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15th December 2014

With Sue Leigh 

7:00am Front Page

7:15am Recording of extracts from the Human Rights for Asylum Seekers Vigil heard last Friday evening. Speakers included Naz,from Iran, Arnold Zable, Aran Mylvaganam, Mohammad Baqiri and Daniel Webb from the Human Rights Law Centre

7:35am Tony Mohr from Direct Action Melbourne spoke about the action against coal seam gas drilling in the Gloucester region.

7:45am Max Chalmers a journalist from the online journal New Matilda spoke about the new government policy to be rolled out in the NT compelling people to work 25 hours a week for the dole.

8:00am Front Page

8:12am Owen Bennett from the Australian Unemployment Union talked about organising unemployed workers.


with Beth, Peter and Sue

7:00am Front Page (papers)

7:15am (Budget review with sound effects by Corey Marie from Saturday morning Solidarity Breaky show)

7:30am Ursula Alquier - Lock the Gate Victorian Coordinator Quitcoal (Friends of the Earth) Community Campaigner

7:45am Music and activist calendar (Formidable Vegetable Sound System who performed at Saturday's Dance against Monsanto: Track 6 No Such Thing As waste runs for 3minutes 18 seconds)

8:00am Front page (papers)

8:15am Jane Morel disability rights in the studio.

8:30am Thank yous. 

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