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16 May 2016

with John, Aziza and Natalie

7.00 Front Pages

7.20  Natalie spoke with Jon Bisset, CEO from the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia. We discussed the budget cuts to community broadcasting in last week's budget and the initiative to keep community stations on the air. CBAA will be sharing a petition, encouraging people to contact local candidates during the election run-up and more. For further information please visit this website.

7.45 Natalie spoke with Dr. Joshua Roose on his most recent book, exploring masculine roles in Islamic culture and the upcoming event "Whose problem 'is the problem with Islam?'". Roose discussed the culture shift in Australia's attitude towards Islam. Information on the upcoming event can be found here.

8.00 Front Pages

8.10 John spoke to Andrew Kelly, the current "Yarra River Keeper" for his monthly update. Since 2004, the Yarra Riverkeeper Association has been the ‘voice of the river’. That means they monitor the Yarra River’s health, and keep track of the many activities affecting it. 



with Beth, Peter and Sue

7:00am Front Page (papers)

7:15am (Budget review with sound effects by Corey Marie from Saturday morning Solidarity Breaky show)

7:30am Ursula Alquier - Lock the Gate Victorian Coordinator Quitcoal (Friends of the Earth) Community Campaigner

7:45am Music and activist calendar (Formidable Vegetable Sound System who performed at Saturday's Dance against Monsanto: Track 6 No Such Thing As waste runs for 3minutes 18 seconds)

8:00am Front page (papers)

8:15am Jane Morel disability rights in the studio.

8:30am Thank yous. 

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