-1-19 fill in by Allanah Sciberras (Jane & Joe at MONA FOMA)

Played by Jane 11.1.19

Luluc / Kids / Sculptor Luluc with Sarah Mary Chadwick, Lucy Roleff * tonight!
Sarah Mary Chadwick / Flow Over Me / Sugar Still Melts in the Rain Luluc + Sarah Mary Chadwick play Castlemaine * tomorrow!
The Good Girl: A Song Project / The Good girl / Voyage The 2019 Boite Singers' Festival
The Woodland Hunters / If You Want To Wear That Crown / So Far To Travel So Far To Go The Woodland Hunters Album Launch
Cat Canteri / Pentridge Wasteland
Anna Scionti Music / She Don't Like Whiskey Anna Scionti - The Drunken Poet 8.30pm Friday 11th January 2019
Jordie Lane / Love Has Locked the Door / Best of Easey St Sessions Vol 1 PBSFM 2010 Jordie Lane - Chapel Summer Sessions
Amyl and The Sniffers / I'm Not a Loser NinchFest
Hecate / By Myself Sonic Agender
Chat with Sarah Blaby and Mara Kemeys Williams about their involvement with Rah! Rah! A Feminist Punk Rock Retrospective of Melbourne Music
including tracks Remake Remodel / Accelerate / 12345 Accelerate, Penny Ikinger Music / Tsunami / Tokyo and Moody Beaches / Guns
Elizabeth / Burn It All MPavilion
Alice Skye / 60% / Friends With Feelings Reverence Hotel
The Spoils / Tale of the Bull / Hurtsville Hugo Race and The Spoils - The Ember Lounge, Memo Music Hall
Queen Kong and The HOMOsapiens / Calling on Rock
Chat with Cerise Howard, Gen Bernstein and Jo Franklin about The Legend of Queen Kong Episode II Arts Centre Melbourne Midsumma Festival
You Come From A DFO I Come From a UFO / Queen Kong and The HOMOsapiens
Hannah Blackburn / With Rest Amarina Waters/Loni Rae Thomson/Hannah Blackburn at The Oldie
Ghost Towns of the Midwest / Some Girls / Home The Merri Creek Tavern
Will Coyote / Trompe! Sundee Sesh: Will Coyote // Georgia Knight
Allara / Wala is Life Firetail and Allara


Playlist: Special presentation Part 2 “recorded Live at 3CR for Music Matters” in 2018  4-1-2019 hosted by Joe

Maybe It's You - Jordan Jaarola (RSOM);
Starring at a Stranger – Louis Cooke (RSOM);
the clay pot song "untitled"- Charm of Finches;
Quartz / Rye - Cold Hands Warm Heart;
Untitled – Helen Mountfort;
So It's Goodbye - Killjoys Duo;
Wind of Realization – Nigel Wearne;
Who Bin Steal My MoJo / Being - Stephen Pigram;
No Waves in the Whitsundays – DPRS (Democratic Peoples Republic of Surf);
Clementine / Crimes - Tinman;
Night Ride (Joni Mitchell cover) - Rebecca Barnard;
Salt Works - The Orbweavers;
Dream State / If I Was - Tasha Zappala;
Bird Song (live at Sincero Festival Sicily) – ENNÉ [UK];
InLand Empire / Saviour - Dream Can [China];


Played by Jane 28/12/18
The Blackeyed Susans / Fairytale of New York Ft. Anna Burley / Christmas Songs
Lou Reed / Perfect Day Melbourne Ukulele Kollective The Spotted Mallard
Dave Steel / Bridge of Sorrow / The Green Room Tiffany Eckhardt The Lomond Hotel
Alice Skye / For Every Year / Friends With Feelings Falls Music and Arts Festival
Clare Bowditch / Monday Comes Inverloch Sounds of Summer
Hearts and Rockets / Dance Off Magpie The Retreat Hotel
Ron S Peno & The Superstitions / Dreams of Leaving Tramway Hotel
Yolanda Ingley II Band / What is This Game? Fireflies
Damon Smith / These Are Days Followed By Nights Followed By Days Post Office Hotel
Sampa The Great / Rhymes to the East New Years Eve on the Hill
Adrian Eagle / 17 Again
Women of Soul / What We Had Back Then Ft. Chelsea Wilson and Candice Monique Soul A Go Go NYE with Women of Soul
Vika and Linda Bull / What You Want Memo Music Hall
Mick Thomas / The Foxy Devil / Christmas Day At Spencer St Mick Thomas & the Roving Commission.**NYD** Boxing Day Drive
Amarillo Band / Congratulations / Eyes Still Fixed
M.I.A. / Borders Cinema Nova
Les Poules a Colin / Team B Queen B / Morose
Interview with Beatrix from Les Poules a Colin
Les Poules a Colin / Kahler Hotel / Morose Les Poules a Colin at The Spotted Mallard
Charm of Finches / The Bridge
Luluc / Cambridge / Sculptor Howler Melbourne
Hoodoo Gurus / 1,000 Miles Away / Kinky Under the Southern Stars Hastings


Special presentation Part 1 “recorded Live at 3CR for Music Matters” in 2018  21-12-2018 hosted by Joe

Hail - Shane P Carter [NZ];
The Boxer – Alison Ferrier & Jeff Lang;
When I'm Gone - Cam Goodhall;
La Torre - Mikelangelo with Dave Evans;
Fallen Sin – Anushka & Mikelangelo with Dave Evans;
Age of Aquarious / Tu Wahine - Samara Alofa [Aetaroa];
Work – Rita B;
Chemistry - Phia;
Attrition of a Daydreamer – Bridget Allan Band;
Bridget Agnew - Cat Canteri;
The Last Cowboy - Susie Scurry;
Struttin' / Won't Be Long - Squid Nebula;
See line woman (Nina Simone cover) - Christine Manetta;
Bad Thing / Slow Kind - Fionnuala McKenna;
See Say - James Millsom;
Johnny & Joe / The Lightning Lake - Sainthill;
Improvisation - Xani;

Burning Vinyl fill-in
This is not a television show / The Guilty & The Innocent - Andy White; Live @ 3CR for Music Matters.

Warm – Deloris; Buried Feather single/Elastic Bones acoustic EP Feather Figure video CD [2005]
Strong Woman (Live at The Loft) - Jen Cloher; Live at The Loft and Loew's EP [2018]
Train Train – Kankawa Nagarra (Olive Knight); Heroes & Laments Walmatjarri Stories (A Desert Feet Records Production) [2015]
Storm’s Comin’ Mamma – The New Savages; Baby Don’t Lay Lonesome [2017]
Dynamite - Forklift Assassins; 3 track Cd single [2018]
The Curse - Dave Wells; Dave Wells [2018]

Played by Jane 14/12/18
Jo Meares Music / Lost My Driving Wheel Jo Meares band Merri Creek Tavern
The Blackeyed Susans / Lover or the Loved / Close Your Eyes and See Caravan Music Club The Spotted Mallard
Paul Kelly / Rising Moon / Life is Fine Sidney Myer Music Bowl
Damon Smith / These are Days Followed by Nights Followed by Days James Kenyon Band Live Album Launch/Christmas do
Fraudband / Special Time Tonight -Fraudband, Claire Birchall, La Bronco free, Bombay Rock
Bachelors from Prague / Bohemian in the Sun / Birth of the Fool
Interview with Henry Maas and Andrew Philips about Bachelors From Prague at The Night Cat Bachelors from Prague at the Caravan Music Club
Bachelors From Prague / Strength in Numbers / Birth of the Fool
Russell Morris "The Real Thing" / White Feather / Remembrance The Spotted Mallard
Bench Press / Baby Steps Bench Presstivus: A Fundraiser for WIRE
POPPONGENE / Do It Girl Our Golden Friends 3rd Birthday & Christmas Celebration
Jack The Fox / Here We Are Wesley Anne
Ryan Williams playing the Ocarina live and talking about 'Ocarina - An Evening For Zelda Fans' taking place tomorrow at Malthouse Theatre
The Consouls / Lost Woods
Ryan Williams playing the Ocarina live
Skyscraper Stan / Tarcutta Shade The Workers Club
FERLA / The Human Heart Sunbeam Sound Machine and Friends at The Grace Darling
Mike Noga / Nobody Leads Me To Flames (Mary's Death) MIKE NOGA / Merri Creek Tavern / Melbourne
Footy / The Price Is Right / Record
Phone chat with Paddy Gordon from Footy about their new album and its release show this Sunday Footy 'Flora Fauna' Album Launch w/ SaD and Yffer
Footy / Closer / Flora Fauna
Anthems To The Fall / Tailor Made For Trouble / Double Down Ron S. Peno and Cam Butler at The Old Bar
2 Inch Tape / They Took Away My Santa Claus 2 Inch Tape at Swamplands - They Took Away My Santa Claus
Adrian Whitehead / The Dream / Nerd From The Suburbs Gig for Aceng (fundraiser) 303 Tuesday December 18th
(Sneaking some time from Burning Vinyl - thanks Matt)
Hollow December / Out of the Woods Hollow December at The Toff

Playlist: 7-12-2018 hosted by Joe

Marcus Message - Mad Professor; Ariwa 2018 Riddim Series [2018]
Dubwise (feat. France Nooks & Prince Alla) – Mista Savona; Mista Savona presents Havana Meets Kingston [2017]
Energy (feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi) - Sampa the Great; Single - Bandcamp [2018]
Path To Satori Ft. COMA–CHI - Plutonic Lab; Deep Above The Noise [2016]
Self Love – Isabella Muñoz; Work Like That (YoWo Music) [2018]
Silver Springs - Jack Howard; LIGHTHEAVYWEIGHT [2018]

Interview with Jack Howard (ex Hunters & Collectors and Midnight Oil) previewing his new record LIGHTHEAVYWEIGHT and also the special show “Bacharach and Beyond at the Flying Saucer Club on Saturday 8th December.

What The World Needs Now (Is Love Sweet Love) – Jack Howard & The Ambassadors Of Love; THE LOOK OF LOVE - The Songs Of Bacharach and David [2015]
Love Is The Score Of Nothing - Jess Ribeiro; Single [2018]
Emerging – Youthfire; Single [2018]
Doing the best that I can - Debra La Velle; Journey Of the Heart [2016]
In This House (ft Dane Kennedy) - Aine Tyrrell; Return To The Sea [2018]
Just Say - Kylie Auldist; Just Say [2008]

Interview with Kylie Auldist talking about life, music and recognition and the 10th anniversary celebration at the Toff in Town, of the record (out on limited edition vinyl) “Just Say” made with the Bamboos.

Community Service Announcement - Kylie Auldist; Just Say [2008]
Jackie - Eliza & The Delusionals; Single/Video for Queensland RSPCA [2018]
Land We Found - Brian Campeau; Slow Walking - Single [2018]

Tasha Zappala in session with songs from her recent record “Dreamstate” and the next one due in early 2019. Played: Dreamstate/Timshel/If I was.

Goofy (interlude) - DPRS (Democratic Peoples Republic of Surf); The State of Modern Surf [2018]
No Place To Go - Perch Creek; Perch Creek [2018]

Tracks played by Jane 30/11/18
The Letter String Quartet ft. Laura Jean and Marita May Dyson / My Song Newer Volcanics, The Orbweavers w Letter String I SOLD OUT
Coda Chroma / Enough Time Broads Single Launch
Bill Tolson / Bill Tolson & The Learners / Young Man 27 Winters & Bill Tolson & The Learners ,Young Man Single Launch
Underground Lovers / The Rerun / Staring at You Staring at Me Underground Lovers & SaD at the Evelyn
Sean McMahon music / Spring Blind Date Records The Fitzroy Pinnacle
Drmngnow -Neil Morris / Indigenous Land Boney
Hearts and Rockets / Dance Off FREE: Hearts & Rockets, Gem Bones, Roles + screening of Thalamos
Alice Skye / For Those Who Need It 2ND SHOW- Stella Donnelly - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC
Little Georgia / Love and Hate The Retreat Hotel
Rose de La Montaña / Feeling and Reason The Boite 40th Anniversary Program Launch
Yolanda Ingley II Band / They Really Don't Know / Woman Got to Cry The Lomond Hotel Fireflies
BABY BLUE / Save Yourself Swim Team/A+/Go Get Mum/Baby Blue solo- Grace Darling Basement
Oh Pep! / Half Life Oh Pep! at The Corner Hotel
Brooke Taylor / Shot Down Compass Pizza
Strange Tenants / Grey Skies Over Collingwood / Militant Style!
Interview with Bruce Hearn and Lorann Downer about Strange Tenants - Militant Style tour! and Lorann's book Strange Tenants Godfathers of Australian Ska including Strange Tenants' tracks We Are The Firm and Governments Around The World.
Interview with Phil Kakulas and Rob Snarski of The Blackeyed Susans about their forthcoming series of Christmas Shows including live songs Xmas Card From a Drunken Sailor and Dream On.
The Blackeyed Susans / Blue Skies Blue Sea / Reveal Yourself


Playlist: 23-11-2018 hosted by Joe

No Surrender (ft. Sizzla/Capleton/Fantan Mojah) - Monkey Marc; No Surrender Riddim [2017]
We’ve had Enough – Strange Tenants; Militant Style [2018]
Song Bird - Nakisha Esnard ENNE; Song Bird EP [2015]
Little Bird - Old Man Luedecke; One Night Only! Live At The Chester Playhouse [2018]
Lonely Town – Karen Craige; Mountains Of Gold [2018]

3 out 4 members of Tinman in session in Studio 1 previewing their EP and upcoming shows in the Dandenong Ranges. Tracks played: Rest Your Head / Crimes / “Clementine”.

In The Shade – Grand Salvo; Sea Glass [2018]
Institutions - Hot Sludge Fundae; Put It On [2018]
Rock Bang! – Die Roten Punkte; Super Musikant-Super Musician [2008]
The Omen - Camp Cope; How To Socialise & Make Friends [2018]
Help Your Self - Courtney Barnett; Tell Me How You Really Feel [2018]

Interview with Rebecca Barnard and preview of her High Tea showcase at the Arts Centre doing Joni Mitchell at The Pavilion. 2nd December 2018. 2 shows, 12pm, and 4pm. 2 Live tracks: Night Ride Home & Big Yellow Taxi.

Hold On - The Putbacks; The Putbacks [2018]

The Orbweavers in session previewing their special show “New Volcanoes” at the Substation 1 Market St. Newport, over 2 nights on Thurs 29th & Fri 30th Nov. 8pm.
Tracks played: Saltworks / Blue Lake.

Tokyo City - Penny Ikinger; Tokyo [2018]


Played by Jane 16/11/18
Pony Face / Atlantic City / Pony Face presents Nebraska Pony Face presents Nebraska
The Tommyhawks / Bedroom / This is Not a Desert Island The Tommyhawks 'Critical' single launch (Melbourne) with Gracey!
Plaster of Paris / Alison Queen Kong and The HOMOsapiens (Show Launch Party)
Cyanide Thornton / Hot Air Cyanide Thornton *LP launch!* w/ Gordon Koang + Romy Vager (RVG)
Hana & Jessie-Lee / Eight Tonne Shackles / Southlands Mightiest of Guns at the Gem w/ Hana & Jessie-Lee
Buddy Knox Blues / Don't Let The Devil Ride The Drunken Poet
Die Roten Punkte / Rock Bang / Supermusikant
Interview with Astrid Rot about Circus Oz and Die Roten Punkte collaboration Rock Bang! at the Malthouse Theatre until Sun 25 Nov.
Die Roten Punkte / Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter (I am a Lion) / Supermusikant
John Kennedy / Making America Great Again / JFK and the Midlife Crisis John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special
Dream Can / In the Rickety Time (Live at 3CR) Dream Can Australian Farewell Show at the Yarra Hotel
Interview with Alex Childs and Sophie Dahm of Colourful Collective about including an excerpt from their film soundtrack.
Rose de La Montaña / Sentido Y Razón (Feeling and Reason) by Javier Contreras
Drmngnow -Neil Morris / Indigenous Land Melbourne Music Week Melbourne Music Week
Stav Shaul / Everyday Everyday Tinman The Catfish
The Northern Folk / Get On The Northern Folk - 'Cold' Single Launch
Interview with Paddy Mann AKA Grand Salvo about Grand Salvo 'Sea Glass' album launch including live songs The Unquiet Tide and The Black Coast
Grand Salvo / In the Water / Sea Glass

Playlist: 9-11-2018 hosted by Joe

The Devil's Fly - Maryen Cairns; Single [2018]
Squeaky Chair Blues (acoustic version) - Buddy Knox; Big City EP [2018]
How Long - Robbie Greig; Single [2018]
Nothing (Not Anymore) - Ben Leece; No Wonder The World Is Exhausted [2018]
Tarcutta Shade – Skyscraper Stan And The Commission Flats; Single [2018]
Sticks & Stones – Katie Brianna; Take Me To Town: An Australian Alternative Country Compilation Disc 3 [2018]
Don't Go Out Tonight - Stella Bridie; Darebin Music Feast Songwriters' Award 2019 [2018]
Better Than Before - Chitra; Single - Bandcamp [2018]
Hot Air - Cyanide Thornton; Cyanide Thornton [2018]
CTGTTCTTTC - Naretha Williams; Chunky Move Next Move 11 “Dharawungara” - Joel Bray [2018]

Interview with Rya Park about her 2 most recent singles, "Act your age" & "Tokyo" produced by Peter Farnan and what the present and future holds including a show at The Tote on Thursday 13th December.

Why Should I Wait - Dream Can; Into Sparks [2018]

Stephen Pigram in session, down from Broome, and previewing his show at the Spotted Mallard Friday 9th November and Port Fair Folk Festival in March 2019.
Songs performed: Who bin steal my Mojo & Being.

Come Over - Kalala + Iki San; Visible 12 (Multicultural Arts Victoria)[2018]
Optimistic - Straight Ahead; Body & Soul [1993]

DPRS (Democratic Republic of Surf) Ken Malibu, Ricky Riptide and Donny Fame in session in Studio 3, previewing their appearance at the Civic Sounds Laneway Festival at ACDC Lane, Melbourne Sunday 18th November 12pm to 10pm.
Songs performed: No Waves In The Whitsundays & Ride a Wave.


Tracks played by Jane 2/11/18
Deloris / Unbroke / Elastic Bones ep
Cold Hands Warm Heart /Cumulus
Penny Ikinger / Poison Berries / Electra Penny Ikinger/ Bob Fox/ Drongo at the Fitzroy Pinnacle
Danny Walsh / Rubber Balls / The Dirt and The Sky Happy Wanderer Festival
Excerpt from While You Sleep
Interview with Kate Neal about While You Sleep at  Arts House 7-11 Nov
Excerpt from While You Sleep
Jess Locke / My Body is an Ecosystem The Lost Lands 2018 Jess Locke at The Workers Club
Minibikes / Magic Happens The Merri Creek Tavern
Yolanda Ingley II Band / The Bridge / Woman Got to Cry Yolanda Ingley II Band Woman got to Cry Album Launch
Anne McCue / Fall Through The Cracks Anne McCue
Adrian Eagle / 17 Again / Wings MMusic—Multicultural Arts Victoria pres. 'State of Culture #1'
Interview with Jude Joseph including live songs: I Ain't Got No Home (Woody Guthrie), Animated Corpses and And The Buildings They Burn On the Fly! Hobo Literature and Songs, 1879–1941 Launch
Totally Mild / From One Another
Coda Chroma / Out of Body Coda Chroma "Out Of Body" Single Launch at The Tote
MOD CON / Neighbourhood Hexfest: HEXDEBT + friends take over The Gaso Peel Street Festival 2018
Kutcha Edwards / Stand Strong Reservoir Stomp 2018
Magpie / Privilege Magpie's Into Space EP Launch
Didirri / Formaldehyde Evelyn Hotel Corner Hotel
The Beat Taboo / Voodoo Beat Missing Link II
Andy White / Unheard / The Guilty and the Innocent Andy White / The Hot Springs : Gasometer Upstairs
Die Roten Punkte / Rock Bang! / Supermusikant Circus Oz Malthouse Theatre

Playlist: 26-10-2018 hosted by Joe
Murray Island (Single Edit) - Lonely Boys; The Hunter EP [2016]
Warning feat. Kaiit - Cookin' On 3 Burners; Lab Experiments Vol. 2 [2018]
Real Love - Chelsea Wilson; Chasing Gold [2018]
Control Together (ft Rosebud Leach) - LUCIANBLOMKAMP; Sick of What I Don't Understand [2018]
Shot Gun Shack – Neneh Cherry feat. Robyn; Broken Politics [2018]

Nigel Wearne in conversation and session in Studio 1 about his songwriting, instrument making and previewing his support for New Zealand artist Jenny Mitchell playing at the Caravan Club Thursday November 1st. Songs performed: Strange Love & Wind of Realisation.

