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13th October 2015

with Ania, Emma, Aishu and Molly 

7:15am Aishu spoke to Chris Breen from the Refugee Action Collective about the rally that took place on Sunday 11th October at 2pm. It was to stand up for refugees and demand the Turnbull government to stop with the hypocrisy and work towards getting the refugees out of detention centers. Their key focus was ' Ending of the Border Force Act, NO turning back the boats, to close Manus and Nauru and end Mandatory Detention.' There were more than 2000 people at the rally, with groups like the AASW present to support the  end the border force act so they can continue working and bringing to light the many brutalities inflicted on refugees.

7:30am Molly spoke with Monique Hameed, a project officer at the Multicultural Centre for Women's Health about Fitzroy High School's Pride Week, where she is moderating a Diversity Panel, Tuesday, 13th October at 6.30pm. She will be joined by Margot Fink, finalist of Victoria's Young Australian of the Year, Sam Lilit from YGender, and Deanne Carson, a queer sex educator. Monique speaks with 3cr about being queer at high school, high school activism, 'coming out', and gender and sex education in schools.

7:45am Today the Mandatory Data Retention Regime begins, whereby telecommunication companies across Australia are required to store date for the next two years. Ania spoke to Asher Wolf, who talked about what this means for Australians, who will pay for ISPs to store data, and the impact on democracy and journalism.

8:15am Emma spoke with Debbie Brennan from the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism about the anti-racist rally that took place in Bendigo last Saturday October 10. Debbie spoke about how the people of Bendigo are working together with support from Melbourne and surrounding towns to resist the United Patriots Front attempts to build a foothold in their community, and also the need for more support from the Union movement in the fight against racism and fascism. For more information or to get involved, listeners can visit Campaign Against Racism and Fascism or text the word “subscribe” to 0422 726 843.


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