20 Years on the Inside

Monday 12:00pm to 1:00pm
A podcast series hosted by Vickie Roach and Kutcha Edwards reflecting on 20 years of the Beyond the Bars prison radio broadcasts.

Vickie Roach and Kutcha Edwards


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20 Years on the Inside with Vickie and Kutcha



Life beyond the bars

In this final episode, Vickie and Kutcha explore the ideas and dreams of those on the inside for their lives on the outside. Dreams of making a difference, and ideas of contributing to their community and building a better future for the generations of Aboriginal people to come. Visions of steering the younger generation in the right direction, and hopes of supporting the older generation through reconnection with culture.
4 Oct 2021

Listen to the lived experience of systemic institutionalisation

Today’s episode is about listening to the depth of insight into the impacts of prisons on prisoners themselves. Who better to really listen to than those directly experiencing the failures of the system? Yet their voices seem to fall on deaf ears.
27 Sep 2021

The daily grind

On today’s show Kutcha and Vickie hear from the men and women on the “inside” about the daily grind. Life and work on the “inside”. We listen to the brothers and sisters who are living the grind day in, day out, and try to understand just what this system is doing to our people.
20 Sep 2021

The Aboriginal spirit is strong and ever-present

In this episode, Kutcha and Vickie explore how inmates find creative expression, engage in the healing process and learn about culture while on the “inside”. Vickie shares how she found moments of peace during her time in prison through her creativity, daydreaming, writing and strengthening her spiritual connections.
13 Sep 2021

About 20 Years on the Inside

“20 Years on the Inside” is a rare and insightful glimpse into the imprisonment and experience of First Nations incarceration over the last twenty years.

First Nations people in Australia are the most incarcerated people on earth, and this podcast amplifies the voices of those who have spent time on the inside.

Our hosts Kutcha Edwards and Vickie Roach are survivors of the Stolen Generations and have both spent their fair share of time on the inside. Kutcha is a musician and a proud Mutti Mutti man whose heritage has shaped much of his music and career. Vickie is a proud Yuin woman currently living on Yuin Country, and a human rights activist whose work has changed laws in Australia.

This podcast honours the resilience and commitment of the prison radio show “Beyond the Bars”, first broadcast on 3CR Community Radio in 2002 and still going strong after 20 years. Throughout this podcast series, we’ll hear live broadcasts from prisons across Victoria, with the wonderful broadcasters that make “Beyond the Bars” such compelling listening. At the centre of these broadcasts are those subsisting on the inside - whose voices are so critical in building a future for Aboriginal people in so-called Australia.

Take a listen to the brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles and cousins, from around Victoria who unite in storytelling, song, poetry and politics.