Wildfires – Jenny Mitchell; Wildfires [2018]
Hume Highway - Marni Sheehan & Mark Smith; A Crazy Dream [2018]
Bedrock - Helen Mountfort; The Naked Cello [2018]
Atom Bomb, Excerpt (1977) - Ron Nagorcka; Artefacts Of Australian Experimental Music Volume 2 1974-83 [1977][Disc 1][2010]

Interview with Heather Gaunt (curator at the Grainger Museum) and Margaret Marshall (curator Australian Performing Arts Collection) about the Objects of Fame: Nellie Melba & Percy Grainger exhibition at the Grainger Museum running from 21st September 2018 to 17th February 2019.

Computer Language - Grouch In Dub feat. Foldy; Grouch in Dub [2018]

Live cross with Robbie Thorpe and Lidia Thorpe from the 38 Nations Rally at Birrarung Marr.

Interview with Lisa Salvo about her collective project On Diamond, the new single How and upcoming showcase/launch on Friday 9th November at Eastmint Warehouse in Northcote.

How - On Diamond; Single [2018]

Tracks played by Jane 19/10/18
Anna Scionti Music / Long-legged woman The Drunken Poet
The Merindas / We sing until sunrise Fed Square Live: VMDO Edition 19 October
The Black Sorrows / Raise your hands / Faithful satellite Marysville Jazz & Blues Weekend
Jen Cloher / Forgot myself Sonic a Gender: Keynote Address & Round Table Discussion Darebin Music Feast
The Pretty Littles / Sober Corner Hotel
Baker Boy / Mr La Di Da Di 2 Worlds Festival
Yirrmal / Mayangan 2 Worlds Festival
Bruce Hearn & The Machinists / Deportee / Woody: Songs of Freedom Melbourne Recital Centre
Interview with Anna Burley and Craig Pilkington from the Killjoys about The Killjoys single Launch Including live songs: So It's Goodbye and Ladbroke Grove.
Rob Snarski / Temperatures rising / Wounded bird The Killjoys single Launch Rob Snarski - Sundays at The Standard [Fitzroy]
Phone chat with Jess Grant about Kyneton Music Festival
Adalita Official / Warm Like You
RVG / Feral beach
The Pink Tiles / Stood Up Kyneton Music Festival Wreckless Eric - The Tote w/ Craig Dermody + Pink Tiles duo
Interview with Helen Mountfort about her new release The Naked Cello Helen Mountfort - The Naked Cello Album Launch featuring live tracks: How the wind blew and the world premiere of an untitled prelude.
Helen Mountfort / The heart afraid of breaking / The Naked Cello
Adrian Eagle / 17 Again MPavilion Melbourne International Arts Festival
Little Wise / Look up Little Wise 'Bye For Now' Show with This Way North
Black Orchid Stringband / Yako parmane West Papuan Barapen Rockin For West Papua Global Concert at Howler Melbourne
The Orbweavers / The Hook Love Water Protect Forests Newlands Friends of the Forest Old Firestation Cafe Gallery

Playlist: 12-10-2018 hosted by Joe

Something on My Mind (feat. Jedda Costa & Louis Mokak) - Glenn Skuthorpe; Wild Winds of Dooga [2018]

Interview/conversation with UK artist ENNE (while on tour in Sicily during August) who will shortly be in Melbourne for rehearsals for a world tour with Grouch in Dub.

What's Up - ENNE; Demo [2018]

Interview with Irine Vela, Artistic Director of OUP Outer Urban Projects & Joanne Kaisila about their involvement in 125BPM an event celebrating 125 years of the Newsboys Foundation that has enabled youth and diversity for opportunities in Victoria. Sunday, October 21 5.30pm.
Track played was a home recording by DIVINE FAVOUR in reference to Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Gasikara – Airileke & Sammy Samoela/Sandro & Mau Power; Small Island Big Song [2018]
Oui Play – Cool Out Sun; Cool Out Sun [2018]
Good as gold – Ayleen O'Hanlon; Single [2018]

Session with local sister duo Charm of Finches previewing new material ahead of their headline show at the Kastoria Music Club, Friday, October 12th.
Tracks performed: The Bridge & untitled “clay pot”.

State of Art - Tia Gostelow; Single [2016]

Interview with Mariah Jayne about her new EP and relationship with the Real Songwriters of Melbourne (RSOM)

Beautiful Nightmare - Mariah Jayne; The Beginning EP [2018]

Session with Louis one of the artists appearing at the Real Songwriters of Melbourne (RSOM) Live Showcase at Wick Studios in Brunswick, Saturday October 13th from 7pm.
Songs performed: If You’re Down & Starring at a Stranger.

Tracks played by Jane 5/10/18
The Beat Taboo / Voodoo Beat / Dirty Stash The Fitzroy Pinnacle Fuzzrays
Ryan Downey / No More Miracles
Interview with Ryan Downey about his new release and forthcoming shows to launch it, including live song Those Eyes That Answer
Ryan Downey / Running / Running The Gasometer Hotel
Caroline No / Little Snake
Xylouris White / Daphne Xylouris White Caroline No
The The / Uncertain Smile Melbourne International Arts Festival
the Killjoys / Devil's Eye / Right Here - A Go Betweens Tribute Melbourne International Arts Festival The Killjoys single Launch
Cold Hands Warm Heart / Nightfall 2019 How To Make Trouble And Influence People Diary Launch
Lowtide / Elizabeth Towers The Old Bar
2 Inch Tape / Apollo / Apollo Swamplands Bar 2 Inch Tape
Roger Knox / Brighter Day Roger Knox Q&A Roger Knox & Euraba at The Old Bar
Alice Skye / Friends With Feelings Alice Skye with Georgia Maq + KalyaniMMW: MMusic—Alice Skye and friends
Jo Meares / Lone Gun Jo Meares album launch w/Simon Bailey and Shane O'Mara(Ponyface) Jo Meares, Standard Hotel, Melbourne
Bowlines / Tender Speak Bowlines Album Launch Under the Olive Tree | A Concert of Arabic and Jewish Music
Interview with Emma Peel about
Adalita Official / I Want Your Love
Sugar Fed Leopards / Shut Up (Show Me Your Shoes)
Cat Canteri / Pentridge Wasteland Cat Canteri live
19-Twenty / Big Love Queenscliff Music Festival

Playlist: 28-9-2018 hosted by Joe

The Land Where the Crow Flies Backwards - Roger Knox And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts; Stranger in My Land [2013]
Sicilian Mood - Shakalab; Non Facciamo Musica [2018]
Palm Reader - ENNE; Demo [2018]

Interview/session with travelling troubadour Andy White previewing his latest record “The Guilty & The Innocent” and the local launch at Wesley Anne, Friday October 5. Tracks performed: This is not a television show/The Guilty & The Innocent.

Dignity – Andy White; The Guilty & The Innocent [2018]
L'amore per sbaglio ti toglie il rossetto – Basaglia Grazie; Dissolvense Demo [2018]
Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) – The The; Mind Bomb [1989]
Stars - Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife; Single [2018]
Listening - Carla Geneve; Single [2018]

Session with local act Cold Hands Warm Heart previewing new material and their performance at the launch of “How to make trouble and Influence People 2019 Diary” launch at the Old Bar on Saturday October 6th from 3pm.
Tracks played: Quartz/Rye

How The Wind Blew - Helen Mountfort; The Naked Cello [2018]
The Great Yawn / It's All Done With Headphones – David Chesworth; 50 Synthesizer Greats [1979][2017 reissue]
How - On Diamond; Single [2018]

Interview with Arzenn and Tyller, 2 young artists appearing at the Real Songwriters of Melbourne (RSOM) Live Showcase at Wick Studios in Brunswick, Saturday October 13th from 7pm.

Sonder - Arzenn; Soundcloud [2018]
The BattLe Inside (Fight) - Tyller; EP [2017]

Tracks played by Jane 21/9/18
Lost ragas / Where James once played Memo Music Hall Union Hotel Brunswick
Cash Savage / I'm in Love Cash Savage & The Last Drinks - Live in-store at Polyester! Cash Savage & The Last Drinks Album Launch
Evgeny Ukhanov / Till We Meet Again / Performs Griffiths Introspection 2018 World Premiere of Rare View album
Fablice Manirakiza / FLYBZ / When I Was Younger / Artful Dodgers Studios “NUN SENSE”
Cold Hands Warm Heart / Cumulus Cold Hands Warm Heart /Cyanide Thornton/ Alphington 2019 How To Make Trouble And Influence People Diary Launch
The Little Stevies / Diamonds For Your Tea
Interview with Sybilla Stephen about her upcoming performances at the Queenscliff Music Festival with both Little Stevies and Teeny Tiny Stevies
Teeny Tiny Stevies / Boss of My own Body / Helpful Songs For Little People
The Go-Betweens / Was There Anything I Could Do / 16 Lovers Lane
Interview with Johnathan Holloway, Artistic Director of Melbourne International Arts Festival about highlights of his 3rd Festival.
The Blackeyed Susans / Dive For Your Memory / Right Here... A Go-Betweens Tribute
Simon Imrei / Feel For Simon Imrei at The Charles Weston Hotel Simon Imrei at the Charles Weston Hotel
Ron S Peno & The Superstitions / Dreams of Leaving / Guiding Light Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions w/ The Stu Thomas Paradox & Duet
Yolanda Ingley II Band / Woman Got to Cry Fireflies Wine Bar
Drmngnow -Neil Morris / Indigenous Land NOW SOUND - Screening + LIVE SHOW
Great Aunt / Diggin Holes / A Mess That I Left Union Hotel Brunswick
The Sea Birds / Never Been In Love Before / ...a short romance The Sea Birds debut vinyl single launch - The Coastline
Cleverhorse / Bug Monster / 50:fifty MJC Presents: Cleverhorse
Interview with SUNNY KIM about her upcoming performance Hand to Earth - Sunny Kim & Australian Art Orchestra
Sunny Kim / The Dream of the Earth
Destroyer / It's Gonna Take An Aeroplane / Your Blues Destroyer (with guest Jess Ribeiro) | Howler, Melbourne
(Extra track played in Burning Vinyl)
Anthems to the Fall / Paralune / Double Down

Fill-in for Joe on 14-9-18 was Allanah Sciberras

Tracks played by Jane 7/9/18
Conway Savage / Don't Plan On Leaving Town / Nothing Broken (RIP)
Chat with Harry Jakamarra about his forthcoming tour culminating in performance at Queenscliff Music Festival
Holding Yard and Gypsy Trail / Harry Jakamarra
Custard / 2000 Women / The Common Touch Prince Bandroom
Los Dominados / Slow People Fast Cars
The Pink Tiles / Stood Up Nocturnal honours Tokyo: live music, karaoke, talks + more!
The Beat Taboo / Ride The Wave / Dirty Stash Midnight Woolf, The Beat Taboo, Plastic Section
Jim Lawrie / Swimming In The Rain / Slacker Of The Year The Drunken Poachers with The Heartbrokers & Jim Lawrie!
LAURA / Visitor / Twelve Hundred Times LAURA, Because of Ghosts, TIYCS, International Karate reunion
Interview with Penny Ikinger Music including live solo tracks: Southern Man and Tokyo City Penny Ikinger "Tokyo" album launch at Nocturnal
Penny Ikinger / Ride On, Cowboy / cds
Ned Collette / The Optimist / Old Chestnut
Interview with Ned Collette about his forthcoming launches Ned Collette 'Old Chestnut' Melbourne Album Launches including live solo tracks Thanks Richard and Vanitas Crack(?)
Mojo Juju / Native Tongue Arts Centre Melbourne Hamer Hall
FERLA / The Human Heart being launched on 14/9/18 at Grace Darling Hotel
Ukulele Death Squad / Home Northcote Social Club
Extra time in Burning Vinyl thanks to Matt
Interview with Kate and Jules from FERLA including live tracks: You're There and You Were There Jim
FERLA / Wasted On You / Guilt Pop/Stay Posi

Fill-in for Joe on 31-8-18 was Allanah Sciberras

Tracks played by Jane on 24/8/18
Kutcha Edwards and friends / Song For Elijah (wrap our arms) Memo Music Hall
Spencer P Jones and the Escape Committee / Thanks / Fugitive Songs
Chris Wilson / People Like Me / The Long Weekend Corner Hotel
Antelodic / Lullaby / Quiet Sufficient The Book Wolf
Ned Collette / The Optimist / Old Chestnut Ned Collette (solo) Polyester instore Ned Collette 'Old Chestnut' Melbourne Album Launches
Blackbirds F.C. / Even Then i Love You / Life Science Blackbirds F.C. EP Launch w/The Golden Rail and Trish O'Gorman
Loose Tooth / Keep On Loose Tooth at Howler, MELBOURNE
Phantastic Ferniture / Bad Timing Sold Out! Phantastic Ferniture | Melbourne, The Gasometer Hotel
Charm of Finches / The Bridge Khristian Mizzi The Skylark Room
Yolanda Ingley II Band / Watchin' The TV / This Dangerous Age
Interview with Yolanda Ingley II to promote her forthcoming shows including The Lomond Hotel tomorrow night. Featured two live songs: Woman Got To Cry and That Man, live in studio with Yolanda and Steve Dagg
Yolanda Ingley II Band / Come Back In My Arms / Woman Got To Cry
Taylor Project / Unending Dawn Taylor Project with The Bone Folders at Boogie Man Bar
Ben Mastwyk / This Country Little Wise Single Launch 'Want it All' with Ben Mastwyk
Interview with Sophie Klein of Little Wise with solo live tracks Want It All and Devil Off My Back - a preview of the new album with a Pozible fundraiser happening
Little Wise / Sometimes / Silver Birch
Younis Clare / Tram Younis Clare, Almost Blue and Brodie at the Retreat
Neko Case / Fox Confessor Brings The Flood Melbourne Writers Festival
Melbourne Writers Festival: Jen Cloher & Miss Blanks

(Extra time in Burning Vinyl timeslot)
Kawaguchi Masami / Your Guitar / Now New Rock Syndicate (feat Masami Kawaguchi) + Summer Flake FREE! Kasumuen Records
Helen Ryder Ft. Spencer P Jones / Lady Bird
Drunk Mums / Roll With The Punches
The Bone Folders / Behind The Wall of Sleep The Bone Folders - Taylor Project
Billy Dettmer / On the Other hand / Missing You
Mel From Melbourne / Every Day Of My Life / Tag Cay Crow / Drive My Own train / Breaking Chains
Luluc / Cambridge / Sculptor
Leo Mullins / Let The Light In / Being Here Is Everything
The Clouds / Beautiful Nothingness
The Scientists / Perpetual Motion
To listen to this episode again (for 1 week) you can stream on demand at: (first hour) then Matt Gleeson took charge.

Fill-in for Joe on 17-8-18 was Allanah Sciberras

Tracks played by Jane 10/8/18
Ben Mason / She'd Need A Heart
Tobias Hengeveld / Long Kiss Goodnight Tobias Hengeveld & Ben Mason
TV HAZE / Bobby and Sally Flyying Colours play Old Bar - Limited tix on the Door
Mojo Juju / Native Tongue Arts Centre Melbourne Melbourne Writers Festival: Mojo Juju & Joel Ma
Jen Cloher / Kinda Biblical
Interview with Tobias Willis and Marcus Rimondini about their film Now Sound : Melbourne's Listening premiering tonight at MIFF
Now Sound : Premiere // After Party at MIFF Now Sound - Screening - The Curtin
RVG / Feral Beach WinterWild Apollo Bay
BABY BLUE / I Like You
Pony Face / Justine / Deja Vu PONY FACE TURNS 10 - Anniversary Ball
Regurgitator / Light Me On Fire 170 Russell
Harmony / Daisy Cutter The Tote
The Pretty Littles / Don Dale The Lomond Hotel
Geia Sisters / The Irex
Interview with Jessica Hitchcock, conductor of Mission Songs Project featuring the Boite Millennium Chorus including her singing Hopkins River Live.
The Boite Millennium Chorus ft. Shane Howard and Ernie Gruner / Pennyweight Hill / Gurrong
Kelly Auty / Too Short / Kelly's Blues The Lomond Hotel on Sunday Kelly Auty Band - sassy soulful Blues
Interview with Helen Begley and Penny Larkins about The Good Girl: A Song Project including live songs Oh, The Sea and Lifeboat
The Good girl Song Project / Poor Girl's Dream / Voyage
Kaki King / Kewpie Stn / Everybody Loves You Kaki King at Melbourne Recital Centre
Elizabeth / Burn It All Howler Melbourne
Moaning Lisa / Good Moaning Lisa - ‘Good’ Single Launch - Melbourne
Charm of Finches / The Bridge Charm of Finches - Melbourne Single Launch
(Extra time from Matt and Burning Vinyl)
The Breeders / Drivin' on 9 Meredith Music Festival

Fill-in for Joe on 3-8-18 was Allanah Sciberras

Tracks played by Jane 27/7/18
Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project and Gavin Campbell Featuring Baker Boy / Treaty '18
Chris Wilson / Wage Justice For The Working Poor
Chris Wilson / Hold Me Close / The Long Weekend GoFundMe
Eddie Nuardo / Lost Inside of Eastland Eddie Nuardo Melbourne Album Launch at Some Velvet Morning
Moaning Lisa / Good Northcote Social Club The Old Bar
Weatherboard House / Truth Be Told Bar 303
Tam Vantage / Do You Remember? / Life in High Definition Tam Vantage, Snowy, Dylan Young, Tinks at The Yarra
Emilee South / Watch Out Emilee South plays Heartbreaker Residency
Hearts and Rockets / Anywhere But Here / Dead Beats The Old Bar
Victoriana Gaye / Pretty Things / The Freest of the Free Saints & Sailors Seafood Bar & Grill
Sime Nugent / Trying to get to You / Broke and Banned The Drunken Poet Sime Nugent and Friends at Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine VIC
Anna Scionti Music / Pretty Girl Union Hotel Brunswick
Joyce Prescher / Home Turbo + Joyce Prescher at Compass Pizza
Susie Scurry / Waiting For You / The Elvis Hour David Dondero & Susie Scurry, Gasometer Hotel
Laura Jean / Touchstone / Devotion Howler Melbourne
Julitha Ryan / Run Out The Door / The Lucky Girl The Retreat Hotel
On Diamond / Light On Diamond / Living Currency / Bastard Amber
Charlie Marshall / Not a Cruel Machine / Sublime... Charlie Marshall with special guest Kim Volkman
Ruby Hunter Foundation Inc / Kutjerti Lady Ruby Hunter Foundation Benefit Concert at The Tote
Dave Arden / Red Desert Man
Lost Woods / Cinnamon Whole Lotta Love
Pony Face / So Much Said / Deja Vu PONY FACE TURNS 10 - Anniversary Ball
David Bridie / Forbidden Song (Arnold Ap) / Songs of Memory & Hope West Papua office Open day August 2018
Jen Cloher / Eden With my Eve Cinema Nova Her Sound Her Story
Xylouris White / Daphne / Mother Xylouris White Xylouris White - Encore !

Fill-in for Joe on 20-7-18 was Dale Bridge
Included joe's interview with Cissy Tsang (Samarobryn)

No Music Matters on 13-7-18 due to special broadcast of the final installment of "Beyond the Bars"

Playlist: 6-7-2018 hosted by Joe

9 Times Out Of 10 - Dallas Woods; Single [2018]
diamonds and sapphires - Racerage; Single-Soundcloud [2018]
Dreamtime Princess - Mitch Tambo; Single/Video [2018]

Interview with Sophia Brous about EXO-TECH a New York large ensemble collective formed in 2016 who are performing at the State Theatre Arts Centre Melbourne on Wednesday July 18th

Humming Song Alone Together - Yuka Honda; Eucademix [2004]
Version of Me (Official Music Video) – Kimbra x Dawn; Primal Heart [2018]
Invitation – Merpire; Endless Chatter [2018]

Interview with Nick O’Mara from Raised By Eagles about their current Winter Run Australian tour and the show at the Caravan Music Club Friday July 6th.

