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Dean Shingange, Grace Bigby, Bernadette Jurik and Scheherazade Bloul


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Thursday 22nd February

with Dean, Scheherazade, and Bernadette


7:00am Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country


7:30am Dean speaks with Paul McDonald, CEO Anglicare Victoria, about new incentive Altitude Shift 2018, and helping foster children into safe homes by participating in a 113m abseil. For more details, visit


7:45am 3CR's Communication Mixdown speak with David Holmes, Communication and Director of Climate Change Communication Research Hub at Monash University, about the ways television weather segments can raise the level of concern about climate change and develop public understanding. Listen to Communication Mixdown on Thursdays 6 - 6.30pm.


8:00am Scheherazade speaks with Umesh of the Tamil Refugee Council, about the deportation facing three Tamil refugees in Australia. Tamil refugee Shantaruban is currently held in immigration detention in Melbourne and is due for deportation to Sri Lanka today. Learn more.

If you have queries or stories for the above programs contact 3CR's Current Affairs Coordinator, Gabrielle Reade. 

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