Sustainable Breakfast Series 2016

Wednesday, 6 April 2016 - 2:00pm
Sustainable Breakfast 2016

The Sustainable Breakfast Series has just finished its third fabulous year! Broadcasting live from Friends of the Earth Food Co-op, 3CR talked with campaigners, commentators and innovators about the most important challenge of our time: how to achieve environmental sustainability with social justice. Everyone enjoyed a delicious, sustainable and organic breakfast and some great live music. The series ran from Tuesday 15 March to Friday 18 March, between 7 and 8:30am. Thanks to the City of Yarra sustainability grants for supporting this project.

 Molly speaks to Chloe Aldenhoven from Lock the Gate

Tuesday 15 March 2016 with Aishuwarya Sudarshan and Molly Lukin.
Theme: Water

Aishu kicked off the morning talking to Sophia Christoe from Earthworker Cooperative about their worker-led climate change solutions. Next Aishu spoke to Anthony Amis from Friends of the Earth about two topics: his research into koala habitat, and the after-effects of putting chlorine into drinking water. Molly spoke to Chloe Aldenhoven from Lock the Gate about the effects that unconventional gas mining has on water quality. We finished off with fantastic music from Carroll Karpany, who played live acoustic guitar and didgeridoo.

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Wednesday Breakfast Team talks to Patrick Simons from Yes2Renewables

Wednesday 16 March 2016 with Michele Vescio, Natalie Corrigan and Hrissa Stavrou
Theme: Energy

Hrissa began the morning speaking with Patrick Simons from the Yes2Renewables Campaign about the importance of creating electricity from renewable sources. Next Natalie spoke to Xiao Yue Wen from the Chinese Tenants' Association on their program to raise awareness within the Australian-Chinese community about renewable energy and environmentally-friendly initiatives. Michele talked with Michael Bayliss from Sustainable Population Australia. Finally Natalie spoke with Ned Halliday, the Solar projects manager at Yarra Energy Foundation, about their work driving down carbon emissions within the City of Yarra municipality. Kate Reid and the Gusset Rustlers finished off the show with some early morning rock and roll.

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Fran Murrell from MADGE talks with Dean Shingange about genetically modified food

Thursday 17 March 2016 with John Langer and Dean Shingange
Theme: Food

John started off the day talking to Lorna Pettifer who is the manager of education and training at CERES Environment Park about their upcoming courses. Next up Dean talked to Cassie Duncan from Sustainable Table about preventing food wastage. John Langer then spoke to Trish Pringle from Richmond Community Learning Centre about their Burnley Backyard project. To finish the show Dean spoke to Fran Murrell from MADGE about genetically modified organisms. Our music act was Genevieve Fry from Cold Hands Warm Heart playing a mixture of live harp and electronic music.

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Lalitha Chelliah says "No to corporate media!"

Friday 18 March 2016 with Lalitha Chelliah, Zane Alcorn and Denis Rogatyuk.
Theme: Eco-socialism and feminism

Lali, Zane and Denis kicked off the morning with a chat to Cam Walker, campaigns co-ordinator at Friends of the Earth on a wide range of topics, including the recent murder of Honduran human rights and environment activist Berta Cáceres. Next on the show was Teishan Ahearne talking about 3CR's 40th anniversary art show If People Powered Radio. Following that Margarita Windisch discussed her thesis, which explored the connection between gender and heat waves. Melissa Corbett wrapped up the show talking about eco-socialism and feminism. For live music we were joined by Syphon and Dr Fruit with their live freestyle set.

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Some of the delicious food served up by Friends of the Earth

It was a great week of delicious and sustainable radio!

Delicious free breakfast at the Sustainable Broadcasts
Together with Friends of the Earth, 3CR Breakfast programmers present a series of live shows with delicious free breakfasts from the FoE Food Coop and Organic Cafe at 312 Smith Street Fitzroy. Each year in March, join us for a week of live, local radio in the City of Yarra, a delicious free breakfast and great local music.


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Sustainable Breakfast Series 2016

6 Apr 2016
The Sustainable Breakfast Series is in its third year on-air from Tuesday-Friday, 15-18 March, 7am-8:30am. Where: Friends of the Earth Food Co-op and Organic Cafe, 312 Smith Street, Collingwood. When: Tuesday-Friday, 15-18 March, 7am-8:30am. Supported by the City of Yarra and Friends of the Earth.

Sustainable Breakfast Series 2015

16 Apr 2015
The Sustainable Breakfast Series is on again following on from last year's delicious success with radical radio, a delicious free breakie and live local music. Join the live audience and hear discussions from 3CR breakfast presenters on local sustainability issues, from setting up cheap renewable energy and workers co-operatives to urban agriculture and building resilient communities in the Yarra area from Monday-Friday, March 23-27, 7am-8:30am.

Sustainable Breakfast Series 2014

23 Apr 2014
The Sustainable Breakfast Series at Friends of the Earth Food Cooperative was dedicated to taking the SUS out of Sustainability. Held from 24-28 March 2014 the broadcasts were live all week from the Friends of the Earth Food Coop on Smith Street in Collingwood. We were joined by many of the volunteers and campaigners at FoE and other guests working towards creating a sustainable future. The Sustainable Breakfast Series was supported by the City of Yarra.

Sustainable Living Festival 2013

16 Feb 2013
Live from the Greenhouse at SLF Federation Square