Everyday, Everyday - Raised By Eagles; I Must Be Somewhere [2017]
This Time - Stephanie Yianakelis; Wild At Heart - Sol Tram [2018]
Truth and Consequences – Samarobryn; The Light At The End [2018]

XANI in session and sneak preview of debut, vinyl release titled “3”. An entirely improvised instrumental work that is epic, dark, cinematic and will be available from July 24th. Tunes performed included the track Sun White. Melbourne launch will be at Jazz Lab, Brunswick Friday August 3rd.

Lady Blue - Emily Wurramara; Milyakburra [2018]
awomen, amen – Genesis Owusu; Single [2018]

Jordan Jaarola in session previewing his just released self-titled EP
Tracks played: Maybe It's You / Dior.

Isobel - Laurel and the Painkillers; Songs From Isobel [2018]
For All We Know (Ft. Kalu Oji) - Squid Nebula; EP [2018]

Tracks played by Jane on 29/6/18
Tom Lyngcoln / Teardrops / Doming Home Swampland Issue 04 Launch
The Orbweavers / Blue Lake / Deep Leads Regurgitator does VU - MRC Friday 29 June
Henry Hugo / Long Distance Ache ft. Rachel Shaw / Songs From The Sirens Twenty Seven Winters w JMS Harrison + Henry Hugo at Swamplands
Cash Savage and the Last Drinks/ Rat-a-tat-tat Cash Savage and The Last Drinks Melbourne
The Band Who Knew Too Much / Givin it Away Open Studio
Interview with Bonnie Dalton about
All Our Exes live in Texas / Boundary Road / When We fall -Lowlight 13 July
Fraser A. Gorman / Walking to Oman's
Charm of Finches / Hope / Staring at the Starry Ceiling - Lowlight 14 July
FERLA / I Can't Let You Down / Stay Posi Shepparton Airplane The Tote
The Hunter Express / Cool Edinburgh Castle Brunswick
Penny Ikinger Music / Poison Berries WOMEN WHO ROCK IN MELBOURNE PRESENTS......
Interview with Hollie Joyce about her CHANGES festival performance at The Old Bar Wed. 4 July. Includes two Live tracks; World Troubles and Every Filth in Time.
Evelyn Ida Morris / Darwin Heat Listen Records
Interview with Kate Duncan CEO of The Push about CHANGES
Cable Ties / Walking Out
Interview with Elizabeth about her new solo music project as well as her work with Totally Mild including two live tracks: Burn It All and a brand new, untitled track. Changes - Our Golden Friend's Introduction to Melbourne Grace Darling Hotel
The Blak Sistaz / Biak Meos Karu Songs of Memory & Hope: Remembering Biak Massacre, West Papua
Interview with Ronnie Kareni about Songs of Memory and Hope
Nusambar Sisters / Sye Mansere
Dan Tuffy / Stay True SONGS from DAN
Yolanda Ingley II Band / Come Back In My Arms Yolanda Ingley ll and band 'Single Launch'.
Note: last two songs are at the start of Burning Vinyl - Thanks Matt!

Playlist: Music Matters 22-6-2018 hosted by Joe

Colour Of Your Jumper - Archie Roach & Tiddas; Dancing with my Spirit [2018]
Dreaming of Desert Nights - Stu Harcourt; Beautiful Wild [2018]
Hal 9000 Various Artists; 2001: A Space Odyssey Soundtrack [1968][1996]
Örævi – Sigur Rós; Örævi - New Soundscape 2018 (Featuring the Icelandic Dance Company) [2018]
Good Old Days – Origami; Ornette [2017]
Theme From Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me - Angelo Badalamenti; Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) [1992]
“Fire Walk With Us” at Chapel Off Chapel June 26 & 27.

Questions In A World Of Blue - Julee Cruise; Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) [1992]
Lights (Rāga Kafi) – TAL; TAL EP [2018]
Vertical Existance - Perolas; Single [2018]
Bound – FourPlay String Quartet; Bound Single [2018]

Interview and performance with James Milsom (accompanied by Seth on keyboard) previewing his new record “Impossible Future” and its launch at the TOFF in Town Sunday July 1st.
Tracks played: Switch (I wish I Knew) / See Say.

How the Mighty Fall - Broads; Vacancy [2017]
Wait Here For The Sun (Featuring Melinda Kay) - Andrew McCubbin; Where Once There Was A Fire [2017]

Interview with Jena Marino from The Real Songwriters of Melbourne previewing the Industry Night organised for emerging musicians on Thursday June 28th at Basco in Brunswick.

Salvation – Tash Sultana; (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [2018]
Don't Go Shining By - Perch Creek; Perch Creek [2018]

Tracks played by Jane and Joe on 15.6.18 for our Radiothon Program
Sugar / A Good Idea / Copper Blue
Simon Imrei / Vicarious Addiction / The Sum of the Scenes (Part 1 The Light) Chapel Off Chapel
Archer / The Divine Church of the Open Sky / The Divine Church of the Open Sky Vol 2 Wesley Anne
Franjapan / Deter / Caveman The Catfish
Sarah Mary chadwick / Flow Over Me / Sugar Still Melts in the Rain Sarah Mary Chadwick -The Queen Who Stole The Sky- world premiere
Sweet Whirl / Buffalo Int. / OK Permanent Wave
Ron S Peno & The Superstitions / Kid Gloves / Guiding Light Ron S Peno and Cam Butler at Whole Lotta Love
Eric Bogle Tours A Fork in the Road Eric Bogle with special guest Ami Williamson
Mariah McCarthy / Caught in the Rain / Counting Sheep Mariah McCarthy at Martian's Cafe
Amaya Laucirica / Still So young / Rituals Adalita - SOLO SHOW
RACKETT / Alive / Alive RACKETT (single launch), Lazertits, CASH and more.
Rebecca Barnard / Generations / Music For Listening and Relaxation Jodi Phillis and Rebecca Barnard - Caravan Music Club, Melb VIC
Gena Rose Bruce / Coming Down Tramway Hotel
Anthems to the Fall / Scream Your lullabies Anthems to the Fall & Blackbirds F.C. play the Old Bar
The Blue Hotel / Stitches / Stand In Gold Bar Open
Victoriana Gaye / Woodwork Boy / Holy Roll The Standard Hotel
Fionnuala Mckenna interview with Joe and live songs Bad thing and Slow Kind The Spotted Mallard
All India Radio / Anja's Eternal Light / Space

Playlist: 8-6-2018 hosted by Joe

I wish I knew how it would feel to be free - Nina Simone; Silk & Soul [1967]
Blind Eyes (Ft. Natalie Slade, Raiza Biza 8H) - Plutonic Lab; double A Side Single [2018]
Testers (Bocoché) - Cool Out Sun; Cool Out Sun presents Os Afro Sambas The Billy Hoyle x N'fa Jones reworks. [2017]
Counting Sheep - Mariah McCarthy; Counting Sheep EP [2018]
Dry – Fionnuala McKenna; Wrung [2017]
Feed on Radiant Sound – Ross McLennan; All The Colours Print Can Manage [2017]
Pretty Things - Victoriana Gaye; The Freest Of The Free [2016]
The Sound Of Moving - Great Earthquake; Thinking & Making [2018]
Silence a beat - Kim Mhyr  & Jenny Hval; In The End His Voice Will Be The Sound Of Paper [2016]

Interview with Norwegian experimentalist Kim Mhyr about his 2 special shows for the 2018 Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

A - Kim Mhyr; You | Me [2017]
Tromba L'oeil – Corleone; Wei Wu Wei [2005]

Interview with Sicilian saxophonist here for an exclusive performance for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival at the Jazz Lab.

Taurus - Erodoto Project; Stories: Lands, Men and Gods [2017]
Blo-Wyn - Francesco Cafiso; We Play For Tips [2018]

Interview with local, much sort after trombonist James Macaulay ( and the Happy Hoppy Orchestra) about his debut solo record “Today will be another day” and the upcoming launch at The JazzLab Wednesday 20th June.

Prednisolone / Spring Chorale – James Macaulay & the Happy Hoppy Orchestra; Today Will Be Another Day [2018]
Between The Bars - Madeleine Peyroux; Keep Me In Your Heart For A While: The Best Of Madeleine Peyroux [2004][2013]

Burning Vinyl fill-in:

Cosmic Slop - Chris Dave and the Drumhedz; Mixtape [2013]
How the Money Rolls In – Braves; Carry on the Con [2018]
Moment of Light - Tim Hudspith and Golden Tone; Fall From Grace [2018]
Cassavetes - Field Maps; Single [2018]


Tracks played by Jane 1/6/18
Emily Wurramara / Ngarrukwujenama / Milyakburra Alice Skye & Emily Wurramara at the Wesley Anne
Henry Hugo / Since I Know You / Arcadian Songs Swamplands Bar
Gothum and the Noise Pollution / Please Come Home / The promise of a New Land Tago Mago Club (Swamplands)
BABY BLUE / Dream Life / Do What You Like Queens of Rock'n'Roll Baby Blue EP Launch w/ The Ocean Party + Emilee South
Brenton Foster / mx / The Nature of Light The Jazzlab
STAV / Everyday, Everyday / The Horizon Line Edinburgh Castle Brunswick
Xylouris White / White Xylouris White / Tropical F*** Storm
Tropical F*** Storm / You Let My Tyres Down
Caroline No / Alex Corner Hotel
Interview with Gretchen Parlato about her Melbourne International Jazz Festival performance tomorrow at Melbourne Recital Centre including songs: Alo Alo from Lost and Found, Butterfly (Herbie Hancock) and Flor De Lis (D'Javan).
Cold Irons Bound / Exchange Them For You / Don't Lose Your Mind Warships and Cold Irons Bound play The Old Bar
Great Aunt / Tell Me When It's Over Great Aunt at the Charles Weston Hotel - Thur June 7
Pony Face / Justine / Deja Vu Pony Face Duo (Simon Bailey + Shane O'Mara) / Sunday Ritual
Cable Ties / Choking To Choose / 7"
Interview with Nick Brown about Nocturnal: Cable Ties/Ara Koufax/SIMONA/bebé and Melbourne Reclink Community Cup and OK Motel event in Charlton in August.
Rudely Interrupted / Love You Till I Die
Cable Ties / Tell Them Where To Go / 7"

Playlist: 25-5-2018 hosted by Joe

These Worlds - Amber Isles; Habitat EP [2018]

Live in Studio 1 with Tom from Sainthill in acoustic session previewing their album launch at the Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood on Sunday May 27th.
Tracks played: Johnny & Joe / The Lightning Lake.

Love Song For A Forest - Sainthill; Folk Romantic [2018]

Christine Manetta live in Studio 3 previewing her show Love Me or Leave - A Tribute to Nina Simone at the Speakeasy HQ 522 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Saturday 26th May.

Stay in Your Power - Charlotte Roberts; Charlotte Roberts [2018]
Blamegame - Ryan Hendriks; Old Zealand [2018]
Sweet Sweet Spirit – Doris Akers & The Statesmen; Sing for You [1964]

Interview with Barney McAll about his numerous performances in the coming weeks including his “Sweet Sweet Spirit”- Interprets Doris Akers for the 2018 Melbourne International Jazz Festival on June 6th and the special commission by the City of Melbourne using Birrarung Marr’s Federation Bells “Trilogy of Cycles” performed on June 2 at 2pm on location.

Transitive Cycles – Barney McAll; Federation Bells Commission from the City of Melbourne [2018]
Breathing Underwater - Hiatus Kaiyote; Choose Your Weapon [2015]
Understanding (Small Faces cover) – Primal Scream featuring PP Arnold; Long Agos and Worlds Apart (a tribute to The Small Faces ) [1996]
Sneans - The Mamas; Single - Bandcamp [2017]

Tracks played by Jane on 18/5/18
Women of Soul ft. Stella Angelico / Whole Woman Hawthorn Arts Centre
Emma Donovan and The Putbacks / Dawn Stonnington Jazz
Cold Irons Bound / Up the Pavement Cold Irons Bound - Album Launch
courtney barnett / Need a Little Time / Tell Me How You Really Feel (New release today)
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders / White Flag / Blue Poles Jack Ladder - Live at Corner Hotel
Alice Skye / Friends With Feelings Alice Skye with Precious Earth at The Post Office Hotel
Interview with Lucreccia Quintanilla and Caroline Garcia about Barrio // Baryo by Caroline Garcia & Lucreccia Quintanilla closing event of Next Wave including tracks from Young God / May Crush Ako S'ayo (I have a crush on you) and Bigote / Sueltate el Dembow
Mere Women / Drive Mere Women with Dianas & Golden Syrup
Rob Snarski / Temperature's Rising / Wounded Bird Rob Snarski - Up Close and Personal [Coburg]
Cat Canteri / How Crazy I've Been / Inner North Cat Canteri at Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Interview with Hollie Col about her show tonight at Embiggen Books. Live songs: Aftertaste and I'm Not Calling.
Hollie Col / Let Yourself Down / Aftertaste ep
Bill Jackson / Ghost of His Own / The Wayside Ballads Vol 2 Bill Jackson, Rosemary Haden, Belle Phoenix
Harrison / Silver Moon The Gasometer Hotel
Fourteen Nights At Sea / Acres Howler Melbourne The Electric Guitars album launch
Interview with Simon Imrei about his forthcoming launch on 15 June Chapel Off Chapel. Live songs: Shadowing and Let Go.
Simon Imrei / The Winter / The Sum of Scenes (Part 2 The Shade)
Over ran into Burning Vinyl time (thanks Matt) to play
The Paul McKenna Band / One More Time National Celtic Fest Warmup feat. Paul McKenna Band (Scotland) National Celtic Festival Australia Official
Diamond Duck / Middle of a Song Diamond Duck EP Launch w / Broads

Playlist:11-5-2018 hosted by Joe

InANay - Tiddas; Sing About Life [1993]
Divide (Ft Allysha Joy) - SO.Crates; Static Methods EP [2017]
Home - Charlotte Roberts; Charlotte Roberts [2018]
Naive Trust (Official Video) - Cecilia Brandolini; [2018]
Institutions – Hot Sludge Fundae; Put It On [2018]
No Pen Of Mine – Hannah Cameron; I Lay Where You Lie [2018]
Unbeatable Odds - Caroline No; Swimmers [2018]

Live in session Studio 3, Cat Canteri previewing her new record Inner North and supporting tour. Tracks played: Bridget Agnew / Stand up and be my man.

Stars Grow Cold – Emily Davis; You, Me & the Velvet Sea [2018]

Phone interview with Cat Leahy from This Way North about their extensive Australian tour in support of their Volumn 2 EP.

Put Your Mind At Ease - This Way North; Vol.2 [2018]
Glebe – Zoe Carides; When I Was Little [2018]
Oh josephine - Mike Elrington; Single [2018]
On The Day That I Was Born – Moonlover; Thou Shall Be Free [2018]
Never Settle for Less - The Montgomery Brothers; The Montgomery Brothers [2017]
The Grain Store - Jake Mason Trio; The Stranger In The Mirror [2018]

Live in session Studio 3 with Squid Nebula, warming us up for their Tuesday night residency during the month of May at the Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy. Tracks played: Won’t Belong / Ricochet / Strut.
Special mention, the track, Weekend by Bec Goring features Aimee from Squid Nebula on vocals.

Tracks played by Jane on 4/5/18
Totally Mild / Lucky Stars / Her
RVG / That's All / A Quality of Mercy Nocturnal: Totally Mild / Jess Ribeiro / RVG / Jade Imagine
Tom Lyngcoln / Circling the Years / Doming Home Tom Lyngcoln / Jacky Winter / Spod
Ruby Boots / Don't talk about It Ruby Boots at Northcote Social Club
BABY BLUE / Bit Slow
Plaster of Paris / Newcomer Tankerville + Plaster Of Paris
Broni / Sing Away The Blues / To Get Her together Wesley Anne
Interview with Susie Scurry about her single launch tonight with full band at One year, 220 Johnston St and solo performance tomorrowBones and Jones - 'Living Given' Album Launch // The Gasometerfeaturing live tracks from Susie and Craig Woodward: The Pigeon Song, Daddy's Guitar, The Last Cowboy
Susie Scurry / The Elvis Hour
Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes / 309 Songwriters Sesh Union Hotel Brunswick
Grand Salvo / Tree Falls in the Wind On Random 2: Grand Salvo and Unholy Rackett The Weather Station Grand Salvo James Kenyon
Interview with Nick Batterham featuring live tracks Never Write a Love Song and 34, and CD tracks Golden Boy and Nothing Lasts. Nick Batterham Golden Boy Album Launch
Interview Joe conducted With Tiddas earlier this week about Archie Roach presents Dancing With My Spirit feat Tiddas

Playlist: 27-4-2018 hosted by Joe

Another Kick in the Guts – Karapete; Single [2018]
Zephyr (Part II) - Bruce Mathiske; Six String Anthology [2018]
Wulminda (Dark Clouds) in E-Flat Major – Dr G - Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu; Djarimirri (Child of the Rainbow) [2018]
Bruises— The Data We Don’t See - Giorgia Lupi and Kaki King;” [2017]
As Above So Below – Wendy Rule; Guided By Venus [2010]
Arisen My Senses – Björk; Utopia [2017]

Liquid Architecture feature/interview (Part 2) of Polythinking a program of 4 events through April and May with Danni Zuvela artistic director of Liquid and Libby Harward (Ngugi-Mulgumpin [Moreton Island]; Quandamooka  [Moreton Bay]; Gold Coast) talking about her installation ALREADY OCCUPIED.
A selection of exclusive tracks presented by featured artists: Jannah Quill, Rainbow Chan “Let Me (Applex Twin Remix)” and CORIN “fatal redemption”

Stompin' Ground – Dave Hole; Goin' Back Down [2018]

Interview with bluesman Dave Hole about his new record and upcoming Australian tour and shows at the Spotted Mallard on May 11 and Satellite Lounge on May 12.

Measure Of A Man - Dave Hole; Goin' Back Down [2018]
Spencer P. Jones – Steve Boyd's Rum Reverie; Hoodoo Hipshake [2018]
Misfit - Sally-Anne Whitten; Burgundy Street [2018]

Interview with John Flanagan about his new record and tour along the east coast and regional areas including the dual record launch with Lucy Wise at the TOFF in Town on May 3.

Free John Zarb – John Flanagan Trio; Honest Man [2018]
Post-War Glamour Girls - John Cooper Clarke; The Very Best Of [2002]
Situation (C0mp0s1te Remix) - Echo Drama; Remix the Weapons [2014]

Featured by Jane 20/4/18
The Blackeyed Susans / Lost Horizon / Reveal Yourself Blackeyed Susans + Strings
Suss Cᴜnts / 10 Years / Temper
Wet Lips / See You Later
Interview with Grace Kindelan about W E T F E S T 4: Wet Forever
email if you can't afford a ticket...
Jesswar / Savage
Moaning Lisa / I Want a Girl (Karrie)
Porpoise Spit / Too Sexy For The Supermarket
MOD CON / Do It Right Margo (SOLD OUT) MOD CON w The Stroppies, Parnsip & Sweet Whirl
Michael Beach - band / A Vision of Modern Love Bitch Diesel & Michael Beach - Split Single 7" Launch
The Chills / I Cant Help You / Silver Bullet Martin Phillipps (The Chills) + Amaya Laucirica * selling fast!
Amaya Laucirica / Prettier Than Sound / Sway
Buddy Knox Blues / Original Aboriginal Drunken Poet The Retreat HotelBridge Hotel Castlemaine
Eddie Nuardo / Lost Inside of Eastland / The Good Whiskey Never Lasts The Rooks Return
Interview with Cilla Jane and Scott of Arsenic and Old Lace Music. featuring live duo tracks: Creature of Sin, Black Widow, Kings.
Arsenic and Old Lace / Ice Age / Creature of Sin Arsenic and Old Lace and Mick Daley's Corporate Raiders
Sarah Carroll, Ukulele Queen of the Bellarine / Lived Your Life Twice / Star Parade Sarah Carroll at The Drunken Poet!
Closet Straights / You Get On Yours Man With A Band
Gurrumul / Waak (Crow) in E Flat Major Gurrumul The Film
The Song Keepers / Walkunila Pitaltji Pulku Irnya The Song Keepers
Jaala / Horn / Joonya Spirit
Dan Sultan / Reaction / Killer Dan Sultan Killer Solo Tour - MEMO Music Hall The Basement Discs

Playlist: 13-4-2018 hosted by Joe

Squeaky Chair Blues – Buddy Knox; Bar Closed - Blues and Roots Australia Vol 7 [2010]
Open Road - Don Morrison; It's A Long Drive [2017]
Where Did You Sleep Last Night? – Benny Walker; Deadly Hearts [2017]
Healing Of The Heartbeat - Tom Richardson; Promise of the Light [2018]
The Prince Of Pascoe Vale – Nick Batterham; Golden Boy [2018]
What's It For – Hannah Cameron; I Lay Where You Lie [2018]
Something Left to Leave Behind – Clio; Something Left To Leave Behind EP [2018]

Liquid Architecture feature with Jannah Quill Curator of Polythinking a program of 4 events through April and May and Danni Zuvela artistic director of Liquid
A selection of exclusive tracks presented by featured artists: Betty Apple, Enderie, Rainbow Chan & Jannah Quill.

