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02nd July 2015

With Kon and Charby 

7:15am We spoke with Alexandra Tselios, social commentator and Founder of The Big Smoke about Belle Gibson’s (The Whole Pantry) appearance on 60 Minutes. Alex Tselios wonder why we’re so angry at the character, Tara Brown, who did a wonderful job of tearing into Belle Gibson, the girl who suggested that she cured herself of brain cancer by eating right and taking deep breaths, but not at ourselves, considering what we will purchase in the pursuit of health.

7:30am Charby play an audio titled "On My Merri Way" about a lovely fella from from Nepal, at the Coburg Lake (along the Merri Creek), who tells a little bit about his family background journey to Australia

7:45am We spoke with Debbie Brennan, organiser of the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism about the Abbott government’s Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill, which would strip citizenship from dual nationals suspected of any connection with terrorism, coincides with far-right Reclaim Australia’s plans for a second anti-Muslim rally on July 18 in Melbourne. Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) — a coalition of unionists, Left organisations and social justice activists — is organising another counter-rally.
8:10am We spoke with Dr Denis Dragovic, a scholar in the field of international development at The University of Melbourne, given June 29 marks one-year since IS was declared ISIS, Dr Dragovic examines the evolution of the terror group and the political conditions that have allowed this group to thrive after one year and Islamic State is here to stay – so what happens next?




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