International Women's Day 2020

Thursday, 20 February 2020 - 12:36pm
Roasting the Patriarchy: Recipes for Dismantling the System. Embroidery by Gabriela Gonzalez.

Roasting the Patriarchy: Recipes for Dismantling the System. 

24+ hours of programming for IWWD on Sunday 8 March 2020 

Sat 11pm Hillbilly Fever: all Australian women country music artists with Lorraine.

2am Jo Jo Smith, Feminism for the 99%, Highlights from the Melbourne IWD 2020 Rally (March 5th 2020), Decolonising Australia,

6:30am Radioactive Show: Queers against the Nuclear Industry.

7am Women on The Line: Parenting and Disability.

7:30am The Gardening Show: Women in Horticulture, Fran Bodkin - Encyclopedia Botanica, Cultivating Community, Autumn Events and tips and tricks for pickling. Got a gardening question? Call Talkback on 9419 0155|| SMS: 0488 809 855 ||

9am Alternative News: Peace, disarmament and nuclear issues.

9:30am Concrete Gang: CFMEU Womens officers on Women and Politics, Licensing for trades, employment opportunities, We are Union Women (WRAW FEST) and other IWD Events. 

10am Refugee Radio: Spoken word performances. Featuring writer and spoken word artist Hani Abdile, a refugee from the civil war in Somalia, reading her poems about freedom, detention and culture. Sharifa Tartoussi reclaiming female and Arabic identity with poems of family, resettlement and identity. 

10:30am Latin American Update: ​women's lives in Latin America.

11:00am Earth Matters: BIPOC women’s resistance for climate action in the global south.

11:30am Out Of The Blue: celebrating women in marine conservation.

12pm: Trans Rights and Solidarity with Tilde Joy. Providing gender neutral bathroooms with the Stalls for All campaign. Looking at just employment for transfolk. Trans Pride - March 29th

1pm Freedom of Species: Feminism and Animal Rights.

2pm Sovereignty and Solidarity. Challenging liberal and corporate feminisms, colonialism, abelism and racism.

Builiding Solidarity With Viv Malo, Latin X crew, Marisol Salinas, Aziza Hussen,  Jiselle Hanna, Pauline Vetuna and Hamile Ibrahim. 

6pm Stinky Presents - Clodagh and the Monologue.  Dealing with anxiety and performance.

6:30pm The Vovos LIVE to AIR. 

7pm Shindig: Celebrating women and gender diverse artists from the 60s

8pm Nostalgia Unlimited with Iona and Helen.

9:30pm Salaam Habibti: Arabic communities, collectives, artists and music producers.

10:30pm The Heavy Session. Celebrating women in metal and heavy music with Christine, playing artists from Australia and around the world that inspire, break stereotypes, and push boundaries

12:00pm Regular programming resumes with Rock Box: The usual riffs, licks and bands smashing skins with sticks and Fif in a pure rock magazine styled program, showcasing 70% Oz music including segments and interviews.

Tune in 855am 3CRDigital or online


International Women's Day Artwork by Ms Saffa and Molly Crabapple on 3CR wall.
Women and gender diverse broadcasters take to the airwaves bringing you 24 hours of programming dedicated to International Women's Day.



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