Footpaths – Scanner; Fibolae [2017]
Footpaths (ITN Remix) - Scanner; Footpaths Blend Remixes [2018]

Phone Interview with Dobe Newton the project manager of the 2017 Melbourne Live Music Census informing us with the fact and figures to the announcement that Melbourne is the Live music capital of the world per head of population !

New Mexico – Hidden Currents; After Image [2018]
Diplomatic Automatic - Dada Ono; Granny Loves Smith [2017]
City Blues - Ricky Summer; Mean Streets [2018]
Children Are Our Future – Ferla; Guilt Pop/Stay Posi Double EP [2017]

Live in Studio 3, Bridget Allan & Band.
Tracks performed: Attrition of a Daydreamer
/Paralysis/Drowning Sky

Missing Missy – King Puppy & The Carnivore; Family [2018]

Tracks played by Jane on 6/4/18
Girlatones / Misunderstood / Fitting in Well Girlatones / The Shifters / The Stroppies / Possible Humans
Leah Senior / Red Dirt / Summer's on the Ground Nadia Reid (NZ) + Band - Melbourne
Al Parkinson / Like This The Curtin
Terry / Hot Heads / Terry HQ Terry, Slag Queens, UBIK, Hot Topic at Bar Open
Alice Skye / Poetry by Text / Friends with Feelings (released today)
Wild Meadows / Feel the Noise Wild Meadows (Album Launch), with Ferla and Capital Gains
Mama Kin Spender / The Air Between Us / Golden Magnetic Mama Kin Spender Album Launch

Interview with Mama Kin about the upcoming launch.

Mama Kin Spender / Bird in Your Tree / Golden Magnetic
Birdz / Sunset Dreaming (Djapana remix) Nocturnal: Music Cities Edition Ecca Vandal/Birdz/Joey Lightbulb

Interview with Patrick Donovan about Music Cities Convention Melbourne

ECCA VANDAL / Price of Living
The Blackeyed Susans / Dream On / Close Your Eyes and See

Interview with Phil Kakulas aboutThe Blackeyed Susans and Strings event at Melbourne Recital Centre on Friday 20 April.

The Blackeyed Susans / Let's Live / Mouth to Mouth
Fourteen Nights At Sea / Acres Lubulwa, FNAS and LOAM at The Grace Darling
Simone & Girlfinkle / Snake / Hold On Simone & Girlfunkle with Darlings // Open Studio, Northcote, VIC The Tommyhawks, Simone & Girlfunkle, Jonesez, KAYO at The Tote
Henry Hugo / Since I Know You / Arcadian Songs Shifting Sands, Henry Hugo & the Kindred Souls, Happy Lonesome Duo
Ajak Kwai / Yin niar Ku tiomda Kush (I Love My Land) Evelyn Hotel

Interview with Danny McDonald about P76 other things including The Stems with Even and P76
Live songs performed: Me and Her. The Road and Our EJ. / Sleeping In / The Melbourne Divide

P76 / Summah Jane / Into the Sun (reissued through Off The Hip )
The Stems / At First Site / At First Site Violets Are Blue
The Beasts of Bourbon / I Told You So I Get Up Again- A Benefit for Brain Hooper


Tracks played by Jane on Music Matters 23/3/18

Baker Boy / Marryuna Baker Boy - Marryuna Tour - Northcote Social Club
FERLA / Wasted on You / Guilt Pop/Stay Posi Ferla Album Fundraiser w/ Bench Press & Sugar Teeth
Michael Waugh / Kindergarten Fete / The Asphalt and the Oval Michael Waugh CD Launch 'The Asphalt & The Oval'
Chris Dave and the Drumhedz / Black Hole Chris Dave with the Drumhedz at 170 RUSSELL, MELBOURNE
Interview with MzRizk (DJ) about her guest progaming for Jazz Out West for Melbourne International Jazz Festival also her own performance at Stonnington Jazz
Nubya Garcia / Lost Kingdoms / Nubya's 5ive
Mia Dyson / Gambling Mia Dyson AU Release Tour
Sarah Carroll, Ukulele Queen of the Bellarine / After the Ride / Star Parade 2018 Lake Bolac Eel Festival
The Letter String Quartet Ft. Laura Jean and Marita Dyson / My Song TLSQ x AMSR by The Letter String Quartet
Jen Cloher / Kinda Biblical SOLD OUT - Jen Cloher at The Croxton Bandroom
Interview with Sarah Deborre about Music Victoria and the Live Music Professionals program.
Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos / Kathleen Radio City Tonight!
Interview with Kalindy and Kurt of Hearts and Rockets - FKA Heat Wave about their split single launch with Piss Factory tomorrow at The Old Bar Hearts and Rockets + Piss Factory split 7" launch (after AFLW grand final at The Old Bar). Psychic Hysteria Included live songs Mind Games, The Silence, The Man and Psychic Powers.
Piss Factory / 377
Astral Skulls / Sexism Sux Astral Skulls, Shovels, Hot to Rot, Jungle Cuffs + Crash!
Two Steps on the Water / Hold Me / Sword Songs June Jones Corner Hotel
Lowtide / Alibi Lowtide - 'Southern Mind' Album Launch // Melbourne // this Sat!
Liam Linley / Soaking Cherries Amarillo - Sunday's in March - Some Velvet Morning
Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds / Take a little Time / The Way You Leave Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds- Free Sunday Session
Henry Hugo Ft Rosie Hayden / Can't Get You Out / Siren Songs Henry Hugo + Andrew McCubbin feat: Melinda Kay Lyrebird Lounge Tago Mago Club
Jim Lawrie / Lost on Earth* / Slacker of the Year Jim Lawrie // Emily Ulman Free Acoustic Arvo Show at the Tramway


Playlist: 16-3-2018 hosted by Joe

MLK – Topology; Twenty - One [2018]
Roller Coasters - Tank and the Bangas; The 2017 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival [2017]
Wish it would rain – The Sugarcanes; Songs For Modern Lovers [2018]
Friends of the KUYANG - Dub FX- Sahida Aspara and Elyjah McLeod; Lake Bolac Eel Festival - Kuyang Lapakira [2018]
Microphone Check – Rapaport; Village Idiot [2018]
Vibración Positive – Mista Savona; Mista Savona presents Havana Meets Kingston [2017]
Lament for Lost Dignity – Elephant Sessions; All we have is now [2017]

Phone interview with Euan & Alistair from Scottish band Elephant Sessions touring Australia and will be at The Spotted Mallard on Thursday 22nd March.

Summer – Elephant Sessions; All we have is now [2017]
Scottish - Oi Dipnoi; Pontos [2018]
Muriwai – Breabach; Astar [2016]

Phone Interview with Euan from Scottish band Braebach touring Australia including performing at the Northcote Social Club on Saturday 24th March.

The White Sands of Jervis Bay – Breabach; Astar [2016]
Serious - Squid Nebula; Single - Bandcamp [2018]
Chaos - Asha Jefferies; Single [2018]
The Woman Who Counted The Stars – Phia; The Woman Who Counted the Stars EP [2017]

Live in Studio 3, Phia local independent folk/pop artist playing at Wesley Anne supporting Mary Webb on Saturday 17th March.
Tracks performed: Denim/Chemistry/15 Steps (Radiohead cover).


Tracks played by Jane on 9/3/18
courtney barnett / Anonymous Club / How to carve a carrot into a rose
Pony Face / Justine / Deja Vu Pony Face at Sooki Lounge
Cracker La Touf / Fanclub Cracker La Touf "You Had It Coming" Single Launch (MEL)
CAMP COPE / The Opener @Stolenwealth Games @rubix warehouse fri 9 Stolenwealth Games Protest Camp Cope + Chastity Belt (US) second show Chastity Belt with CAMP COPE at The Old Bar
Bloods / Bring my Walls Down
Hockey Dad / Can't Have Them Hockey Dad - Melbourne (U18 - SOLD OUT) Hockey Dad - Melbourne (BOTH SHOWS SOLD OUT)
Benny Walker / Ghost Benny Walker (solo)
Little Wise / Grab a Hold / Silver Birch Kerryn Fields, Little Wise & Maja IWD @ The Retreat Hotel
The Hunter Express / Cool Final Tickets ***** The Hunter Express - **Album Launch**
Kim Salmon / Destination Heartbreak / My Script Kim Salmon's Continuing Labcoat Tales. The Labour In Vain
Harry Howard and the NDE / The Only One / Sleepless Girls Harry Howard & the NDE at Whole Lotta Love
Sal Kimber & The Rollin' Wheel / Hell and Highwater / Southern Light Moomba Festival
Liam Gerner and the Sunset Pushers / Miss Potential (the union hotel brunswick on sat)
Jordie Lane / Dead of Light / Not Built to Last Port Fairy Folk Festival
Great Aunt / Tell Me When It's Over Great Aunt + Gareth Leach at the Tramway
Amarillo / All I Can See / Eyes Still fixed Amarillo - Sunday's in March - Some Velvet Morning
Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds / Take a Little Time / The Way You Leave Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds- Free Sunday Session
Waz E James / The Plainsman / Water melon The Lomond Hotel
Quarter Street / Fantasia
Laura McFarlane / No Tunnel No Way Claire Birchall & the Phantom Hitchhikers at the Old Bar
Kutcha Edwards and others / Song For Elijah Close the Gap Close The Gap Day
Interview with Angie Black and Kelly Dingeldei about their work on new feature film The Five Provocations including music from the film: Teeth & Tongue / New Born and Miss Miss / Waiting For
The Five Provocations MQFF Screening

Playlist: 2-3-2018 hosted by Joe

Slave To The Rhythm [Hot Blooded Version] – Grace Jones; Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions [Disc 2] [1998]
Woman Is Divine ft Nãnci Correia - Vibronics; Woman On A Mission [2018]
Woman – Marmo & Curzon; Marmo & Curzon [2017]

Interview / session with Rita B singer/songwriter from NSW down in Melbourne for some shows over the weekend. Tracks played live in Studio 3: Miss Brown / Work.

Free to Be – Rita B; With Pockets Nearly Empty and A Glass Almost Full [2017]
Murray's Lullaby – Hachiku; Single/Video [2018]
Big Art Museum - June Jones; Single - Bandcamp [2017]

Interview with Dallas Frasca & Whitfield Crane about a special festival “A Hitch to the Sticks”, a bus tour/experience visiting Regional Victoria specifically the North East with some secret locations and showcasing local artists many without published recordings but also with established ones along for the ride. Music Victoria is supportive of this project that will include the free event “Down By The River” at Wangaratta. Info at

Cloudy Skies (ft. Whitfield Crane) – Tim McMillan; Hiraeth [2017]
Ban the Bomb - Bait (B1 & B2); Surveillance Culture [2018]
Friends of the KUYANG (Hip Hop song) – Dub FX- Sahida Aspara and Elyjah McLeod; Eel Festival Kuyang lapakira [2018]

Interview with Natalie Ambrose a singer/songwriter originally from the LaTrobe Valley who will be showcasing her material at the Workers Club on Saturday March 10 from 1pm.

Did you really mean it – Natalie Ambrose; Single [2018]
Missing Me - Angie McMahon; Single [2018]

Tracks played by Jane on 23/2/18
Ali MC
New Dub City / Exile / Exile: The Kolkata Recordings Rohingya: Refugee Crisis in Colour
Crazy Neighbours / Hunch *SOLD OUT* Hunch EP Tour - Feelds at The Catfish w/ Merpire & Bill
Sean McMahon / Show me the way / Introducing Blind Date Records The Gem Bar Nocturnal: Jordie Lane/Ainslie Wills/Sean McMahon/Hollie Joyce
Tinpan Orange /
Wanderers Tinpan Orange @ Hawthorn Arts Centre
Interview with Cameron Goodall about The Sound of Falling Stars at Arts Centre Melbourne from Wed 28 Feb to Sat 3 including Cameron performing acoustic versions of When I'm Gone by Phil Oakes and Fly by Nick Drake.
RACKETT / Alive RACKETT at Cherry Bar
Archer/ Who gonna shoe your pretty little foot NSC Freya Josephine Hollick, Archer, Leah Senior
Yolanda Ingley II /
Feels Like Rain / This Dangerous Age Saturday night at The Lomond
Interview with Gothum about Gothum's Debut EP Launch with Special Guests! including live songs: Please Come Home, Memoriam and The Curse of a True Romance.
Gothum & The Noise Pollution / Misty Mountain Trail / The Promise of a New Land
Cable Ties / Same For Me The Cable Ties Ball
Liam Gerner and the Sunset Pushers / Tjurkurpa Liam Gerner at Some Velvet Morning also Union Hotel Brunswick
Interview with Alison Ferrier and Jeff Lang about the launch of Alison's recording What She Knows at The Workers Club Sunday 25 Feb. with Harry Jakamarra and Alysia Manceau including live songs: Rest Easy and The Boxer
Alison Ferrier / Do You Ever Stop Loving Someone / What She Knows


Playlist: 16-2-2018 hosted by Joe

Stars – The Black Orchid String Band; The Black Orchid String Band [2016]
Numb (ft. Remi) - Thando; Single [2018]
Kush – SO.Crates; Static Methods EP [2017]
First Casualty - Pataphysics; Tip of the spear [2017]
Doubt – Dada Ono; Granny Loves Smith [2017]
Serious - Squid Nebula; Single - Bandcamp [2018]
Fire And Ice - Baby Blue; Do What You Like [2017]

Phone interview with Freya Josephine Hollick about her music, travels and future aims. Catch her at Northcote Social Club on Saturday 24th February with supports from Archer & Leah Senior.

Tough As A Sundried Dead Man's Skin – Freya Josephine Hollick; Don't Mess With The Doyenne [2017]
Whos fonna shoe yor pretty lil foot - ARCHER; The Divine Church of the Open Sky Volume 2 [2017]
Figueres - Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen; Journey Through The Land Of Shadows [2005]

Interview with Bubba from MyBubba (Swedish/Icelandic duo) about their musical life journey ahead of their Australian tour that includes WOMADelaide.

Backwards and Forwards - Zulya and the Children of the Underground; On Love and Science [2015]
Backlash Blues - Nina Simone; Nina Simone Sings The Blues [1967]
Broken Truth - Jess Holland; Miss Demeanour [2018]
The Cuckoo - Alison Ferrier; What She Knows [2017]

Interview/session with Samara Alofa a multi-disciplinary artist of Samoan, Māori and Tongan descent based in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She makes honest, poignant music using voice, loops (via a mobile phone app). She performed recently at The Night Heron in Footscray for “No Scene”. Look up her work at:
Tracks played: Tu Wahine & Aquarius Age.

Echo - William Elm; Spectrum Two [2018]
Burning Vinyl extra time:

Night Swims - Flower Drums; Single [2018]
Only Love - Xylouris White; Mother [2018]

Playlist presented by Paul & Joe 9/2/17

Memories / Frank Yamma / Uncle (2016) 4.07
Lonely world / Moses Sumney/ Aromanticism (2017) 4.49
Mandela (Bring him back home)/Hope /Hugh Masekela/ Greatest (1994) 6.28
Pata Pata / Miriam Makeba / Pata Pata (1967) 3.04
Tear it down / Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings / single (2018) 2.56
It’s been raining / Suzie Dickinson / 19 Steps (2009) 5.00

Interview / session with Cat Canteri featuring new material and double Single launch with Ben Mastwyk at the Spotted Mallard on Feb 15. Songs played:
Fitzroy Bowl / Cat Canteri / Live @ 3CR 9/2/18
How crazy I’ve been / Cat Canteri / Live @ 3CR 9/2/18

This country / Ben Maswyk / Single (2018)

interview / session previewing the worl premier of the production "Siblings" by Mikelangelo & Anushka at the Butterfly Club from Feb 13 to 18. Songs played:
Le Torre / Mikelangelo & Anushka / Live @ 3CR 9/2/18
Fallen Sin / Mikelangelo & Anushka / Live @ 3CR 9/2/18

Exile / Ali MC / Exile EP (2018) 4.36
Why / Whispering Jackie / For the moment (2017) 3.20
1000k / Clip / Immediate (2018) 4.06
All men are bastards / Painters and Dockers / nervous 90’s (1992) 3.32
Over again / Ron S Peno & The Superstitions / Guiding Light (2017) 4.31

Flowers by the roadside / The Bone Folders / Live @ 3CR 9/2/18
Mountains / The Bone Folders / Live @ 3CR 9/2/18

Lost in music / The Fall - Music / Xmas EP (1987) 3.50

Playlist: 2-2-2018 hosted by Joe

Interview with Baker Boy about his journey dancing, performing and recording 2 singles with a debut album coming up accompanied by heaps of festival gigs including WOMADelaide.

Learning on Country – Black Rock Band; CD Single [2017]
Something On My Mind - Culture Is Life (ft Glenn Skuthorpe, Jedda Costa, Louis Mokak and Alice Skye); Video/Single [2018]

Interview/performance from Shayne P Carter direct from Aotearoa New Zealand (member of Bored Games, Doublehappys, Straightjacket Fits and Dimmer) ahead of his solo Australian tour and particularly on Feb 2 at the Yarra Hotel. Tracks played live: Drop you Off-(Dimmer)/Hail-(Straightjacket Fits);

We Will Rise Again – Shayne P Carter; Offsider [2016]
Mr Moon - Headless Chickens; CD Single [1993]
Tomfoolery (2017 remix) – Salmonella Dub; Commercial Grates: 25 years, 30 Radio Cuts  Disc 1 [2017]
On My Radio - The Selecter; The Best Of 2 Tone [1979]
Numb - Thando; Single [2018]
The Man Whose Head Expanded - The Fall; Totally Wired - The Rough Trade Anthology [2002]

Interview/discussion with Takaiya Reed & Sylvie Nehill who are Divide and Dissolve ahead of their show at the Tote, Friday Feb 2.
Excerpts from the album Basic:

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL / BLACK POWER / CRIMES OF THE FUTURE written and performed by MINORI SANCHIZ-FUNG – Divide and Dissolve; Basic [2017]
Abomination - Divide and Dissolve; Abomination [2017]

Playlist: Music Matters 19-1-2018 hosted by Joe

Special episode Part 2: all artists recorded live in Studio 3 especially for Music Matters in 2017.

