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Monday 20 November 2017

On the Show with Jackson, James and Will

7:00am – Acknowledgement of Country

7:05am – Trees for Profit: Forestry scientist and farmer Rowan Reid comes on the show to tell us about Agroforestry, his new book Heartwood, and the value of trees on farms. Rowan proposes a form of forestry that serves both economic and conservation goals. Rowan will be talking at An Evening about Trees, this Thursday 23 November, at Hill of Content Bookshop. Free. RSVP:

7:20am – Trans Day of Resiliance: TDoR is a US-based artists' collaboration, featuring the voices and art of trans and gender nonconforming people of colour. This segment featured the poetry that was a result of last year's TDoR

7:30am Manus Camp Dismantled: Asia Calling's Jessica Minshall reports with audio from Manus Island, where the former refugee detention camp is being dismantled, leaving the detainees without food, water, sanitation, and medicines

7:35am Desert, 6.29pm: Playwright Morgan Rose chats with Monday breakfast about her play, set in the middle of nowhere. A family keeps a secret in a small town, in this play that travels through both fantasy and hyperrealism. Get tickets here

7:50am – Over The Wall: Informing people of changes within government services which are threatening the social safety net, and how to better deal with bureaucracy and protect your rights. This week, over the wall finishes its reporting on the 2017 Senate Review Committee on social welface and OCI debts. Greens MP Adam Bandt lets fly over what he thinks the Turnbull government is doing to standards of social welfare.

8:00amAlternative News: Analysis and critique of the news the mainstream is (and isn't) showing us. Presented by Jackson, James and Will

8:10am – Transgender Day of Remembrance: Executive Director of Transgender Victoria, Sally Goldner, comes on the show to talk about the meaning of the Day or Remembrance, the impacts on the trans community following the Marriage Law Postal Survey, and the need for greater solidarity among queer peoples. Sally will be speaking at the Transgender Day of Remembrance Event, held today from 12:30pm, Level 5 Theatrette, 121 Exhibition Street, Free. Book here

8:20am – Protest Milo: Tess Dimos and Debbie Brennan from Campaign Against Racism and Fascism tell us why we should be protesting racist, homophobic, transphobic demagogue Milo Yiannopoulos' visit to Australia and his flattering 25min long Bolt Report feature. Join the protest here





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