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Current affairs, media analysis, alternative media.


Saranya Saravanan, Ayaan Shirwa, George Maxwell and Lauren Bull


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Tuesday Breakfast June 5th 

7.00 am  Acknowledgement of Country

7.05 am  News headlines  

7.10 am  A speech by Angela Davis criticizing 'Mainstream Feminism' and Bourgeois Feminism   

7.20 am  The team discussed the Meanjin snafu and the erasure and exclusion of non-white voices in 'progressive' publications  

7.30 am  Ayan in conversation with MV (a Melbourne-based sound artist and designer, and content producer and programmer at 3CR) about their contributions to 3CR and their sound work that'll be featured for a projection work called Matter by lead artist Yandell Walton at Dark Mofo

8.00 am  Anya spoke  to Megan Pearce from Darebin CLC about the Vic government’s recent proposal for mandatory sentences for people who injure emergency workers.

8.10 am  Lauren spoke to  Mark O'Brien, CEO of Tenants Victoria about the  recent revelations that the Vic government is pushing people out of public housing and into homelessness.

8.20 am  Anya spoke with Mark Camilleri, Senior Child and Family Practitioner from Queerspace, about their various services, QHealth and the need for queer mental health practitioners in the queer health sector. 



artist: Solange
song: Cranes in the sky 

artist: Khansa  
song: Qesat Al Alms 


If you have queries or stories for the above programs contact 3CR's Current Affairs Coordinator, Gabrielle Reade. 

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