50 Diamonds – Vicky O'Keefe;
Forest Fire - Matt Wicking;
Summertime (cover) – Mama Alto;
Pilgrims Progress - Chris & Charlie Marshall;
Are You Ready Now – Hunter Express;
Wolf - Caiti Baker;
Fever of Love - Jamie McDowell;
Awakening - Lizzie Flynn & Lisa Couper;
Agnate/N'Fa – Allysha Joy & Danika Smith;
Drive - Gretta Ray;
Dancing To The Sun - Mo*Louie;
Out of Sight Out of Mind - Jazz Party;
Blue Lake - The Orbweavers;
Menina - Cameron Douglas;
Troll – Kawehi;
sax solo - Adam Simmons (from Studio 1);

Special replay of the studio session by Xylouris-White from December 2016.
Tracks performed:
Black Peak / Pulling the Bricks / Erotokritos (Opening) / Kondilies

Tracks played by Jane 12/1/18
A.B. Original / January 26 / Reclaim Australia
Closet Straights / Brisbane / Closet Straights Visions Jan 12th Feat Jaala, HTML Flowers, Closet Straights
The Black Sorrows / Raise your hands / Faithful Satellite The Black Sorrows
Rudely Interrupted / Born to Rock n Roll / Love you till I die Rudely Interrupted Access All Areas
The Thin White Ukes / Golden Years Bowie Unzipped — 2nd Anniversary Show
LAZERTITS / Lil' Sister / Lazertits/Swim Team split 7" NinchFest
Pierce Brothers / Follow me into the Dark Pierce Brothers Australian Open, Melbourne. VIC
Future Of The Left / The Male Gaze / How to stop your brain in an accident Future Of The Left - Corner Hotel, Melbourne
BATPISS / Paralyzed / Rest in piss
Interview and live performance by Simon Bailey of Pony Face
Live songs: Red Revolver, Stitches, Heartbreaker
Pony Face / So much said / Deja Vu Pony Face - Deja Vu Album Launch
(Big thanks to Corey and Michael for the live engineering)
Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds / (How do you) feel about fallin' / The way you leave Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds live at The Post Office Hotel
Emma Russack (Official) / Body goals / Permanent vacation Doona Waves (Double Single Launch) w/ Sagamore & Emma Russack
Cookie Baker / The Summer The Drunken Poet Ash Sumpter
Joined by Shauna and Nick of Cable Ties to guest program
Cable Ties / Fishbowl
MISS DESTINY / Law and order
The Pink Tiles / Time for love
Wet Lips / Here if you need Wet Lips, Marville, Shiny Coin & Jungle Cuffs at The Tote!
Hexdebt / Bitch rising Nick Brown's 30th - Wet Lips, Hexdebt, Pink Tiles, Other Places
Jen Cloher / Strong woman / Jen Cloher Jen Cloher at The Croxton Bandroom
CAMP COPE / The opener CAMP COPE w/ Special Guests Chastity Belt (USA) // Melbourne


Playlist: 5-1-2018 hosted by Joe

Special episode Part 1: all artists recorded live in Studio 3 especially for Music Matters in 2017.

Take a Look – Joe Matera;
Bonfire - Julitha Ryan;
Family – Little Stevies;
Little Clouds - Amaya Laucirica;
Black Gold – James Henry; [in "Studio 1"].
Reverie - CHMBRS
The Settler - Benjamin Trillado;
You're There - Giuls Ferla;
Grace – Broads;
Weeping (Bright Blue cover) - Fem & Zvi Belling;
Watch Your Step - Ruby Rogers Experience;
Safari - SELKI;
Young Skin - Debra LaVelle;
I'll Take You There - Jade Imagine;
True Wild – Rough River;
I Choose You / Love Song - Parvyn Singh and Hue Blanes;
Before You Go – Garden;
Owls - Tempus Sun;
Summer - Cookie Baker;
------------- overtime into Burning Vinyl ------------------
Oceania – Oi Dipnoi; Pontos [2018]

Tracks played by Jane 29/12/17
The Pink Tiles / Alone again at Christmas time
Amaya Laucirica / Not been sleeping / Sway SanctionAustralia Fundraiser at The Tote
Shelley Segal / Strange feeling Shelley Segal at Yard Bird (December 29, 2017)
The Stiffys / King of the internet / Art rock one ep The Stiffys Christmas Celebration
CAMP COPE / The opener
Casey Chambers / Rattlin' bones
Pierce Brothers / Follow me into the dark / My tired mind Pierce Brothers Live
Floyd Thursby / Sinatra's bones Thursby Sings Français at Wesley Anne Thursby Sings Brûlée - Amie Brûlée & Floyd Thursby
Didirri / Jude Didirri @ New Years on the Hill
Waz E James / The plainsman / Water melon The Lomond Hotel
Delsinki records and Brooke Taylor / Summer - corner of the world / Love one
Lubulwa / The Look NYE at The Rev with Habits, Friendships & more
Amaya Laucirica / Prettier than sound Sanction Australia fundraiser tonight at the Tote. Sanction Australia Projection at NYE Fireworks
Amyl and The Sniffers / I'm not a loser NYE at The Tote - Amyl & The Sniffers, Peter Bibby SOLD OUT
Cash Savage / Rat-a-tat-tat NYE at The Old Bar w/ Creedence Crapwater Revival and guests.
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever / French press New Year's EVIE - 2017/2018
Ayleen OH / Throw your weight / Blend and Spill Mick Thomas 7 the Roving Commission New Years Day family event.
Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission / New Moon Cafe / Christmas day at Spencer St. Mick Thomas 7 the Roving Commission New Years Day family event.
The Mavis's / Box The Mavis's (Matt & Beki)
Brooke Taylor interview and live performance. Your side of our bed (live), Shot down / Two ep, What if? (live), Crumbling / Two ep. Brooke Taylor at Charles Weston
Kim Salmon / Destination Heartbreak / My Script Kim Salmon Residency

Extended time in Burning Vinyl
Pony Face / Neptune twins / Deja Vu Pony Face - Deja Vu Album Launch
Ninetynine / A portrait / Ninetynine Laura MacFarlane & Liz Dooley
Fourteen Nights At Sea / Tired Hands Fourteen Nights At Sea + more at The Old bar.
The Drones / To think that I once loved you / Feelin kinda free
Summer Flake / Wine won't wash away
The Sugarcanes / Never call / The Sugarcanes
Emily Wurramara / Ngerraberrakernama (Wake up)
Belle Miners / You, the birds and I / Powerful Owl Belle Miners - The Powerful Owl Tour - Live at The Printers Room
Naomi Keyte / Company

Playlist: 22-12-2017 hosted by Joe

City Full Of Suspects – Suburban Dark; Death From Below [2017]
Asylum - Combat Wombat; Just Across The Border [2017]
No Human Dream – Stefano Meli; No Human Dream [2017]
Lakes under Lakes - SCANNER; The Great Crater [2017]
Apogean Tide – Krakatau; Tharsis Montes/Apogean Tide [Bandcamp] [2016]
Camouflage - Two Steps On The Water; Sword Songs [2017]

Phone interview with 3 members of Albion Place from Dunedin, New Zealand about their debut album Mascuzzi Jacuzzi and first overseas tour to Australia.

Morning Skys - Sand Pebbles; Pleasure Maps [2017]
What Would Be - Mayfield; Victim of Circumstance [2017]
Flowers – Jazz Party; Monday Night [2017]
More To Run - The Ocean Party; / Everybody Cares - Emma Russack; / Parliament Of Spiders - Machine Translations; Love In A Box: Spunk! Records [2017]
The Summer - Cookie Baker; Soundcloud Single [2017]
Strange World - Belle Miners; Powerful Owl [2017]
The Divine Church of the open sky - ARCHER; The Divine Church of the Open Sky Volume 2 [2017]
Budgie - Kristin Bernardi & James Sherlock; Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out [2014]
From Sicily To Jamaica – SHAKALAB feat. ASSASSIN aka AGENT SASCO; (Official video) [2017]
Ram Dancehall - SK Simeon; NEXT STOP MELBOURNE sampler [2015]
------------- overtime into Burning Vinyl ------------------

Messin' Around - The Meeseeks; EP [2017]
Farewell Aunty Jack - Graeme Bond & Rory O Donoghue; Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single, Picture Disc [1973]

Tracks played by Jane on 15/12/17

Song for Elijah (Wrap our arms around you) / Kutcha Edwards Archie Roach and more…/song-for-elijah-wrap-our…
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / There she goes my beautiful World
Interview with Carolyn Laffan about Australian Music Vault
Ron S Peno & The Superstitions / Destination Unknown / Anywhere and everything is bright Ron S Peno instore at Record Paradise at 6.15pm today
Mia Dyson / Gambling Mia Dyson at Northcote Social Club (December 15, 2017) Mia Dyson @ Caravan Music Club
BABY BLUE / Concentrate Dumb Dog Clip Launch Celebratory Rock Concert
Mike Noga / Nobody leads me to flames Mike Noga / SOLO / Kyneton - Major Tom's Mike Noga & Davey Lane's Xmas Party
We Lost The Sea / A gallant gentleman The Gasometer Hotel
Hannah Cameron Interview and songs: Just leave me here (live), No pen of mine (CD), I may explode (live)
On Diamond / Light
The Blackeyed Susans / Dream On / Close your eyes and see Blackeyed Susans Xmas Show: Caravan Music Club
the Killjoys / On the radio / Stealing horses
The Blackeyed Susans / I asked my mother / Close your eyes and see Blackeyed Susans Xmas Show: Spotted Mallard also Blackeyed Susans Xmas Show: Spotted Mallard matinee Sun. 17th
Dave Arden / Red desert man Dave Arden
Tammy Haider Interview and live songs: I've had enough of this life, Stormy bay, Rare lemonade
Tammy Haider / Are we gonna make it? / The one Tammy Haider - Tote Front Bar Residency
Plaster of Paris / Oh wow Heat Wave Tote residency - Wednesdays in December
(and snuck in Cash Savage / Run with the dogs Summer Tones: Chk Chk Chk Cash Savage TFS Spike F Pocock on Burning Vinyl after 2pm - Thanks Matt!

Playlist: 8-12-2017 hosted by Joe

Marryuna – Baker Boy; Single [2017]
Wandering Eye [The Italian Reprise Live from Locorotondo] - Fat Freddy's Drop; Wandering Eye [Single] [2006]
Ya Can't Rush An Old Rooster – Kev Carmody; Recollections... Reflections... (A Journey) Disc 1 [2015]
Full Freedom - Airileke and Dizz1; Full Freedom [2017]
Free West Papua – The Social Surgeons; Single [2017]

Interview with Adam Simmons previewing new music from The Usefulness of Art release and the Melbourne premiere of Travelling Tales with the ARCKO Ensemble being performed at 45 Downstairs from December 7 to 10. Tracks played: Faith & Generosity including a live saxophone piece featured in the Travelling Tales show.

Saint - Björk; Utopia [2017]
Midnight Suite (Pt III: Flinders St) - Brenton Foster; The Nature Of Light [2017]
Nitrates – The Orbweavers; Deep Leads [2017]
Raoul / Always Ascending - Andrea Keeble; Congratulations [2017]

Interview with Andrea Keeble about her new record Congratulations and the launch happening at the Church of All Nations, in Carlton on Saturday Dec 9.

Grouch in Dub featuring Dub Princess - Grouch; “preview” [2015]
Radiant Star (ft Saritah) - Sahida Apsara; RadIant Star [2017]
Fanm - Grace Barbe; Single [2017]
Afterlife Lifestyle - No Zu; Afterlife [2016]
Keep On Moving – ESG; Dance To The Best Of ESG [2006]


Tracks played by Jane on 1/12/17

A.B. Original / January 26 / Reclaim Australia
Buick KBT / Perfect Crime / Head Undone
Empat Lima / Hanoi / Satu Boom Buick KBT & Fungus Brains
Delsinki Records and Brooke Taylor / Summer - Corner of the World / Love One Coburg Night Market
Tropical F*ck Storm / Soft Power Summer Tones Chk Chk Chk Tropical F Storm Spike F Pocock & More and Tonight at The Gasometer Hotel
The Church Band / Undersea / Man Woman Life Death Infinity The Church
NO ZU / Spirit Beat / Afterlife Nocturnal: feat. NO ZU/Mildlife/Opalakia
Missy Higgins / Torchlight Tripod's Manger Danger - Memo Music Hall Tripod with Dylanesque @ Thornbury Theatre
Bruce Hearn & The Machinists / I Ain't Got No Home / Woody Songs of Freedom Newport Bowls Club - Official
Andrew McCubbin / Where Once There Was a Fire / Where Once There Was a Fire
Interview with Andrew McCubbin and Melinda Kay about Andrew McCubbin featuring Melinda Kay Album Launch (Melbourne) at the Gasometer this Sunday. Live tracks played: Stay, Wait Here For The Sun, Real Slow.
Andrew McCubbin / If You Go Up / Where Once There Was a Fire
Mick Turner/Tren Brothers / Jenny's Song / Blue Trees
Dan Sultan / Reaction / Killer Stolen Generations Marker Fundraiser with Dan Sultan
Weatherboard House / Truth Be Told The Old Bar
Sand Pebbles / Desire Lines / Pleasure Maps Sand Pebbles
The Peeks / Moving Pictures
July Days / Fall / Wilderness The Peeks' Single Launch // Shannen James / Cameron Douglas
Ian Bland / This Was a Working Town / Everything and Nothing 3RRR BBQ Day
The Gallant Trees / Mending My own Wings / Open Book Syndrome The Gallant Trees release Open Book Syndrome album!
Claire Birchall / Secret Somewheres / Nothing Ever Gets Lost Claire Birchall / James McCann twin album launch!
Heat Wave / Dead End Town Heat Wave Tote residency - Wednesdays in December
Gawurra Gaykamangu / Dharpa Garayurru / Ratja Yaliyali
Gawurra at Melbourne Recital Centre

Playlist: Music Matters 24-11-2017 hosted by Joe

Sorry – A.B. Original; Reclaim Australia [2016]
Rhymes to the East - Sampa the Great; Birds And The BEE9 [2017]
Natural Woman – Kaiit; [Digital single] [2017]
Bam Bam - Sister Nancy; One, Two... [1982]
Kryptology – Isaac Chambers-DubPrincess; Soundcloud [2017]
King Dub - Agency Dub Collective; Bang for your Buck [2017]

Joseph O’Farrell (JOF) and Sam Halmarack drop into the studio to preview their world premiere show We Are Lightning being staged at Arts House from Dec 6-10.
Track played: Down the Line.

Remember When - Mo·Louie; Fire Brick [2017]
Lift Me Up - Youthfire; Lift Me Up EP [2017]
Lightning Storm – Vök; Figure [2017]

Cameron Douglas (& Lawrence Henry from “July Days”) in acoustic mode plays some tunes previewing his support at Yah Yahs tonight. Tracks played: Menina/Valerie (Amy Winehouse cover)

Why is Music Free? - Bill Tolson; Single [2017]
Money - The Social Surgeons; Single [2017]
War - Fem Belling; Now Then [2017]

Studio 3 Live with Kawehi (via Kansas USA & Honolulu) previewing her first visit to Australia and performance at the Spotted Mallard Friday 24th November.
Tracks played: Troll / Mad World (Tears for Fears cover).

Her Hands ft. Allysha Joy - SO.Crates; Static Methods EP [2017]

Tracks played by Jane on 17/11/17

Pataphysics / Asylum is a Crime MMW Presents Pataphysics Album Launch, Audego, Sovereign Trax
Ron S Peno & The Superstitions / Myself in Thee Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions Ron S Peno with Baby Blue (Melbourne) at Spotted Mallard (November 17, 2017)
Liam Linley / Soaking Cherries Liam Linley Band - HEAD Single Launch
The Clouds / Float on Air / Zaffre The Clouds w/ Falling Joys at The Croxton Bandroom - Update: event postponed until feb.
Jim Lawrie / Lost on Earth / Slacker of the Year Jess Locke Old Bar Melbourne Universe Album Launch
Chris Jagger Music / Avalon Girls / All the Best The Retreat Hotel Chris Jagger & Charlie Hart
Chat and live songs from Chris Jagger and Charlie Hart: Funky Man, Rare Beauty, Allons Joujette
Neil Murray / Come Away From That Country / Bring Thunder and Rain Neil Murray @ Oakleigh-Carnegie RSL (Vic) Club in Oakleigh, Australia Neil Murray at Toff In Town
The Orbweavers / Poison Garden / Deep Leads State Library of Victoria The Orbweavers
Shane Howard / Solid Rock - Puli Kunpungka Mungo Man Return to Country Mungo Man: Return to Country
Buddy Knox Blues / Original Aboriginal Buddy Knox in Melbourne in November
Rob Snarski / Graciously / Low Fidelity (Songs by Request Vol. 1) Songs That Strike a Chord
Interview with Zac Abroms about Face The Music
Gold Class / Twist in the Dark
Adalita Official / Fool Around / Cobra Snake Necktie 5th Birthday Clare Bowditch and Adalita. Corner Hotel 21st birthday
Interview with Claudia about Her Sound Her Story Documentary.
Clare Bowditch / River / Just Music A Benefit Album Jesuit Social Services Artful Dodgers Studios
Blooming Heck / Dream is Desting / Blooming Heck Blooming Heck album launch with Theme Team + The Triangles (reunion gig!)
Cracker La Touf / Fanclub Cracker La Touf Mini Residency
Underground Lovers / The Rerun MMW: Miscellanea ft. HTRK, Underground Lovers,Tyrannamen +
Benny Walker / Ghost Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project at The Croxton Bandroom
Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project / Treaty (Duncan Gray radio edit) / Treaty 25 Anniversary Remixes Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project - only Melbourne show


Playlist: Music Matters 10-11-2017 hosted by Joe

Original Aboriginal – Buddy Knox Blues Band; Got da blues [2008]
Along the Line - Dusty Ravens; Low Down Jimmy [2017]
Sister Sandinista – Fred Smith; Great (Disc 2) [2017]
When every Door is Closed - Bowlines; Not all who wonder are last [2016]
Wounded Fool - Harrison; Harrison [2016]
Billy - Rya Park; Single [2017]
Crashing - Catherine Traicos; Luminaire [2017]
Long Distance - Gretta Ray; Elsewhere EP [2016]

Gretta Ray drops into Studio 1 to preview her regional homecoming tour returning from her 2nd trip to Nashville, writing new material for a future release in 2018 and playing her “hit” drive in acoustic mode.

Ambition - Estère; My Design EP [2017]
Either - Tetrahedra; Single [2017]

Mo-Louie returns to Studio 3 to preview her new EP Fire Brick. Tracks played: Dance Into The Sun / I'll Call You

Pusherman (Ft. Dru Down, Blvckseeds, & Mr. Talkbox - Bootsy Collins; WORLD WIDE FUNK [2017]
Let The Robots - Wasters Of Time And Sunitram; Coordinate [2017]
Boondock - The Mouldy Lovers; Single [2017]

Studio 3 Live with Jazz Party on the eve of their debut record launch for “Monday Night” happening at the Croxton Hotel on Saturday Nov 11th.
Tracks played: Out Of Sight / Mountain Goat / Drowning.

Cape Grim - The General Assembly; Vanishing Point [2017]


Tracks played by Jane on 3/11/17

No Fixed Address / Stupid System
Andy White / Dignity Andy White Some Velvet Morning w/G&C from The Hot Springs
Dave Arden and Paul Kelly / Freedom Called / Just Music Dave Arden Red Desert Man Single Launch Artful Dodgers Studios
The Orbweavers / The Hook / Deep Leads Laetitia Sadier and the Source Ensemble
The Peep Tempel / Carol / Tales Triple R Presents The Peep Tempel live at Forum Theatre
Tilman Robinson / Where We Began / Deer Heart Tilman Robinson: Deer Heart and New Works
Midnight Oil / White Skin Black Heart / Endangered Species Midnight Oil Melbourne Concert Midnight Oil Melbourne
Ross McLennan / Selling Good News Ross McLennan + The Orbweavers duo * next Saturday!
Yolanda Ingley II / Watchin' the TV / This Dangerous Age Yolanda Ingley II &Band (with Monica Weightman)
Dag / Guards Down / Benefits of Solitude Soda Eaves at Charles Weston!
Soda Eaves / Aphrodesia / Murray, Darling
The Ocean Party / More to Run / Beauty Point Cut The Mustard ~ ft. The Ocean Party, IV League + more
Go-go Sapien / Tough Love / Vote 1 for music. Best of the Easey Street sessions Vol. 1 2010 PBS 106.7FM Melbourne Go-Go Sapien Album Launch Spectacular
The Heartache State / Honey Slide / Last of the Buffalo The Heartache State
Wet Lips / Here if You Need / Wet Lips Hysteria Records Corner Hotel
Leah Senior / Pretty Faces
The Pink Tiles / Cut it Out / Snax, Spirits Classic Hits The Old Bar
Cosmic Psychos / Better, not Bitter / Cum the Raw Prawn Cosmic Psychos + Amyl and the Sniffers - Corner Hotel Cup Day
Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos / Seven Creeks (The Cross Dresser Steve Hart) / Too Much Water in the Boat The Retreat Hotel's Birthday on Cup Day
Chat with Katherine Simpson with live songs: Dream is Destiny / Blooming Heck Like a Shadow / The Triangles Blooming Heck album launch with Theme Team + The Triangles (reunion gig!)
Blooming Heck / Going to the Theatre, etc. / Blooming Heck
HEART BEACH / Counting / Not so Athletico Spunk Sampler 2015 Heart Beach, Low Talk, Mount Trout at the Gasso in November
Harem Scarem / Hard Rain / Blunt/Who Cares Wins Harem Scarem Reunion with Sand Pebbles & James McCann
BEACHES / Void / Second of Spring Beaches @ Gasometer
The Earthmen / Love Walks In / Endangered Species The Earthmen / P76 / Monnone Alone / Hamish Cowan

Playlist: 27-10-2017 hosted by Joe

Friday On My Mind – David Bowie; Pin Ups [1973]
Walking to New Orleans - Fats Domino; New Orleans Blues, Soul & Jazz Gumbo - [Disc 2] [1961][2012]
Spring – Mama Earth; Project Mama Earth Ep [2017]
Bird In Your Tree - Mama Kin Spender; Single [2017]
Today Tonight - Totally Mild; Single [2017]
Wear Your Jacket - Kerryn Fields; Rascal [2015]
Slow Mover - Angie McMahon; "Single" [2017]

Studio 3 live with Caiti Baker & local guitarist Jamie MacDowell (who performs with beatboxer Tom Thum) previewing her new record ZINC and performance at the Grace Darling Hotel Friday 27th Oct. Track played Wolf and Fever of Love by Jamie MacDowell.

