Homeless in Hotels

Thursday 12:00pm to 1:00pm
A 3-part radio series capturing homelessness during COVID-19

Kelly Whitworth and Patrick 'Spike' Chiappalone


Homeless in Hotels

About Homeless in Hotels



Homeless in Hotels: health, services and peer voices in the COVID-19 pandemic

A 3-part radio series capturing homelessness during COVID-19 in Naarm-Melbourne


Homeless in Hotels captures the voices of Melbourne’s homeless community who went from a life on the street to life in hotels during the city’s curfew and rolling lockdowns


The series looks at an improvised response to homelessness by a government that was unprepared and lacking commitment to housing as a human right


 It asks how people managed their mental health, drug use and access to services and how support workers adapted to the shifting ground of the pandemic


The series highlights the needs and experiences of a community mostly removed from public view and discourse during COVID-19 and provides an opportunity for the wider community to reflect on life from the footpath before, during and after a pandemic



For the full story, visit homelessinhotels.net


Produced by Kelly Whitworth and Patrick ‘Spike’ Chiappalone in Naarm - Melbourne, Australia in 2021-2022. Kelly and Spike both have a lived experience of homelessness and have both experienced the highs and lows of substance use. Together they co-hosted the peer homelessness show Roominations on 3CR Community Radio and co-founded the Homeless Persons Union Victoria


Kelly Whitworth is a producer at 3CR Community Radio and an AOD peer researcher. She is passionate about peer-produced media


Patrick ‘Spike’ Chiappalone is a peer homeless health worker and enjoys a game of pool



Recorded and produced in the studios of 3CR Community Radio, on Zoom and at home. This series was first broadcast on 3CR Community Radio in July and August 2022. This series would not have been possible without the resources and support of 3CR. Consider supporting independent, radical, community radio by becoming a 3CR subscriber


Created on Wurundjeri country. We pay respect to elders, spirits and warriors past, present and emerging