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18th November 2014

with Ania and Shamini

7:15am Shamini spoke to Jeff Angel, National Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance, about plastic pollution and Container Deposit legislation within Australia. South Australia and the Northern Territory are the only parts of Australia.

7:30am Shamini spoke to Pamie Fung from the Asia Institute at University of Melbourne about the recent public forum they held about Asian-Australian participation in Australian public and political life, and the research project they have started to gain more insight into the distinct lack of Asian-Australian representation in leadership and the public.

7:45am Ania spoke with Jeannie Rea from the NTEU about the implications of the Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme, which would mean that some students would receive free university education, while other students would be paying much higher fees, creating divisions between students.

8:15am Ania spoke to Ed Robinson, a farmer from Gloucester, NSW, about the anti-fracking campaign happening in the region 140kms north of Newcastle. Since the weekend, over 50 people have been protesting at the gates of AGL's controversial fracking site, using non violent direct action tactics.


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