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Tuesday 20 September 2016

with Aishuwarya Sudarshan and Hope Mathumbu

7:00am Front Pages + Community Announcement

More Than One Nation is a forum on multiculturalism to be held on Saturday, 24 September.

7:15am Aishu speaks with Pamela Curr, a refugee advocate from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. They discuss her journey to Christmas Island, the brutality inside the centre and violence shown by ex-prisoners towards the refugees.

7:30am Hope speaks with Azja Kulpinska from the Loving Feminist Literature Collective. They discuss an upcoming Melbourne Fringe event, Wild Tongue – a zine launch and celebration of female poets, academics and writers.

7:45am Hope speaks with Bronwen Bender, volunteer with the West Papuan Women’s Office in Melbourne. They discuss the 2016 Sampari Art Exhibition and a callout for artists to submit their work.

8:00am Front Pages   

8:15am Hope speaks with Orlagh Hurley & Astrid Ryan, Irish graduates based in Melbourne, campaigners for Irish abortion rights in absentia, and organisers of the Repeal the 8th solidarity gathering this Saturday 24th.  September. They discuss abortion rights in Ireland.


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