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Green Left Radio Friday 20 October 2017

with Jacob and Zane

7am intros, acknowledgement of country

7:03am News: 

-New Zealand Labour forms government in coalition with NZ First (political equivalent of one nation).

- Peter Dutton's harsh citizenship test changes blocked by senate

- Transphobia in AFLW: Hannah Mouncey blocked from AFLW draft

7:19am interview: Zane and Jacob speak with Pas Forgione from the Anti Poverty Network South Australia.  APN has now successfully campaigned for eight local councils in South Australia to call for an increase to the Newstart allowance. The network are having their conference this weekend to mark anti poverty week and are confident they will exceed the attendance of 100 community campaigners and supporters that were there last year.

7:45am Music: "Always was" by Combat Wombat

7:49am News:

- Background on previous news story from listener - the racist "Immigration Test" of 1910-1958 required prospective non European (or radical migrants) to write down words dictated to them. This was part of the white australia policy.

- News: Beyond the survey - building the struggle for queer rights

8 am activist calendar

8:10am news:

- Israel deepens apartheid with proposed new measures

- Newcastle rail corridor: Greens, Socialists, community campaigners fight rezoning proposal which would permanently block rail corridor with buildings.

- US: Support for protesting sportspeople surging

- CPSU slams Serco contract for Centrelink call centre

- Progressive changes to tenancy laws by Andrews government in Victoria


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