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09th September 2014

with Ania, Emma and Shamini

7:15am Shamini spoke to Stephen Zagala, Curator from Monash Gallery of Art about the Bad Aboriginal Photography exhibition, a quirky, confronting and tongue-in-cheek exhibition by three stellar Indigenous artists. It will be running at The Monash Gallery of Art (860 Ferntree Gully Rd, Wheelers Hill) September 3rd-December 7th.

7:30am Emma spoke with Damien Moyse, Policy and Research manager from the Alternative Technology Association about recommendations the Warburton review has made to change the Renewable Energy Target (RET). The changes would negatively affect the GreenPower scheme, which currently provides as many as 600,000 customers the opportunity to buy renewable energy. Under the changes the renewable energy purchased under GreenPower would be brought under the umbrella of the mandatory RET target, meaning that renewable energy under GreenPower would not add to renewable energy use in Australia but rather would just reduce the amount of renewables that had to be met under the RET and thereby remove the incentive for members of the public to be involved in the scheme. Damien made the key point that the RET does not currently increase the cost of electricity significantly in in future will in fact make power bills cheaper, and encouraged listeners to contact their local MPs to advocate to keep the RET intact.

7:45am Ania spoke with Ben Redford from the United Voice about potential industrial action by cleaners in Melbourne's CBD over a pay dispute. In late August this year, cleaners voted overwhelmingly for a set of industrial actions against the cleaning company Consolidated Property Services, who are refusing to sign the Clean Start Agreement. One cleaning company, Glad, has already signed the agreement,  allowing for a 3% pay rise for workers. Currently cleaners working for Consolidated Property Services are talking to people in a number of Melbourne CBD's buildings to source support, and let the office workers know why they may soon have to stop cleaning toilets, replenishing toilet paper and stop emptying rubbish bins. 

8:15am Ania interviewed Patrice Naiambana, intercultural performing artist from Sierra Leone and the UK. Patrice is coming to Melbourne next week to perform his solo play, The Man Who Committed Thought, the tale of a determined peasant who's cow is eaten by a greedy dictator. Patrice works within the arts to change people's perceptions of Africa, and create new ways of seeing African narratives. He will also be speaking on a number of panels in Melbourne around topics of Art & Social Change. More details below:
Patrice will be in Melbourne September 15-October 10, where he will:
1. Perform three shows of The Man Who Committed Thought (19-21/9). Video Teaser.
2. Lead two 5-day masterclasses for actors, The Gospel of Othello, creating a local response to Othello (22-26/9 and 29/9-3/10)
3. Speak on a panel Art and Social Change at The Wheeler Centre (17/9)
4. Speak on a panel Committing Thought, Taking Action: Art, justice, and resistance at the Institute of Postcolonial Studies (24/9)
5. Participate in a forum Performing Social Justice at the Institute of Postcolonial Studies (7/10)



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