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Tuesday 18 October 2016

with Aishuwarya Sudarshan and Hope Mathumbu

7:00am Front Pages

7:15am Aishu speaks with VCOSS CEO Emma King about the rise in poverty in urban and regional Victoria.

7:30am Hope speaks with Kaushi Kogar, a sexual and reproductive health worker passionate about advocating for women's health rights about the upcoming event, Contraception and Safe Abortion: Overcoming Barriers to Access, which aims to address common barriers to accessing contraception and safe abortion.

7:45am Hope speaks with Fox Smoulder, a queer feminist artist living with a chronic illness and mental illness about the Spiral exhibition and performance opening, which features creative work around mental health.

8:00am 40 Days or Radical Radio Archival Audio: 'Feminists Making Waves', originally broadcast by Women On The Line and produced by Elanor McInerney


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