Summer specials 2018-2019

Thursday, 20 December 2018 - 11:34am
Summer programming 2018-2019

Catch a great range of shows this summer online, 3CR Digital or on your 855AM dial


1 – 2pm Whilst Seeking Redemption is on a summer break we’ll bring you recordings from Imagining Abolition, the 2018 Sisters Inside conference in Brisbane from 14-16 November, presented by Boe Spearim from Let’s Talk on BIMA.

3 - 4 pm Whilst Urban Voices takes a break we’ll bring you the much loved Indij Hip Hop Show. A former CBAA Award winner! Your hosts from the studios of Koori Radio are Frank Trotman-Golden & Renee Williamson, whose knowledge of the genre is second to none.

6 - 7 pm Kirsty Troy from Brainwaves will bring you Mind Matters, a one hour program that shares all things psychology. Mind Matters will host a variety of guests from neuropsychologists and prison psychologists to those with lived experience of mental health challenges The show aims to share knowledge and experience, encourage interesting dialogue and reduce stigma.

Episode 1: Functions of Emotions in Everyday Life 
Dr Peter Koval, an academic and lecturer of Psychology at University of Melbourne and head of the Functions of Emotions in Everyday Life (FEEL) Research Lab, discusses emotional regulation and why some people may struggle to regulate their emotions.  Listen here.

Episode 2: Eating Disorders 
Dr Isabel Krug, an academic at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and a Team Leader of the Melbourne University Physical Appearance Research Team (PART), talks to us about the genetic, environmental and psychological factors for eating pathology. We discuss eating disorders- common misconceptions, what factors lead to disordered eating, and treatment modalities such as mindfulness and virtual reality.  Listen here.

Episode 3: Autism Spectrum Disorder
This week we talk to Gal Bohadana, a Griffith University Psychology graduate and PhD researcher, on her research on understanding the factors that influence the well-being of parents of children with Autism.  Listen here.

Episode 4: Prison Psychology 
In the final episode of Mind Matters, we talk to Paulina Marta on her experience working as a Psychologist and Clinician in a maximum security men’s prison, where she helped run offending behaviour programs with violent offenders. She then discusses her role as a Psychology and Case Manager at an Adolescent Inpatient Unit.  Listen here.


4-6 pm  Tuesday Hometime will take a break on 18 December and 1 January we'll bring you Radio Ecoshock and Alternative Radio until Jan returns on January. 

6-6.30 pm  Whilst Done By Law are on leave until January 16 we'll replay some Current Affairs interviews and event recordings from 2018. 


11-12 pm Fire First are on a break until January 17 so we'll bring you music and indigenous content from our archive.

2-4 pm Lazy Wednesday Afternoon will take a break  starting on December 19 through February 6, Geoff Tobin from Jazz on a Saturday will bring you a musical series with a repertoire much broader than Jazz On A Saturdays and that will emphasise current Australian talent whilst still featuring a lot of historical material. Each show Geoff will focus on the contribution of women performers or composers in jazz, blues and western swing from the 1940s onwards.

The specials Geoff has planned:
19 Dec - Aretha Franklin,roots of soul, relating to her background in gospel choirs & as a jazz soloist before achieving popular fame.
26 Dec - Robyn Archer - A Star is Torn - part 1 of her 1979 one woman show that examined the careers of singers such as Bessie Smith, Judy Garland, Dinah Washington and more.
2 January - Bessie's Empire - Bessie Smith ( 1894 - 1937 ) was called the Empress Of The Blues & is unchallenged as the greatest blues singer of all time. 
9 January - Jen Salisbury - studio guest - Jen is not only a very fine jazz singer but is also a very accomplished composer who has released three CDs over the last 12 months.
16 January - Soul Sisters - a program about the female African - American band leaders who came to the fore in the late World War.
30 January & 6 February - Australian jazz & blues performers from the 1940s up to today.


9.30 - 10 am Whilst Arts Express are taking a break we’ll bring you some of the Community Radio Network’s National Features and Documentary Series - an annual showcase of work from emerging Australian community radio producers since 2013. Each year training and mentoring is provided to a group of producers through the Community Media Training Organisation, turning ideas into half-hour features.

10 -11 am Talkback With Attitude are having a couple of weeks off but we've got some great specials lined up for you.  

11.30am – 12pm  Published or Not will take  break and we bring you New Shoots Poetry. Created by Red Room Poetry, New Shoots celebrates and cultivates poems inspired by plants and place to deepen our creative and cultural connections with nature. 

3 – 4pm  A Rambling Beurologists Dream  Whilst Come On, Come In and Dinosaur Prize Surprise take a summer break, Raphael Kaleb will bring you four episodes of A Rambling Beurologists Dream. This is a special series interviewing people in the creative industries who are Living Dreams and Actioning Ambition. 

Raphael Kaleb is co-host of The Boldness (Disability Current Affairs) on 3CR. Each summer Rapahel presents A Rambling Beurologists Dream - a series of interviews on a theme. For 2018/19 Raphael looks at Entertainment and Disability and interviews cast and crew members from The Angus Project.  Interviews include Angus Thompson,  Nina Oyama, Adam Bowes and Melina Wicks. 

