3CR Summer Specials

A feast of radical summer radio featuring shorts, documentaries, music, and highlights from across the years.


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1 February
Summer Specials



Summer specials 2020-2021

Enjoy some summer programming with shorts, features, documentaries, new and unusual music and highlights from 2020.
9 Dec 2020

Summer specials 2019-2020

Tune into great radio over Summer with a range of one-off specials alongside show highlights from across the year.
16 Dec 2019

Summer specials 2018-2019

Listen up this summer for some great radio! From psychedelic music to feminist perspectives - environmental blockading to rebel girls and wicked women. There's something for everyone, anytime.
20 Dec 2018

Summer specials 2017-2018

Through December 2017 & January 2018, 3CR continues to broadcast great radio with plenty of radical content. There’s plenty of reasons to stay tuned to 3CR over the Summer period from shorts, features, documentaries, music specials to highlights from 2017, 3CR is sure to bring you a feast of radical radio.
19 Dec 2017

About 3CR Summer Specials

Don't miss the special programming we're presenting for you summer listening pleasure!  From December 2019 through January 2020 3CR continues to broadcast a beautiful mix of community news, progressive views on current issues,  specialist music and unique voices from our vibrant community that you won't find anywhere else. There’s so many reasons to stay tuned to 3CR over the summer period: shorts, features, documentaries, new and unusual music, and highlights from 2019.  Our 3CR programmers and broader community radio family are bringing you a feast of radical radio.