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Because economics is too important to leave to the experts, a handyman and admin assistant bring you compelling conversations with the pre-eminent names in heterodox economics. Anne & Kev break it down so everyone can participate in the big questions of the day. Economics is full of grand tragedy, and absurd comedy. Listen to RadioMMT and you’ll never listen to the news in quite the same way again.

RadioMMT. Economics for the rest of us!

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The school of heterodox economics known as Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) has inspired a world-wide movement of professional economists, academics, civic organisations, online forums, concerned citizens and activists.

MMT describes how money works, and builds on this foundation to provide an accurate picture of how our economies function.

MMT challenges the mainstream, neo-Classical, neo-Keynesian economics that dominates our public institutions, government and media. MMT provides a powerful tool to support progressive demands for a fair and prosperous economy that sustains all people and the planet.

Economic outcomes are not "acts of nature". They are the products of human action.

MMT Macroeconomic Textbook
At RadioMMT we believe economics can be fun and inspiring.

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