International Women's Day 2015

Thursday, 5 March 2015 - 2:45pm
IWD 2015

3CR celebrated International Women's Day 2015 on Sunday 8 March, with another awesome 24 hours of women's broadcasting from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday

Tune in on 855 on the AM dial, 3CR digital and streaming Celebrate with 3CR's fabulous women and friends at a party from 3pm - 9pm Sunday March 8

12 midnight  Express Yourself  The world is full of creative, smart women with something to say. This show promises an in your face audio assault of music, poetry, comedy and more. Passionate women will be talking about the issues that affect them most: be it sexism, the environment, reproduction, genocide, racism, the church, the police and the capitalist system they uphold. We won't be shying away from talking about female anatomy or sex acts, because these issues are a real part of every woman's life. The silence and censorship of women's issues is just another tool of control that we will be doing our bit to smash on this International Women's Day.
1:00am    Liquor Snatch    All Girl Melbourne punk band - Listen UP!
2:00am    Current Affairs Highlights  Radical Herstory, challenging stereotpypes, women making change in the union, environment and social justice movements.
7:00am    Women on the Line   Areej Nur takes a look at sexism in the Australian hiphop industry
7:30am    The Gardening Show    Pam Vardy is joined by Diana Sargeant (Silkies Rose Farm, Clonbinane,) Virginia Heywood - (Guide @ Royal Botanic Gardens Melb) and Sue Stevens - (Head Propogator, Bushland Flora Nursery).  Discussion on the opportunities for women in the horticultural industry. Talkback/advice line (03) 9419 0155
9:15am    Alternative News    Romina Beitson (CICD) presents the history of the Australian women and their peace struggles, looking back on past struggles and accomplishments, and more importantly, looking ahead to the untapped potential and opportunities that await future generations of women.
9:30am    Concrete Gang    Building industry news and views presented by the fabulous CFMEU Women
9:30am    Women in Trades    Women in the building industry. Pat Fiske ( Rocking the foundations)
10:30am   Latin American Update    Maree Dellora presents current affairs from Latin America
11:00am    Earth Matters    Veteran anti-nuclear campaigner Jacqui Katona. Jacqui Katona is from the Djok Clan and most famously fought to keep the Jabiluka uranium mine off of Mirrar land. She takes us through her influences, her experiences and some of what she's learnt in a lifetime political activism.
11:30am    Accent Of Women    Celebrating the struggle of women around the world. Accent of Women presents Thai political activist Junya Lek Yimprasert, talking about Freedom of Speech in Thailand. Lek currently lives in exile in Finland because she herself has been charged with offences under Lese Majeste for speaking out against the Military Coup. We will also learn about repression and the situation of political prisoners in Mexico, presenting the story of Nestora Salgado, an indigenous community leader jailed in a Maximum security prison. She is one of hundreds of political prisoners in Mexico and we hear her story on the voice of her daughter, Grisel Rodríguez.
12:00pm    Trans Party Hour    A celebration of the lives of trans women and trans feminine people from around Australia. Wednesday Breakfast's trans femme hostess Regan Bleechmore and guests Lisbeth Latham and Robyn Crawford will be talking transition in the face of transphobia, transmisogyny and societal transformation. We'll also hear from Baxy, Natalia (disability and mentally illness activist trans woman living in regional WA) and Amao Leota Lu (fa'afafine living in Melbourne) Listen Now (DUR: 1.01min 21.21 MB)
1:00pm  Freedom of Species  I Am woman FEMALE, hear me ROAR. Feminists are breaking down the species barrier and standing in solidarity with their sisters whether of hoof, claw, feather or flipper. We find out why animal rights is a feminist issue, trace back the historical links between the feminist and animal rights movements and are tempted by some theory being put into delicious practice. It's time to talk about the cow in the women's room. Presented by Kate Elliot Listen Now (DUR: 53.47 min 24.63 MB)

2:00pm    Voice of West Papuan Women    Exploring womens role in the West Papuan Liberation Movement. Launch of the West Papuan Womens Office in Melb

3:00pm    Queering The Air    Lia and Thanh-hang present Queering the AIR's IWD special. Featuring: Women, Arts and Politics Symposium held at Footscray Community Arts Centre on the 6th of March. The symposium will look at how young women engage with feminism through spoken-word, web-comics and feminist blogs.
4:00pm    LIVE from 3CR Party    bands, performances, music, comedy and speakers...bring a plate and celebrate!!! 
6:00pm    Femme Freestyle    A collective of outspoken, culturally diverse and intelligent women telling you how it is. Ajok, Adut, Adella and Akuot explore issues in our communities through music, poetry and storytelling.  
6:30pm    LIVE from 3CR Party Mujeres Latinoamericanas  Latin American Womens Special plus poetry, spoken word, performance and politics
9:00pm   Ladies First  an hour of soul and hip hop femme-cees with Namila Benson
10:00pm  Ginger Van Handley  spinning killer tunes        
12:00pm MIDNIGHT

Join 3CR's women in celebration of International Women's Day 2015 on Sunday 8 March. With 24 hours of women's broadcasting from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday presenting diverse perspectives from women in the horticultural industry, women in trades, trans women, and herstory. Covering issues of homelessness, breaking the species barrier, The Women’s Arts and Politics Symposium, music, current affairs, poets, spoken word artists, performers and much more. From 3 - 9pm join 3CR's fabulous women broadcasters and guests for a celebration at the station. So turn up or tune in! 3CR Community Radio, Digital & Online - See more at:
International Women's Day Artwork by Ms Saffa and Molly Crabapple on 3CR wall.
Women and gender diverse broadcasters take to the airwaves bringing you 24 hours of programming dedicated to International Women's Day.



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