Summer specials 2018-2019

Thursday, 20 December 2018 - 11:34am
Summer Specials 2018 - 2019

Catch a great range of shows this summer online, 3CR Digital or on your 855AM dial.  

If you missed our special summer productions follow the links to listen back to some of the fantastic audio below.

A Rambling Beurologists Dream  

Raphael Kaleb will bring you four episodes of A Rambling Beurologists Dream. This is a special series interviewing people in the creative industries who are Living Dreams and Actioning Ambition. 

Raphael Kaleb is co-host of The Boldness (Disability Current Affairs). Each summer Rapahel presents A Rambling Beurologists Dream - a series of interviews on a theme. For 2018/19 Raphael looks at Entertainment and Disability and interviews cast and crew members from The Angus Project.  Interviews include Angus Thompson,  Nina Oyama, Adam Bowes and Melina Wicks. 

December 20: Raphael Kaleb goes behind the scenes talking Angus Thompson and Nina Oyama the main characters of The Angus Project. Panelist Rozie Jenes.  Listen here.

December 27: Raphael interviews one of the The Angus Project villains. Adam Bowes opens up about playing a bad guy and preparing for a career in entertainment. Panelist Kelly Whitworth from Roominations.  Listen here.

January 3: How to write a script for television? Raphael Kaleb discuss the creative process with Melina Wicks - a writer from The Angus Project . Panelist Kelly Whiteworth from Roominations. Then Rozie Jenes and Raphael Kaleb chat about disability and entertainment. Panelist Rozie Jenes from Are You Looking At Me?  Listen here.

January 10: Raphael Kaleb interviews Nick Hayden Executive Producer of Fresh Blood on the ABC.  Later on Romy Durrant Editor of Lor Journal joins Raphael reviewing The Angus Project (part of Fresh Blood Series) and then discussing her writing.  Listen here.
Watch The Angus Project.  Vote for The Angus Project here.

She Bop

Presented by Yvette Kean, She Bop is a program that explores feminist, women’s and gender issues, via broad-ranging topics and subject areas, with interviews and commentary. The program will provide a feminist perspective on every issue.  

Dec 21: On today's show I'm joined by stand up comic and sex worker Queenie Bon Bon to discuss sex workers rights and her comedy work.  Listen here.
Jan 4: On today's show I'm joined by stand up comic and actor, Katie Castles, to discuss women in comedy.  Listen here.
Jan 11: On today's show I'm joined by pro sex feminist, sex worker and writer,  Helen Betty Corday, to discuss motherhood and sex work.  Listen here.
Jan 18:  On today's show I'm joined by comic, theatre critic and performer, Nikki Spunde.  Listen here.
Jan 25: On today's show I'm joined by friend of the show, Nikki Spunde, to discuss male violence.  Listen here.

Treesits, lock-ons and barricades: Environmental Blockading in the 1980s

From 1979 to the 1990s Australia, Canadian and American activists took part in a series of environmental blockades that didn’t just defend old growth forests, rivers and other biodiverse places, but also changed how we value and understand them.  From occupying trees high up in the redwoods of the Pacific Northwest to facing down bulldozers in British Columbia and Tasmania these activists created a tactical toolkit that has served  communities ever since.  Join Iain McIntyre for a series of conversations with the blockaders who took part in these pioneering campaigns.  

Part 1: US Earth First! Blockades in the 1980s and 1990s.  Karen Coulter discusses radical environmentalist network Earth First! and a number of the blockades its members carried out in Oregon, California, Washington and other parts of the US during the 1980s and 1990s as well as her ongoing work with the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project. Listen here.

Part 2: First Nations Blockades in Canada in the 1980s
Mary La Ronde tells us about blockades in 1988 and 1989 which the Teme-Augama Anishnabi First Nation carried out to assert their sovereignty and prevent the clearfelling of old growth forests within their territory in North-eastern Ontario. Terry Glavin discusses a variety of First Nations blockades against logging which took place in British Columbia during the 1980s.  Listen here.

Part 3: The Terania Creek and Nightcap Blockades Lisa Yeates and John Seed recall the events of the 1979 Terania Creek and 1982 Nightcap blockades, campaigns which protected rainforest in Northern NSW from logging and also established direct action at the point of destruction as a means of forest defence in Australia.  Listen here.

Part 4: The Strathcona Park Blockade
Marlene Smith discusses the campaign and blockade against mineral exploration in British Columbia's Strathcona Park during the late 1980s.  Listen here.

Part 5: Treesitting at Sulphur Passage, Bulson Creek, Tsitika Valley, Walbran Valley and more Paul Winstanley discusses his experiences  from the late 1980s to the 2000s eluding police and "rescue" workers, surviving hypothermia, going to jail and having his tree cut down (with him in it), all in the service of defending British Columbia's old growth forests.  Listen here.

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