Talkback with Attitude

Thursday 10:00am to 11:00am
3CR's talkback program -- an hour of back-to-back talkback on the issues of the week.

Joe Toscano, Pat Khor and Paddy Dobson (Producer)


Image of the Talkback team Paddy, Joe and Pat in the studio

About Talkback with Attitude

In English.

General talkback, call (03) 9419 0155. TXT 0488 809 855

Presented by Joe Toscano (also a presenter of Anarchist World) Pat Khor and Paddy Dobson (Producer)


 From Get To Know Your 3CR, June 2011:

Who are you?
Active, concerned, inquisitive current affairs junky. Also known as Pat, Talkback with Attitude Panel Operator

What's your program?
It is the only 1-hour talkback program at 3CR, possibly on community radio. Talkback's value isn't fully appreciated or utilised by public.

How long have you been around 3CR?
Since 2003 -- I've been through all roles from station lacky, admin/front desk, producer and finally to talkback current affairs, which is my passion.

What is it about 3CR that rocks your socks off?
Its people, and the diversification of opinions and beliefs.

What is your most memorable moment at 3CR?
When by chance an opportunity became available to finally go on air.

Why should people donate to 3CR? 
It is radio powered by the people, not the corporate media or any other paying entity wishing to buy influence. It's the only place to go for the inquistive mind, alternative opinions and conspiracy theories.

You are stranded on a desert island. What people powered invention will you create to get past your boredom? 
Firstly, I'll build a shelter with stones and palm leaves. Food for survival would be juice from coconuts and flesh to eat. I'd utilise the cocunut husks as drinking cups and also use to capture rain water for drinking. I'd make a fishing line from twine to catch fish for food. I also would set up coconut husks and twigs at a strategic point to light a fire to alert any passing ships while waiting for rescue. I'd keep active each day exploring the island for any other sign of life, which will also help me keep going as it could be quiet stressful realising you are alone.