Listen up this summer for some great radio! From psychedelic music to feminist perspectives - environmental blockading to rebel girls and wicked women. There's something for everyone, anytime.
Through December 2017 & January 2018, 3CR continues to broadcast great radio with plenty of radical content. There’s plenty of reasons to stay tuned to 3CR over the Summer period from shorts, features, documentaries, music specials to highlights from 2017, 3CR is sure to bring you a feast of radical radio.
A great line up of summer listening of documentaries, specials, unique features and much more. Highlights from the year, alongside new shows with guest presenters.
Summer programming on 3CR features retrospectives, reviews, documentaries alongside new shows and plenty of music and current affairs.
Stay tuned to 3CR over the Summer break for a great range of specials and reviews from the year gone by.
3CR is serving up a juicy menu of listening delights for you this Summer.