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24th March 2015

With Ania, Emma and Nicole

7:15am Emma spoke with Emily and Megan from Friends of the Earth's renewable energy campaign Yes2Renewables. Emily and Megan discussed the current state of wind power legislation in Victoria and the broader push for renewable energy across Australia. More information here and there is a campaign meeting this evening Tues 24 March at 6pm at Friends of the Earth, 312 Smith St, Fitzroy.

7:30am Nicole spoke with Uncle Colin Hunter from the Wurundjeri Council. Colin told us about Wurundjeri occupation of the area, the impact of invasion, and the current work of the Wurundjeri Council.

7:45am Ania spoke with Val Nagle about Second Chance Cycles in Collingwood, a community bike workshop offering affordable used bicycles and repairs in Collingwood since mid-2009. They offer workshops for day-release prisoners and people on community correction orders, as well as to locals in the community. Second Chance Cycles is located less that 10 minute walk from Victoria Park or Collingwood train stations near the corner of Johnston St and Hoddle St. Open Thursday and Friday. For more information contact VACRO 96051900.

8:05am Ania spoke with Sam Castro from Whistleblowers Activist Citizens' Alliance (WACA) about the potential impacts of the Trans Pacific Partnership, especially it's harm to the environment through the Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions which would allow foreign companies to sue the Australian government if policy or laws in Australia might hinder a company's profitability.


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