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Thursday 23 March 2017

with Dean Shingange, Julian Bourchier and Kate Aubrey



7:00am The latest edition of 3CR’s Voice of West Papua presented by West Papuan activists and community members who voice the aspirations of Papua’s struggle. Initial broadcast 20 March 2017.

Voice of West Papua airs on 3CR every Monday evening at 5:30pm.


7:30am Acknowledgment of Country


7:35am Kate speaks with Prof Mark Taylor, Environmental Scientist at Macquarie University about his research into the impacts of air borne lead contamination from Mt Isa mines, and a recent article he wrote for The Conversation called ‘Mount Isa contamination ‘within guidelines’ but residents told to clean their homes’.


7:50am Kate continues to speak to Professor Mark Taylor, Environmental Scientist at Macquarie University, to discuss how children have potentially been impacted by airborne lead contamination, and what (if any) improvements or changes have Mt Isa Mines have mitigated.


8:00am Julian and Dean speak with Michael Green, Director of They Cannot Take the Sky about his exhibition and how it narrates the experiences of people who arrive to Australia fleeing persecution, and of the reality of life in mandatory detention.


8:15am Dean and Julian speak with Romlie Mokak, CEO The Lowitja Institute about a report addressing racism against Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians, and about the work of the Lowitja Institute in addressing Aboriginal Health.


8:25am Community Announcements




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