Sustainable Breakfast Series

Together with Friends of the Earth, 3CR Breakfast programmers present a series of live shows with delicious free breakfasts from the FoE Food Coop and Organic Cafe at 312 Smith Street Fitzroy. Each year in March, join us for a week of live, local radio in the City of Yarra, a delicious free breakfast and great local music.


Enviro Shows


Delicious free breakfast at the Sustainable Broadcasts



Sustainable Breakfast Series 2016

The Sustainable Breakfast Series is in its third year on-air from Tuesday-Friday, 15-18 March, 7am-8:30am. Where: Friends of the Earth Food Co-op and Organic Cafe, 312 Smith Street, Collingwood. When: Tuesday-Friday, 15-18 March, 7am-8:30am. Supported by the City of Yarra and Friends of the Earth.
6 Apr 2016

Sustainable Breakfast Series 2015

The Sustainable Breakfast Series is on again following on from last year's delicious success with radical radio, a delicious free breakie and live local music. Join the live audience and hear discussions from 3CR breakfast presenters on local sustainability issues, from setting up cheap renewable energy and workers co-operatives to urban agriculture and building resilient communities in the Yarra area from Monday-Friday, March 23-27, 7am-8:30am.
16 Apr 2015

Sustainable Breakfast Series 2014

The Sustainable Breakfast Series at Friends of the Earth Food Cooperative was dedicated to taking the SUS out of Sustainability. Held from 24-28 March 2014 the broadcasts were live all week from the Friends of the Earth Food Coop on Smith Street in Collingwood. We were joined by many of the volunteers and campaigners at FoE and other guests working towards creating a sustainable future. The Sustainable Breakfast Series was supported by the City of Yarra.
23 Apr 2014

Sustainable Living Festival 2013

Live from the Greenhouse at SLF Federation Square
16 Feb 2013

About Sustainable Breakfast Series

From 2011-2013 3CR broadcast live from the Sustainable Living Festival.

A diverse range of 3CR's environment programs bring interviews, information and clean, green tips live from the festival at Federation Square.

Past Broadcasts

In 2012 3CR presented a diverse range of people and interviews stimulating lively thought and discussion on a range of environmental issues.

At the 2011 Sustainable Living Festival 3CR was proud to feature David Suzuki.