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Scheherazade Bloul, Katia Lallo, Em Castle and Apeec Nhial


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Thursday 28 June 2018 

with Apeec, Katia and Em

7.00am Acknowledgement of country

7.05am Alternative news - Apeec, Em and Katia discuss the call to raise the age of criminality in the ACT from 10 to 14.

7.15am James from In Ya Face speaks with lesbian and feminist Adelaide novelist Margaret (Mag) Merrilees about her novel Big Rough Stones, lesbian visibility, and ageism in queer circles. Her new novel is about feminism, explorations of sexuality, monogamy, and friendships.

7:25am Song - Two Worlds Collide, Kardajala Kirridarra

7:30am We commemorated 30 years since the first Fairlea Wring Out demonstration with community activists, academics and prison abolitionists Amanda George and Emma Russell. We listened to original broadcasts from 3CR's Women on the Line, which are part of the newly released podcast.

8.05am Song - Folsom Prison Blues, Nice Girls Don't Spit

8:10am Apeec, Em and Katia reflect on the demands of the women at the Fairlea Wring Out and the relevance for incarcerated communities today.

8:20am Song - Ngarrikwujeyinama, Emily Wurramara

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