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30th September 2014

with Ania, Emma and Shamini 

7.15am: Emma did a shoutout for the A Voice for People with Disabilities crowdfunding campaign, which aims to start an independent we-based media portal for people with disabilities and their families and supporters to fill the gap left by the closure of ABC's Ramp Up website.

7.30am: Ania spoke with Judit Rius, US Manager and Legal Policy Adviser for the Access Campaign at Medecins Sans Frontiers/ Doctors Without Borders, about how the Trans Pacific Partneship, if signed, would severely affect people's access to medication globally. The TPP Australia would change the rules around Intellectual Property rights, whereby patents on drugs would be extended, delaying cheaper generic drugs from entering the market. 

8.15am: On the 16th of September, The Greens Member for Parliament Sue Pennicuik introduced a bill to ban battery cages, sow stalls and clarify the meaning of free range. Shamini spoke to Sue to find out more.
The bill is being debated this Wednesday and will most likely be re-introduced next term as well.


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