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Monday November 14th 2016

7:00am Front Pages

7:15am Di interviews Taylor Fox-Smith, an Honours student in American Studies and Researcher at the United States Centre at University of Sydney, about the recent US Presidential Election result, with a focus on Feminism and minority voting, radicalisation, sisterhood and the anti-Trump protest in Melbourne over the weekend.

7:45am A replay of an interview featured on the Aged Action Group ("HAAG") with Jeremy Dixon and Howard Morosely from Defend And Extend Public Housing.

8:00am 40 Days Of Radical Radio. Today our 40th anniversary Archive special starts with a small audio compilation from the 'Flat Feet First Fleet De-enactment' which was broadcast from the Fitzroy Pool in 1988.  Then listen to a Koori Survival Show broadcast from 1994 where Gary Foley provides an overview of the battle over the Northland Secondary School closure. A battle that was hard fought and won.


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