Radical Australia

Wednesday 4:00pm to 4:30pm
Radical Australia reclaims Australia's radical past.

Joe Toscano and Dale Bridge


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13 January
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About Radical Australia

In English.

Presented by Joe Toscano.

Radical Australia reclaims Australia's radical past. Listen in as Joe yarns with a different guest each week about their experience in movements and campaigns for progressive social change. Seeking to understand what is happening in Australia today so we can radically alter the future.

Radical Australia will only achieve its full potential by harvesting the collective wisdom of 3CR's listeners and programmers, both past and present.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Special Podcast - Yusef Alremawi on Life and Palestine

Listen to this episode of Radical Australia where Joe Toscano speaks with Yusef Alremawi about his life as a Palestinian and his time as a part of the diaspora and activism.