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28th July 2015

with Emma and Nicole

7:15am We replayed an interview Regan from Wednesday Breakfast did with Dan Musil, secretary of the Earthworker co-operative about the project ‘Eureka’s Future’ aiming to build and run a worker-owned factory in Morwell, in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. Eureka’s Future will produce and install high-quality Australian-made solar hot water systems.

7:30am Emma spoke with Nicole in her capacity as spokesperson for a group of refugee supports who broke through security at the ALP Conference on Saturday and dropped a banner reading "No refugee tow-backs" in opposition to Labor's boat turn backs policy. Nicole spoke about the problems with ALP refugee policy and the importance of direct action in light of the lack of fair policy from either of the major parties on this issue.

7:45am Nicole spoke with Jasmeen Patheja from Blank Noise. Blank Noise is an art project that grew out of Bangalore India. Since 2003, activists have been finding creative ways to challenge cultures of victim blaming and street harassment.

8:15am Ania spoke with Meg Rodaughan (said Rodah-han) from Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance. Meg outlined the problems with the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS), a new Federal funding body, and issues with Federal funding being pulled from homelands in South Australia and the Northern Territory. She also gave updates on WAR and the latest edition of Black Nations Rising.




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