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12 July 2016 

with Aishu and Hope

7:00am Front Pages


7:15am Aishu interviewed Meriki Onus a Gunnai Gundijtmara woman from the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance about RISE's upcoming solidarity and sovereignty event that will take place on 16th July at 1 pm.

7:30amDeb Rae is a Bereavement Expert and discussed the lack of support given to young widows. More than half a million young women are widows out of which 1 of every 3 lose their partners to premature incidents.


7:45am Hope spoke to Amanda Haskard, Curator of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, about the upcoming Gertrude Street projection Festival and digital art and mentoring in the Melbourne arts scene.

8:00am Front Pages  


8:10am Hope spoke to Melinda Smith, a dancer, visual artist and writer of poetry and prose about her upcoming dance collaboration with Dianne Reid, Dance Interrogations, Melinda’s career as a dancer and the inclusion of people with significant speech and communication challenges. 

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