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01 February 2016

with John and Aziza

7:15am John spoke with Professor Stephen Dinham, Chair of Teacher Education at Melbourne University. Last week was the first week of school in Victoria for 2016. And we’re hearing reports that teachers are leaving the profession in droves, even after only one year of teaching. Monday Breakfast tries to find out why and how this drop-out rate can be countered.

7:30am Duck season is starting again in Victoria. This year the Minister of Agriculture has reduced the number of ducks that hunters are allowed to shoot and take home.Wildlife Victoria says no matter how much duck killing is reduced, it is still too much. Aziza talked to Karen Masson, Chief Executive Officer at Wildlife Victoria.

7:45am Picking up from the report last week that Apple paid a mere 1% tax on their billions in profit, John talked with Dr Mark Zirnsak, a key office holder in the Australian Tax Justice Network about tax avoidance and profit shifting. They also discussed THE PRICE WE PAY, new film about to screen in Melbourne which investigates the history and dire present-day reality of big-business tax avoidance, paving the way to historic levels of inequality and placing the tax burden on the middle class and the poor.

8:10am Big energy companies have been fighting for many years to ‘open up’ Victoria to what’s called onshore gas drilling. If this industry is allowed to go ahead, huge tracks of land in Victoria could be put at risk in relation to food production and water resources. This year, the state government will decide whether to let this industry should proceed and their report is about to be handed down next week To negotiate through the issues, John spoke with  Chloe Aldenhoven, Victorian Lock the Gate Coordinator and anti-coal campaigner for Friends of the Earth. Feb 9th, 11:30am – come to the ‘Ban Onshore Gas + Grow Renewables Rally’ - on the steps of Parliament for the first sitting day of 2016 to put the ban on onshore gas and call for ambitious Victorian Renewable Energy Targets on top of the political agenda.

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with Beth, Peter and Sue

7:00am Front Page (papers)

7:15am (Budget review with sound effects by Corey Marie from Saturday morning Solidarity Breaky show)

7:30am Ursula Alquier - Lock the Gate Victorian Coordinator Quitcoal (Friends of the Earth) Community Campaigner

7:45am Music and activist calendar (Formidable Vegetable Sound System who performed at Saturday's Dance against Monsanto: Track 6 No Such Thing As waste runs for 3minutes 18 seconds)

8:00am Front page (papers)

8:15am Jane Morel disability rights in the studio.

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