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3CR Breakfast provides grassroots current affairs, media analysis and alternative media from diverse perspectives. 

Centring the voices of those denied access to the media; particularly the working class, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, women, trans and gender diverse folks, people with disabilities and the many community groups and community issues discriminated against and misrepresented by other media.

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Highlights and conversations

Tune in to hear conversation with community activists, Nobel Peace winners and catch speakers from public forums on the hot topics for 2018.   


Dec 22: Inequality. Bill Mitchell on wage stagnation and increased inequality. Creigthon Smith's research on educational outcomes and postcodes. Sally McManus and the Geelong women's equal pay conference.

Dec 24: Louise Crawford National Campaigns Director with Labour Environmental Action Network (LEAN) on so-called environmental policy gains at this years ALP National Conference. Lizzie O'Shea - Lawyer, Broadcaster and writer on her upcoming book on the politics and history of digital technology (Verso press) 2019. Fellow community broadcaster (RRR Breakfast) Jeff Sparrow talking about his new book Trigger Warnings 

Dec 25: #MeToo in Real Australia: a panel discussion about the #metoo movement from an intersectional perspective

Dec 26:  In discussion with John Garrick on China, Lauren Martin on the need for bereavement leave, Footscray Community Arts Centre 25 year exhibition and retrospective,  Rosalind Knight - Australian Psychologists Association on Mental Heatlh Week, Jamie Gardiner on Religious Freedom, Nobel Peace Ride and Euan Ritchie on the young southern brown bandicoots, an endangered marsupial species living in outer Melbourne.

Dec 27: Enough Is Enough: looking at the impact of the " #AfricanGangs " crises manufactured to score political points and the impacts this narrative has had on community.

Dec 28:  Alan Broughton, farmer and author on sustainable agriculture versus corporate greed.  Juno Mac (TedX talk) - the laws that sex workers really want. Hawzhin Azeez on democratic confederalism, feminism and Kurdish autonomy in Rojava. Strike 4 Climate Action live recorded coverage of the Big School Walk out (Dec 1) recorded by Meghan features speeches from the rally are and interviews with attendees

Dec 29: Racism. African Youth demo outside Channel 7. Memorial for Liep Gony on the step of Parliament including words from his mother. Voices from a Public meeting organised by the Greens in response to the continued vilification ofMelbourne’s African community by politicians and the media. Lisa Bellear Poet and activist.

Dec 31: Gideon Haigh on Greaber's book "The phenomenon of bullshit jobs". Chelsea Manning in conversation about fascism, militarism, no-platforming, concentrated power and immigration. Clinton Fernandes discussing his book Island Off the Coast of Asia.

Jan 1: The 9th Sisters Inside International Conference: Imagining Abolition A World Without Prisons

Jan 2: The Path to Totalitarianism: a conversation contemplating our political trajectory towards a state of totalitarianism

Jan 3:  In discussion with Alison Gibbins - Deputy National Director of Amnesty International Australia's on children in detention,  Charandev Singh - #PrisonStrike2018, prison abolition and the history of resistance, and Goorie writer, Melissa Lucashenko joins us to talk about her latest book, Too Much Lip. High energy and profoundly funny - the book takes you on an intergenerational journey, set in the aboriginal underclass in country NSW. 

Jan 4: In discussion with Poushali Basak about the major victory in the decriminalization of the LGBTQIKHA+ community inIndia. The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles - a look at capitalism through a Marxist lens presented by Professor David Harvey . EP 1: A brief History of Neo liberalism .  Ronny Kareni regarding the arrests ofWest Papua activists from The United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP). Tim Winton on a Fair Go For Nature (recorded by Vivien Langford (BZE) at the ALP Fringe Conference 16-18th December 2018 in Adelaide)

Jan 5: Progressive politics and the rise of the rightThomas Frank American author and journalist looking at how Trump works and why the Democrats are failing. Includes Q&A with a panel that includes Wayne Swan new Labor Party President & former Treasurer. Jeff Sparrow in conversation with Roz Ward about his book Trigger Warnings.

Jan 7Alternative Radio: How Fascism works with Jason Stanley. Jason is the Jacob Urowsky Professor of Philosophy at YaleUniversity. He is the author of Knowledge and Practical Interests, Language in Context, Know How and the award-winning How Propaganda Works. Recorded at Trent UniversityOntario (Canada)

New shoots poetry with Bruce Pascoe and Ryan Prehn - 'Old river red rooted neath the speargrass’ . Created by Red Room Poetry and distributed through the Community Radio Network,the original series New Shoots celebrates and cultivates poems inspired by plants and place. Bruce shares the story of the wise philosopher Kuller Kullup, reveaing the history of the man who prophesied the falling of the sky after meeting missionaries at the site of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Ryan reconnects with remnant vegetation, weaving past with present through his encounters withbiel, a 300-year-oldremnantRiver Red Gum that has survived colonisation.

Jan 8:  Summer Skool Week 1: Sovereignty and Self-determination with Yamatji woman and Indigenous Research Fellow - Crystal Mckinnon, Tharawal woman and Lecturer in Criminology for the Faculty of Arts at Monash University - Robyn Oxley, and West Papua activist, musician and director of Rize of the Morning Star - Ronny Kareni 

Jan 9:  2019 is the year of Indigenous Languages. We hear from Language activists Kaimana Barcase from Hawaii and Denver Breda from South Africa. Queer Lady Magician Creatrix Tiara drops in to deconstruct expectations and stereotypes of gender and race based privilege. Her show "queer lady magician" returns this years midsumma festival. A Fair Go for Nature with Tim Winton from the at the ALP Fringe Conference in December 2018. CEO of Refugee Council of Australia Paul Power and Jana Favero, Director of Advocacy and Campaigns at the ASRC discuss the developments in refugee policy concerning SSRS cuts (Status Resolution Support Services) and the Fast Track legal process also from the ALP Fringe conference.

Jan 10: Richard Wolff on Global CapitalismCo-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum & Judson Memorial Church

Jan 11: Anniversaries & fights. Roz Ward on Marx. Anti Fascist rally. Humphrey McQueen on what Marx has to say about robots and jobs.