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22 June 2016 

with Molly, Aishu and Hop

7:00am Front Pages  

7:15am Community Announcements 

7:30am Senator Janet Rice from the Greens Political party speaks about the Greens' plans to fund and back Safe Schools with a proposed $8 million to ensure Safe Schools becomes a nation-wide plan that is incorporated into schools. 

7:45am Vanessa Muradian, Founder of Mia Muse speaks about Pleasure Weekend - a sensual female-centric yoga workshops where those who identify with womenhood gather to share and learn more about pleasure anatomy, sex and wellness.

8:00am Front Pages  

8:15am Roj Amedi, editor, writer and communications strategist who writes and speaks on a range of issues including the arts, literature, design, public policy, international relations and politics.  We spoke about the Emerging Writer’s Festival 2016 events, inclusivity in literature and the arts and "Road to Refuge", an advocacy group  changing the political discourse on refugees and asylum seekers. 


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