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24th February 2015

with Ania and Nicole

7:15am Nicole spoke with Matthew England, oceanographer at UNSW, Australian Research Council Laureate and co-author of "The Science of Climate Change: Questions and Answers" which was published by the Australian Academy of Science earlier this month. The booklet aims to counter confusion and misinformation about climate change.

7:30am Community Announcements

7:45am Nicole spoke with Aunty Jenny Munro from the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy (RATE), in Sydney. Aboriginal residents and activists at the Block in Redfern have been fighting the Pemulwuy Project that is replacing low cost Aboriginal housing with commercial, retail and office space and student housing. RATE has been camped at the Block in protest since May 2014, and on Friday afternoon they were served an eviction notice to leave by Monday. They remain at the block. For more information, follow Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy on Facebook.

8:15am Ania spoke with Amy Browne, co-director of A Will for the Woods, a film about the growing movement for green burials in the United States. Amy spoke not only about green burials in the US, but also about options for green burials in Australia. The film, A Will for the Woods, screens as part of the Transitions Film Festival next Wednesday 4th of March.



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