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Tuesday November 29th 2016

7:00am Community Announcements 

7:15am Aishu speaks with Bronwen Bender, Sampari Exhibition Coordinator/Curator and volunteer with the West Papuan Women’s Office. They discuss events happening as part of Sampari ’16 Art Exhibition.

7:30am Ayan speaks with Samira, a Sydney-based radio host and co-founder of Still Nomads. They discuss the importance of black art spaces and how these spaces are even more necessary in the current climate of heightened xenophobia, racism and islamophobia.  

7:45am Ayan speaks with Tina Grandinetti about her New Matilda article ‘Lessons from the Great American White Lash’, as well as what the resurgence of right-wing politics in Australia and the US mean for people of colour.

8:00am Front Pages 

8:15am Hope speaks Fipe Preuss, a Samoan/NZ multidisciplinary artist. They discuss the Vaiusu pop-up shop, a collaboration of makers and businesses with links to the Pacific.


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