And that's a wrap for COVID (podcast)!

Sunday, 31 July 2022 - 12:30pm
Episode 16
On the 16th and final episode for our special COVID-19 podcasts, join the PX Whanau team as Latoya, Marqy, Sara, Tony, and Sonja, yarn about the highs and lows, the experiences, and what it’s been like working on this special project for, and by, Pasifika LGBTIQA+ communities in Narrm in the Age of COVID-19. Presented by Sonja Hammer.


The PX stands for Pacifique X, a Pacific Island LGBTIQA+ non-profit group that supports and represents our diverse Pasifika community based in Narrm-Melbourne. As a collective we are all proud Pasifika diaspora advocating for our people from the LGBTIQA+ spectrum, as well as upholding and protecting our diverse gender identities.

Whanau (in Aotearoa Maori) stands for family, in this case our Rainbow ‘chosen families’ here in so-called Australia. PX Whanau is honoured and proud to share our lived experiences, our personal stories, as LGBTIQA+ people with the wider community of Australia.

PX Whanau would like to thank 3CR’s wonderful support including, Michele, Ayan, Sally from Out of the Pan, Juliet, Rachel, Loretta, and all our awesome guests who appeared in the 16-part podcast series.

PX Whanau production team
PX Whanau is a LGBTIQA+ Pasifika podcast that explores the lived experiences of Pasifika communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sara, Marqy, Sonja, Tony and Latoya