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29th July 2014

with Emma and Shamini

7:30am Emma spoke with Dr Jenny Grounds, President of the Medical Association for Prevention of War about the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. August 6 next week marks the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, and a few days later on August 9 the bombing of Nagasaki. To remember these events and to work toward a global ban on nuclear weapons MAPW and ICAN are holding a series of events. On Wednesday 6 August at 7:30am there will be a candlelit vigil on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral opposite Flinders Street Station. From 5.40pm - 8pm on Wednesday 6 August there is a free miniature film festival to ban nuclear weapons on the big screen in Federation Square. On Sunday 10 August from 2pm - 6pm there is an Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Concert at the Bella Union bar in Trades Hall. The concert will feature Zikora, Little Foot Folk, the Victorian Trade Union Choir and the Mesopotamia Group.

7:45am Shamini interviewed Chris Breen from the Refugee Action Collective in regards to the recent disturbing allegations of witnesses to Reza Berati’s death at Manus Island being physically and psychologically intimidated into signing retracting statements. These new human rights abuses have again being ignored with no follow up from government agencies. We also discussed the case of Sayed, an asylum seeker with severe mental health issues whose doctor is being pressured to return him back into custody. The Refugee Action Collective will be holding several follow-up events in the coming weeks and months.

8:15am Emma spoke with Louise Flynn, psychologist and manager of Jesuit Social Services' Supoprt After Suicide program. Support After Suicide provides support and services for people impacted by the suicide of someone they care about, with a focus on counselling, group therapy and opportunities to connect with other people dealing with the profound impact of this kind of loss. The service is the only one of its kind in Victoria, and Louise discussed the support options they provide. Support After Suicide has also released a number of publications featuring writing by program participants bereaved by suicide, including "Nothing Prepared me for This" (2012), "Thank you for Listening (2013) and "The Men's Book," which will be released this coming September 10 2014 on World Suicide Prevention Day. Listeners should be aware that this interview contains discussion of suicide. The number for Lifeline is 13 11 14.


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