Satellite Skies

Monday 11:00pm to 12:00am
DIY and autonomous politics, music and subculture with a different focus each week. Each week is themed exploring DIY Punk, Underground and Experimental music and subculture, DIY & Autonomous Projects, Movements and Transformative Justice.

Tessa, Racerage, Anne-lise & Ani


Latest episode

22 February

About Satellite Skies

Week 1 – DIY Punk

Presenter: Tessa

Talking and spinning all things DIY, underground and subversive in music. Looking at the often overlooked and complex but always badass histories of subculture and underground music as well as a good dose of classic, new, local and international punk, hardcore, goth, new wave, garage, rock n' roll and more. With regular local picks and themed playlists from host Tessa as well as guest DJ's and interviews.

Week 2 – Underground/experimental music and subculture

Presenters: Kt and Racerage

Presenting underground and experimental electronic music, noise, techno, hip hop and art. subversive shit talking. punk takes on pop and pop takes on punk

Week 3 – Transformative Justice

Presenters: Anne-lise and Alice

Anne-lise and Alice will be talking broadly on transformative justice - healing, survivor support, accountability and prison abolition. They will also play music that helps them make sense of the world.

Week 4 – Unpacking DIY electronic music

Presenter: Bridget

This show draws on the hive mind that is Melbourne Sound School - its participants, facilitators, coordinators & supporters - who make the free community electronic music school what it is. MSS upskills and celebrates people making electronic music from the margins - a space for women & femmes, queer people, people of colour, and people with disabilities to dismantle the white tech bro industrial complex.

Week 5 – DIY & Autonomous Projects, Movements and Music

Presenter: Ani

Featuring discussions, interviews and information about DIY community projects, anti-authoritarian struggle and resistance and DIY punk and pop music.