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Monday the 20th of August, 2018

with Leyla, Jackson and James

7.00am Acknowledgement of Country

7.05am Dutton's draconian Home Affairs Office emerging into a literal Orwellian nightmare.

7.08am He can't possibly(!?) be our political future; considering the Liberal leadership challenges.

7.16am How Fascism can be faught on all fronts. A conversation with Denise Shrivell from Sleeping Giants OZ on targeting businesses that support hate through advertising revenue.

7:30am Courting controversy; Senator Andrew Bartlett on how Fraser Anning's carefully curated speech reveals the seedy underbelly of Australian culture.

7.42am Military overdrive product of short-sighted economic fallacies; perpetuating white imperalism and fuelling the refugee 'crisis'. Senator Andrew Bartlett draws connections between 'mainstream' policies and 'fringe' perspectives.

7:50am Over the Wall: This week Over the wall spoke to Samantha Ratman on the future of public housing in Victoria.

8am Titan Debirioun with 'The World'

8.04am Titan joins us in the studio to discuss humanity, love and music.

8.14am Titan Debirioun with 'Dreams'

8.17am Titan on how you change the world.

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