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28th October 2014

with Ania, Alex, Emma and Nicole 

7.15am Emma spoke with Tooni Mahto, Marine Campaigns Officer from the Australian Marine Conservation Society about shark conservation. For more information you can visit
7:30am Alex spoke with Clare Gardner, one of the people involved in the ANU's fossil fuel divestment campaign. Under pressure from the campaign, the ANU recently sold shares in several companies with low social responsibility ratings. However they have not completely divested from fossil fuels. Despite some concessions from the ANU administration, the campaign continues to advocate for total fossil fuel divestment. For more information on the campaign visit the Facebook page.

7:45am Ania spoke with Mahmut Kahraman, spokeperson for the Kurdish Association of Victoria about the demands of Kurds fighting ISIS in Kobane, a town near the border of Syria and Turkey. The Kurdish YPG (People's Protection Units) and YPJ (Women's Protection Units) are in need of arms to defend Kobane, as well as demanding an open border between Syria and Turkey to allow Kurds wishing to fight ISIS to cross. Mahmut also spoke extensively about the need for Turkey to stop supporting ISIS; Turkey has been allowing wounded ISIS fighters to move freely between the border and be treated in Turkish hospitals, amongst many other supporting activities.

8:15am Ania interviewed Scott Ludlam, Senator for the greens, about the National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014, a piece of legislation passed in early October which gives ASIO extra powers. Under the new legislation,  ASIO and the Attorney-General are now able to issue a single warrant to authorise the use of multiple powers, over one person, for the same investigatory purposes, as well as enabling ASIO to access all computers at a particular location or associated with a nominated person, rather than just one computer.


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