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Tuesday 23 May 2017

with Ayaan, Hope and Jess,

7:00am WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service
A cyclical approach to life Produced by Frieda Werden | 
In her 1998 Mario Savio Free Speech lecture, "Indigenous Vision for the New Millennium," LaDuke explores the conflict between indigenous people who live on the land and urbanized industrial society - that is, cyclical versus linear ideas of the world, and their results. [If her prescient advice had been taken 19 years ago, Antarctica might be intact.]

7:30am Acknowledgement of Country

7:45am Ayaan speaks with Martina Macey, a public housing activist. They discuss the current housing crisis and Martina’s work with Friends of Public Housing (Victoria). 

8:00am Discussion about the Federal Government’s new deadline for boat arrivals to lodge their asylum claims.

Robbie Thorpe from 3CR’s Fire First shares his thoughts on Sorry Day.

Robbie Thorpe: Advice for white Indigenous activists in Australia

8:15am Hope speaks with Mara, a Community Services and Community Development Student at Victoria University. They discuss an upcoming event organised by VU students, Love Shouldn’t Hurt – VU Students Working Towards Ending Violence Against Women’



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