Sustainable Living Festival 2013

Saturday, 16 February 2013 - 11:30am
Beyond Zero Emissions with guest Clive Hamilton Live On Air

The 2013 Sustainable Living Festival 3CR Outside Broadcast was a huge success. Hosted by the dynamic Dave Sweeney (nuclear-free campaigner with the Australian Conservation Foundation), the broadcast featured some of 3CR’s best environmental journalists from programs such as:

Earth Matters’s Nicky Stott and Holly Hutchinson were joined by Sarah Colosimo from Sea Shepherd Australia whose had the latest news for us from the Southern Ocean whale defense campaign and Operation Zero Tolerance.
Listen now (5.8MB / 12:29min)

The Radioactive Show’s Jessie Boylan (and Dave Sweeney) gave a recap on the 2012 uranium and nuclear world, as well as had special guest Jacky Green from Borroloola in the Northern Territory on to talk about mining developments and lack of community consultation in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Listen now (7.8MB / 16:52min)

Special guest and renowned author Clive Hamilton joined Beyond Zero Emissions’ Anthony Daniele and Viviene Langford who spoke about geo-engineering and Hamilton’s new book Earth Masters, which is about "playing God" with the climate.
Listen now (8.3MB / 18:09min)

After that was Karl Fitzgerald from Renegade Economists who was joined by Nic Francis-Gilley from Cool NRG who spoke about Carbon Trading Futures.
Listen now (7.9MB / 17:12min)

Yarra Bug’s Faith Hunter spoke about all things bicycles and this year’s Treadlie Bike Fest with special guest Cheryl Lim.
Listen now (5.4MB / 11:48min)

The broadcast ended with Samantha Castro and John Stan from Friends of the Earth's Dirt Radio who spoke with Chloe Aldenhoven from the Quit Coal Collective, about Coal Seam Gas in Gippsland.
Listen now (8MB / 17:19min)

Thanks to the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation for their support of this broadcast event.

 Earth Matters on air

Radioactive Team on air with Jacky Green

Beyond Zero Emissions team with Clive Hamilton

Production team - Dave, Juliet, Nicky and Jessie

Renegade Economists on air

Yarra BUG on air

Dirt Radio on air


Delicious free breakfast at the Sustainable Broadcasts
Together with Friends of the Earth, 3CR Breakfast programmers present a series of live shows with delicious free breakfasts from the FoE Food Coop and Organic Cafe at 312 Smith Street Fitzroy. Each year in March, join us for a week of live, local radio in the City of Yarra, a delicious free breakfast and great local music.


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Sustainable Living Festival 2013

16 Feb 2013
Live from the Greenhouse at SLF Federation Square