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26th May 2015

with Ania, Emma and Aishuwarya 

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Grandmothers Against Removal WA - Please indicate GMAR in the description of your DONATION and send them an email so they can thank you!

7:30am Ania spoke with Aoife Cooke from Dublin, Ireland, who provided commentary and analysis on the historic same-sex marriage YES vote on the weekend. How did it happen in a strongly Catholic country? Was it really about marriage? And where to from here for queers and the like?
7:45am Emma spoke with Chris White, one of 3CR's correspondents to this week's ACTU National Congress and former secretary of the United Trades and Labour Council in South Australia. Chris talked about what's on the table for the congress and what we can expect to see over the next few days. Find Live updates on the progress of the congress, which will have more than 1000 delegates in attendance from every Union in Australia and follow the hashtag #actu2015

8:15am The Federal budget slashed 70% of the aid budget for Africa, leaving diaspora communities fear for people in their homelands. Denise Cauchi, Director of Diaspora Action Australia spoke with Ania about how the cut in aid to Africa will affect the quarter of a million Africans living in Australia. 







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