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6th October 2015

with Ania, Emma, Aishuwarya and Molly

7.15am Ania spoke with Sharnie Connell, chairperson of No Shark Cull Inc. about the recent Shark Summit in New South Wales. Scientists from Australia, South Africa and the US gathered in Sydney on the 29th of September to compare notes on the best non-lethal tactics for shark detection and deterrence.

7.30am Emma spoke with Antoinette Braybrook, Convenor of the National Family Violence Prevention Legal Services Forum, about improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family violence survivors' access to legal services essential to addressing family violence, and Malcolm Turnbull's new funding package to stop violence against women. Antoinette also spoke about Sister's Day Out, which is a successful one-day workshop programwhich builds resilience and self-esteem among Aboriginal women and breaks down barriers to reporting violence. For more information or to contribute to the #saveSistersDayOut crowd funding campaign listeners can visit or

7.45am Aishu spoke to Eddie Micallef the chairperson of Ethnic communities council of Victoria (ECCV) regarding the federal govt move to counter family violence by funding 100 million dollars to the cause. We discussed the requirement of taking culturally appropriate counselling into consideration. Discussed how ethnocentric data collection will benefit the government as they will learn what areas or communities need to be targeted. Finally, the topic of bilingual counselors atleast with regards to 1800Respect have to be put in place because refugees and immigrant women need to feel comfortable calling the helpline. 

8.15am Molly spoke with Danielle Romanes ​who is an Associate at the Grattan Institute.  She's previously worked in foreign policy at the Lowy Institute for International Policy and is currently persuing a Master of Economics at the University of Melbourne. The Grattan Institute has released a report on 'Targeted Teaching', which has recommendations for alternatives to holding students back if they are behind on the curriculum. Romanes has recently co-authored an article on this topic in The Conversation online with Grattan Institute Fellow Jordana Hunter and joins the program to talk about the effects of making students repeat a year on their education.

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