Summer Specials

A feast of shorts, docos and features from 3CR broadcasters.


About Summer Specials

Over December 2017 / January 2018 3CR continues to broadcast great radio with plenty of radical content. There’s still plenty of reasons to stay tuned to 3CR over the Summer period. From shorts, features, documentaries and highlights from 2017, 3CR is sure to bring you a feast of radical radio.

Here are some changes to our regular programming:


3-4 pm Whilst Urban Voices takes a break Raphael Kaleb (The Boldness) presents A Rambling Beurologists Dream.

6-6.30 pm Save Albert Park are on an extended break and will be replaced by an Earth Matters repeat.


4-6 pm  Tuesday Hometime will be on a break and we'll bring you Radio Ecoshock and Alternative Radio until Jan returns on 16th January.

6 - 6.30 pm  Whilst Done By Law are on leave until January 16th we'll bring you the National Features and Documentary Series 2017 from the Community Radio Network. 


11-12 pm Fire First are on a break until 17th January so we'll bring you music and indigneous content from our archive.

2-4 pm Lazy Wednesday Afternoon are on an extended break throughout December and January.  Tansy McNally will bring you two hours of Rebellious Jukebox - diverse music from Classical to Punk and everything in between.  Kate and Suzy will return in February.


9.30 - 10 am Arts Express are taking a break 28th December and will be back on the 18th January.  One the 11th January we'll bring you half an hour of excerpts from the Sisters Akousmatica project - a sound walk around the Yarra River that was broadcast live on 3CR between 11am and 6pm on Sunday 8th May, 2016.  3CR won the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s award for Excellence in Music Programming 2017 with this nomination.

10 -11 am Talkback With Attitude are having a couple of weeks off but we've got some great specials lined up for you.

On the 28th December Corey Green brings you Pine Gap Pilgrims - audio taken from a public meeting that was held in Alice Springs (Mparntwe) on Sunday 19th November 2017. It coincided with the prosecution of the Peace Pilgrims in the Northern Territory Supreme Court for walking onto the Pine Gap military base.  The meeting is chaired by Jonathan Pilbrow and was put on by the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) and Alice Springs Peace Action Think Tank. We will hear from Andy Paine, Lisa Ling, Richard Tanter, and Scott Ludlam.

On the 4th January we'll play the Anarchist World This Week's 40th Birthday special recorded at the Unitarian Church in September 2017.

3.30 - 4 pm Radical Philosophy will take a break and Sade Renee will host The Rock and Metal Show - half an hour of her favourite metal music from local bands to new releases from international artists.


9-10 am Left after Breakfast are on a break until February and Lotti Stein will be bringing joining us again with Wayward Girl - music, issues, interviews from rebel girls and wicked women.

10 -10.30 am  Keep Left are on a break until the 12th January.

11am -12 pm Black and Deadly are on a break until 19th January so we'll bring you repeats of favourite interviews from the year and the deadly music you know and love.


9 - 9.30 am Asia Pacific Currents will take a break and return in February so we'll be playing a repeat of Accent of Women.

11am - 12 pm On Screen are reutrning to programming on the 27th January so until then we'll bring you some summer specials and features.  

On the 6th and 20th January Carl and Daniel Pannuzzo bring you Surprise Surprise - a specialist music-based program in segments of themes and interests to the developing mind and imagination of kids and parents.

On the 13th January we'll play Dylan Fox Kearney's 'Silent on Silence - World War 2 trauma today'.  As a nation we bear many wounds and one of those less talked-about but omnipresent wounds is trans-generational trauma caused by war.  In this special feature listen to Dylan Fox Kearney's meditation on inter-generational trauma from World War Two and the effect it continues to have on the world and on people around us.

It will be played alongside one of the Community Radio Network's National Features and Documentary Series called Disconnected States, in which Simon Finch gets to know a Geelong community of defence force veterans attempting to return to civilian life.


11.30 am - 1.00 pm Out of the Blue and Out of the Pan take a break from December 31st and return on the 21st January.  In the meantime Che Oliva will bring you Zig Zag - a playful run through his collection of mostly Australian, mostly Indie music.

3 - 4 pm  Whilst Queering The Air take a summer break until the 19th Jan we'll bring you repeats of Sweet Dreams.


Summer Specials Audio from 2016/17

Aziza Hussein with Nile Show from 6-6.30pm. Sudanese culture, music and food in Arabic.

Nile Show. Listen now 20 December.
Nile Show. Listen now 27 December.
Nile Show. Listen now 3 January.
Nile Show. Listen now 10 January.

Raphael kaleb will bring you A Rambling Beurologists Dream.This is a special series interviewing people in the creative industries who are Living Dreams and Actioning Ambition.  

22 December: Guest Bi Polar Bears - Music. Listen now. 
29 December: Guests Neil Cole - Playwright, Samuel McDermott - Film director and producer Sensuchtfilm. Listen now. 
5 January: Guests Cathy Horsley Community and Cultural Engagement Officer - City of Port Phillip, Carla Mitterlehner - ensemble member There Might Be Ghosts, Justine Sless - Comedienne Find The Funny Workshop facilatator. Listen now. 
12 January: Fur Wale - She Talks -empowering females building confidence, self esteem and mentor. Listen now.

Girls Rock! Melbourne Summer Specials, with host Stinky, explore the 2017 Girls Rock! Melbourne week-long music and performance camp aimed at empowering girls, trans and non-gender binary youth through music. 

Girls Rock! Melbourne. Listen now 24 December.
Girls Rock! Melbourne. Listen now 31 December.
Girls Rock! Melbourne. Listen now 7 January.
Girls Rock! Melbourne. Listen now 14 January.
Girls Rock! Melbourne. Listen now 21 January.