International Women's Day 2016

Tuesday, 1 March 2016 - 4:15pm
International Women's Day 2016

Tune in for our annual 24hr broadcast from midnight Monday 7 March to midnight Tuesday 8 March for feminist analysis on local and global issues, the usual hijinx and all the latest on activities around town.

FROM 12midnight  Girls Radio Offensive 

Feminist and anarchist issues, race and colonisation particularly in australia, wimmin in punk, diy culture, news and events 

1:00am She Says 

Corey Green presentes music, interviews, poetry and snippets of popular culture featuring something you don't hear enough of: women and their opinions

2:00am Radical Herstory

Highlights from 3CR's current affairs programming challenging stereotpypes and gendered violence, reflections on living with madness, women in environment and social justice movements.

6:00am Lost In Science

Why is Ada Lovelace inspiring a new generation of female engineers?, how to research dragons for a PhD, and what Australia is doing to increase the number of women in senior research positions in science. With Claire Farrugia

6:30am Radioactive Show

Celebrating first nations women who have been the powerful voices of resistance, initiating and leading many successful anti-nuclear campaigns

7:00am Tuesday Breafast Show

Alternative news and media analysis. Presented by Aishuwarya Sudarshan and Molly Lukin 

8:30am Accent Of Women

Resisting Imperialism with Liza Maza and the struggle for Mexican workers for justice. Jiselle Hanna and Lourdes Garcia-Larque present the voices of women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

9:00am Creative Non Violence

Jan Bartlett chats to Kathy Kelly from Voices for Creative Non Violence. 

9:40am Women In Science Special

Irene Bolger and Claire Farrugia discuss Rosalind Franklin's unrecognised contributions to the discovery of DNA

10:00am Koori Survival Show

Discussion and new music presented by Tash Norris. Includes The Alukura Compilation from CAAMA Music (Alukura means ‘women’s place' in the Arrernte language)

12 midday  Music Sans Frontieres

Music of women from round Australia and round the World: local performers from the World music scene in Melbourne and women and musical styles from Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Track List

1:00pm Women In Disability

We're Equal and different. Conversation, music, guests - all things inclusion and access presented by Liz Wright

2:00pm Intersections

Namila Benson delivers a mix of hip hop, soul, jazz and global sista beats. Joining her to talk race, culture, gender – and staking a place within Australia’s predominantly white, male music scenes – will be hip hop DJ, Mz Rizk; beatmaker and vocalist, Screamy; and storyteller, singer and songwriter, Ajak Kwai. Each guest will share artists who influenced their feminism and discuss where Australia, feminism and its intersections are at in 2016.

4:00pm Kelly and Friends

Music and discussion with Kelly Whitworth and local singer-songwriting beauties Josephine Richards (Monsteria) and Stephanie Sabrinskas, along with most bodacious local babe Kate Morison. Josephine and Stephanie will each perform one of their songs and the team will discuss the appropriation of the term 'slut' and the 'slut walks'. Listen Here (27.17 MB)

5:00pm Voices of Sudanese Women

Aziza and guests talking community concerns with Sudanese women in Melbourne (in Arabic)

6:00pm Done By Law

Senior Child Protection lawyer, Nickie King joins the team in discussing the child protection system from a feminist perspective.

6:30pm Apartment Of Sound

The laydee takes over the Apartment and plays em loud!, Leanne McLean sans DB. Listen Here (27.42 MB)

7:30pm Mujeres Latinoamericanas

Progressive and grassroots discussion from Latin American Women with Marisol Salinas

8:30pm Voices from the Archive

3CR turns 40 this year. Emily Bennett brings you some of the voices featured over the 40 years of Fabulous Feminism on 3CR

10:30pm Stinky's Siren's Of Dissent

Performance and chat with Stinky, Liqoursnatch, Monkey Grip, Sarah from the Garden of Eida, Sub Rosa tops off 3CR's IWD Celebration for 2016. All chix no dix





International Women's Day Artwork by Ms Saffa and Molly Crabapple on 3CR wall.
Women and gender diverse broadcasters take to the airwaves bringing you 24 hours of programming dedicated to International Women's Day.



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