Satellite Skies

Monday 11:00pm to 12:00am
DIY and autonomous politics, music and subculture with a different focus each week.

Tessa, Heikal, Racerage, Izzy, Lara, Ani, Anne-lise & Rose.


About Satellite Skies

Satellite Skies, focusing on DIY and autonomous politics, music and subculture with a different focus each week during our seven-weekly rotation.

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Week 1 – You can be you: Punk and the songs punks love to dance to
Presenters: Tessa & Heikal
Talking and spinning all things DIY, underground and subversive in music. Looking at the often overlooked and complex but always badass histories of subculture and underground music as well as a good dose of classic, new, local and international punk, hardcore, goth, new wave, garage, rock n' roll and more. With regular local picks and themed playlists from hosts Tessa & Heikal as well as guest DJ's and interviews.
Week 2 - Loaded Lives 
Presenters: Roxy & Brit

Loaded Lives is hosted by a sex worker and an illicit drug user in conversation, exploring research, social justice and community organising, day to day lived experience, activism and politics under dominator culture. We aim to tear each of these apart to better understand and highlight the complexities/contradictions/hypocrisies and conflicting realities. We will locate ourselves across liminal spaces to better observe these competing phenomena and how this impacts our communities, activism and our lives under white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy.  

B is an illicit drug user and a punk scene drop out. With her roots in DIY punk culture and environmental and land back campaigns, her current focus is on the stigma and discrimination of drug use/users and the human rights of people who use drugs. She yearns for a world liberated from harmful drug prohibitionist policy, where all drug use is accepted and health care is accessible without judgement for all. The daughter of white euro immigrant parents, she grew up on Kaurna Country and now works, plays, learns and loves on Wurundjeri Woiwurrung lands of the Kulin Nations. She is interested in exploring the ethical conflict of drug users as peer workers in government funded organisations, the watering down of harm reduction principles in public health policy and practice and its co-option by the non-profit industrial complex, and how drug policy is a tool of colonial power and control used against those deemed undesirable by the white supremacist state. She loves riding her bike high as on a balmy summer evening and is a total karaoke hog.

R is a bilingual European settler coloniser on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people in the Kulin nation. She’s a queer sex worker who’s worked for over a decade and is deeply connected to the sex worker community. She is a sex worker and activist first and foremost and lastly an ‘academic’ who’s recently completed a PhD exploring the everyday lives of South Australian sex workers. She hopes to talk about all things peer and wants to learn from other peer activists to better understand how they overcome social and structural barriers in the peer work/activism they do in order to overcome stigma and help build resistance and resilience in community. She loves her cat Angel, enjoys a leisurely bike ride in the sun and hates sticky hands with a passion.

Week 3 - Writing Home
Presenter: Madhvi
Writing Home is about writers who have more than one home, many homes and are realising so many more. We carry the stories of our soil fresh and fertile in us. Our stories sometimes smell like an invaded, fertile land. Sometimes a wedding of our minds and our tounges. And sometimes a warefare between them. And yet we hone our tounges with the honesty that is native to our mothers and our minds. In Writing Home Madhvi shares space with migrant writers of colour discussing their unique but collective writing processes navigating home, life and love. 
Week 4 – Soundtrack to Revolution
Presenters: Racerage & Izzy  
Voices and Sounds from uprisings and struggle in our own backyard and round the world!
Presenting underground and experimental electronic music, noise, techno, hip hop and art. subversive shit talking. punk takes on pop and pop takes on punk
Week 5 - Halcyon Daze 
Presenter: Mia 
Inside its cocoon, a caterpillar dissolves into near formless sludge. New growth follows self-annihilation. Join me as we dissolve into sludge together inside the dark cocoon of apocalypse. Many worlds have ended, are ending, will end - we need to cocoon, self-annihilate and metamorphosise. Songs; poems; dark oozy paths to the other side of the end.
Week 6 – You'll Be Taken Care Of
Presenter: Lara
La draws on the topic of love - pleasure, abundance, bodies that glitch. Love as political resistance. Featuring DIY music, readings and interviews.

Week 7 – Radio A & A
Presenters: Anne-lise and Ani

Anne-lise and Ani talk about community & individual responses to harm, transformative justice, accountability, safety, support & healing, within and challenging dominator culture.