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Friday 1 February 2019

7:00am Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country

News: The aftermath of Invasion Day: right-wing Aboriginal commentators that have been given lots of airtime to talk about their support for keeping Australia day. 
The massive turnout to invasion day rallies across the continent once again outnumbered official nationalist ceremonies.

Kerri-Anne Kennerly attempts to use racism to distract from the burgeoning movement to either abolish Australia day (or at least change the date) and is called out by panellist Yumi Stynes, with follow up protests at Network 10.

7:15am Jacob and Zane have an extended discussion with Fred Fuentes from the Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network regarding the US-backed coup attempt currently underway in Venezuela.

Fuentes discusses the 2018 presidential elections which were observed by 150 people from various parts of the world including 14 electoral commissions from eight countries. These observers unanimously endorsed the results, as did the opposition candidates.

The disgraceful role of the ALP in supporting the coup attempt against Nicholas Maduro is also discussed, as well as the role of the USA. In a particularly scandalous and sinister development, US-based assets of state oil company PDVSA and its associated petrol station chain CITGO are to be illegally seized by US authorities and revenues funnelled into financing the coup attempt headed by Juan Guiado.

rally opposing the coup will be held at Flinders street station steps at 5pm this Saturday, February 2.

8:00am Activist calendar
8:05am News: CFMMEU delegate Howard Byrnes reinstated after a campaign to reverse his sacking by Botany Cranes

8:10am Jacob and Zane speak with Aran Mylvaganam, spokesperson for the Tamil Refugee Council, about the upcoming screening of the 2012 film "No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka"

The film is about the appalling and entirely deliberate killing of up to 150,000 Tamil civilians in 2009 during the closing stages of the Sri Lankan government's war on the Tamil minority in the North and East of the Island. 

Mylvaganam tells Green Left Radio that the same murderers who perpetrated the massacre continue to run the Sri Lankan government and continue to oppress the Tamil minority, with one occupying military personnel per five Tamil civilians throughout the occupied territory.

The role of the then Rudd ALP government in supporting the Sri Lankan regime and deporting Tamil Asylum seekers back to risk death and torture is also discussed.

The film will be screened at 2pm on Saturday, February 9, 277 Little Lonsdale St.

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