Let Go - Simon Imrei; Single [2017]
I Won't Sleep - Caiti Baker; ZINC [2017]
The Ballad of Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheener - Bruce Watson; Mosaic [2017]

Studio 3 Live with singer/songwriter Lizzie Flynn and Lisa Couper previewing the record launch at the Caravan Music Club on Sunday October 29th.
Tracks played: Prisoner in my own Town / Awakening.

Fall in Love with Me - Belle Miners; Powerful Owl [2017]
I'll Call You - Mo•Louie; Fire Brick [2017]
Power - The Floating Bridges; Going Away [2017]

Studio 3 live with Allysha Joy and Danika Smith previewing their sound in duo mode for upcoming shows in Melbourne and at the Queenscliff Music Festival including performing with HipHop collective 30/70.
Songs performed: Agnate / M’Fa.

Divide (3070 Replay) - SO.Crates; [bonus replay 7" Single] Static Methods EP [2017]

Tracks played by Jane on 20/10/17

Nick Stratford / All For The Cause / Yeah Nah Nick Stratford & The Yeah Nahs – Album Launch
Jess Ribero / It'll Come To Pass / Darebin Music Feast 2010
Ausmuteants / Music Matters / Band of the Future The Double (USA) Ausmuteants Taipan Tiger Girls
Tinpan Orange / Wanderers Tinpan Orange | Workers Club Geelong Tinpan Orange at The Toff in Town
Magnetic Fields / Papa Was a Rodeo / 69 Love Songs Vol. 2 The Magnetic Fields: 50 Song Memoir (Night 1) - Melbourne The Magnetic Fields: 50 Song Memoir (Night 2) - Melbourne
Claire Birchall / On High Street / Nothing Ever Gets Lost Intoxica at Tago Mago Club!
Cash Savage / I'm in love / The Hypnotiser Here Comes The Pride Live at 3RRR
RVG / A Quality of Mercy Our Golden Friend RVG 'A Quality of Mercy' Album Tour
Plaster of Paris / Oh Wow / Oh Wow/Newcomer7 Piss Factory launch w Plaster of Paris, Pearl Bay, Wars, Gnohms+
Xani / I'm Coming Back / Xani
Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds / Loose Change Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds - The Way You Leave Launch
Cookie Baker / The Summer
Chat with Cookie Baker and live performance of I Still Don't Know What I Want From You
Cool Out Sun / Song For Sons MMusic—Melbourne Festival presents 'Our Place, Our Home'
Bill Jackson Music / Gippsland Boy / The Wayside Ballads Vol 2 Tago Mago Club
Mojo Juju / Think Twice MMusic—Melbourne Festival presents 'Our Place, Our Home'
Emma Donavan The Putbacks / Black Woman / Dawn Reservoir Stomp 2017
The Orbweavers chat and live songs: Blue Lake, Radium Girls, Spotswood The Orbweavers - Deep Leads Album Launch - NSC Sun 22 Oct Ross McLennan album launch with The Orbweavers duo
The Orbweavers / The Dry / Deep Leads


Playlist: 13-10-2017 hosted by Joe

Take Me Home – A.B. Original; Reclaim Australia [2016]

Interview with Alice Skye about her current tour supporting Benny Walker and new single

60% - Alice Skye; Friends With Feelings [2017]
Inma – Electric Fields; Inma [2016]
Days - Joelistics; Voyager [2011]
Coffee Shop - Mayfield; Victim of Circumstance [2017]
Mystik - Tash Sultana; Single [2017]
Black Lake - WALLACE; Single [2017]
Miracle Mile - Harem Scarem; Pilgrim's Progress [1986]

Studio 3 live with Charlie & Christopher Marshall (Harem Scarem) preview the re-union show Thursday 9th November at the Gasometer Hotel Collingwood.
Tracks performed: Pilgrim’s Progress / Hard Rain / Dead of the Night

Female of Alpha - The Social Surgeons; Single [2017]
Black Snake - Wendy Rule; Black Snake [2013]

Ryan Hale, Festival and Events Officer at Darebin Council provides a rundown on the extensive Darebin Feast program.

Hold Me - Two Steps on the Water; Sword Songs [2017]

Studio 3 live with Brad and Pia from The Hunter Express (via the Real Songwriters of Melbourne) preview their show at Newmarket Studios in Nth Melbourne.
Songs performed: Cool / Are you ready now.

Two Birds - Monique Clare; By The Stars EP [2017]


Tracks played by Jane on 6/10/17

Bruce Hearne * The Machinists / All You Fascists / Woody Songs of Freedom WOODY Songs of Freedom at the Mallard
Benny Walker / Save / Undercover
Phone call with Benny Walker Benny Walker 'Wine, Woman & Soul' EP Tour
Benny Walker / Oh No You Don't / Undercover
The Twerps / Dance Alone
Benny Walker / Ghost / Undercover
Alice Skye / You Are The Mountains/ The Alukura Compilation Album
Shrimpwitch / Lust For a Kick / Eggs Eggs Eggs Northcote Social Club
LAZERTITS / Very Berry Milkshake / Aubergine Dream Lazertits + Swim Team Split 7" Launch
Swim Team / Meek / Holiday
Zelda Da / Never Gonna Build That Mine
Cookie Baker / The Summer Sun Rising Chapel Off Chapel
Pony Face / Open All Night / Nebraska He Cries Diamonds Single Launch
Dave Arden / Red Desert Man Dave Arden & Band
Ron S Peno & The Superstitions / Fall From Above Ron S. Peno & Cam Butler
Alison Ferrier / Damned If I Do / Be Here Now Tago Mago Club
DUSK SONGS - Three Songwriters at Tago Mago
CAMP COPE / Jet Fuel Won't Melt Steel Beams Good Luck #1: A Fundraiser for Girls Rock! Australia
The Peep Tempel / Howlin' Belle Triple R Presents The Peep Tempel live at Forum Theatre
BABY BLUE / Soccer Ball Baby Blue October Sunday Fundayze x 5
Jo Jo Smith / Peace Won't You Come On In / My Life Has Just Begun
Lucie Thorne / Darlin' If We Could / Everything Sings Tonight Jo Jo Smith, Lucie Thorne & Hamish Stuart at Bella Union
Jo Jo Smith / Dance Me To The End Of Love / My Life Has Just Begun
Sarah Mary Chadwick / Makin' It Work / Roses Always Die Caroline No, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Real Love (Old Bar Sunday 8 Oct)
Hannah Blackburn / With Rest Hannah Blackburn w/ Rock Band, Rat!Hammock and Mickey Cooper
The Peeks / Postman / Grow Up/Grow Down The Northern Folk- Gasometer Hotel October Residency
Lambchop is a Band / The Good Life (is Wasted) / Mr. M Lambchop I Melbourne Festival I Recital Centre

Playlist: 29-9-2017 hosted by Joe

60% – Alice Skye; Friends With Feelings [2017]
Gave It All Away (Electronic version mixed by Mu) - Louis Baker; Gave It All Away [2017]
More Than This – Amaya Laucirica; Rituals [2017]
Maker - Amber Isles; Running [2016]
[bonus track] - Liz Stringer; All The Bridges [2016]
Peace, Won't You Come On In - Jo Jo Smith & Lucie Thorne; My Life Has Just Begun [2017]
All You Facists - Bruce Hearn and The Machinists; WOODY Songs of Freedom [2017]

Interview with Bruce Hearn about the special shows and record he has organised to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of his death, “Woody Songs of Freedom”, happening at Caravan Music Club 1st October and at The Spotted Mallard October 6th

Two Good Men / Deportee - Bruce Hearn and The Machinists; WOODY Songs of Freedom [2017]
The World (Is Going Up In Flames) - Menahan Street Band With Mr. Charles Bradley; Menahan Street Band - Australian Tour EP [2009]

Interview with Jon Cleary about his award winning record “GoGo Juice” and upcoming tour to Australia in November.

Ladies Nite (features MC Eiht & BlvckSeeds) - Bootsy Collins; World Wide Funk [2017]
Get Your Walk On – Knights of the DUB Table; Unity EP [2017]
Lost My Head - Tijuana Cartel; Psychedelicatessen [2015]

Interview and performance with gender transcendent diva, cabaret artiste, jazz singer & community activist, Mama Alto and their involvement in the Marysville Jazz & Blues Weekend on October 20-22.
Songs performed ala accapella: Round Midnight / There is No Greater Love / Summertime.


Tracks played by Jane on 22/9/17

Mojo Juju / Think Twice - All Tomorrow's Wedding Parties
Alex Lahey / Let's Go Out / B-Grade University
Michael Beach / I Never Had Enough Time With You / Gravity/Repulsion - Michael Beach Tour Kickoff at Polyester!
Scott & Charlene's Wedding / Distracted / Mid Thirties Single Scene
The Scrims / Where Do I Belong? / Sing To Me Sunny Sweet One
RVG / A Quality of Mercy
Ben Ely / Goodbye Machine
BATTS / Little White Lies
Karl S. Williams - Musical Fool / O Death - Karl S. Williams at Northcote Social
MEL PARSONS / Good Together / Drylands - MEL PARSONS @ Caravan Club
David Chesworth Ensemble / Apoh Jenah / Vanishing Tekopia - David Chesworth 50 Synthesizer Greats launch w Sky Needle Gregor
George Telek and David Bridie / Lili Ram Kavavar / a Bit na Ta
TV Tam Vantage / Do You Remember? / Life in High Definition - Tam Vantage + Caroline No launch an album each: Yarra Hotel Sept 23
Interview with Dave Arden - Dave Arden & Band

including live songs: Annie Louisa, Freedom Called, I Close My Eyes.
Dave Arden / Red Desert Man
Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes w/ Bill Chambers / 309 - Lachlan Bryan @ The Caravan Music Club
The Rebelles / Baby Bye Bye / Go! Rebelle! - Finding MEMO
Emily Barker / Sweet Kind of Blue - Emily Barker Melbourne Launch
Declan O'Rourke / Time Machine - Declan O'Rourke - The Spotted Mallard (Melb)

Playlist: 15-9-2017 hosted by Joe

The Dead Heart – Apakatjah; DEADLY HEARTS [2017]
Mine - The Orbweavers; Deep Leads [2017]
Hide By The River – Patrick Wilson & The Bare River Queens; Anywhere With A Rooftop EP [2017]
Count Your Blessings (Feat. Ruby Gill) - Delsinki Records; New and Used [2017]
Everyday, Everyday - Raised By Eagles; I Must Be Somewhere [2017]

Interview with Joelistics and James Mangohig about their show “In Between Two” for this year’s Melbourne Festival in October.

No Surrender feat. Sizzla/Capleton/Fantan Mojah - Monkey Marc; No Surrender Riddim 10” vinyl/Digital [2017]
Where is this island of yours? - Scattered Order; A Suitcase full of Snow Globes [2017]
Will We Know More – Marta Collica; Inverno [2017]
Up and Down - Random Acts of Elevator Music; Random Acts of Elevator Music [2017]
Music In The Air – Holger Czukay; Rome Remains Rome And Excerpts From Der Osten Ist Rot [2009]

Interview with Reece Lamshed from Liberty Victoria about the event “Fearless Voices” on Sunday 1st October.

In The Wrong - The Royal Parks; Suburb Home [2017]

Matt Wicking from The General Assembly live in Studio 3, tracks performed:
Anatomy of Melancholy / Forest Fire White Walls;

Vanishing Point – The General Assembly; Single [2017]


Playlist: 8-9-2017 presented by Jane

Jen Cloher / Forgot Myself / Jen Cloher (Official)
Hachiku / Moonface
Wet Lips / Here if You Need
Jed Rowe / Tailem Bend / A Foreign Country
Charlie Marshall and the Curious Minds / Not a Cruel Machine/ Sublime - Charlie Marshall with special guest Sabrina Lawrie (Brisbane)
Models/ I Hear Motion - Models & Machinations at The Croxton Bandroom
Lorrpu / Lorrpu
Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos / The Last Polaroid - A bookshop gig with Charles Jenkins
Kit Convict and Thee Terrible Two / Napalm On The Street / Cobras Blood - Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two
John Dowler's Vanity Project / Off the Coast of Me / Splendid Isolation - Power Pop Now! (Central Rain Album Launch)
Little Murders / Love and Stuff Like That / ...and Stuff Like That
Didirri / Blind You - Didirri
JMS Harrison (Ft. Cabin Inn) / For Chris / Tales Surround the Lighthouse Lamp - James Spencer Harrison
School Damage / Tall Poppies - School Damage
Cookie Baker / The Summer - Cookie Baker
Glen Skuthorpe / Cradle to the Grave / Out of the Darkness - Glenn Skuthorpe
Australian Chamber Orchestra / Prelude / Mountain Film Soundtrack - Australian Chamber Orchestra
Interview with Pat Miller, Percy Grainger Youth Orchestra Conductor about Virtousity Grand Final Melbourne Recital Centre 17 September
Boeme trumpet concerto excerpt
Elena Cats Chernin and Tamara-Anne Cislowska / Unsent Love Letters - Meditations on Eric Satie
Damon Smith and the Quality Lightweights / I Thought I'd Be Someone New Damon Smith
The Tommyhawks / Summertime / This is not a Desert Island - The Tommyhawks EP launch Melbourne
Tom Waits / Bottom of the World / Orphans - Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets
Lambchop / If Not I'll Just Die / Mr M - Lambchop I Melbourne Festival I Recital Centre
JoJo Smith / Don't be Blue / My Life Has Just Begun - Jo Jo Smith, Lucie Thorne & Hamish Stuart at Bella Union
To listen to the last three tracks of this episode again (for 1 week) you can stream on demand at:


Playlist: 1-9-2017 hosted by Joe

Vision – No Fixed Address; PBS Recorded Live At The Prince Of Wales 1981 [2016]
Promised Land - D Henry Fenton & The Elizabethans; Twice I fell Down Once [2017]
Weapon Down – Mayfield; Victim of Circumstance [2017]
Snake Eyes - The PutBacks; 7 inch single Kung Fu Pyramids b/w Snake Eyes [2015]
Meet Your Maker (The Oil Baron Remix) - Echo Drama; Remix the Weapons [2014]

Kaylie Melville one of the musicians from Speak Percussion previews their latest production Assemble Operation at Arts House beginning Tuesday September 5 through to Saturday September 9th Tickets and info:

草木深 The Spring in Grassness and Forest - 周云蓬-Zhou Yunpeng; 牛羊下山 - Love Without Speaking [2010]
Kingdom Song - Philemon; Frame EP [2014]
Pacifist's Lament – Ani DiFranco; Binary [2017]
Coburg - Asha Jefferies; Single [2017]
Crescent – SAATSUMA; Overflow [2017]
Found Some Secret - Amaya Laucirica; Sway [2014]
The fear - Georgia Reed; Single [2017]
Summertime – The Tommyhawks; Bandcamp-Single [2017]
Pearl Of The Sky – Sagamore; Charlemont Reef [2017]
Jarabi - The Senegambian Jazz Band; TSJB [2017]
Over Everything - courtney barnett and kurt vile; Lotta Sea Lice [2017]
Son Of An Immigrant - Bill Tolson; Fifty Good Years Here [2017]

Extended version of Music Matters filling in for Burning Vinyl

The Horizon Line – STAV; The Horizon Line [2016]
This World - Kristin Rule - The Unconventional Cellist; Remember, I am [2016]
Anxiety Wars (DEMO) – Garden; (demo) [2017]
You & I - jade imagine; What The Fuck Was I Thinking [2017]
The Wild - Jess Ribeiro; Kill It Yourself [2015]
Laundromat - Seri Vida; Bright Future EP [2017]
Head Talk - Sophisticated Dingo; Bandcamp single [2017]
Arms Of The Sea - Space Party; New Wave [2017]
Glitch – Gonzo; Gonzo by Gonzo [2017]
Nazi Scum - Last Quokka; Last Quokka [2016]
How to Boil an Egg - Courtney Barnett; Split Singles Club, Vol. 1 [2017]
Always Was / Outroduction - Combat Wombat; Just Across The Border [2017]
We Have Survived - No Fixed Address; PBS Recorded Live At The Prince Of Wales 1981 [2016]
Where did you sleep last night / Spoonful - Mike Elrington; Live at the Flying Saucer CD/DVD [2017]
Die Well - Shock Octopus; Roam in Silence [2017]
The Old Winter Wind - Khristian Mizzi; Unamed EP [2017]
I heard the owl call my name – Sand Pebbles; Pleasure Maps [2017]
Loose Magic - Jen Cloher; Jen Cloher [2017]
Fade Away – MAXON; New World EP [2016] Catch on Sunday 7pm SEPT 3 Solo at Compass Pizza w/ Ruby Gill
“gotta get out of here” - Rya Park; Live at Studio 3 [2016]

Playlist: 18-8-2017 presented by Jane

Dan Sultan / Kingdom / Killer
Paul Kelly / Firewood and Candles
BATPISS "Rest In Piss" ALBUM TOUR / Paralyzed / Rest in Piss
RVG / That's All / Night Mission - Sounds of Studio 5 Live PBS 106.7FM Melbourne
Great Outdoors / Keep Your Focus / Fake News
LAZERTITS / Dirty Brown Couch / Aubergine Dreams The Courtneys (Vancouver), Smoke Rings, Lazertits // Free Entry
The New Savages at the Post Office Hotel / Down the River Blues / Goin' Over the River
Pony Face / Alabama / Hypnotised
Heat Wave / Dead End Town - Heat Wave & Piss Factory
The Pink Tiles / Stood Up
Kim Salmon / Destination Heartbreak / My Script
Amarillo Band / All I Can See / Eyes Still Fixed
King Curly / Skeletons of Light / Night Parrots - King Curly Melbourne E.P Launch
Lost ragas / Where James Once Played - Lost Ragas - The Spotted Mallard residency
A Band Called Twang / Everything is Looking Up / Rootin' Tootin' - A Band Called Twang - Eddies Poolroom & Bar
Tex, Don & Charlie: You Don’t Know Lonely National Tour / A Man in Conflict with Nature / You Don't Know Lonely
Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos / Cartwheels / The Last Polaroid
Jen Cloher / Regional Echo / Jen Cloher - Jen Cloher Live at RRR
Cam Butler / Fearless / Find Your Love - Cam Butler and his Orchestra launch "Find Your Love"
The Orbweavers / Cyclamen / Deep Leads - The Orbweavers - Deep Leads Album Launch - NSC Sun 22 Oct
Gold Class / Rose Blind / Drum
Shane Howard / Solid Rock Puli Kunpungka
On Diamond / Long Road - On Diamond Single/Video Launch


Playlist: 18-8-2017 hosted by Joe

Dead in a Minute – A.B. Original; Reclaim Australia [2016]
Vague Utopia - Tia Gostelow; triple j Unearthed [2016]
Idle No More / Rumble (1958) – Ulali Project & Link Wray; from the film Rumble-The Indians that Rocked the World [2017]
Cattle and Cane - The Go-Betweens; Before Hollywood [1983]
Zero Gravity - Jean-Michel Jarre / Tangerine Dream; Electronica 1: The Time Machine [2015]
Snow – Severed Heads; Gigapus [1994]
We will go to Mt. Paektu [North Korea cover] – Laibach; Live In North Korea "Liberation Day" [2015]

Vicky O’Keefe live in Studio 3 previewing her new record and the 2 local shows at the Flying Saucer Club & Satellite Lounge, in tribute to her father Johnny O’Keefe. Tracks played: Heaven in this Place / Right Now / 50 Diamonds.

