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15th July 2014

with Ania, Emma and Shamini

7:20am Emma played a pre-recorded interview with Michael Graf, co-curator of the TRANSMISSIONS | Archiving HIV/AIDS | Melbourne 1979 - 2014 exhibition which is on at the George Paton Gallery at Union House at the University of Melbourne for the next two weeks. The exhibition focuses on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the gay men's community in Melbourne and is described as an exercise in archaeology, retrieving objects from public archives and private collections and offering them in the gallery as "traces, shards and fragments of a cultural catastrophe." TRANSMISSIONS runs to coincide with the 20th International AIDS Conference being held in Melbourne from July 20 - 25, and features an extensive program of public events.  Michael's co-curator Russell Walsh was interviewed on 3CR by Queering the Air for their program on Sunday 13 July. 
7:30am Ania played audio from Sunday's refugee rally, where Nimal, a Tamil refugee spoke, as well as Chris Breen, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Collective. The last four weeks has seen a Tampa-like situation arise, as 153 asylum seekers have been left out at sea with Immigration Minister Scott Morrison refusing to acknowledge their existence until a High Court hearing last week.
7:45am Emma spoke with activist and Aboriginal women's prison rights advocate Vickie Roach on Aboriginal women's incarceration and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Vickie is a member of the Stolen Generation and is also a Forgotten Australian. She gained a Master's degree in writing from Swinburne University while in prison at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre in 2006, and was also part of a successful 2007 High Court challenge against the Howard government which struck down legislation which prevented all people in jail at the time of an election from voting. Vickie is currently involved with the Royal Commission and discussed some of the factors behind the disproportionately high number of Aboriginal women incarcerated in Victoria. Trigger warning on this interview.

8:15am In May this year, $74 million dollars in state government funding was pulled from several homelessness agencies in Melbourne, including Homeground Services and St Marys House of Welcome. Ania spoke with Heather Holst, CEO of Homeground Services, to give some insight into the recommissioning which will take effect on the 1st of August.


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