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19 January 2016

with Ania, Aishu and Molly

7:00am Front page

7:15am Molly spoke with Quinn Eades, writer, researcher and award winning poet, whose book 'All the beginnings: a queer autobiography of the body' is being launched Tuesday 19 Jan, 7pm at Hares and Hyenas. Molly and Quinn speak about what a queer autobiography might look like, about writing bodies, about pregnancy and the queer body, and about the power of poetry. He reads an excerpt from his new book, which is breathtaking.

7:45am Aishu spoke to Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth regarding EPA's investigation into Origin's onshore gas plants. We discussed how unconventional gas plants were never going to reach regulatory standards set by the state, the push for a ban on all onshore gas factories and the support from local communities for the same and join the rally on Feb 9th.

8:00am Front page

8:15am As of March 1st, cyclists in NSW will be required by law to carry photo ID, and risk a fine of $109 if they don't. Tess Allaway from the Bicycle Network spoke about the changes to the law, and the 500% price hikes in fines for cyclists who break.



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