I let it be (what will be) – VOK; 50 Diamonds [2016]
Little Desert - Emilee South; Motel [2017]
Your Precious Company - Georgia Spain; Precious Company EP [2015]
Shoegazers – Jen Cloher; Jen Cloher [2017]

Interview with Zvi Belling from The Royal Swazi Spa about their show and story at the Kew Court House on Saturday 26th August

Amandla! - Protest Meeting, Johannesburg; Amandla! a Revolution in Four-Part Harmony [2003]
Usilethela Uxolo (Nelson Mandela Brings Us Peace) – The African National Congress Choir; Amandla! a Revolution in Four-Part Harmony [2003]
African Puzzle, Pt. III / Cuddle Puddle - The Royal Swazi Spa; African Puzzle [2015]
Mali mal M'Halmaz Everyone is together - Master Musicians of Joujouka; Boujeloud [2006]
Vanishing Point – The General Assembly; Vanishing Point [2017]

11-8-17 presented by Karen Neville

Playlist: 4-8-2017 hosted by Joe

River Of Fearz (Ft. Kev Carmody) – Daen; DEADLY HEARTS [2017]
Maralinga - Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls; Gossip [1987]
Drover (Meat Market Sessions) – Dan Sultan; Killere [2017]
Burning Spear - Malachi Doyle; Suburban Princess [2016]
Maphia (Ft.Michael Prophet) - Miss Fritty & Joe Ariwa; Pastafari Dub [2015]
Music Evolution (Featuring Lee "Scratch" Perry) – Almamegretta; Ennenne Dub [2017]
War (Umberto Echo Remix) – Tackhead; EXODUS vs. Black Cinderella vs. WAR (Remixes)[2017]
Message / I walk the Line - Giampaolo Scatozza; Travels [2017]
City Rush - Hue Blanes Trio; Straight Chaser [2017]
Stella – Stefano Meli; No Human Dream [2017]
Maybe - Blood Blossoms; Hymns from the Pitt [2015]

Interview / performance by Cookie Baker performing as part of the Due West – Immersive Arts Festival from 10th – 27th August with a gig at Littlefoot, Sunday, August 13, 8pm to 11pm. Festival details at Tracks played: 2 Lovers / Little Engine / The Summer.

Starburst (Creation) – Charlie Marshall and The Curious Minds; Sublime [2017]
Treat Fire - River; River [2017]
Crazy House - Miles Recommends; Extended Play EP [2017]
Gold - Tempus Sun; Digital Single [2017]
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - Sand Pebbles; Pleasure Maps [2017]
Rhythm King – The Originals; Demo [2016]
Muhammad & Jesus / Jesus & Muhammad – ARCHER; The Divine Church of the Open Sky Volume II [2017]


Playlist: 28-7-2017 presented by Karen & Paul

1 Richard Walley "Natural High" (Two Roads 2005)
2 Death Of Art "War" 2nd EP "WAR" (2015)
3 Death Of Art "Kharma" 2nd EP "WAR" (2015)
4 Death Of Art "Suicidal Butterfly" 2nd EP "WAR" (2015)
5 Death Of Art "Am I Psycho" 1st EP (2011)
6 Death Of Art "Anarchy"1st EP (2011)
7 Death Of Art "Anti-Valentine" 2nd EP "WAR" (2015)
8 Death Of Art "Kharma" (acoustic version) 2nd EP "WAR" (2015)
9 Seminar "Dig Deeper" (2017)
10 Gawurra Wunybul Global Vine Of Love (Sounds of Indigenous Australia) (2107)
11 River "Treat Fire" (2017)
12 Siltman "Smoke Stack Lightning" (Written by Howlin Wolf) (2017)
13 Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead" ( Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape 1982)

Playlist: 21-7-2017 hosted by Karen & Paul

We’re not gonna take it / Thee Ultra Bimboos / Rock & Roll Salvation Vol. 2 (2007)
Paralyzed / Batpiss / Rest in piss (2017)
This is the place / Combat Wombat / Just across the boarder (2017)
Where I belong / Lonely Boys / The Hunter (2017)
Warmala (young girl's song) / Kardajala Kirridarra / Kardajala Kirridarra (2017)
I am not your Negro trailer James Baldwin directed by Raoul Peck
Is it because I'm black / Syl Johnson / The Soul Of Melbourne (2012)
Trouble / La Bastard / Live 3CR (2017)
Between you and me / La Bastard / Live 3CR (2017)
Man is the man / La Bastard / Live 3CR (2017
Jelly roll blues / Murder mouse blues band / Fill the hole (2009)
2+1 (Featuring Kylie Auldist) / Lance Ferguson / Raw Material (2017)
Crying shame / The Teskey Brothers / Half mile harvest (2017)
I don't want you on my mind / Joel Silbersher / No teeth (2017)
Birds / Helen Ryder (2017)
Lady bird / Helen Ryder / Someday love (2016) w/ Spencer P. Jones
One step of the blues / Don, Tex & Charlie / You don't know lonely (2017)
Two’s Company / Kimba Griffith / Belmar records top 10 vol 5 (2017)
Ballad of a skinny man / Steve Hensby / Steve Hensby (2017)
Had enough / A band called Twang / Rootin’ Tootin’ (2017
The way I made you feel / Ed Kuepper / Honey steel’s gold (1991)
Let your freak flag fly / The Hummingbirds / Va Va Boom (1999)

Playlist: 14-7-2017 hosted by Karen & Paul

Live on the run / Mr Morgz/ Life on the run (2009)
Black boy / Emily Warramara / Deadly hearts (2017)
Halfway round the world / X / X-Aspirations (1985)
I am the rut, I am the wheel / Kill Devil Hills / King Pest (2016)
Dream on / Blackeyed Susans / Close your eyes & see / (2017)
Hyrda / Kill Devil Hills / King Pest (2016)
Dead man's curve / The Crossbones / Dead man's curve (2016)
Impolite / Dear Foot / Impolite (2016)
Don't you know / Ruby Rogers Experience / Gotta gimme some (2017)
Part of the corporate / Sam Green (2017)
Barkly Square / Charles Jenkins & the Zhivagos / The last polaroid (2017)
Further / NinetyNine (2017)
Do it again / La Bastard / Trouble (2017)
Cry / Cass McCombe / Mangy love (2016)
Man cave / Mikelangelo / Secrets of love EP (2016)
Beautiful place / Mikelangelo / Live 3CR (2017)
Le Torro / Mikelangelo / Live (2017)
Love in St Kilda / Mikelangelo / Melbourne EP (2015)
Coburg lullaby / Mikelangelo / Melbourne EP (2015)
Heartbeats slow / Angus & Julia Stone / S/T (2014)
Eloquent lies / Brittle sun (2017)


Playlist: 30-6-2017 hosted by Karen & Paul

You're still breathing / Les Thomas
Wisdom information / Curse Ov Dialect / Twisted Strangers (2017)
Honesty in monasteries / Curse Ov Dialect / Live @ 3CR (2017)
Calamity / Curse Ov Dialect / Live @ 3CR (2017)
What I know / The Harlots / Coarse Tunes I & II (2013)
The colour of the light coming down / The Pigs / The Great Bluegrass Swindle (2012)
Your affections / Stompy & the Heat /Stompy & the Heat (2012)
How long / Papa Pilko & the Binrats / Till the end of the road (2015)
Old nasty Jim / Frank Sultana & the Sinister Kids / Greeting from devilstown (2013)
Cross your eyes / Shane Daniels / single (2017)
Cut like the wind / Tay Oskee / Single (2017)
Clean trouble / The Settlement / Stand in the middle (2017)
Koiki / Mau Power / single (2017)
Wasted time / Cable Ties / Cable Ties (2017)
My friend / Cash Savage & the Last Drinks / One of us (2017)
Green cherries / Lady Lash / Crystal Mercy (2013)
Iron Bark / The Waifs / Iron Bark (2017)
Feel the way / Jungle Giants / Quiet Ferocity (2017)


Playlist: 23-6-2017 hosted by Paul & Karen

Photographic memory / Daniel Morphett / Live @ 3CR
Man / El Duende / Making storms (2017)
One / Bart Willoughby / Resonance (2017)
Freedom Fighters single / Bandcamp / Les Thomas (2017)
Blank USB / Devil Monkey / Devil Monkey (2107)
Galaxy Class / Devil Monkey / Devil Monkey (2017)
Just (after song of songs) / Agnès Vesterman / Trio Mediaeval & the Garth Knox Trio / Youth La Giovinezza Soundtrack (2014)
I asked my mother / Blackeyed Susans / close your eyes and see (2017)
Rob Snarski reads The Birthday party and Jonathan Richman Chapter 19 from Rob’s auto biography ‘You’re not Rob Snarski - Crumbs from the cake’
Crush the Lily / Chad’s tree / Crossing off the miles
Disolve / Winter Sun / Black lips, dead trees (2017)
We told yah / Ekraroplans / Proof of concept (2017)
We Can’t Stop What’s Coming / The The / single (2017)
Love tastes like strawberries / Margret RoadKnight / Decade ’75-‘84 (2013)
Girls in our town / Margret RoadKnight / Decade ’75-‘84(2013)

Radiothon Edition 16-6-17 hosted by Joe, Paul & Karen

Playlist: 9-6-2017 hosted by Joe

Cloud 9 – Baker Boy; Single [2017]
Satellite Boy (Pumpy) - My Friend The Chocolate Cake; The Revival Meeting [2017]
Nibe Nibe – Kristal West; Single [2017]
Long Road - On Diamond; Bandcamp-Single [2016]
Crashing - Catherine Traicos; Single [2017]
Friendly Fire – Larissa Tandy; The Grip [2017]

Debut Radio performance by GARDEN live from Studio 3 previewing material for their SOLD OUT debut show at Aeso Studio, Fitzroy on June 23rd.
Tracks played Anxiety Wars / Before you go / If you’re not yourself you’re no one.

White Doves - The HaBiBis; Selections 1995-2006 (from Intoxication) [1998][2008]
So Many Times - Masco Sound System; triple j Unearthed [2017]
Trans Europe Express - Kraftwerk; 3-D 12345678 DVD [2017]
Collarbones – Jessica Says; Do With Me What U Will [2017]
joe - Mirko Guerrini & Niran Dasika; Sound Portrait MIJF 2016
Lunamble – Topology; Tortured Remixes [2017]
I Must Be Somewhere - Raised By Eagles; I Must Be Somewhere [2017]
Kinda Biblical - Jen Cloher; Our First 100 Days (Various Artists) [2017]

Interview and acoustic performance with Tempus Sun of their single “Owl” ahead of its launch at the TOFF in Town on Friday, June 30th.


Playlist for 2/6/17 presented by Jane

AB Original / January 26 / Reclaim Australia
Liam Gerner / Your property / Liam Gerner and the sunset pushers
Les Thomas / You're still breathing / Survivors Tale
Dag / Staying up at night / Benefits of solitude
Two steps on the water / A very hot shower / Sword songs
Sugar Fed Leopards / Shut up (show me with your shoes) / Take you out
Pirra / A beautiful waste / Animal Kingdom
Brenton Foster and Tom Jovanovic live in Studio Three / Steven Street, Juniper

Interview with Brenton Foster about his show tonight at Darebin Arts Centre
Brenton Foster and Tom Jovanovic live in Studio Three / MX
Brenton Foster / Hundreds and Thousands / The nature of light
Tiddas / Sing about life / Sing about life
Interview with Liz Stringer about 'The big tuesday string a long series' at the Gasometer this June
Liz Stringer live in Studio 1 / Song for Emlyn
Liz Stringer / Casey / All the bridges
Root Rat / Faulty Glamour
Plaster of Paris / Oh Wow
Cookie Baker / Little Engine
Cam Butler / Find your love
Tobias Hengeveld / Out of Bounds

Playlist: 26-5-2017 hosted by Joe

Saturday Night – No Fixed Address; PBS Recorded Live At The Prince Of Wales 1981 [2016]
12lb Toothbrush - Madder Lake; Boogie! Australian Blues, R&B And Heavy Rock From The '70s [Disc 1][1973] [2012]
Federation Bells – Bart Willoughby; Resonance [2017]
Build You Up (To Cut You Down) - Mike Elrington; Two Lucky Stars [2015]
One Skin - Rory Ellis; One Skin [2017]

Interview with Archer previewing the final show of his long Australian Tour at the Gasometer Hotel on Saturday May 27th.

Sweet Aussie Sweetheart – Archer; 7" Single [2017]
Under Water - Domini Forster; Raven [2017]
Shopping Bag Women - Ironing Music; Ironing Music: The Album [2017]

Interview with Ursula from Ironing Music about the amazing rerelease of a 4 track EP (plus extra tracks) from 1985 now available via the American label Medical Records.

New friends - Ironing Music; Ironing Music: The Album [1985][2017]
Flesh and Bone – LACUNA; Recovery EP [2016]

Interview with local electronic artist LACUNA about her music and the special event “Ladies to the Front” - Celebrating women in electronic music at the Gasometer Hotel on Thursday June 1st.

Atomically - LACUNA; Recovery [2016]
Raw Language – Forest Swords; Compassion [2017]

Interview with Sean Foran from BFK – Berardi Foran Karlen, about their music and the collaboration with vibraphone player Pascal Schumacher from Luxembourg for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival performance at the TOFF on Tuesday June 6th.

Lilia (by Milton Nascimento) - Pascal Schumacher; LEFT TOKYO RIGHT [2016]
Hope in my pocket - Berardi Foran Karlen; Hope in my pocket [2015]
This Is No Mistake - Melody Moon; Wings Out Open Wide [2017]
Phoenix - Echo Drama; Bury The Weapons EP [2013]


Playlist: 19/5/17 hosted by Jane

2 Inch Tape / Our love (part 2)
POPPONGENE / Do it girl
jade imagine / Walkin' around Jade Imagine Melbourne EP Launch with Pearls, Lalic & Poppongene
Sally Seltmann / You're always Sally Seltmann Live Show
Paul Grabowsky Music and Monash Art Ensemble / First Dawn / Nyilipidgi
Mick Thomas and Ayleen O'Hanlon playing live in Studio 3 / Geisha Girl/lost you to a geisha girl, Most of the time, Aqua Profunda. Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission
Raised By Eagles / Waiting for ghosts
John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special / Making America hate again / JFK and the midnight crisis
the Killjoys / Marching out of time / PB:100
Phone interview with John Kennedy John Kennedy Album Launch w/ Mikelangelo and the Killjoys (trio)
John Kennedy's 68 Comeback Special / Strawberry Hills forever / JFK and the midnight crisis
Sarah Carroll, Ukulele Queen of the Bellarine / Lived your life twice / Star Parade Sarah Carroll plays at DRUKE 2017!
Harry Jakamarra playing live in Studio 3 / The Mountain, Holding yard, Sgt. Moore.
Harry Jakamarra / Salt Creek Harry Jakamarra May Residency - Upstairs at the Gasometer
Rowena Wise / Hollow hearts
Baby Blue 'In My Mind' EP Launch w/ Closet Straights + Swim Team New Girlfriend
Cash Savage and The Last Drinks / Run with the dogs / Night Mission Sounds of Studio Five Live from PBS FM Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - The Curtin - VIC
Melody moon / Wings out open wide
Mikelangelo and the Spectres of Love / Mancave


Playlist: 12-5-2017 hosted by Joe

Dreams – B-Town Warriors; Single [2017]
2 Black 2 Strong - A.B. Original; Reclaim Australia [2016]
Always Was - Combat Wombat; Just Across The Border [2017]
La Gallina - Ozomatli; Live at the Belly Up 2017 [2017]
Never More - Original Sicilian Style; Official Video - Single [2017]
Play God – Ani DiFranco; Play God EP [2017]

Jade Imagine live in Studio 3 ahead of her EP launch at the Gasometer Hotel on Friday May 19th.
Songs played: Get Out of your Head/I’ll take you there/Walking Around.

Can I Sleep On Your Floor? - Mick Thomas; These Are The Songs [2017]
Moon Face - Hachiku; Split Singles Club, Vol. 1 [2017]
How Will I Get That High - Lucy Roleff; This Paradise [2016]
The Awakening – Kristin Rule; 'Remember, I am' - Live Studio Album [2016]

Rough River (in solo mode) live in Studio 3 previewing the album “The Leaving” launch at the Grace Darling Hotel on Saturday 13th May. Song played True Wild.

Shanghai - All Day Breakfast Stringband; Shanghai [2014]

Phone interview with Hamish from the Davidson Brothers talking about their latest record and show at the Caravan Club in Oakleigh on Friday May 12th.

All You Need is Music – Davidson Brothers; All You Need Is Music [2017]
Jeffrey Smart (Silver City) - My Friend The Chocolate Cake; The Revival Meeting [2017]

Parvyn Singh & Hue Blanes live in Studio 3 previewing their debut record “I choose You” and performance at the David Williamson Theatre, Prahran as part of the 2017 Stonnington Jazz Festival.
Songs performed: I Choose You/Love Song/Garleaan Goriyan.

[Thanks go to Matt from Burning Vinyl in allowing this performance to run into his program.]


Playlist for 5/5/17 presented by Jane

N'fa Jones / The revolution will not be televised / Day Tripper The sounds of studio 5 live PBS 106.7FM Melbourne
Charm of Finches / Paper and Ink / Staring at the starry ceiling
Mojo Juju / They come and they go
Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife / The valley / Thieves
Mike Noga / Nobody leads me to flames Mike Noga Band / Baby Blue / Hollie Joyce Band - Old Bar
The Rebelles / Go! Rebelle! The Strays with The Rebelles at Yah Yah's
Cash Savage and The Last Drinks / Run with the dogs / Night Mission The sounds of studio 5 live PBS Radio Festival 2017 - One Small Step Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - Corner Hotel - VIC Sold out
The Ruby Rogers Experience / One Road / Gotta gimme some
Flyying Colours / Long holiday / Mindfulness
Red Spencer / Ride it out
The Weeping Willows / River of gold / Before darkness comes a-calling
Travelling Companions - Lachlan Bryan Wildes/The Weeping Willows
The Weeping Willows @ Caravan Music Club in Oakleigh, Australia
Rowena Wise / Hollow Hearts The Scrims Album Launch Party w/ Golden Sound and Rowena Wise
Rosie Burgess Trio / Run through the fire / Handful Part Two
Rosie Burgess Trio EP Launch!
Interview with Rosie Burgess about the launch of Handful Part Two at the Toff ending with Raise You Up
Cold Irons Bound / Up the pavement Cold Irons Bound at The Union Brunswick Sat 6 May 5pm
The Band Who Knew Too Much / Crazy people The Band Who Knew Too Much
Dan Lethbridge / I want you with me / Inner western Dan Lethbridge & Shane O'Mara
Plaster of Paris / Alison Plaster of Paris, Tight Knit, Magpie, Maureen + Make More at The Tote
Harry Jakamarra / Salt Creek Harry Jakamarra May Residency - Upstairs at the Gasometer
BABY BLUE / Save yourself Mike Noga Band / Baby Blue / Hollie Joyce Band - Old Bar
Interview with July Days Laurence Henry playing live in Studio 3 Melbourne, London Still, Heart in my chest. July Days Wilderness Blowfish Records presents July Days with The Peeks and Paul Ryan
(and sneaking more of Burning Vinyl time...)
Justin Bernasconi / Barefoot Wonderland Justin Bernasconi Melbourne Album Launch at Spotted Mallard


Playlist: 28-4-2017 hosted by Joe

De Manhã (feat. Heidi Vogel) / Mid Morning – Tamil Rogeon; 24 Hours in Lapa [2017]

Interview Tamil Rogeon about his composition based on a tragic event that happened in the bohemian neighbourhood of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro and public performance at the Night Cat in Fitzroy on Friday April 28th with the 35 piece Australian Youth Orchestra.

