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24th July 2014

with Dean and Con

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7:15am Talking Sheds: A program to share news from the shop floor and keep members up to date with what is happening on NUW sites across Australia.
7:45am Clarke Martin, Our Children Our School spokesperson.
The Napthine Government continues to show its disrespect for education and schools today with the announcement that it is selling more school sites.
Ten former school sites are on the table for sale, following at least 24 former school sites last financial year.
The Department of Transport, Planning and Infrastructure, Victoria in Future 2014 report estimates that by 2031 the school-age population will have increased to 1.4 million – 500,000 more students than are sitting in classrooms today.

8:100am Front Page

8:10am Hannah Stuart, Be Cruelty-Free Australia Campaign Coordinator.
Australia’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign is urging citizens to participate in a new Labor Party public consultation on animal testing for cosmetics. Be Cruelty-Free wants to see an Australian ban on such testing as well as a ban on the import and sale of cosmetics animal-tested abroad. Such a ban would bring Australia in line with the European Union, Norway, Israel and India, all of which have banned cosmetics cruelty.



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