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20th October 2014

With Beth, Sue and Peter 

7:00am Front Page

7:15am Interview with Josh Cullinan,Senior Industrial Officer NTEU,on the Victorian Government's plan to open a new campus at Lilydale whilst cutting funding to the TAFE sector and closing campuses in the Eastern region.

7:30am Activist Calendar

7:40am Jane Matthews-Bede reviewed the book A Short Guide to a Long Life

7:45am Annie Mcloughlin interviewed Kelly Dolen the director of the film John Doe.

8:15am Declan Furber-Gillick and Anna Hill students at Monash talked about the recent protest when five students locked on to poles in the administration block calling for free university fees. #freeeducation

with Beth, Peter and Sue

7:00am Front Page (papers)

7:15am (Budget review with sound effects by Corey Marie from Saturday morning Solidarity Breaky show)

7:30am Ursula Alquier - Lock the Gate Victorian Coordinator Quitcoal (Friends of the Earth) Community Campaigner

7:45am Music and activist calendar (Formidable Vegetable Sound System who performed at Saturday's Dance against Monsanto: Track 6 No Such Thing As waste runs for 3minutes 18 seconds)

8:00am Front page (papers)

8:15am Jane Morel disability rights in the studio.

8:30am Thank yous. 

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