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14th October 2015

with Regan

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7:15am Lucy and Perri from Queer Farmers Network spoke about their upcoming documentary screening of ‘Out Here’, a US film about queer farmers. The doco will follow a discussion about what people want to get out of the Queer Farmers Network. Friday Oct 16, 7.30pm, 38 Harrison St, Brunswick East. For more information, visit the facebook page and email:

7:30am Mark Fox gave an update on the latest from the Earthworker Co-operative and the workers’ takeover of Eureka’s Future solar component manufacturers in South Dandenong. Earthworker invites current and potential members to a Members’ Forum, Thursday Oct 15, 6.15pm, North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House, 20 Solly Avenue, Princes Hill, to give an update on the project and celebrate the achievements of the past 12 months. To RSVP to the Members’ Forum or for more information, email:

7:40am Eddie Micallef, chairperson of the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria spoke about their joint statement made with the Islamic Council of Victoria, condemning the anti-mosque protests that took place in Bendigo over the weekend. Mr Micallef strongly encourages counter-protesters to do so peacefully to avoid giving Islamophobic and racist groups legitimacy.

7:50am Dr Patricia Ranald from the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) spoke about the recent leak of one of the chapters of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The chapter covers copyright and biologic medicines, revealing a possible extension of patents for costly life-saving pharmaceuticals to 8 years. The TPP also includes controversial provisions for Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) which would allow corporations to sue foreign governments for legislation that impacts their bottom lines. The full text of the agreement will not be released until after Cabinet has made their decision as to whether Australia should sign the deal.

8:00am Front page

8:15am New mandatory metadata retention laws came into effect yesterday. Michael Keating, Deputy President of Pirate Party Australia, spoke about the ramifications of the new laws which require Internet Service Providers’ and phone carriers to retain information about all calls, SMS and web usage for 2 years. These changes have come despite law enforcement previously being able to access required data with a warrant and that metadata collection can legally be circumvented. To learn how you can protect your privacy online and when using your mobile phone, visit the following website from Pirate Party Australia and Scott Ludlam - Greens MP.



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