December 20 Raphael Kaleb goes behind the scenes talking Angus Thompson and Nina Oyama the main characters of The Angus Project. Panelist Rozie Jenes.  Listen here.

December 27 Raphael interviews one of the The Angus Project villains. Adam Bowes opens up about playing a bad guy and preparing for a career in entertainment. Panelist Kelly Whitworth from Roominations.  Listen here.

January 3  How to write a script for television? Raphael Kaleb discuss the creative process with Melina Wicks - a writer from  The Angus Project . Panelist Kelly Whiteworth from Roominations. Then Rozie Jenes and Raphael Kaleb chat about disability and entertainment. Panelist Rozie Jenes from Are You Looking At Me?  Listen here.


9-10am Left After Breakfast is on a break until February and Lotti Stein will be bringing joining us again with Wayward Girl - music, issues, interviews from rebel girls and wicked women.

10 -10.30am  She Bop is a program that explores feminist, women’s and gender issues, via broad-ranging topics and subject areas, with interviews and commentary.  The program will provide a feminist perspective on every issue.  Presented by Yvette Kean. 

December 12 Listen here.

January 4.  This week Yvette was joined by actor and comic, Katie Castles, to discuss women in comedy. You can find more about Katie and her projects on Instagram and YouTubeListen here.

10.30 – 11 am Exposing The War On Drugs  For close to a century much of the Western world, including Australia, has found itself embroiled in a costly ‘War on Drugs’. Produced by Phil Bromley, hear how the West’s history of drug prohibition and policy was shaped from the 1930s, and unpack contemporary discussions on medicinal cannabis and progressive drug policy across the world.

12 -2 pm  Don’t miss Music Matters Two Part Special Compilation of Live Performance Highlights from 2018 airing on December 21 and January 4 in their regular timeslot.

10-11pm Uppercrust Pyramid Blasters  Join Liam and Darcy for a show about the warehouse party scene in Melbourne and abroad. Interviews with people involved, live mixes and music pertaining to the genre. The show promotes anarchy, community and free space.

11pm - 1am Midnight Mass is a specialist music program focusing on psychedelic electronic music on the darker side of the spectrum. It will include guests from the scene, focusing on Melbourne based music producers, community members who run events and discussion of electronic music production. Presented by Gabi Misiorek. The Heavy Sessions return on January 18.


11am - 12 pm Treesits, lock-ons and barricades: Environmental Blockading in the 1980s
From 1979 to the 1990s Australia, Canadian and American activists took part in a series of environmental blockades that didn’t just defend old growth forests, rivers and other biodiverse places, but also changed how we value and understand them.  From occupying trees high up in the redwoods of the Pacific Northwest to facing down bulldozers in British Columbia and Tasmania these activists created a tactical toolkit that has served  communities ever since. Join Iain McIntyre on 3CR from 11am to noon on Saturdays from December 22 to January 19, whilst On Screen takes a break, for a series of conversations with the blockaders who took part in these pioneering campaigns.  

Part 1: US Earth First! Blockades in the 1980s and 1990s.  Karen Coulter discusses radical environmentalist network Earth First! and a number of the blockades its members carried out in Orgeon, California, Washington and other parts of the US during the 1980s and 1990s as well as her ongoing work with the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project. Listen here.

Part 2: First Nations Blockades in Canada in the 1980s
Mary La Ronde tells us about blockades in 1988 and 1989 which the Teme-Augama Anishnabi First Nation carried out to assert their sovereignty and prevent the clearfelling of old growth forests within their territory in North-eastern Ontario. Terry Glavin discusses a variety of First Nations blockades against logging which took place in British Columbia during the 1980s.  Listen here.

Part 3: The Terania Creek and Nightcap Blockades
Lisa Yeates and John Seed recall the events of the 1979 Terania Creek and 1982 Nightcap blockades, campaigns which protected rainforest in Northern NSW from logging and also established direct action at the point of destruction as a means of forest defence in Australia.  Listen here.

Part 4: The Strathcona Park Blockade
Marlene Smith discusses the campaign and blockade against mineral exploration in British Columbia's Strathcona Park during the late 1980s.  Listen here.

1.30 – 2 pm Whilst Radical Philosophy take a break we bring you WINGS. Women’s International News Gathering Service is a weekly half-hour of news/current affairs by and about women around the world that’s been following global developments in the women’s movement and women’s analyses and actions since 1986, with the help of hundreds of contributors from dozens of countries.  


6-7pm Whilst Shindig! Is ona break we bring you Prima DonnaPrima Donna is a series of sonic portraits of Australian artists. Composer Nat Grant captures interviews with practitioners from all disciplines: recording stories of women who paved the way for artists like herself. The portraits comprise sections of interview recordings collaged with Nat’s original compositions: telling these artists’ stories, in their own words. They are both documentary and artwork. ​

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Summer specials 2018-2019

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