Afternoon / Jealousy (feat. Raashan Ahmad) - Tamil Rogeon; 24 Hours in Lapas [2017]
Babylon Time Bomb - Combat Wombat; Just Across The Border [2017]
Beware Verwoerd (Naants' Indod'Emnyama) - Miriam Makeba; Amandla! a Revolution in Four-Part Harmony [2002]

Phone interview with artistic director Chelsea Wilson previewing the 2017 Stonnington Jazz Festival happening from May 11 – 21.

Moving - Fem Belling; Now Then [2017]
I fell in love with you on May 1st – Apodimi Compania; "When the band plays...please sing and dance"[2017].
There Is Power In A Union - Billy Bragg; Must I Paint You a Picture? The Essential Billy Bragg [Disc 1] [1986][2003]
How Can I Live - Casii Williams; Desert Divas Volume II [2016]
'This World' - Kristin Rule; 'Remember, I am' - Live Studio Album [2016]

Phone interview with Kristin Rule “The unconventional cellist” about her travels and upcoming performance at CERES on Friday May 5th.

From the Dreams of Others – Kristin Rule; 'Remember, I am' - Live Studio Album [2016]
Murder To The Mind - Tash Sultana; Video-Single [2017]
Conjure (Part Two) – The Royal Parks; Suburb Home [2017]

Debra LaVelle Band live in studio 3. Songs performed:
Pamela / Ashes / Young Skin

Flee - Scott Candlish; Home Away From Home [2016]


Playlist: 21-4-2017 hosted by Joe (fill-in for Jane)

Babelogue / Rock 'n' Roll Nigger – Patti Smith; “Easter” - Land (1975-2002) [Disc 1] [1978][2002]
Same Different (feat. Buxaburn) - DJ Drez & Zaire Black; Aficionados [2017]
One People - Natalie Rize; Rebel Frequency [2017]
Truant - Duncan Graham And His Co-Accused; Austral Weeks [2009]

Melinda & Anthony from the Ruby Rogers Experience live from Studio 3, previewing their EP and upcoming shows. Songs performed: One Road / Watch Your Step.

Gotta Gimme Some - The Ruby Rogers Experience; Gotta Gimme Some [EP] [2016]
Deadly Nightshade – Winter Sun; Black Lips, Dead Trees [2017]

Phone interview with Rod and Angela from Winter Sun about their new record and upcoming show at the 3CR Benefit on Sunday 30th April at the Northcote Social Club.

Heart For Sale - Winter Sun; Black Lips, Dead Trees [2017]

Interview with Michael Tortoni Artistic Director of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival previewing the 2017 program, June 2 -11.

As a Judgement – Bill Frisell; When You Wish Upon a Star [2016]
Angelique - Mélisande; Les millésimes [2017]
Wasted On You – Ferla; Single-Soundcloud [2017]

Selki live in Studio 3 previewing her new single “Skins” and other tunes ahead of her show at the Workers Club on Sunday April 30. Songs performed:
Skins / Animal / Gotcha Back

Head Weight - Marley Wynn; 25 Bruised Boysenberry ave [2017]


Playlist 7/4/17 presented by Jane

Cam Butler Find Your Love (radio edit)
Andy White Dignity
Charles Jenkins Autumn Fall / Blue Atlas
Dan Kelly Never Stop the Rot / Leisure Panic
Augie March A Dog Starved / Havens Dumb
Krista Polvere Father
Closet Straights Highway Bound
Pony Face Holly Said / Hypnotised
Wet Lips Shame
The Pink Tiles #1 Fan LP Launch Independence Days / No. 1 Fan
Shrimpwitch Boyz Will Be Boyz
Clouds / Mabel's Bookshop
Dag Staying Up at Night / Benefits of Solitude
Anna Cordell I'll Wait Here
Blackeyed Susans: Melbourne - Close Your Eyes Album Launch Not Quite the Same / Close Your Eyes and See

D Henry Fenton & The Elizabethans Album Launch Melbourne interview and live songs Baby Doll, Dusty Wings, Portland Rain

D Henry Fenton and the Elizabethans / Love is a Tough Commodity / Twice I Fell Down Once
Amaya Laucerica / Ocean Wide / Sway
Amaya Laucirica with Sand Pebbles and Parading
Ill Starred Captain The Devil Jumped Up / Yeh Nah!
Ill Starred Captain live at The Workers Club Fitzroy Victoria
Astral Skulls The Other Side / Contact:Light
Soursob Bob / Raskolnikov / Someplace Good Already
Soursob BOB & Outland Brothers at WHO CLUB Warburton SUN 9 APROutland Brothers If I Ever... / God Is Drunk In Charge
19th Century Strongmen New Love


Playlist: 31-3-2017 hosted by Joe

The Fool's Black Gold – The Same Boat; Let No-one Be Left Behind [2015]
Colourblind – Kutcha Edwards; Beneath The Surface [2015]
Better / The Ride - Glenn Skuthorpe; See My World [2016]

Phone interview with Glen Skuthorpe previewing the Melbourne launch of his new CD as a double bill with Kutcha Edwards at the Spotted Mallard, Thursday April 6.

Walk Lightly (Ecology) – Charlie Marshall and The Curious Minds; Sublime [2016]
Failure May be Your Style – (The John Hurt Locker); You Do it I Can't Be Bothered - The Songs of Tom Smith [2014]

Giuls Ferla from Ferla in solo mode live from Studio 3, previewing a month of Wednesdays at the Tote in April with special guests each week.
Songs played: Wasted on You / I Can’t let you down.

River With Champagne - Aryeh; The Book of Judith [2015]
A Little Human Kindness – Michelle Chandler; Unravelling [2016]

Broads (Kelly Day & Jane Hendry) live in Studio 3 preview their new record and its launch at the Toff in Town, Saturday April 1st.
Songs played: Dear John / Grace / Nod Off, Dream.

One Road - The Ruby Rogers Experience; Gotta Gimme Some [2016]
What Becomes Of People - Tina Harrod; Temporary People [2009]

Fem Belling & Zvi Belling (double Bass) live in Studio 3 preview 2 different shades for shows at Paris Cat, Friday March 31st and Kew Court House Saturday April 8th.
Songs played: Weeping (cover of Bright Blue – South Africa) / Our Love Is Here To Stay.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Joe Chindamo; Paradiso (The Joy Of Film Music) [2004]


Playlist: 24/3/17 presented by Jane

The Band Who Knew Too Much / Blue light of day / The Band Who Knew Too Much
Freya Josephine Hollick / A man is the water / The unceremonius junking of me
Al Parkinson / Like this / Like this
Mikelangelo and the Spectres of Love / Love comes a knockin / Mancave
Kim Salmon / Gorgeous and messed up / My script

Interview with Jeff Lang about his new album and shows tonight in Bendigo and Sat. in Ballarat

Jeff Lang / Fugitive ghosts / Alone in bad company
Jeff Lang / Smarts Hill Rd / Live in Studio 1
Jeff Lang / Palmera Lad / Alone in bad company
Tim Ries and Bernard Fowler's The Rolling Stones Project / Fool to cry / Stones World

Interview with Tim Ries about the Rollong Stones Project shows tonight and tomorrow at Birds Basement

Tim Ries and Bernard Fowler's The Rolling Stones Project / Miss you / Stones World

Interview with Sophie Koh about her new album 'Book of Songs' and performance tomorrow at the MRC

Sophie Koh / (Gan Lan Shu) Olive tree / Live in Studio 3
Sophie Koh / Tiger not the Hare / Book of Songs
Sophie Koh / (Ta De Mai) Her beauty / Live in Studio 3
Sophie Koh / Paper kites / Book of Songs
Antelodic / Ave Eva / Quite sufficient
Tinpan Orange / See you in the water / See you in the water
Lover or the Loved / The Blackeyed Susans / Close your eyes and see

Interview with Phil Kakulas about The Blackeyed Susans launch of 'Close your eyes and see' at the Corner Hotel on Sat 6 April

Dream On / The Blackeyed Susans / Close your eyes and see


Playlist: 17-3-2017 hosted by Joe

Those Bold Bushrangers – Ronnie Minder; The Legend of Ben Hall - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [2016]
Yororo Kanto (Featuring Oki Dub Ainu Band & Rekpo) – Baba Zula; XX [Disc 1] [2017]
Magical - Mercan Dede; Dunya / SUNSET [2013]

Phone interview Frankie Curac from New Zealand Balkan outfit Niko Ne Zna previewing their show at Open Studio on Friday 17th March.

Babushka's Borsch – Niko Ne Zna; Bandcamp-Single [2017]
Nomad Blood - Martha Tilston; Nomad [2017]
Somethings in the forest - Ali inka; Demonic Religious Music EP; [2017]
I'm A Woman – Kelly Auty; Kelly Auty Live [2016]
Another Day In The Park - Suzannah Espie; Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today [2015]
Ella - Tim Hulsman; Get Loved! [2016]
Shape & Line - Raised by Eagles; Single [2017]
Kaikoura - Olly Friend; Single [2017]
Other Little Lies - David Hosking; Butterfly Net [2017]

CHMBRS, Benjamin Trillado & Tanya George Music live in the studio to talk up and perform some tunes from their The Real Songwriters of Melbourne showcase performances at the The Workers Club on Sunday 19th march from 7pm

The Lie / The Will - Tanya George; Sonder EP [2017]
Actors / The Settler - Benjamin Trillado; Live in Studio 3
Crazy in Love (Beyonce cover) / Reverie – CHAMBRS; Live in Studio 3

Tongan Steel - The Bamboos; Rawville [2009]


Playlist: 10/3/17 presented by Jane

The Blackeyed Susans / Colours Move / Close your eyes and see
Jess Locke / Paper Planes
Mental as Anything / Goat Tracks
Leah Senior / Summer's on the Ground / The city is a stream
Hue Blanes / Slippery Jack / Sad songs make me happy
Brooke Russell and the Mean Reds / Cotton / Poor Virginia
JP Klipspringer / Can't Be
Interview with Nathanael Riley about 19th Century Strongmen show at Longplay Sat 11th March including live songs Five or Six Years, There's a Moon Out, Home
19th Century Strongmen / Let's Go
La Bastard / Trouble
Kim Salmon / Destination Heartbreak / My Script
The New Savages / Down the River Blues / Goin' over the river
The Black Sorrows / Raise Your Hands / Faithful Satellite
Formidable Vegetable Sound System / Dad's Dunny
Interview with Hue Blanes about his shows tonight and tomorrow afternoon as part of Brunswick Music Festival including live songs Fernando, Vladimir Putin, To those who are finding it hard to sleep tonight.
Aziza Brahim / Julud / Soutak
Baby Blue / Soccer Ball
Madeline Leman and the Desert Swells / Snowman / Tennessee Diamond
Interview with Tom Dockray about his show at The Spotted Mallard on Thurs supporting Madeline Leman and the Desert Swells and Leah Senior as part of Brunswick Music Festival including live songs Behind Your Tears, Strap Me To a Rocket If I Plan to Multiply, Coal Train Blues
Tom Dockray / Monopoly Money / One Finger Salute


Playlist: 3-3-2017 hosted by Joe

Madha Yidi – Kutcha Edwards; … [….]

James Henry live in studio for a chat about the Ulumbarra – Gather Together theatre special performance dedicated to the stories of the Dja Dja Wurrung. To be performed as part of the Castlemaine State Festival on Saturday March 18.

Song performed: Black Gold – James Henry.

Djarra baby – Emma Donovan; “Ulumbarra” [2015]
Woodfordia - The East Pointers; Secret Victory [2015]

Interview with Jake Charron guitarist from The East Pointers, previewing their Australian tour performing also at WOMADelaide and Melbourne at the TOFF Wednesday March 8.

Last Blank Page – The East Pointers; Secret Victory [2015]
Hazy - Rough River; The Leaving [2017]
Little Kings - Bill Tolson; Single; [2017]
Romantic – Barcelos; Blairgowrie-Romantic 7”Single [2017]
Green Screen - Broads; Vacancy [2017]
Let's Fall In Love - Jackie Mendez; Introducing Jackie Mendez EP [2013]
Ghost Town - Hot 8 Brass Band; double A-side digital single “Ghost Town” / “Let Me Do My Thing” [2012]
Friday Night, Saturday Morning - The Specials; The Specials: Singles [1991]
East of Kunashiri - Oki Dub Ainu Band; Oki Dub Ainu Band [2006]
Pada Siang Hari – Senyawa; Acaraki [2014]
Wondrous - Mercan Dede; Dunya / SUNSET [2013]
Swept – Kiasmos; Swept EP [2015]

Interview with Periklis Tsoukalas from Turkish Istanbul based band BaBa ZuLa about their music and upcoming performance at WOMADelaide and Melbourne.

Music played: “Do Not Obey” from 34 OTO SANAYI [2014]; “Efkarli Yaprak – Worried Leaf” from Gecekondu (Live at Babylon Studio) [2010]; “Istanbul Cocuklari (dub) from Duble Oryantal (Mad Professor) [2005]; “Azmak Koprusu” from the soundtrack to Dondurman Gaymak [2006].

Foreign Bombs - This Way North; This Way North EP [2016]


Playlist for 24/2/17 presented by Jane
Sodastream / Blinky / A minor revival
Didirri / Born Again / Live on Swanston St
Gawurra / Ratja Yaliyali / Ratja Yaliyali
Shockwaves / Got you now / Enough to kill 10 men
Nigel Wearne / Autumn Tempest / Drawing circles
Anna Cordell / I'll wait here
Yirrmal / Mayangan / Youngblood
Shane Howard / Solid Rock Puli Kunpungka
The Little Stevies / Diamonds for your tea
Victoriana Gaye / Lone Ranger / The Freest of the free
Melbourne Ska Orchestra / Sly Boots / Sierra-kilo-alpha
Powerline Sneakers / 2 step wreck / ...Disasterpiece
Wet Lips / Shame
Kim Salmon and the Surrealists / Turn turn / Grand unifying theory
Jess Locke interview about her show at the Reverence, sat 25th and Live songs: Better Bitter, Change the sheets, Border Security
Jess Locke / Paper Planes
Shiny Coin / So Great
Camp Cope / Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
Lowtide / Julia
Pixies / Greens and Blues / EP2
Amaya Laucirica / Found some secret / Sway
Amaya Laucirica interview about her show upstairs at the Gasometer, sat 25th and Live song: Little Clouds
Amaya Laucirica / Running out of time / Sway

Playlist: 17-2-2017 hosted by Joe

Another Man Is Gone – Willard Grant Conspiracy; Regard the End [2003]

Interview with Birdstriking (& Julian Wu) from Beijing China, previewing their upcoming tour to Australia and shows in Melbourne from February 21 to 25.
Music used: Intro/Monkey Snake/No More Rock n Roll (from self titled record Birdstriking)/Yun tian ming (from forthcoming release).

Interview with Shou Wang of Carsick Cars from Beijing China previewing their upcoming tour to Australia and shows in Melbourne from February 21 to 25.
Music used: He Sheng (from self titled record "Carsick Cars")/15 minutes older/512 (from "3")/Yoko (from "the other 3 EP"/ silveR (from "White+" self titled record)

Interview with Julian Wu providing a gig guide for where you can catch Birdstriking, Carsick Cars & White+ during February 21 to 25 brought to you by Maybe Mars & Far Out Distant Sounds.

Julitha Ryan live in Studio 3 previewing her album launch at the Old Bar on Sunday 19 th February
Songs performed: Zeehan / Bonfire / Woman Walks The Cat.

Don't You Know - The Ruby Rogers Experience; Gotta Gimme Some [2016]
Lemon's (Alternative Remix) - Lisa Wood; Bandcamp - single [2017]

The Little Stevies live in Studio 3 previewing their upcoming show at the Kew Court House on Saturday 25th February.
Songs performed: Loving Man / Family (Teeny Tiny Stevies) / Diamonds For Your Tea.

Burning Vinyl caretaker mix:

Turn The Lights On – Domini Forster; Raven [2016]
Can't Figure You Out - The Brass Traps; Tan Lines [2016]
I See Memory - Dee Farrow; Low Tidings; [2016]
City Waves – Amber Isles; Running [2016]
Thing Goes Up (Live) - Shaun Kirk; Giving EP; [2013]


Playlist for 10/2/17 presented by Jane

The Yearlings / Fallen Star / Wind already blown
Helen Ryder and Spencer P Jones / Lady Bird
Mark Steiner and his Problems / Unbearable (Bowery Version) / Saudade
Summer Flake / Wine won't wash away / Hello friends
The Pink Tiles / Cut it Out / Snax, Spirits, Classic Hits
Interview and live performance with Victoriana Gaye in advance of their show tonight at the Caravan Music Club
Pretty things and Far Out / Victoriana Gaye live at 3cr
River Baby Love / Victoriana Gaye / The Freest of the Free
The Dacios / Liberty Lovers / Monkey's Blood
Cable Ties / The Producer
The Braves / Black Mass / All through paradise
Baptism of Uzi / Stray Current / Stray Currents
Luluc / Senja / Passerby
The Spectres of Love (Ft. Mikelangelo) / Mancave
Cathouse Canary / Tombstone Necklaces / The dirt and the sky ep
Shane Howard / Solid Rock (Puli Kunpungka)
Cash Savage and the Last Drinks / Rat-a-tat-tat
Interview and live performance with Scott Candlish in advance of his show at the Workers Club on Thursday 23 Feb
Monsters, Contact List and Two Feet / Scott Candlish live at 3cr
Ludivico Einaudi / abc / [Elements]
Cookie Baker / Little Engine


Playlist: 3-2-2017 hosted by Joe

Under The Southern Cross – Henry Hugo; Arcadian Songs [2016]
Memento - Julitha Ryan; The Winter Journey [2016]
Stranger in Asia - ALPHAMAMA; Single from EP ‘Honey Fire’ [2016]
Blairegowrie - Barcelos; Single - Bandcamp [2017]
You Are The Mountains – Alice Skye; ALUKURA [2016]
Walkin' Around - Jade Imagine; 7” Single [2016]
This Love - Rough River; The Leaving; [2017]
Oh, the Wind - Anna Smyrk; Song of the Silver Tongue Magpie [2016]

Interview with Dustin Arbuckle from Moreland & Arbuckle, blues/roots trio from Kansas about their new record “Promised Land Or Bust” and Australian tour playing in Melbourne shows in Melbourne.

Down The River Blues - The New Savages; Goin' Over The River; [2016]

Interview with Chelsea Wilson music programmer of the 2017 Brunswick Music Festival, previewing the launch of the program that is on from 5-19 March.

Fikera (Intro) - Dereb The Ambassador; Single [2016]
Calles de Dajla - Aziza Brahim; Abbar el Hamada (Across the Hamada) [2016]

Local Rock guitarist Joe Matera live in acoustic mode from Studio 3
Shining Star / Take a Look / Fallen Angel

Get Up - Debra La Velle; Journey Of the Heart [2016]


Playlist for 27/1/17 presented by Jane

A.B.Original / January 26 / Reclaim Australia
No Fixed Address / We have survived / Recorded live at the Prince of Wales in 1981 by PBS FM
Yothu Yindi / Treaty  / Duncan Gray remix
Michael Noga / Nobody leads me to flames / King
Baby Blue / Soccer Ball
Interview with Damon Smith about his gig tonight at Some Velvet Morning and his other projects, including live songs: So From Now, Threadbare Rope, Crazy Arms
Les Thomas / Freedom Fighters
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever / Clean Slate
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / There she goes my beautiful world / Abattoir Blues
The Cutting / So Damn Lucky / The First Cut
The Bats / Afternoon in Bed
Digger and the Pussycats / Coming to get you / Watch Yr Back
Interview and studio performances from Michael Plater, Rossco Harvey, Henry Hugo and Mark Steiner  to promote their afternoon show at the Tote on Sunday 29/1/17
Michael Plater and Rossco Harvey / Reflections of a Dream / Live at 3cr
Henry Hugo / Siren Song / Live at 3cr
Mark Steiner and his Problems / Saudade / Live at 3cr
Michael Plater and Rossco Harvey /The Officer's Mess / Live at 3cr
Henry Hugo / Waiting on Eternity / Live at 3cr
Mark Steiner and h