PX Whanau

PX Whanau is a LGBTIQA+ Pasifika podcast that explores the lived experiences of Pasifika communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sara, Marqy, Sonja, Tony and Latoya


PX Whanau production team

About PX Whanau

PX Whanau is a special 16-episode podcast designed by and for the LGBTIQA+ Pasifika community providing support, accurate information, and real-life experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. As LGBTIQA+ people we also need to protect our ‘chosen’ whanau (family) in the Pacific Island community.

A proactive approach is needed to be able to engage with our queer Pasifika community, and this specifically tailored podcast is to help alleviate the loss of connection and promote a healthy well-informed engagement with our people. 

Our episodes were broadcast on Out of the Pan on Sunday at 12.30 pm.

PX Whanau is presented by the PacifiqueX collective on Wurundjeri Land in the studios of 3CR in Fitzroy, Narrm (Melbourne), and is funded by the Victorian Government, Multicultural Communications Outreach Program.

Theme music "What About Me?" is performed and produced by V!NA.

To find out more about what we do, visit PacifiqueX

PX Whanau now has a weekly timeslot.  Join us on 3CR 855 AM community radio very Saturday afternoon from 1.30 - 2pm as we cover news and views from our queer Pasifika community including the arts and culture and the events that build and nourish our people.

Sharing stories about us, for us and for all the South Seas, diaspora Oceania and Pasifika cultures in Australia from news, to our views on all things LGBTIQA+ Pasifika.  Covering events, festivals and activities of cultural importance including interviews with community leaders and those who make the news in our, and, about our community.