Broadcasters training at 3CR
3CR runs a variety of media skills courses tailored for diferent groups and needs.

  • 3CR broadcasters
  • Specific communities
  • Organisations

If you have a program idea and would like to become a 3CR broadcaster please contact the Programming Coordinator. For general training enquiries: Training Coordinator.

Radio training for 3CR broadcasters

These 26 hour general radio training courses are for potential 3CR programmers only. They cover all aspects of being a broadcaster at 3CR.

  • Introduction to 3CR and the community broadcasting sector
  • How to operate a studio panel
  • Interviewing skills
  • Using a portable recorder
  • Writing for radio
  • Voice and microphone technique
  • Digital editing
  • Media law
  • Program design and presentation

The fees are $100 concession and $225 fully waged.

In addition, 3CR has a unique women only policy for it's training in audio engineering. To register your interest in one of these sessions or the general broadcaster's course please contact the Training Coordinator.

Radio training for specific communities

East Timorese Specialist Training Group
This training is also 26 hours in total and covers all 3CR Training course modules listed above. These courses are either initiated by 3CR or by community organisations like unions or community welfare groups. If initiated by 3CR, the projects are funded by philanthropic and government agencies.


Courses in the last few years have included:

  • Training for Roominations.
  • East Timorese special visit training. 
  • Radio training for YarraBug cyclists.
  • A radio and podcasting tour course for Carlton Housing Estate residents.
  • Outloud Not Outcast Project for young queer people.
  • Transit Lounge Project for young homeless people.
  • In My Own Words project which trained 84 young Vietnamese women from High schools across Melbourne to create their own radio show.
  • An Outworker course for Vietnamese women who work as outworkers.

Many of the participants go on to launch a new radio program on 3CR.

Contact the Projects Coordinator or call 9419 8377.

Media skills for organisations

Studio 2 Panel
3CR can supply tailored courses for your organisation or staff.

Why media training skills at 3CR?

  • Most of our trainers are actively engaged with the media both as producers and spokespeople.

  • On site radio studios give participants the opportunity to immediatly practice their skills.

  • 3CR trainers come from a diverse background of cultures, communities and activist movements.  We have broadcasters from Aboriginal, queer, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds as well as women.
  • Media skills workshops are tailored specifically to the particular group.

  • Training is conducted in a supportive and productive environment.

  • Workshops can be arranged for small or large groups and in working hours or after hours.

  • 3CR charges at a highly competitive price.

Sessions can include:

Interview skills - conducting and giving interviews for print and radio. Including interviewee skills and approaches, interview techniques, scripting and preparing answers, question and answer delivery, reinforcing key messages, dealing with difficult questions.

Voice and microphone technique for radio interviews - voice warm up techniques, interview requirements for radio, microphone technique.

Media - survey of local and international media, what the media is seeking, writing press releases, making contact with the media and government bodies.

Enquiries and requests for quotes, please contact the Special Projects Coordinator or call the station on 9419 8377.